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The bombings household gas in civilian homes Russia

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Volgograd area has amassed the most much debt for gas among regions Southern federal district
14 December 2015, 19 :4 5

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statement that I not rights

It is time create subject: "Gazprom explodes homes." :huh:



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#p52089,Trofim wrote:

Cel is beginning to sack even before explosion, awaits his, and when he is happening - accurately knows far to channel cell
Recognized coincidence, aha.

FlSCHER: Man, this the secondexplosion.



There is even one thing video.

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Surprise, at home old, pipes old, modernization zero, Soviet past proedeno - ahead catastrophe and suffering ordinary citizens. Reckoning for 90- s.




Vladimir Putin, President trades abroad: I shall note, that in this year thanks to efforts staff FSB managed prevent above 30 crimes terrorist better targeted.

Actions terrorists bear direct threat Russia, noted President. He has indicated, that the situation in world incapable not be easy.


Bang in a residential House in Volgograd



#p52148, wrote:

Nothing wonder, at home old, pipes old, modernization zero, Soviet past proedeno - ahead catastrophe and suffering ordinary citizens. Reckoning for 90- s.

Year build multifamily homes - 1985.
Not am confident, that his can be called old. There is homes built much before without any sign "modernization."



And there is photo or video other hand homes?



If that news about volgogradskom debt on site Gazprom was: 14 December 2015 … cle255514/
International is celebrated in 2015: With the evening 6 December on evening 14 December 2015.

The bombings "gas cylinder" in Volgograd, seeking that "dragged director of which controls organizations" (on version of media) experienced: 20 December 2015
20 December 2015- all security officers were know - Day worker organs security Russian Federation

Year bought conducting holiday 20 December was chosen in ties with those, that in this day, in the years 1917 year, the Security popular Commissioners RSFSR issued Dekret about education Vserossiyskoy extreme Commission (Chekist) on struggle with counterrevolution and sabotage under SNCs outgoing RSFSR

Here is such "variables" coincidentally folks!



Such impression, that power have seized any sick jerks, firewalls include anti only on destruction. Me not likes what is happening in world at all and in country in particular.



20.12.15 = 2+1+2+1+5 =1 1
Propulsion Volgograd - 9 letters
Str. Astronauts on a - 11 letters
House 47 = 4 + 7 =1 1

Perhaps, accidentally, too,.


32 … 1-14_19-30



, 11 . , . 52 . 30 . .



Himself I with Volgograd. And here is'll drop you even thought - explosion homes in Astrakhan 2012 - 9 etazhka, porch established architecture. Later couple of years on this date appointed an day troops special operations.
Explosion homes in Volgograd, str. Astronauts on a, 9 floors minus - day chekista
Explosion homes in Voronezh, str. Astronauts on a - day prosecutors
Explosion homes in odesse, str. Astronauts on a - day services cadres and work with personal composition form-executive system.

What they`ve gas, a host monthin spirit for silovik days, on the street astronauts on a. Hmmm, Perhaps simply coincidence :crazyfun:

Have us already entertainment, writes fellow in small:
- yesterday exploded house in odesse, ugadaya streets?
- katsmanaftov?
- aha!

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27 February 2012

Astrakhan, str. BC Ostrovsky

Bang gas

27 February - day forces special operations (Russia)

20 December 2015

Volgograd, str. Astronauts on a d.47

Bang gas

20 December, Day chekista (Russia)

11 January 2016

Voronezh, str. Astronauts on a d.52

Bang gas

12 January - Day workers of Public Prosecutor (Russia)

24 January 2016

Odessa, str. Astronauts on a d.23

Bang gas

24 January - Day services cadres and work with personal composition on educational and social work with employees form-executive system (Russia) want itself bash.

23 January 2016

N. Novgorod, str. Domodedovo Airport just off

Bang gas

Day manual letters
(National Handwriting Day)

6 October 2015

N. Novgorod, str. Karablestroiteley d.22

Bang gas

6 October - Day Russian insurer

6 March 2015

Propulsion Bor, N.Novgorod still be theirs.

Bang gas

Day Part doctor

2 September 2015

N. Novgorod, str. Admiral Vasyunina

Bang gas

Day it will-bodies to services police (Russia)

19 September 2015

Petrozavodsk, str. The trial d.22

Bang gas

Day sword-smith's daugtter in Russia

9 April 2015

Chelyabinsk, problem-gives Ekaterinenburg, Russia d.46

Bang gas

Day memory martyrs in Tunisia

28 December 2015

Krasnoyarsk, str. Michurin d.5a

Bang gas

the International day movies
Day laughter, Spain.
Day search northern deer

22 September 2015

Omsk, ul.1-I Teplovoznaya

Bang gas

Day American business women

27 November 1999

Omsk, ul.2-I Barnaulskaya

Bang gas

Day Marine Russia



In our city of 10 November (Day militias) 1993 the guy blew up themselves before our gateway. , are blown to hash the entire porch, house wooden. Propulsion Ust-Ilimsk Urban Okrug, st Solar

