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Confession Africa's failed "props"

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Tura in New Russia (region): Agency offered clients trip in seats fighting. 13 February 2015 18 :0 0
Kantor Andy decided merged?
Likely this veiled advertisements, many "skillful extreme snowboarders" will seek such "tours." And before each trip will sign document that for his life no one not replies. All, a new raskhodnik ready.
Ah and as always and all "espoused" Layfnyus (and not only) Andy on topic



fire wrote:

Tura in New Russia (region): Agency offered clients trip in seats fighting.
-- 13 February 2015 18 :0 0
Kantor Andy decided merged?
Likely this veiled advertisements, many "skillful extreme snowboarders" will seek such "tours." And before each trip will sign document that for his life no one not replies. All, a new raskhodnik ready.
Ah and as always and all "espoused" Layfnyus (and not only) Andy on topic

Have Mamontov help like, there is the film pro where are the other players war, there there is amateur cadres, on them German shoots from snipers guns and one enjoys from absorbed pleasure. Firm from Germany have tours in hilly neighborhood Sarajevo, there a long time was type line Front. Tourist vydavalas a sniper the, instructions, guide and security guarantees. Attraction.



fire wrote:

Tura in New Russia (region): Agency offered clients trip in seats fighting.
-- 13 February 2015 18 :0 0
Kantor Andy decided merged?
Likely this veiled advertisements, many "skillful extreme snowboarders" will seek such "tours." And before each trip will sign document that for his life no one not replies. All, a new raskhodnik ready.
Ah and as always and all "espoused" Layfnyus (and not only) Andy on topic

???? the price round 2-3 thousands of Greens. "Raskhodniki" still and money as.



fire wrote:

Tura in New Russia (region): Agency offered clients trip in seats fighting.

Theme the old, even summer these tours started shining, can be googling.



Prisoners from Chernoukhino, issued from prison (120 cel) and shooting from Gradov bang, consigning in taking some squaring. As here on Forum who the wrote, "they are falling rapidly in squaring and destroy" Since hero themes and his coworkers, derived likewise. System have their.


Israel operchasti Shinkarev and his the first Kale Consultants Shalupets opened gates colonies and more 120 man prisoners on or transit stations directed left, in s beaches were among Zelenka . After this we only heard, as their s beaches were among put s beaches were among cities with two sides.

More 100 people there killed and lie on the field there on the pieces. Them not gave nor one chance survive. Although they has been going with white of the demonstration and whole sheets. Us deliberately Yevhen Kushnaryov, have made alive a shield, flesh, and themselves under rally bolted.

Had to did on small groups, us machine-gunned. Rokle the entire in with Linux new landmine, duodenum. Fortunately, us helped weather landmine have frozen and even with slowly as if chekoy not explode.

Us 8 man just saved herself. , allow civilian, whom have been able, who not be afraid go with imprisoners, together's in the shelters,, cellars.

We poured in village Zaporozhets, there us adopted Cossacks, 're all fed and helped get here. Those who say, that Cossacks bespredelnichayut lie. Full occupation troops goes with hand NatsGvardii.

For them people this much as before meat. They spit on civilian, and inmates for them simply no one. They this have shown, zakatav s beaches were among cities all caramel and. Natsgvardeytsy place various trap for increasing pathogenicity forces and long.

Okay we, and peaceful for that?!

Fully here > > > > Link



Published have themselves in FaceBookwith supplements from down a citizen and Dmitri.



Still in kopilochku "revelations."

Transfer in ensured the partition (subject), if Shiller wrong.

Text many.

voevavshiy on Ukraine kaliningradets: They he'd whack us, we their. Who survived, the rights.
28 May 2015, 15 :4 2 New Kaliningrada.Ru

Correspondent New Deal Kaliningrada.Ru for family, with returned with Ukraine kaliningradtsem, which fought in Luhansk and Donetsk. 're EOD with 6 can rightly be regarded as told about how, that happening on lines Front, why militias not wear Georgievskie Turing, than lives peaceful population and what they battlegroups weekdays.

There the most fiendish violence in respect peace population
Tell us, as you fell on Ukraine? Why went there?

Wu me there making related in Luhansk on my mom's lines. They, when began war, family. That, as, far is unknown was. Here is and went seek our kin. Guys familiar already fought. Have them initially and alighted. It turned out, that serve they in razvedvzvode. Until the first month sought relatives, with them spoke. Bribery with me there, of course, not was no. From me shooter no, soldiers no. But looked on all horrors, that is experiencing peaceful population. Through month with our kin met, talked. And understood, that there there is for that to fight. And began this make them beguiling simply learn.

A relatives left?

There remained. They in very a precarious psychological able, of course. They not want to leave its house, this their house, their land. But they very strongly are experiencing from-for underway.

How many time you spent on Ukraine?

Officially I in, our man of the with fifth November.

A informally?

This is not matter.

In what subdivision fought?

In subdivision Viking , about him many rollers in networks. Served in RDG exploration activities-they stress group. First was in Luhansk. Then us plumes in, Donetsk under Marinku. This the most Western point the entire lines Defense. There was our the Front Line. It was thought, that this Trudovskoy district of Donetsk, hardworking say still. Place very interesting, on fact (REM. incognito, and forth on transcript. There and in peaceful-the time people with center of Donetsk not wanted there touring.


This is was a gaIlows-bird neighborhood looks a little sketchy. We in for 1.5 months even Vodokanal could not trigger for moreover, to us water the time he caught up, but, think, not from-for his last glory. There refused to go. This same peredukha (the Front Line REM. New Deal Kaliningrada.Ru ), there firebomb at all pos (192,230, and we 1.5 month we drinking water, that us on firefighters machines bringing. There in ozerkakh closest we typed, bringing, was poured on in a cistern and we this drinking. Remember, taste it strange was.

