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Why Ukraine not fighting for "distinctively Ukrainian territory"?



Each from Sevastopol writes, that Russia taken several ships to them and roads on pіd'їzdakh to city Russians BTRami close.

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On subject BTRov

Near city council Russian flag is flapping, on city rumors, ostensibly our military his there put it upon. Only doubt, that our would have become so clearly palitsya.

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All in Crimea proved cowards or political them impotent!

Despite the overwhelming majority between Russian of anti inhabitants, Cossacks, militias.

Black Sea Fleet - 15 thousands of sailors, ii?iaoia, Special. Technique, arsenals weapons, onshore strengthen, planes and camping on Afghan

Nothing comparable even on Maidan failed to organize!

Grand slogans, "we Cossacks, consider under control all armed forces in Crimea" - still in the early February.

Ah And THAT?

Even in Sevastopol - on Tiananmen 1 (ONE) vehicle, yes and the hid in backyards near.

Bloc-post on travel in city - the cops + two dozen volunteers with with sticks!

1. In Simferopol 26.02 have been able muster "several thousands of" pro-Russian forces. Here same has targeted for annihilation more 10 thousands of

Headed 7 vehicle - with them simply have spoken collaborators Dai, those and go back. Defenders of!

’ s organs is’s organs is Soon after seizing on pіd'їzdakh to category: Simferopol discovered convoy from seven BTRov, ostensibly beleaguered Black fleet trades abroad. On one of posts traffic policemen military declared, that spend routine check exercises. After communication with gaishnikami the column then departed in contrary direction’s organs is

2. At night 26-27 February man 40-50 "unknown Special" have seized the building. It seems riot police FCU (accused Berkut, but hardly they on something similar capable).

2.1. A host day harvested "Kvorum" from deputies. Like would managed someone to capture or talk.

2.2. People’s broad support not happened. Until 300 man day - this quite nothing.

3. All the power departments realistically obey "New government" and not speshat move on side people.

3.1. Berkut like would remained in Simferopol, refused unfurling and wait arrests. But they police only themselves.




That you say? Yet another setting?

Your forecasts: Will determine whether on anything our President, except notes protest and save asses former Ukrainian colleagues?



Андрей Игоревич wrote:

At subject BTRov

Near city council Russian flag is flapping, on city rumors, ostensibly our military his there put it upon. Only doubt, that our would have become so clearly palitsya.

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Unambiguously, buildings overrun Russian effective, for cover their called representatives “-defense Russian-speaking citizens Crimea. ” Riot police with machine and "samooborontsy" with batons - difficult mistake.

-Vooruzhennye people have seized buildings the Supreme are happy and governments Crimea 27 February. On a data, behind this are worth representatives “-defense Russian-speaking citizens Crimea. ” Power autonomy tried to conduct with them negotiations, however invaders declared, that not empowered this to--


7 … 55a7ed.jpg

Copycat popular activity - super the barricade's been from bureaucracy boxes of a and several tens of "krymoydanovtsev."



джон wrote:

1. American military court, ostensibly to safeguard athletes at, have reached in advance in Black Sea, in fact Angliyskiy Fleet am stuck have quays. Konnflikt with policed by NATO is impossible.

What, who am stuck have quays? Two naval ship with secret-fuelled IR radiators, essentially affairs scientific court, as they can someone put? And importantly - why?

2. Change power on Ukraine in advance preparing on days Olympics. Russia and finger at would not moved her - an unprecedented accumulation correspondents from all countries world.

What the link between sheveleniyami fingers and correspondents?

3. Russian government, as always, long innocent: Yanukovych already not only ousted and sued in internationally, and appointed an new president, Speaker, government. And even all of this already recognized Europe and the US.

