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Wealth.! FENEWS and Shoma Pegov

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Layfnyus all these days implemented share Sevagayz (save our guys) on English so. Idiots. Have come up with the logo.
Timoshyonka today voiced on the results of presidential election, there, too, increasingly on anglitskom leaked.
Parashenko respond on questions foreign journalists on anglais. Prezident nezalezhnoy and samostiynoy.
Khelikoptery fakyushnye.
Simply spit on its people.
And with me even debate, as this is so, language could degenerate with Russian until Portuguese and French for hundreds of years. As same could not, if these the creature are reworking the language squarely on our eyes for matter of years.



Dmitry" wrote:

Layfnyus all these days implemented share Sevagayz (save our guys) on English so. Idiots. Have come up with the logo.

What still the logo?
deployed (again your espoused wiki)



The that dare write Wikipedia about L! FENEWS
So little, although almost 100% the plots L! FENEWS are's disco, either inversion, either forthright a lie to you.

its attitude in Kesabe to rule wiki-the text
30 March 2014 LifeNews rolls in spots news about attack terrorist groups on the Syrian city Kasab, Syria, settlement or predominantly Armenians. In marriage was depicts the commercial with prisoners men, which shot terrorists. Journalists LifeNews argued, that on video was could be seen musketry Armenians civilians cities Kesaba, and that number of victims a new genocide reaches hundreds of people. News was has been disproved mayor of Kesaba Vasken Chaparyanom, nazvavshim video false and oprovergnuvshim information about victims among population. In deeds same on video was could be seen musketry of captured soldiers in city of Aleppo, that was several months previously.

Visiting card rosha
In report services monitoring the BBC telereportazh station's Life may have focused News about result of an armed clash on outskirts of Slavyansk was mock target in as a classical examples about set receptions, under aid which prokremlyovskie media form opinion Russians about Ukraine. In really marriage service monitoring taking better care five cliche, used Russian propaganda: (1) charges Right Bank sector in organizations violence on Ukraine; (2) charges in involvement foreign Muslim volunteers in conflict on Ukraine; (3) charges policyupdate @ on Ukraine to power forces in Nazism; (4) charges in violations international agreements and blasphemy to with hand government forces; (5) rationale need Russian intervention in Ukrainian conflict. The plot LifeNews about business cards rosha , if would penozone in to the ground burnt down machine, spawned in Internet a large number of skits and debased and currently expression of sorporate rosha (in Ukrainian.) category: Russian language. is Internet 'meme.



- Where is you of liquors themselves komfortnshim?
- Since certainty can say, that in Abkhazia I themselves feel as least in greater security, than in Smolensk the. With that until now this is considered hotspot , but if borrow elementary human factor, in comparison with freight all looks with precision until contrary. In Abkhazia, if you the usual citizen, if you himself not'll provoke conflict, no one you simply so not touches him. For four years life in Republic I became in this absolutely am confident.
And in Smolensk the me such things scare. When I woman: About to cross border Abkhazia and Russia, I understand, that in hometown of with me can happen all that anywhere and from me this raze not depends. I know, that unfamiliar people can simply take and beat human at night. Also I not very later our and Cooperation system: Have us human can take From simply because, that someone wanted. In Abkhazia this impossible. When I arrive back, a sigh thing a sigh of relief. Of course, on Georgian border occur unpleasant things, I often do about this materials. But in Sukhume, in the capital, running at night by any streets, administered and know, that no one simply so on me not pounces.

Tell, how, of bed-wetting, which fears walk on Smolensku, became military correspondent?
As such at all perhaps, that of bed-wetting, kept direct Newsweek with Institutskoy the streets, under bullets and nor breath not fearing for their lives and health?
Why he not fears in Donetsk airport, Gorlovka (Donetsk region), Illovayske, Gorlivka, Semyonovke and so on, enter under shelling of Ukrainian mortars?
The answer is simple: FOR THAT II usage PARTICIPATION In plays directed.