How you prepared to combat?

Put people, with whom I fought, did from me arrow, which can go in battle. Then, when in, Donetsk us plumes, I've learned the trick on bomb-tech. Became a sapper of our razvedvzvoda.

How many their Muslim training?

Nu as training the ring you in the process work. I.e. me directed in a grappling a company of, which already worked. Somewhere month there was. Until commander platoons (kettle-ball not died. 27 years fellow was. Died strange as something, just not going to tell. Very experienced and talented're EOD was. Then, when this happened,... slowed down work sapernogo platoons (, set another in commanders, and I returned back to Vikings. Began work as're EOD razveddiversionnoy groups. My task was Passage, departure groups provide and undermining on places. Here is we stopped working to ukropam (Ukrainian patriots of REM. New Deal Kaliningrada.Ru ). I any landmine, stretching been collected. In case ambushes group provides my departure. And there on situation decide what's. Either we are now moving beyond to point, 're flushing, group exits, I for us all miniruyu. To, if for us goes tail, necessarily he there and remained. Either we are now moving beyond on point, and Im gonna blow it anything. And here is the entire dick until pittance here is and the entire work.

Where is you implemented operations?

Put in of Lugansk People's Republic worked. When I arrived, there, on fact, work has been nor was on a rocky nor the hotel. But this very well was. Because arrived to war marginalized at all raze. And then us when in DNR plumes, we began very seriously work. Have us almost every day battlegroups. Without weekends. Rarely when day-two have us stupidly was on breathing space. There work very many, by and large. Worked as: Only we keyboard shortcuts would stop work, there started work their drg-Guys (capable-intelligence group). They it's been pecked us, we it's been pecked their. So the entire life and was.

Since prematurely declaring a truce has changed something?

artist? Ah yes, we on our televisions about him as something heard. The only, that on our Front changed ukropy have become less residential areas bomb. Guys have us fought with developing, made repeated calls home, say, that there's bombing even not has diminished. Ah and what we more could not apply artillery and technique. And they could. Yes no one his <>abide by in full not will. -kopat, guys, yes a truce not will never! Here is you you're porking, you're porking, you say you truce. Nor with one, nor with other hand people on the not determined Us, volunteers, was about 10% from a common masses. 90% the local population. And they determined very adamantly: Have them one task. They talked, that want simply defeat. They to the current government Ukraine belong very poorly. Many under this on clean move chatting away comfortably. But precisely to government attitude to fight with them only until victory, without options.

As much intransigence stance have local population?

We understand, with what all began. Have us in subdivision, for example, even women were. And they went to fight. They said, that their set before condition: Either we forget its past, ???? from Russian language, 're demolishing monuments their and so on, either we go to war with them. Still when maydany jumped, they stopped working, became before with monuments and had championed their land. There people working stiffs. They tough and hard-line. Them spat on opinion any something maydaunov. When to them in city maydauny toured, they poured and said: Children (Guys), and you not blow them away whether?. And them not going to explain to, that this is a new policy Party. There people the other formations. Still Soviet grind, say so. And they go to war for what consider the right. For their land, its mentality among Southern. And they not gather rollback. They are prepared to fight until the end of. And when truce declared. I, can, still something not understood. Asked guys, as they to this belong. They say poorly. To fight need until the end of, until victory. They say: We their will crush. Them respond: But their same more. They respond: Yes spat. It is our land. They plan exempt land Donetsk and Luhansk area until borders and only then to return home.

You speak, that were volunteers and local, and mercenaries were?

I not know. Yes and whom that way, aye good one? Masterless all promised, frankly, us, too, masterless promised, but so and not paid.

What amount?

Yes masterless for soldier, to he trousers bought, 8,000 UAH in month (about 16 thousands of rubles). This on cock (the Front Line REM. New Deal Kaliningrada.Ru ). But this not lifetime earnings, this on socks, cowards, city. And mercenaries, who on war <a href="" target="_blank" alt="" title="" style="">money</a>makes, frankly, not met.

A on the wrong side?

zhyttja, ah were TARGETING, of course, that there mercenaries. Against us, suppose, in Marinke (city in Marinka district. During military action proved on the front lines REM. New Deal Kaliningrada.Ru ), as book passed,about 600 mercenaries. Under Debaltseve municipality took about 1.5 thousands of mercenaries from military campaigns. Team selyanka from around the world. This guys shared, which from-under Debali (Debaltseve municipality REM. New Deal Kaliningrada.Ru ) to us under Marinku came. Here is they talked, that very many mercenaries taking. This not show off in. Not know, why, on fact. But for some reason this need not. But this very experienced soldiers, pros. They realistically are at to fight, with them very hard. Me, as peaceful man, against such very hard was. And have them procurementand significantly better. For example, if we have bullets mostly ordinary, they use exclusively carried, and armored-Caaeeaaoaeuiua. I.e., to their lumping, we need the best skill, s boldness and have luck, manic have luck.

Insolence what kind of?

Turn, turn, quickly work, pressed, stupidly pressed. I.e., suppose, we are working against groups big immediately. Here is even Ukrainian media incidents, that separatists under Staromikhaylovkoy convoy with viewing heavy technology and artillery were bombed. But on fact us there 8 man was. More accurately, the us 9 was, but one not in expense, have him machine gun in really the early has turned into a brake. And here is have us was 2 the basement and 6 playing, and we their razdolbili somewhere minutes for 6, that whether. Vnaglyaka. Three hours renamed inside burning machines other race. On next day we cold, us guys called pro this the plot showed. And ukropy shouted, that we which has been embraced heavy artillery, tanks lifted. We laughed at me, as clinically insane..

A at all news watched? Was you have Information State message?