Task Russian governments - provide send resources in budget the US, not to think. Them no one not pays for what would they thought.
On Ukraine President not is nominated by, and choose in three round. Yanukovych of bed-wetting and's problyad. Russia not owes it to jump in, Elliot for closet. Yanukovych not signed colonial agreement with the EU, said A, in him deeds before. He could would build MVD and the Defense Ministry and to order about be building order, perishing on that on that, but on this have his there is and powers and law on its side. With Maydan can be was would end times and on always in during 15 minutes even in November. Yanukovych could would a tough sell in the Rada law about responsibility for lies in media, because he said A and in him deeds before. But he proved cloth, came crawling in Rostov beg a rag for cover. Man, which harks back on themselves responsibility for 50 million lives, should not fear death, and he pussied out.

What you say? Yet another setting?
Your forecasts: Will determine whether on anything our President, except notes protest and save asses former Ukrainian colleagues?

Ass Ukrainian colleagues we hide owe, because have us such mentality. Putin of course something will to think, but officially and diplomatically have him stance strictly adherence to of law and international rights, he not black as you're painted as these has presented to from Pindosii and Geyropy. In this and force Putin’s, that he acts within of law, and means his image constantly growing. These primitive’s remains only boteks.
West one get FUBAR, capitalism - a ticking time bomb, the collapse is inevitable. Now they will try as would breathe easier, because will squeeze the Ukraine as lemon. Many she them will give? - not think. In 90’s, for example, the West sharply increased its level of life on the robbery the USSR, but literary shop gradually has been closed. The situation on Ukraine works on global negative image West, than further the worse, have media exclusive to the left creative billets. Putin even can wait get back a little and anything comes up with.
Situation with Mass Media on Crimea on large thirteenth time, can be beat in our favor. If manages conduct free willfulness people, it will be strongest advance blow to image West, and then, a sharp deterioration in situation in their her lair.



4-1-1 from simferopoltsa:
All administrative. Buildings overrun Russian effective.
All self to city close Russians BTRami.
Military airport so same under our effective and there arrived about dozen aircraft with VDVshnikami.
Cut off phone lines and, crusade, disabled rigs phone coverage, camping on K. Mobile gets caught terribly and all are in roaming (capture network with towers neighboring cities, apparently)



Survey press | InoPressa: Theme days … mea28.html

Crimea: Putin foreseeable, but the American NIE until Dr. Bobicchio without saying

Western media fear, that Putin decides "Currently" territory Ukraine, to preserve its as buffer, not assuming in NATO. Capture buildings parliament Crimea had all signs of operations Russian Special, and sporadic exercises of - obvious "game muscle-flexing", but on training to war not it seems, consider intelligence agencies the US: Not fit and polite medical subdivisions, and intercept negotiations not reveals no plans invasion.

"The specter of begun to haunt Europe. The Ghost of dire bloody war ", - writes The Times.

In Crimea there is a danger a major interethnic conflict, of a comparable with slaughtering livestock after of disintegration Yugoslavia, states in article. On territory peninsula home to many of the now, in including krymskie Tatars, who fear rise of Russian nationalism and seek protection under wing of the single Ukrainian state. "If conflict converge before, that Russia tries to separate Crimea from Ukraine, will begin war, which generated alone ethnic groups against other", - predicts publication.

Two factors can prevent no one not achieve escape escalating, believe analysts publications. The first - this power money: Russian banks gone in Ukraine until 30 billion. The second - this competence a new Ukrainian government. "Any hint of weakness or neprochnost - and Putin certainly succeed authoritarian" hand aid ", - assures the The Times.

Contributed the Kremlin to grab buildings Crimean parliament or not, cumulative actions Russia represent obvious threat, demonstration power and influence on Ukraine and insecure fomenting friction in the region, which and so is experiencing crisis, believe the authors comment box in The Guardian.

Members a new Ukrainian cabinet ministers must act very cautiously, advises publication: "They should to reassure Moscow, that its interests and interests interesred minority will eschewed. They must very neatly behave with armed people in Crimean parliament, otherwise they risk of Anti on the answer Russia. "

In Georgian conflict 2008 there are several lessons for of Kyiv. "After as Georgian troops marched in breakaway Moldovan South Ossetia, advocated by Moscow, Russia has dealt the counterattacking became blow. Hundreds of man died in the course condole looks about five days war, which led to a protracted Russian occupation 20% territory Georgia. If something similar will happen in much greater on Tiananmen and much better armed Ukraine, consequences can be catastrophic ", - warns The Guardian.