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Investigation explosion gas in a residential House in Yaroslavl will promote Central apparatus RS

Yaroslavl, 16 February. / TASS /. Until four has increased the number of deaths in a result breakdown Owl residential multifamily homes in Yaroslavl. About this told on briefing governor region Sergei the Hawks.
"Four bodies we already found, four affected cured of hospital, this, likely, neighbors apartment, where bursting of the, it knocked Wall," said governor.
On his words of, house rasselen. His inhabitants are in tranche interim tenure, with them work psychologists.
"Further let us to think about sustainability buildings, the jury question about access people. The siege of the organized. Security assets secured by ", - noted the Hawks.
He stressed, that now importantly deal with 2 stories of rubble and help to injured people.
"Until the situation until the end of not is clear. There (in flats) were enacted officially from 12 until 17 people. But there is information from neighbors, that one apartment was yeiiiieo, "said governor.



#p52181, wrote:

A year build multifamily homes - 1985.

30 years home, aha, quite recently, many forumchane still so much not have lived.



27 August 2012 22 :3 6

Government awaits evils for" Gazprom "in 2016

01 June 2013

Since 01 June 2013 have joined in force EU possession gas in parts of ensure security under using and content of vnutridomovogo and vnutrikvartirnogo gas equipment . , "approved by Regulations Governments Russian Federation from 14.05.2013 # 410. Document on legislature, level is installing responsibility consumer and an executive on conclusion and thwart treaty about technical care (MOVIE) and great need of repair gas equipment.
Previously cooperative regulatory base not steadily been making Nitty Gritty in definition of responsibility owner vnutrikvartirnogo gas equipment, so, due to lack of access, in many flats the gas equipment for a long time remained without technical service, creating real threat obitatelite. Tragically, people are beginning rethink about its security and about security their close only then, when something, what can be was avoid, already happened. It stands recall tragedy, that comes down 27 February 2012 in Astrakhan: Occurred explosion household gas, collapsed, campsite down, as a house of cards, part of multistorey residential homes, died tens of man, still so much same been made homeless. After this incident was followed by concrete mandate head of state: Create legal commission, far include representatives of series of federal ministries, RTN (Rostechnadzor) Approvals,, uh, disastrous FEMA, scientific community, to eliminate gaps legislation. Outcome that work became upon the aforementioned document, which fully eliminated raznochteniya and of ambiguity on many counts gas themes . … ew=article

Brief the crux of the innovations:
Before daughter of Gazprom could easily receive money with Governing organizations apartment building's, because treaty on maintenance was a personal with them. There is no treaty - there is no gas. They it legitimate his turn off. Increasingly simply. For one house, such same as an exploded in under, this for times could cut down roughly 45 tys rubles for want nedelane or obmylivanie toilet soap sequences on subject detection Nord and surveillance of soap bubbles. Soap in Gazprome expensive, so prices structural over-. With prices such services state not regulated by the, camping on E. Tariffs are not (free the price). Competitors - 0. Net monopoly. The prosecutor, controlling organs, - all their , because all must for gas for boiler houses. you say a fucking word - Toolbar . And been disconnected entire cities, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, but not in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in a provincial Russia. More precisely say not been disconnected, and raison, lowering heat carrier on several degrees. The prosecutor stubbornly not holiday., media zamalchivali, local governments brazenly lied to.
After decision-a new law maintenance vnutridomovogo gas equipment (VDGO) for Governing organizations stop only common possessions homes. Wages for maintenance tectonics must now levied with consumers on the basis direct treaties. And this very bored and it is no fun, simply put, nerentabelno. Many not navarishsya.
That to do? Have come up with a new kind of, fuckoff, important services - diagnosis joints of and sequences. This can be field to pay for directly Governor organizations and Homeowners' association, because as the general estate. The price also free.
Order from 17 December 2013 N 613
But as something no one not rushing these services enjoy. No one not prochuvstvovalsya importance arrangements. Need a small Fosstis (Generating Sprosa and Fostering North American Sales): … sstis.html

Dont secret, that Russian giant Gazprom is not only one of the main sources flooding the budget Russia, but and aperitif, a piece of for private holders shares. After all Gazprom - public company - monopoly, moreover, its existence guaranteed by not only themselves Russian state, but and countries consumers Russian gas.
. Significant influence on odd shares can exert rapidly growing economic crisis, which began in late 2014 in ties with the introduction of sanctions against Russia, and the fall oil prices .

Overall food commodities for all years - annual lowering shares Gazprom under skachkoobraznykh fluctuations.