Wu us in raspolage (the atomic REM. New Deal Kaliningrada.Ru ) was TV, I his watched times 5. News, frankly, watched as Muslim. , they laughed pos (192,230. With the, that tell in media, frankly, even not describes just what was. Suppose, Trudovskoy district in the news at all not invoked. Here is, for example, when bombed the from powerful ammunition in Donetsk on the Pit ultimate the station bus, a commotion was big on this about. Slightly later had a real slap in Trudyagakh (talk name Trudovskogo cleanup REM. New Deal Kaliningrada.Ru ) frankly on busts. ???? with morning was processed, when people intended on work. And dick would who that said. On one quotidian reason because on peredukhu to go expected to investigate environment no one not wanted to.

All these news, what show, the, that closer to center. On peredukhu journalists not go almost. Because there frankly firebomb, 're getting hammered. And only emerge journalists or someone still, korrektirovschiki give a, and begins shelling of. And by and large, even-tenth parts of moreover, that there is happening, not describe in media. There not want to go, because there are shooting. Yes you and themselves broadcasts witness and increasingly will understand, where and under any conditions their based. For rare the exception, of course. There is and brave journalists. And at all, not need to media to believe. There now this significantly more, than seems. The situation another. She has another painting. There the most fiendish violence in respect peace population. Those who adapts to advanced, they smear feces every day. Many populated clauses became in point on a map. There not there is homes already. Simply flattened, and nor one person not lives. On fact all simply stopped being exist.

On fact (REM. incognito,, when suddenly news in them child naivete. Here is radio announcer says tragic voice: Ukrainian troops not are honoring truce.. And you nikomu only, as drone strikes fly, and thinking: Nu pos (192,230, guys, they not the that not are honoring, and moment enjoy in full growth. This we on TV listened to in day a truce, before, as trafo smashed. As times 15 th its in day a truce were bombed. But at all, electricians guys brave, district firebomb, and they go lines electricity repair. Because knew, that on the street cold, and elektroobogrevateli for many people the only way to keep warm, are destined to become extinct same, as sectoral agreements jeopardize economic. Iron people. Yes and at all, many people with gorsluzhb good fellows. Support life in civilian areas.

Would you like say, that truce and not honor?

In day a truce had a real slap so, that, frankly, for all time not was such a. There brutally was, kroshili stupidly. And most ghastly here is we sit on positions, and for us residential district in A44 Autobahn. They see our stance, know its absolutely accurately. As and we knew their positions. Because there is always rule of, korrektirovschiki and so on. Yes and in sight, where are shooting: When volley artillery goes, goes an outbreak of. We this see, are giving a flick, that there, with such hand is worth and kherachim in payback. But when goes the blazing, vzhimaeshsya very strongly and thinking: , now's flying in. And only nikomu, that over you they pass and on residential quarters of matter. Although our positions were ahead, we closer.

What there is specifically bombed residential areas?

Absolutely is true. When children familiar, mentioned they say: year there brains clean. But I this saw their eyes. This terribly. They stupidly destroy peaceful population. And in such moments you do you regret it, that this was not on you. We would in trenches there one could uzhalis would as any. Can be, someone and died would, but we people with weapons in the hands of. And there frankly on residential quarters of here is so. Guys with Debaltsevskogo the boiler shared, as on their the eyes of pyatietazhki machine-, and they fell, as in films horrors of. For what? Why? It is unclear. Personally I have there is such thought, that there, on the wrong side, there are those, for whom this war need a. Simply on fact, to was war.

They even kind of not did, that are honoring truce

will weapons widely reported?

At fact this not propaganda, this the, that there is. 80% of our weapons we took in combat.

A remaining 20%?

20% us has now issued battalion. When he was formed over only, weapons lacked. That is called, machine gun on two. On three figures even. Said guys, breath. And what wait? Until puts the? -fighting same go constantly. And in combat taking. Even technique have them horse or. Stupidly with peredukhi. When used to Jack our future operational machine, one of fighters received wound.

were burned many, losses more?

Wu us very good performance were on toll. Stupidly on to them have us three dvukhsotykh (cargo 200 those killed REM. New Deal Kaliningrada.Ru ) two seriously wounded. And lung have us no one believes. Yodikom've anointed and normal, himself recovers. Even legkoranenyy would still military unit, would still works and not requests to itself special relations. Yes and heavy sought wanting with the bunks hospital to stand up and back in own unit. On losses of related his mouth we sought not take an interest in.

Our weapons you provided? Russian?

Nu here is would lay you two gun near. As you you define, Russian one of them or not? Or both where? I so Id say: Before us no one never put an weapons and not said: This is Russian weapons. By and large, even 20% this a drop in Sea. Russian not Russian. Pro this only say many. Here is say, that there there is Russian troops. But I personally their there not saw. Here is our battalion there was selyanka. Volunteers from Russia and local. If theoretically and were somewhere Russian troops, we their never saw. Although have us was very heavy the situation.

Periodically in media emerge statements Ukrainian military, in which those proclaim, that took in capturing Russian military

Than they can this prove? Documents? Testimony? Here is I pick up volumes K your photographer on half an hour of exercise, ah okay, on hour. And he will tell, that he killed Kennedy, and that he Russian military, and at all he staffer FSB, and nowhere not going anywhere. Tapik (adolescent telephone apparatus REM. New Deal Kaliningrada.Ru ) to the balls get a jorph, the handle challenge I'm spinning it bit, and will tell all, that anywhere, ogovorit themselves and entire our kin.

And documents That if even there theoretically there is Russian military, that they, their documents take? And what they < >provide this same full i ? s moronic. Here is their news. There took ostensibly contractor FSB. Have him were documents FSB, martyrdom FSB and check box FSB. To rattle over head, Perhaps. Ah this same Brad amazingly subtle. Been utter. No one can this prove, but all flatly in this confident I not saw. Honestly. There, where I was, were only we.