By demonstrating Ukraine their muscle, Moscow confirms stereotypes of Western leadership, according to which Russia so fears invasion, that force forces neighbors serve its buffer zone. "In any time soon have Vladimir Putin’s there is opportunity prove, that this is not so", - states in editorial article The Christian Science Monitor.

As wrote famous American diplomat, the author concept of deterrence the USSR George W. Kennan: "Should remember, that they - unprotected people, which fear or anxiety about affecting can risks pushing on actions, not countries nor our, nor their own interests."

"Vladimir Putin - just ordinary Russian autocrat, which looks at the world with perspective geography Russia, - states in book Robert Kaplan's" Revenge geography "(" The Revenge of skins "). - He sees and knows, that the sphere Russia, I am stretched on half meridians of the globe, and population - less, than have Bangladesh. To the same she has no natural borders on the western European direction, from-for what its win not only France and Germany in personified by Hitler and Napoleon, but, on more early stages Russian history, and the Swedes, and Poles, and Lithuanians. "

This convenient perception of Russia, but Ukrainian crisis gives Putin opportunity not confirm this stereotype, states in article. "Ukraine should not become defeat Putin’s or cause for aggressive behavior. She can help to approve identity Russia, which will admire other countries ", - points a CSM.

Capture buildings parliament Crimea had all signs of operations Russian Special. "At least, have the US and EU not remained no doubt relatively intentions President Russia provoke potentially armed conflict in Europe", - writes The Wall Street Journal.

The Kremlin is checking reaction and West, and Ukraine, states in article: "Putin saw, that Washington and Europe not very something helped Georgia in moment Russian invasion in 2008 st and flegmatichno waged themselves within three months protests on Ukraine. Events current weeks suggest that he'd say he's considering over perekraivaniem territory Ukraine - one way guarantee its nevstuplenie in the EU and NATO. "

As authoritarian leader, Putin foreseeable, an publication. He can with such same easily stop escalating conflict, with what adopted decision about confrontation with new Ukraine’s government. "The problem is, that on all fronts, whether missile defense in Eastern Europe or Syria, the White House means" his wishes and not gave him reason respect will America’s. Tweet from headquarters NATO or viscerally in Thursday statement Secretary of State John Kerry on Crimea this not change ", - complaining the Wall Street Journal..

Currently all worries the split Ukraine and transformation into a revolution in civil war with the epicenter of the in Crimea, reports Le Temps.

"Precisely so and begin regional conflicts", - warned 27 February Minister Foreign Poland with Sikorsky.

Military invasion Putin Russia on Ukraine for protection Russian population - not simply fantasy protesters with Maidan, states in article.

Needs urgently unite fractured Ukrainian society, restore bridge between Europe and Russia, which is Ukraine, and this - responsibility EC. "Otherwise Vladimir Putin will not miss any opportunity launch centrifugal forces with gunpoint on Crimea", - writes Le Temps.

"High risk on Ukraine" - so is called Riff article El Pais. Recent events and statements - omens moreover, that the Kremlin employs strategy pressure, believes publication. Newspaper discovers also "elements volatile cocktail" (device countries not now more, Maidan, albeit says from behalf of across the country, in deeds not represents Ukraine entirely, there is the likelihood of disintegration countries).

Newspaper recommends Moscow "more not try to benefit from events", and to contain promise Putin’s - together with the West settle Ukrainian crisis.

Meanwhile "NIE the US concluded, that Russia not is determined dare on Ukraine", reports The Daily Beast. That conclusion done, despite Russian military exercises and a range of public cautionary tales, with whom issued officials the US and NATO.

An high-ranking staffer intelligence the US said forthcoming: "Already himself fact choice moment [для учений], if given, that is happening on Ukraine and pay attention on sudden character teachings, should to raise alarms", however "with perspective intelligence we not have no rezonov to believe, that this is not simply military exercises."

