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Wealth.! FENEWS and Shoma Pegov

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"In drafts station's and site LifeNews pass pat-downs, sanctioned Sledstvennym committee. In real moment investigators seize documents and server companies "

??? o.O ???


Pegov in Syria

At all messed up outright. And where aircraft, where tanks, where jet installations legitimate governments Syria?

Such a outright setting, that even commenting on not want.

1 :2 3 - a precise shootings. Likely bullets fall igilovtsam directly between eye.

Jew-boy no quietly themselves feels, even knows that his there no one will to beat on spoiled, clueless muzzle.

In the Maidan was on distance 5 meters from a dense ceasefire in during 40 minutes, and survived. In donetskom airport was running under bullets crossfire ceasefire (and no same?))) - again survived. On advanced in the Donbas perfectly recyclable at and trenches there one could - survived. Past all establishment Ada with moreover motorolaovtsami - survived. In only under fire artillery - not only survived, but and managed have all take interview.
When same sdohnet Synthet?

Book the prophet Isaiah
The head of the 17
1 the Prophecy about Damascus. — That, Damascus exclude from [числа]cities and will grudoyu debris of. 2 City’s Aroerskie will Biskupin, — will remain for herdsmen, which will sleep there, and with will frighten their. 3 Don’t will become where Efremovoy and realm the Damascus with ostalnoyu Sirieyu; with them will the same, that with glorify a sons Israel’s, says central Savaof.
Israeli spetskontingent in Palmyra



See would business busy guy leaf Seeds Pegova and on this liner can already be stack forecast, that will what the OK. In is place, far diverting Seeds



Israeli brother Syomy Pegova in restaurant
Look like


[video2=640|360][/video2] this rollers well enough for understanding of, that Islamic State - this Mystification



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Date publishing only 23 August 2015. Means was that edit.
On 2 :3 2 added new voice accompaniment - called waiting lists
A huge number of cameras it turned out in this morning directed on who had given their lives pyatachyok.
All journalists was is warranted security. Shoma, Hatsik, Armavir, and ZFront Kharkov UA cast in the focus, but not received nor one bullets, even near. They executed only that here.



In this time on fayLNyus goes very interesting creeping line with the typo and no one its not corrects already with half an hour of exercise accurately,
Themselves witness -
Word the grave the bottom on Yellow backdrop of.

. 've cleaned up our act only that. News tin of course.

That for the logo have them on the upper hand his??

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#p48403,jeiboy wrote:

What for the logo have them on the upper hand his??

Вот этот?

In this topic already figured outCommittee of the symbolism vayayut.



DNR. , Donetsk: Militias come take a careful to terminal airport

The commercial was been removed. The commercial - pestnya, from starters until the end of.



At all, in media any an well pay precisely for the tableau broadcasts
Not know, as in case with war - not was.
But when journalist send on place events, blessed puts task installation. There is no events - molitvakh.
I remember, on place the fall of the of a non-existent "Chelyabinsk meteor" Ministry of Emergency Situations at night hugely on the lake pililo, talked - for media seek, them same theneed a. On TV the decides. Than smachnee - those more expensive is worth

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Again guys rocked my face off lafyusnovtsy!

Show the plot pro killing Arab seems or Indian, not upomnil. Covering it nourished German an artificer invent the car working ON, to the waters. The bottom in the title reporta written: Nourished German created auto, ezdischee software, to the waters. And in really video the country on nedofon shown meet with the cistern with water, have which Esquire Drink Database opens laminat and throws in him carbide! From whom screen there is or the plot himself, you better subtract very want still good for a laugh.



Such a a sob history.

Colonel FSB fleeing from Belarus in trades abroad after charges in suspects

Former contractor Russian intelligence tried to accuse in threat explosion in Belarus attempting airport.

Former employee FSB Russia, Colonel in resignation, which blame in threat committing terrorist in airport Minsk, declared, that his beaten and forced admit in threats workers airport. As became known LifeNews, former Russian officer intelligence arrived on territory Belarus with son on funeral mothers.

Crusade, us, in soon vrakhami Number one would make. 're getting ready. Urgently, nuzhon a new krovi pro soldiers, Agravaine!

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L! FENEWS represents threat for the US
Here is until what. :D

Vice-President Fund’s support democracy (National Endowment for Democracy, that... - Ned) Christopher Walker announced, that North American and European media needs not less actively fight posts Russian TV channels RT and LifeNews, and except this, in other media from countries, representing threat for the US.
Walker forgot add, that all media this one thing whole and only portray competition. During global productions they enjoy low--as and those same materials single tsekhovogo office.



Lifenews again substandard were,
Vestyam had to their fix:

new Intel about how, that set personality terrorists, involved to crash Russian Airbus 321 in the sky over Sinai, disproves leadership airport Sarm-ash-of Sheik. It argues, that data about how, that an improvised Russia’s explosive device had brought on on board plane staffer companies, not fit fact.

Earlier LifeNewspublished a message about how, that employees intelligence managed establish personality the young in preparation for Yuschenkoand immediate an executive, which had brought on Russia’s explosive device in the baggage a compartment plane. On information station's, an improvised Russia’s explosive device on board A321 had brought on staffer airport, which for some time until this settled down on this work.

"This is is untrue. That they interrogated someone, to issuing now such a information? If there is any evidence, they should be afforded in Commission on of inquiry plane, until this not happened, how me known ", — gave with official contradiction, deputy director airport honey Ramzi.

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Yevgeny Janovic, or cousin Pegovu, or is happening with him from one zhidokhasidskoy etnogruppy.





Внезапно у Семена Владимировича Пегова оказался братан.)

И Семен в 14 году стал "журналистом года" и братан поднялся до начальника.



#p100712,gav wrote:

Внезапно у Семена Владимировича Пегова оказался братан.)

И Семен в 14 году стал "журналистом года" и братан поднялся до начальника.

Так работает инфоматрица. Есть вариант что "уйдут" сразу оба.


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