You mentioned, that there were still guys from Kaliningrad?

Yes, together fought with t'lads. Belly gunner, Miss Goffe our from Kaliningrad, he on week before me returned. He, too, went albeit. Is famously fought. Honestly fought. Well, that he fought. Without him harder was would. And here is I when returned, spoke with t'lads local, said, that only with Ozerska, which on a map little finger close, only made there 25 man polled to fight the volunteers in Ukrainian army. For <a href="" target="_blank" alt="" title="" style="">money.</a>Over how many not know. And now in area work and Scientology, and supreme propagandists. Yes we for something not strongly are experiencing. In general, here < >on battalion bold enough people, which already over through this war on the side Federal State of Novorussiya, and the and on supposedly overpowered. Will here to rebel pounded fighters, to give rebuffed, ?????.

You said honestly fought this as?

Delo in than Xoroshij soldiers than differs? He never Mrun and stoically perceives all happening, clearly ausubt tasks. To enemy applies without hatred. This simply enemy, and systematically his need to destroy. Hunter same not hates the contestant game, that shoots.

A rogue methods wage war there is?

No, suppose, Ukrainian company ties there is, on it very well readjust artillery. So we in of an order said to abandon it. But they good fellows, that this used. This correctly with their hand, with perspective battlefield. So same, as and proscribed species weapons.

What there is you one is, that proscribed species weapons this acceptable?

When begins whining on cell soldiers vooooot, against us use proscribed species weapons , yes, by and large, all spat on this. We this perceived so: Against us use effective weapons. , it is a pity that have us such a there is no before landmine? Means, need to sharply to accept measures. Stockpiled Army? Ah good fellows. Phosphorous bomb to address antimicrobial. Incidentally, this very talk. With one of our positions was visible Donetsk airport. I still remember, as on him phosphorus were. Talk until frenzy. And we raze to this not treat. This in media are, that adopt banned weapons. Only when was truce so-called, the only, about than we began regret, about how, that they on us they smear feces from mortar, and we them in payback nothing give not can.


Because arrangements counterforce. This and was the most ocuous. Yes there this term more hours worked. And they never incinerate hour until a truce with one point: Fixed point, with which was blow, and on it goes handle payback. So usually seconds 30 give salvos with positions and they stack the, because then the place and "F". And when began truce, they could this already not to do. They could hour stand with point and stupidly toting his. They even kind of not did, that are honoring truce.

A as same inspectors from Europe? Were you have?

OSCE-shnikov not saw nor never, and even not heard about them. A sense of, if their there and not was. There is no, theoretically they were. Somewhere there. Somewhere. Perhaps. Us even commanders said, that if they will visit, then inform although would, that they were. But have us their not was.

exact know less under torture do you say. We sought less know

In any conditions lived there?

In former manufacturing premises. We when there lost, except plitochnogo gender and naked walls there nothing not was. This in Donetsk already. In Luhansk at all many where of crueI. But this not going to tell. And in Donetsk in manufacturing premises. When lost, the coldness, wind walking. Lived as on the street. Nor mattresses, nor blankets not was. Then've settled as something. 's been patched weavers small holes in walls, povyryvali from walls neighboring technical pelvic sheets penopolisterola, to was on than sleep, found what the market and ponadelali something on type heaters, found bags with got, which had taken refuge. And then already ponavezli with razbomblyonnogo it racks and have made semblance of shkonok in three building, yes and as something even became on-homey governing. In Donetsk local already not helped. Them themselves would help. Hard-there, there people poor. They survive simply.

The fed on a?

places supplies, gruel was. Groats bringing supreme, meat sometimes. Rarely. Corned beef usually was. 's its added in bag for. Ukrainian corned beef was the good. There the thin tier fat, and else meat. The same plant has manufactured for local the corned beef. She was much worse. The kind, that on garde commanded, significantly better.

How your the usual day anodyne?

Our pobudka. If there is tasks on an alarm clock. If the situation Division, military anxiety , how alarm will declare. Popping up for another shot, show up in a jacket , unloading, you grab kalashmat (machine gun rifles REM. New Deal Kaliningrada.Ru ),, you jump out on armor and them (forward , tatarsk. REM. New Deal Kaliningrada.Ru ). If all quietly with morning pobudka. We it is risen, are going, get a bite to eat on together, underwent another series on the edges of the their borders, 've been driving spectrum tasks. Can, postrelyaemsya. Have returned, prepared weapons, eaten at all and became sleep. On the evening are going, rightly move on work and there tasks have entire night. Back just had our snack, weapons prepared and sleep. In principle, when truce declared, the entire military life has become nightlife. Appeared time for training facilities, work with personal composition. They work on us, we are working on him. And so struggle days in day. More accurately, from night in night.

were there as?

There very much lack of medicines. Me naskoblili, when treated in hospital, but hard with this. In hospital 2 days for 10 days nutritious get back a little: Personally on one sip, from above water, in which its we were boiling, bread and boiling hot water, tea already neighbors on chamber gave. Me then local podkarmlivali. They very well belong to the militia. To volunteers at all my fanciest attitude. Honestly, I so much words gratitude not heard never in his life, if its entire muster, as there. When in hospital fell and me on the second day brought plate with they nutrition, me was asked, why no one me not comes. And when learned, that I militia, three from House on 5 man call spoken native, to those me, fellow from Russia , brought food. And they me nutritious.

You in hospital fell you hurt?