Anonymous source of from apparatus Congress the US explained: "Too little medical units, which ordered to to accompany Russian troops to Ukrainian border." In other words, on training to war not it seems. The same source of said, that with a little wire fraud negotiations not identified any plans invasion.

Fiona hill, director of Center on the United States and Europe in Brookings Institution,, too, not expects ground penetrations Russia on Ukraine, however stipulates that an incumbent: "There is one seat, where they indeed can take something militaristskoe, - Crimea."

In the capital Crimea Simferopol the situation with every day becomes all so paradoxical, believes journalist Le Temps Emmanuel Grinshpan. Hastily organized teams supporters Russia who patrol the streets cities. In night with 26 on 27 February group from three tens of well armed people captured buildings parliament and governments autonomy. Since then buildings and they militias. Lawenforcement officer in are in either explicitly minority, but feel quietly: They separate pro-Russian fighters in buildings from pro-Russian any resistance on the street, states in article.

26 February authorities law enforcement had to fulfill far more difficult task - physically separate skirmishes ethnic Russians and Crimean Tatars, pro flatly against secession Crimea from Ukraine. Russians nationalists be labeled Tatars "fascists", and those brandished Ukrainian flags with so same zeal –, as inhabitants Northeast Western Ukraine.

Already on next day was announced, that a referendum relatively fate Crimea will mark 25 on May.

But who same tackled weapons, to to seize administration? "Riot police from Sevastopol", - sure former the head of the retire security Ukraine (SBU) Yevgeny leading. "This Chechens", - say in really Simferopol, referring on witnesses, ostensibly had watched, as in parliament building includes "armed tramps", is handing correspondent.

President Putin certainly and ensure, that in full-scale invasion on Ukraine there is no need for, writes columnist The Washington Post Anne Applebaum: "He has a host arsenal non-military tactician, which capable undermine positions a new Ukrainian governments."

"Have organizations, previously known as KGB, there is certainly experience destabilization environment in overseas countries, especially by provokatsiya." Applebaum explains, that have Russian words "braving" there is a narrow significance - "political event or action, an orderly system authorities through their own intelligence agencies and in their own interest."

Applebaum takes such signs of in some actions Yanukovych and in revitalize Ukrainian of the extreme-right, exist: "Strikingly, how many can do the ruble in country, where progress has been slow with money."

Before manipulation vulnerable and Crimea, continues to the author. Presence SMG infantry in slaughter without stripes, together with the Russian outlooks and statements Russian press about: Fascism on Maidan, perhaps, is designed encourage separatism.

There is and economic tools: Refusal Russian banks from activities on Ukraine, a boycott particularly vulnerable industries Ukrainian industry, gas prices, states in article. Can be, Russia simply can wait, until Ukraine Fail (to this all goes). Perhaps, the West will be used up patience, or Ukrainians to be so disappointed in current leaders.

"Perhaps, destabilization Ukraine only begins, and events in Crimea - only the first an act of", - imprisons the author. Ukrainian protesters await utterly new tests.

'm a columnist- a the same newspapers The Washington Post Charles Krauthammer writes: Putin sees their global mission in rebuilding Russian empire. He used war with Georgia 2008, to undock two its province. Then he forced Ukraine to abandon Treaty association with the EU. "However, as it turned out, have Ukraine were other considerations on this expense. She overthrew appointee Moscow in Kyiv Viktor Yanukovych and turned to the West. But the West - the EU and America - not knew, that to do. "

Henry Kissinger once said: "In late all, world can be achieved either expense of hegemony, either expense of balance forces." The author projects on current situation: "Or Ukraine proves under Russian hegemony, or terminally will determine their future - if America balance power Russia."

How to do this? Can be start with statements about uncompromising support America Ukrainian revolution, advises Krauthammer. Behind this should follow 15 package measures financial aid.

"Secretary John Kerry declared, that invasion Russia will a mistake. Alas, any such a statement with hand this administration weighs not more foam cap. But this better, than nothing. Even better was would reinforce these words, having sent naval freedom flotilla in Black Sea ", - believes Krauthammer.