Clearly not chukotskoy nationality



Vadim Pegov is grilling everywhere.
posed the crash under Serov
Vadim defines actors and went advertizing. Though in sight directly with the first of seconds (wystawienniczym make the first step on signal).
Every blockbuster in video enunciating thinking the text.
Before maydannymi, Slavic and donetskimi's disco, Shoma to train began advance. 8-)





successfully Life may have focused News thrashed on market of gardening

Correspondent Semyon Pegov: - That's hurtful for profession. On place us could be any other journalist.



Voenkory CP Alexander Kots and Dmitri Steshin heard a, as we've said goodbye with its the clarion mate on Donbas.
Vadim Pegov proved together with these two clowns "CP" in the same place in the same time.



Attached with Kotsem and Steshenym, Shoma proved in right time in Cairo, during installation "Arab revolution."

16 August thousands of man across the country took to the streets on march entitled "Friday anger." Correspondent Life may have focused News Semyon Pegov stay in epicenter a real war, mainly on the streets countries, which still recently was a favourite place vacation tourists from around the world.



Virtual Debacle phantom Ukrainian army under Illovayskom, illuminates Shoma Pegov



Kyiv 20 February, str. Was called Institutskaya.
Shoma goes in direct spots L! FENEWS directly during execution drug users in 7 metres from him.
Tens of Academy armored prosvisteli near, but none of them not was reached Pegova. Such can be only in case, if he received personal security guarantees from of snipers and and practice. This episode proves, that of Photography is not in office L! FENEWS, not in Moscow and even not in Russia. Of Photography transnational, him spat on borders.



test issuing broadcast.

Photography Ashot Gabrelyanova in tweets:
- Our guys Semyon Pegov and Marat Ishmiyarov has Saychenko in direct live from Cairo

director of L! FENEWS



Wu them were ripped out her teeth, and its feet are linked wire

Prikruchennyy to Pegovu correspondent Motorola, tells stories their words



To mention the go solo Seeds, as same great revolyutsionerov miss?
Semochka and Eduard Veniaminovich Limonov -s history, monaskaat.

For the viewer Semochka intervyuiruet maitre, in, IRL Eduard Veniaminovich Limonov more on catch-up have mladykh tvArtsov history from mrazotnogo of workshop.
Once Edichke not was lucky very people blow compositions cool, only creative legacy left - Prune mraziynogo scenario Ukrainian of keeping war in 1998. Now this deal semochkinogo generation.



(Broadcasts from one and the same seats, but in different days))

The situation in Donetsk is served on blue paints eventually become addicted and virus Ebola
The situation in Donbas is served under red paints eventually become addicted and fever ????



Zhestochayshaya a grinder in donetskom airport

Meatgrinder zhestochayshaya, but nor one clown not has suffered.

Wystawienniczym are shooting on an empty buildings and virtual be, and this increasingly is called - a grinder.
Shoma on tilt explains blinkered, viewers, that under the movement of on prostrelivaemoy territory need abide by technique security. Under this himself) and not thinks to duck to this video, and together with operator runs round on open chessboard of.

Take me in cyborgs, very want in Ukrainian army, to finally shoot her) this zhidovskuyu a monkey. Although what there, in airport Ukrainian army there is no and never being asked.

How same his shoot, if he clown works?



Pegov in only

LifeNews publishes video with seats collapse we

Syomochka managed the first to Boeing (1 :0 3 - his faltsetik. Other multidisciplinary teams was lucky less, they are late, for them fueled kostyorchiki on the evening and at night.



Shoma is on shootings vistavi in airport of Donetsk. Go fun.



Shoma Pegov, a direct the inclusion of L! FENEWS
Proved in right time in the right place.



Marat Ishmiyarov has Saychenko the glamorous zhurnashlyukh, in accuracy such same as Atsamaz Jakovlevich Kochiev,, too, gets medal for Services understand share.

videographer Canal LifeNews Atsamaz Jakovlevich Kochiev awarded medal of the Order Ca merit prior Russian II extent. Medals Award was presented by the first zamectitel chief administration President Alexey his. Our Countryman have dignified would high reward here coverage events in Crimea.

Modicum one would Newsweek his have shown from Crimea.


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