Vospalenie lung picked up on it. Runny nose since then not pitnu, chronic. Ah and joints are sore from did not attract trourists on myorzloy earth. Injuries I have not was. Contused only, when we toured in, Donetsk. And here is there was stance, that seriously it's been pecked. And us there dispatched. With morning next days me contused. I line ties tested, that shell-splinter into. Heard only, as round flies. He when to you flies, his heard very well. Not as in films show whistling such, and even 4000m2 as well as general, a screaming breath. Strikes, explosion, swam I have, I jolt awake, and the second near. And here very strongly from. But then released and worked. And thought, that headaches from persistent challenge prostudnykh, and whistling in tinnitus from called the shots.

Many peace population remained?

Peaceful remained without ceremony percent 80 from total. Empty homes very little. And people live almost on advanced. They, of course, until the bizarre fortune came close. Began as something shelling of, and man goes to riding the. He even not lurks. And people go on road, and not far drone strikes and straightforward. And have them apathy a total. They even not want to duck. Scream-a them lozhiiis , and they say yes here us until homes close.

At that a peaceful population lives?

They on peredukhe live on gumanitarku. On lines < >sawed up plants on metals. Laughable, laughing. Frankly, we their for this even not been touched. Us talked, that of looters need to was detain. But hand not is rising. If old very timid man Comes on zadripannoy polka-and starts cut piece of metal. There plant was split per. That, in him to shoot? Blinded eyes. Man simply Survives as keeps managing. Work almost there is no. Very many mines and factories have closed. Metallopriemniki work very actively. People continue to to live, try to work. Someone for funerals pit could. Good, shops strive to remain open. Yes, there prices get back a little more expensive, on several UAH, than in Donetsk, but they almost on advanced work. Hospitals, schools ,-care initiative work closer to center of Donetsk. On outskirts of little. But try to work. Respect their for this.

what are the there <a href="" target="_blank" alt="" title="" style="">money</a>?

WM and hryvnia. First were hryvnia, then closer to Spring, say, have become ruble impose. I not remember, because have us at all money not was.

Dont was at all?

Wu us batalonnoe command 4 th BTRG, mother his so, the Republican Guard through has thrown. Through 2.5 month fighting on cock us say: Children (Guys), you have was trial term. In authoritarianism stood gomericheskiy laughter: To us that, bullets other? Wooden?. In neighboring no such a not was. They normally received masterless. Have us one such was battalion. His even is nicknamed 624 th the penal battalion. With kombatom not fortunate. He in fact undermined fighting capacity of our battalion. Overlaid it work razvedvzvoda. He was convicted in pilferage subsistence allowance led. Here is 5 steam berts us set on entire to them for 3 month fighting. This louse stupidly being boxed us in . He rated our money. With about similar cases until this I even not heard.

In our faustniks so was. Guys came died when, no one issues not ask the, why we for its expense their bury, native commanders in debts interupt. In one day have us died 3 rights. One 3 days fought. He with Far East was. Have him wife and two children. The second he together with father fought. The third His sister have us cook worked. Still thought, that they met, because constantly together sat in embracing one another. And after death it turned out, that sister she him. And here is when father son buried, then went in Headquarters, to gain masterless for son. Because they money ranked, to bury the kid. And him said, that son resigned on the eve demise and all masterless received. So I believe, that this kombat a traitor. Say, now his already arrested, truth.

You already spoke higher, that you not paid masterless.

No ruble. When I its people, me guys from area raised money on phone, because my crashed. And money on a path home I have not was. I crossed border New Russia (region) Russia <a href="" target="_blank" alt="Toyota Land Cruiser 200 / Lexus LX 570 2007 . " title="Toyota Land Cruiser 200 / Lexus LX 570 2007 . " style="">with 200</a>be credited in UAH in pocket. This about 400 rubles. Guys with militias the ones who dropped, when its people, on a path 300 UAH, and the the last voted. On 100 came. On the border 200 remained. Crossed border, alighted have known. And then guys here on a path raised.

In other battalions was a similar financial the situation?

We with neighboring one could very loosely bit. But how I know there is no. Like even steadily. Yes and we not strongly in their life went, how many pay and camping on P., on one simple reason: Less know less under torture do you say. We sought less know. And sought not to identify the the, that us not concerns. Because, if in capturing'll... you'll go, torture would still will. 100%. Here even issue not . And better less know.

A you themselves of captured taking?

Us commander've been wracking my, but live never took. Sos image benefited. From our in capturing no one not worthy. With of our subdivisions was clear, that if man is mired in capturing, then better death.

What there is was seen option, that can be was him help?

Help? Finish off? Learn yes, and, stick a fork in, if that, he themselves himself, to brothers then cargo not bear. We knew 1425 as

About this not say in media. But our of captured joining tortured. Have us were Borttekhnik and operator-driver with the BMP. They toured from-under Debaltseve municipality. They there in moment exchange prisoners were. Ukropy then the crowd down-and-outs been herded out here for masses. Still gala meeting there reached before, which must were with this hand expected to investigate environment. And the, that in media not say. Guys shy to. But many, who in capturing fell, stupidly castrated. Of those who returned, prisoners of war they in meat were, they're all broken. Not the invalid no one not returned. Than such capturing better pomegranate on breast.

Wu you such cases were?

In capturing from our no one not worthy. We their not abandoned. Even if I've been shot at, we bodies take. To Rotnomu and vzvodnomu so it was fine attitude. Guys came for 50 meters until ukropov died. Donnie: The C.O. and platoon commander has been going the first to to occupy bodies. On itself carried the, we their not abandoned.

A on opposite side?

Legend on this about churchgoers very many. Personally me shared, that under Izvarino those same the most order 4 thousands of dead Ukrainian soldiers simply knocked with land, by bulldozers in ovrazhek palmed together with technique. On musorkam many tel lying around. Under Marinkoy, to example, was detained machine. Is dyad farmer products. Machine stopped, and he says, that his with the hand took, machine the morning-- bodies and said dismiss in rates on our side. They hide losses.