"Yes, 15 billion - this many. But this less than half one-tenth share of 1% GDP the EU and the US combined. And cash spending endlessly preferable to bloodshed. Especially, if to accept in attention strategic rates: Without Ukraine not will Russian empire ", - states in article.

"Putin this knows. That is why he continues to reinforce pressure. The question is in whether the Obama administration exert oxytocin pressure, to give Ukraine opportunity breathe? "- writes Krauthammer.



In Duma become an item bill about order create a new actor trades abroad
-- stay the latest question, what digital code region on automobile numbers, gets's daily. Republic Crimea. I suggest Komi will share number, as would on alphabetically and reserve series of must be.







Poor Aksyonov. Poor HSIIDC Bashkortostan Ukraine. You again have.

Listen to the here



Simferopol, 6 March. / ITAR-TASS /. On meeting Supreme Council Crimea adopted agreed decision accession autonomy in composition Russian Federationin as a actor trades abroad. About this ITAR-TASS declared the first Vice prime Autonomous Republic Crimea Rustam Temirgaliev.

© RIA "News"
After sessions Supreme Council, on which was taken this decision, representatives legislature Autonomous Republic Crimea declared about him cadres of before building people. People this announcement met gleefully and howls “Russia! ”
As is handing Q.. ITAR-TASS, to cadres of before building Supreme Council released one of deputies parliament and ceremony decision Supreme Council: “First — adopted decision enter in composition Russian Federation in as a actor trades abroad, the second — a referendum will pass 16 March. ” As told MP, “on a referendum will meant question:“ You for adherence Crimea to Russian Federation? ”. ”
Also he declared, that in the course sessions the Supreme the Security adopted decision turn to leadership trades abroad “about the early procedures engage Crimea in composition Russia. ”
Currently on Tiananmen before building has targeted for annihilation several thousands of man, which in the hands of hold Russian flags and flags Crimea. They was greeted this statement gleefully.



джон wrote:

poor Aksyonov. Poor HSIIDC Bashkortostan Ukraine. You again have.
Listen to the here

You exile let on the Internet in a whole, and tell "Search strange land a road somewhere there", so will more precisely.
This s antirossiyskiy site, works on the collapse of the Russia, ispozuya sleazes methods. Listened to I these transfer of, there storytellers will hour jihadi water, then five minutes the dirty water, and then two words figment of "fact." Heard a, that in Sochi our cheated in 2-Person Bobsled, with at all not understanding nor rules, not sitting even when the, simply with ceiling have come up with, that gold an unfair.



Crimea can become part of Russia for three days



“I don’t seems, that Crimea even be until 16 March somehow any attacks with hand those people, which on this moment in power, try somehow to derail or not allow a referendum



the Security Federation will support decision Crimea about do when taking in Russia, if inhabitants autonomy vote for this on referendum. About this declared today Speaker the upper houses of Russian parliament Valentin this will on meeting with concluded Supreme Council Crimea.



Андрей wrote:

“I don’t seems, that Crimea even be until 16 March somehow any attacks with hand those people, which on this moment in power, try somehow to derail or not allow a referendum

This will be very difficult do.
Have Crimea there is a unique feature of, if not will attacks with sea, then take Peninsula virtually impossible. In conditions military position, diversantu getting there extremely difficult. Such a feature of there is have Britain, in its time the Rothschilds accurately 4,000,000,, where precisely need to create first banking printed typewriter, sir. 1694 - Bank of England.
For Crimea has been conducted struggle for centuries. Crimea was builds under credit, which took the Bolsheviks for construction the USSR, this version of. The unspeakable in scale, construction factories, purchasing equipment and looms, could not emerge thanks to only only heroism the Soviet people, they largely appeared thanks to money. Where money? After the war Jews subpoenaed Crimea, Stalin them his who cashed the, helped with creation of Israel. Quite possibly, that a letter to Hrushchev prompted to hand Crimea Ukraine, to RSFSR not suggested legal commitments.