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At the streets Sevastopol until late-night reveled solving enter in composition Russia






Infa from simferopoltsa:
All administrative. Buildings overrun Russian effective.
All self to city close Russians BTRami.

Simferopolets himself walking inward buildings and himself read documents, and in them written "SPETsNAZ")
On somehow parameters too defined, that APCs Russians, because they vehicle-80 made civil arsamas?



27 February. Interfax. Ru
A referendum about climate status Crimea will mark 25 on May
Direct parliament appointed date recall referendum, shifting alloys status autonomous republics. The vote will mark in one day with elections President Ukraine

28 February. RIA News.
A referendum about status Crimea not means exit autonomy from the composition Ukraine, declared RIA News the head of the depressed in Crimea delegation Council Federation Igor Morozov.
"Appointment referendum this not separatism, not exit from the composition Ukraine. This the optimal option European devices republics Crimea, which satisfy and central authority Ukraine, and relationship with Russia ", said he.


1 March. RIA News.
A referendum about status Crimea will pass 30 March
Previously a referendum, on which inhabitants Crimea pick path further development region: In the current status autonomous republics in the composition of the Ukraine, in as a an independent state or in the composition of the Russia - was appointed on 25 on May. In ties with the need power Crimea decided accelerate his holding.

4 March. CP Kyiv.
Willfulness should occur before 30 March. of Cause transference not explains.Originally a referendum wanted conduct 25 on May, together with elections President

4 March. Newspaper. Ru
A referendum about status Crimea can again be transplanted.
About this declared during press conference "prime" Crimea Sergei Aksyonov.
On his words of, a referendum can occur even before 30 March.
"We today within labor groups take decision and do to know opinion krymchan on this issue as can be before and let us act according to moreover mandate which us will give out krymchane," said Aksyonov.
He noted, that corresponding position develop in Supreme the Council Crimea, the world by 2010 promised to reveal already today.

6 March
The first Vice prime Autonomous Republic Crimea Rustam Temirgaliev declared, that a referendum about status Crimea brought forward to 16 March, is handing ITAR- Representatives from Cursor Oy.
Referendum will pass 16 March, said Temirgaliev.
Also he told, that on a referendum will the topic two questions.
First: Take whether you for eventual Crimea in composition Russia in as a actor Federation? The second: Take whether you for recovery constitution Crimea 1992? said Vice prime.
Previously reported, that the date of the recall referendum reassigned on 30 March.

6 March. Payroll. Ru
Is happy Crimea voted to adherence to Russia, a referendum will pass 16 March
Instead one issue krymchanam are going to ask two: take whether you for eventual Crimea in composition Russia as actor Federation? and about restoring constitution Crimea 1992



Not mind whether you, that Crimea not who replaced in composition Russia?
1) Yes objection
2) No objection
Molitvakh the right choice.



. The US are treated with requirement joining Russia … ossii.html

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Supporters of referendum indicate, that have the US deep historical ties with Russia. Almost 20% the United States accounts for Alaska, former historically Russian territory, explains Blatski.
Even today Sarah Palin, having looked from its windows through Bering of Hormuz, can see glittering fires of Vladivostok and, notorious was thirteen, dream prove there, in civilized country, where such a ignorant hillbilly, as she, not had would chance be elected on the most low office.
Why Americans must want to remain in state, periodically if the very opportunity presidency infer personality?
Joining the Russian Federation, we will part of countries, in which there is, at least, appearance of system education.







And someone even believes that Yandex Russian company.



Yes. Our layfnyusovskie pisdaboly and proputnskie the first channels, this children compared with that charter)





Jewish derogatory always will remain Jewish a whore.
Crimea - part of Ukraine
06.03.14 "I don't know whether President Putin will accept that, I don't know whether he'll say okay, let's take them into our federation, but if he does, let's not forget that Crimea is part of Ukraine," said Pozner. … sequences/
And World option
18.03.14 "A that Crimea? Need to whether resemble about how, that, strictly speaking, Crimea never was part of Ukraine? "





John ah LOL "Angliyskiy Fleet am stuck have quays" there enemies not get close now is to shoot will 8), A "s power on Ukraine in advance preparing on days Olympics" this fact, sad. Who from Olimp from Ada elected the last time?







John ah LOL "Angliyskiy Fleet am stuck have quays" there enemies not get close now is to shoot will

All so and there is. The most active actions fleet - flooding parts of himself exiting from coves. And the, only through a few days - who not hid, I not is to blame.

On greater so and not dare to. Those Ukrainian ships, which could walk, utterly quietly have reached until Mariupol, of Odessa and Berdians. Flagship of the "Petro Konashevych-Sahaidachny" no one and not tried to Catch.

War this it is difficult call. So, the fight nanayskikh boys under the carpet. To dad - the US nothing bad not thought.

Americans its Fleet against independent states use differently.





Alex wrote:

I would first looked source of. Net mrazyuk from vnematritsy, transliruyuschiy all vbrosy, with buckets, fools of all Ohflushed -
A ? eia in Oe?a - 186 video
?aaie?o - 119 video. The first - "Our time for standing pat prepare for an war")



the city dweller

Mrazyuk not mrazyuk, but information in this video somewhere with reality grimly. In Israel already almost impossible obtain citizenship, and Crimea informally allowed moved Rotenbergu. Yes many 'of similarities', which difficult call coincidences.



About again never has, soon and demon prognoses, and other KIKIMORY. For good reason have them sexy nicknames increasingly niei?u scum both from earth ozvuchivayuschie. And vbrosy appropriate.