Georgievskie Turing not wore. They in malfunctioning from vision blikuyut

How you there rested?

Just cold, weapons's been cleaned and pristrelivali. Bombed not razorvavshiesya drone strikes. On farm there anything did, the system pochinyali, to example. Learned enjoy the new kinds weapons. Yes than there still gonna delay. We lived these. Nothing another have us simply not was. Increasingly personal estate opium den pipe yes phone. Here is and have fun with them as like it or. Where phone with surf the Internet was, usually walking on batty, letters home wrote.

Animals the only as was. In Luhansk have us lived a, which a Trophy column. He the only, who survived in knowledge airport. Under smoothbore was hiding. In Donetsk was cat Martha. Many was animals. People leaving, and animals many ignore. In raspolagu many Kotov crossed. Three dogs was. Prizhivalis, choice have them there. Were cats, which on positions, in trenches there one could lived. To them very well were, podkarmlivali.

Befane noted?

I 30-anniversary there celebrated. Commander joked let in live say, that have you 30 years. They you fireworks organize. Chance, that you until the next days you live through this, virtually no: Will - Punching from around the, that there is. But if gonna survive this on entire life gonna remember. On New year the Christmas tree ticked. Found somewhere festoonery, couple of toys be. If honestly, all holidays passed perfectly. Even in childhood I have not was such holidays. Every so sincere in. By and large, if there still and not celebrate roof'll move out. Work very uneasy, very heavy. Without vacation there not survive. And in holidays, and in weekdays to drink was prohibited from flatly. Stimulant on positions musketry. No one and not risked. So, one times in raspolage someone stimulant. For that was punished strashneyshim humiliation. His on 2 weeks in basement have been. Then corrective work. Him on a neck be bottle on a rope, and here is he on territory with venichkom walking. For soldier this chiefest humiliation.

A for other transgressions as punished?

Over looting immediately musketry. For intergenerational accounts on advanced musketry. For any violence in respect local population this, too, bullet without court and allegations. All of this understood. Have us cases not was.

But if you weapons took in combat, this not looting?

No, of course. The, that took in combat, trophy. All, that killed, all yours.

What you there scarecrow?

Death and, perhaps, unknown. Very strongly. Never thought, that people can so heavily fear, that there is such shades of fear. Initially, until first iano?aeia, was very frightening. One starts for all pass through, for increasingly consecutive. Say, this normally. Any soldiers this is experiencing. Then significantly easier. Under the end of the at all stop taking about this rethink and stop taking something fear. Man not can something so long and constantly fear. Sense of of fear atrophies. Happens, after first battlefield or the shelling go. Young growth on nervyaku just took it out. When were the first those killed, 15 man survey report wrote. Stupidly young growth 18 20 years. The most good soldiers from 30 until 45 years. They already calmer, persistent. With them to fight one thing pleasure. But us with my leader shopping as fortunate. We knew, that he us frankly on the slaughter not he would send, this thought, of course, produce garment. With my leader us realistically fortunate. Thalorien and is a clever people.

year not was frightening, that you in people of a shot are you and can their kill?

No. Otherwise why in hands weapons borrow? If you with weapons in the hands of, you don, that regulation kill. And you will kill.

And you killed?

Of course.

Counting, how many?

Go measure there disassemble your, how many on days podorvalos. Who their believed. Here is works group, and is unknown, who from whose bullets farewells. As spoke our belly gunner, Miss Goffe: If we the two of calculate and lozhim the sniper, that us, everyone on gender-human considered, that whether?. Attitude to what is happening, was pofigisticheskoe. We rightly move to them, they go to us. They he'd whack us, we their. Who survived, the and rights.

When you in combat, you one starts to believe in God, in top forces?

Skyfall and large, yes. Us so often starting, on such the edges of the stopped working. Different situation have of our subdivisions were. And you thinking: my God, pull it out, please, yours Zayats, simply pull it out his. Life I'll reconsider., will try. And was pulling out. Have us in subdivision 2 human openly we prayed before arc of and not weirded out by no one. Some there < >baptism ????. And in battalion of have us were people all faiths, seems. Were and Muslims several. Pagans were converted were. And even atheists under its inspection already not atheists were. When we hurriedly on battlegroups, deputy commander PHRASE Witch to Odin praised gloried. And losses big have us not was. Apparently, because us-volume.

The main principles life there?

All simply. There is opportunity food palleggi. Water to drink napoletano. Sleep spi. Is unknown, when this will be. More ammunition longer you can to wage battle. Get dressed not fashionable to, and conveniently. Follow for weapons. Ah, and surrender not need to. And as can be less push with peaceful populations. They should still be in side. And, by and large, hard with them communicate. They strongly are experiencing. With them talk one starts himself go into overdrive. They simply holed people. Zadryuchennye, the hugely holed people.

We with them sought smaller contact. This a malign moment, when to you come with tears of on the eyes of ask, when all of this end . Have people realistically eyes corralled animals. Here is and all. People to us were very well. Because knew, where their firebomb, who their bombards downtown. But question would still to us was about how, when end all of this. And did their on than light is worth. Realistically, inhumane their did.

Still on war 'cannot be. Not need to nor about whom spare no. People fought. This naturally. Yes, demise every soldier for family tragedy. But, on fact, in total mass this such a is nonsense. This is a natural the situation. About his can be worry exactly 5 minutes. Further cannot be boot. We, when dead comrades was being taken, aoaee in machine joke. Laughed at me. Someone from young said as you so you can, have us same battlegroups friends died. But as otherwise? Suddenly military will begin, and we snot're disbanding. Differently raze. And not need to to duck, shugatsya. If your bullet agreed only you nowhere from it not, stupidly.. Never worry about anything. If you you stretch on death bullet you will find.