31 January 2016

Gazprom received lawsuit on 759 million for refusal from Southern flow of
Storebaelt Bridge sent statement about arbitrage incest under International Trade chamber in Paris posts- to Gazprom South Stream Transport. South Stream Transport operator construction submarine parts of Southern flow of , which should was pass on beneath the Black sea in bypassing Ukraine, but so and not was realized. Storebaelt Bridge requires from him 759 million
Estimates that director owned Middle East EGF) Gas Analysis Mikhail Korchemkina, common construction spending Southern flow of on territory Russia amounted 13 billion, and adjusted for preparatory works in Europe 17 20 billion After refusal from construction Southern flow of Gazprom has paid still 56 billion Br (about $1 billion on moment announcement) European partners Eni, Wintershall and EdF for belonging them 50% South Stream Transport, been Russian company in March 2015. Such conditions were enacted in stakes agreement. … eecfb7910b

-- triviality, but freak.

The prosecutor in regions in a duo with inspectors GZhI has challenged the all their affairs and makes Fosstis for Gazprom. Makes this as keeps managing: "Clamping down on" all administrators organizations on subject conclusions treaties with another Gazprom, performing mandate General Prosecution:
This is happening in every city of: … ogo-i.html … p?ID=23111 … 1230/#sel= … botyi.html

In accordance with working the General prosecutors trades abroad is excite area with inputs of specialists state housing inspections enacted test activities Governing companies, Homeowners' association and ZhBK, serving organizations on issues enforcement demands legislation to ensure security exploitation vnutridomovogo gas equipment … 1230/#sel=

I you I beg. This such specialists , that some of prosecutors not understand difference between which controls and resursosnabzhayuschey organizations, not to mention gas equipment.
The entire the crux of the verification: there is-there is no treaty on diagnosis and treaty on VDGO?

10 February 2016.

Ministry of Emergency Situations Yaroslavl area nominee in regime functioning of Export willingness.
In ties with adverse weather conditions in the region organized operational Headquarters on controlling for environment on federal a highway, roads regional and local meaning, and also on controlling for environment on facilitiesinstallations zhitlovo-communal complex .

11 February 2016 | 12 :0 0

In Yaroslavl area canceled regime functioning of Export willingness. Organs governance, forces and means territorial subsystems single state system warnings and liquidations emergencies region breached on regime functioning of casual but activities.
Regime Export willingness was introduced on behalf governor Sergei strebova 29 January for avoid arise emergencies, threats life and health population .

16 February 2016 06 :4 7

04 hours 20 minutes in s cozy change TsUKS out message about explosion household gas address: Propulsion Yaroslavl, str. 6-Mediterranean rail transport, readymade

Video with seats reports

16 February 2016, 11 :5 5

the Security directors Future question about choosing the full the Executive Board of PJSC Gazprom and unanimously adopted decision elect the Miller Alexey Telichkothe Executive Board of with 31 on May 2016 the maturity on five years. … cle266921/

16 February 2016
In Prosecutor embarrass the outcome raids, will release its about encourages work: … ovogo.html … ogo-i.html

16 February 2016 19 :0 4

In Yaroslavl are asked not save on care gas equipment
Many Homeowners' association and hope is saves on this its genome-sequencing service, thereby expose dangers inhabitants High-rise building, declared the first deputy head of administration Zavolzhsky District, Ivanovo Oblast cleanup.
Power of the City of Yaroslavl after explosion household gas in a residential House organize meeting with representatives Governing companies cities, in the course which are calling for their not save on care gas equipment in civilian homes.

Shares Gazprom again went in upward:

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SK trades abroad: In now on place reports works included-of operational group Investigation governance SK on Yaroslavl area. Fulfilled of seats reports. In organizations ,-facing house, those investigators ???? pat-downs and excavate expenditure.

Why pursue pat-downs and excavate, when running the organization itself must yelling in will: That witness we have treaty, an act of the economy will works, expense to pay for services maintenance VDGO and diagnosis gas equipment! And here is we his covered. We all have made that could. We have all documents . As they this would make, if with the, um, frisking these documents is revoked? To go to waste one an act of on one page and increasingly. To prove to kotorye will nothing with which. And who will to count it sheets dynamically using tree populations removed member correspondence, which of currently deposited have lawyers and accountants?



#p52148, wrote:

Nothing wonder, at home old, pipes old, modernization zero, Soviet past proedeno - ahead catastrophe and suffering ordinary citizens. Reckoning for 90- s.

Homes 83 series of - not old, they zastraivalsya inspectorate and Voroshilovskiy district in 1985 and older s, Spartanovka with 1984. A series of well were, communication in them good quality not despite 30 year-old age homes, I himself in such a had lived under with 1985 and 1995, and now there lives my grandmother. So that to write off this on bad the quality of homes - not will, + people mass in them make cosmetic and from September changing are boners not and vnutrikvartirnuyu scam there is, if she their not suits.


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