Why decided to home to return?

Tited. I at all thought on 3 month there to remain. Ah, as simple military Mosor before in Afghanistan was, for example. But then 3 month over, and guys on advanced. And I have should badly, without it raze. Now their turned. Yes and I is content. Around the case limit. For six months not was I have nor one convicts on leave....... Southern on battlegroups. And before eyes, as in dream, house be seeing things. Is content. There 10 days for year. I even in really something Donetsk was just 2 times. One times when for files traveled, already Ieftjobs. The other when guys guide your footsteps if turned through First the republican <a href="" target="_blank" alt="" title="" style="">Bank</a>, to phone itself bought. And this placid megacity in. A sense of as fell on another planet. Until this 4 month, except dirt, blood and shit, nothing not saw. Only shootings and this a beany.

And here is came in Headquarters for files. And there komendantskie are worth. In a new form of, as on our televisions show. Their, incidentally, like on TV show. Guys with advanced there not based. Form of the Beautiful, a new. Razgruzochki zero. My unloading shtopalas 4 times. I was 4 st man, which its wore. Passing. Now with it fifth someone churchgoers. And here is have him machine gun chic, helmet [Chuckles]Kevlar, wearing a bulletproof vest. Ribbons obveshan, as Christmas tree. And the first desire to steal their equipment have him and give on lyulyam. Us same this there need most. And then on pussy right now, no one would still not travels weapons to occupy. There same and be can be. But there very strongly've resented, when guys with advanced tiranili komendantskikh. About how me guys with other units shared. But the truth very like. Have us such a <>not was.

And were cases?

It on return guys familiar with Luhansk shared that such once even their fighter has created.

This is to investigate possible?

They say that, have them their same on slacks strongly give for such things < >. One advanced ponavtykal komendantskomu, took away have him machine gun and went with him to fight. Machine gun repatriate, earlier themselves brutally popinali, subject was hushed up very. But on advanced komendantskikh not like. Ah. To them not belong as to equal. To them raze not belong. For rare the exception. There is the MPs one. And there guys on cock shift system, naturally, to them attitude another, them uvazhuha, guys battlegroups. And many simply holed up. Trek there, watch type for order.

A you Georgievskie Turing wore?

Dont wore. They in malfunctioning from vision strongly blikuyut. Sometimes their on shoulders had a thing for as the sergeant Turing. But extremely rarely. Yes and signs differences have us not particularly wore. The, that I have there is. this before leaving nashili. When said, that on peredukhu more not do. Signs differences have us were, when groups hurriedly only. Here is go guys, put on, for example, bandage on reduce leverage and bandage on pace. And all know, that knots leg-left reduce leverage. This their. Signs regularly change. For example, 2 its feet or only being. Have ukropov their inception, lights are flashing yellow adhesive tape or so same bandages.

Skyfall return signs differences wear?

No. Only on 9 May wore the mouse (weather mouse, defining a badge of Newark, Who served in intelligence REM New Deal Kaliningrada.Ru ). And the on national. Military NIE. Like as pontanulsya.

By 9 May you already returned in Kaliningrad. Celebrated?

Since morning ascents of on 1,200. On arrangements not walking. Me this not likes. Naigrannostyu some smacks of. People as something smidge to everything belong. I not fly. Can, in than something one, that they not saw war. And well, that not saw. Although I, can, simply zagonyayus. Himself with hard understand, as and to what I am.

How here you now?

Sucks, frankly.

Wing in the first days. Nights spent not can sleep. If me on war always had a dream about house, then here dream about constantly war. Nights spent sleep already on 2 3 hours, more not can. When I have quite roof down vomited, guys came and remained with me. We, when toured, with our a MAG fighter chatting away comfortably. He on week before me arrived. Sat, invoked. And a sense of, if the film pro another life watched. Not believed, that this all have been able pass.

The most worryingly this perception, if previous life, which until Check-Out was, she very-very distant. As if another rights. Not remember much. Me girl not waited for with war, promised. And we 4 year together were. Can, still and this had. There was still that well. People largely direct, glaring. Sincere. There like as you need. And when I arrived Without ruble in pocket And if would guys familiar me stupidly food not benefited, with whom there fought. Was so, that several days not ate. On return it turned out, that with work here became harder. And arrived without work, without all, no one not ensured.

Which itself guys there life represent, when war end ?

Everyone simply. Simply work. Simply to live. I here is that was, that, when return, d hard, family I'll get it running, and to live these. And have majority such a dream. Another nothing people there and not need to. About than may yet man dream, when life, here is she, by the end of suited. There same many such moments. And you in the latest moment of being to return and simply to live. When on anxiety consistently raised and we on garde fled, in of seconds these thought about everything, about than can be. Someone prayed, someone about close recalled.

attitude to life as has changed after the war?

I simply very strongly began value life. Himself fact in life. Understood: That would nor was, I been happy always. Because tomorrow this can not be. And completes his turn, that for me it is important. This family. On war two of the most 1949-1969 issue, which you ask where you and there is whether have you children. Very it's a shame will, if you die, and after you no one not will remain.

You think, have them tickles the, for that they go to war?

I hope. They flatly determined fight until the end of. Option destruction no one simply not views. They until the last are worth. Was us as something on office four. And I then only arrived and say: And if get bounced in this direction. Me respond: Get bounced ll Indo. And if tens of tanks, artillery will support? Nu and that, us same here four. I was realistically been happy with them to fight. They are worth. I saw people, as me shared, six of them held direction in 600 meters Front within a month. Six of them. And them not need a propaganda any. Because and so all in sight. And were moments, when we precisely there were happy.

Dont do you regret it, that went?

Wu us was one joke with a MAG fighter. We talked still in Luhansk and here is imagine, that we will in such situation, that have us not will patrons and, that states, loop 500 and our there is no. And in Donetsk have us struck such a situation. And sit such, and he me says: A remember, we in Luhansk about this talked? That tickles such a situation. Do you regret it? No . Then dreamed, that still let us in Kaliningrad sit, beer to drink, look 93 the sun deserts (cries). And we have returned, and sat, and beer with tarankoy drinking, watched 93 the sun.

What you parents said, when you returned?

They not knew, far and why I went. When saw on return, all understandable became, civil things something, except acute, no not remained. They 2 days with me not chatting away comfortably. And then mother already told: The story repeats itself grandfather against fascists fought, and now you fought.

You not thought about is, to return on Ukraine?

I would not wanted to about this to speak. In Ministry of Emergency Situations would went work. I after all people killed. Now and to rescue need to.

Photo Vitaly Nevar

Text: Alena Pyatrauskayte … -prav.html

To lime skillfulness or veterans a fake war here at all themes there is no. Ah can Dmitri, administrative, comes up with, there and seen.

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Dmitry" wrote:

If me for example force kill, ah for example , for example man twenty-consecutive, then will be losing my all brain cells roughly on fourth case. The reason not in weakness, and in is, that sos budget provides for God.

Example can serve as case, primary with the leader of the professional murderers by King Henry Himmler, on the telephone on mass murder of in Minsk summer 41 th year, with personally he no one not has executed, and only watched penalty.

Emanuel of Portugal named after Ioffe, professor Belarusian State Pedagogical University them. M. The tank, Dr. historical Sciences

. Himmler Superiore picture punishment mean supporting sanctions that redundant, the concentrations to work of prisoners ghettos, who was watching vocal, far below other countries so actions then the SS. Should be noted, that in the time under mass executions executioners still usually not ???? special measures precautionary. Often happened, that hard, was wounded prisoner were ditching their together with ego i without an extra $formalities. Precisely so was happening and during this punishment. All resisted clearly, strictly on scenario. And no one, of course, not expected, that Himmler pulls his weight : Him became poorly from species of gushing blood and from what two Jewish women were only injured, not killed immediately. When with the Reichsfuhrer SS, on orders which through a mass killings, saw, as are falling deficiency, including and women, as they continue to wriggle and to invite to take on aid, Himmler has lost suddenly its come in proverbial Martingale and fell into in poluobmorochnoe state of.

He yelled on then the SS, has blamed their in bad shoot.Shooting and, jolting in hysterical, slightly was quite not lost consciousness, but his cleverly caught on to on hands chief of his personal staff Karl Wolf. He same helped the chief get to khorkha with number SS & # 8209 ;1 , which in armored safeguard immediately sameflooded to Vokzal, where Himmler's expected personal armoured train.




One deep Snapshot psychics and mindsets course I met have Adamovicha in "Karatelyakh."

Anton, is obtained, that radio institute even in 70s to would respect their right to about Inhuman up there and tried to this to communicate to grassroots?

Ales Mikhailovich radio institute "punitive detachment"

. Dust and bloody mesivo! Not need a me Moscow. As and Petersburg not need. Let I'm gonna shock the world: I with at the root'll rip out two whining tooth Europe. In the Himalayas echo advertisements they might respond. Ahead Iran, Iraq, Egypt, India And Tibet! Finally no one will not stand between me and The Man.
The Cold, slip for anyone is possible-hollow, gridlocked the universe, and in it sunny illuminated space claimed. As glass flycatcher. Wall of the from pan-blue endless ice. There, outside "eyes. In niche, within ice view of the universe dependent on bent wall those who calls themselves people. (And fancy, that they not within globe, and on the surface on the planet. ) Outside They. Eyes ice. There is no, fire Coven! I, only I see ". About, not easily was lead "from thousands gave and height! And stop, keep on itself. On Germany. My lyudendorfy think, that under Moscow me Russians stopped. There is no, me, us have left They! Have been downgraded Coven in side, and the ice's first crawl, became win. The fire receded. Turned their backs on moment, to we felt, that with us will, if leave for good. As his have left, by giving in my hands. Not Siberian command a division and not America become afraid must, and "anger. And not anger this, and sudden indifference, the lack of. Their there is no, and the ice comes on political. Need to be "fire," anger and horror, and then Coven again look, await, require.

Possible union Hitler and Stalin against Atlantic alliance
. Not alliances, not coalition frightening losing. Their not was never have Germany allies reliable. Importantly for us not to waste time. And only an important union with The Man, with Moguschestvami. Significance has only the, that They me elected, and I with The Man. I know, I something know, that, above than discern me, Coven stalled on it. On my a major begin attacking. And for this I hate his more, than for his or interpenetration, which my Joseph scares Europe and America. They to him've been casing this place, I this understood, primerivalis, Volgin. He half before, and there Asia, this closer. Eyes on it stood, until we were swarming on this European poluostrovishke in his Munich, and when even Berlin not was our.

. Yes, I late, and he was directly under The Man. D * * * geography! Damned poluostrovishko Europe.

is global butchery
. There is no, me still need to was crowing before them until Baikonur Cosmodrome from the Allies. Political milieu, whispers of a of speaking around something for nihe not were sufficient. Need was in the entire voice and open texts. They must were see, that I ready fulfilled "deal, descending in such a blood, on what no one not dare, at least, in open. They must were to believe, that my struggle "struggle. After all since no indefinitely far with East on the West or with West on East flowing river blood. It is important, to mostly of and to this not trickle was, and vseobnovlyayuschiy the flow of, our common labor taking the entire garbage history ,-to Trash. The price ideas remains in in blood. My is worth more in "the eyes of. Nor one idea not promised so much Cleansing treatments blood, ceasefire

. Need to know, remember, that all our feelings, goal, our interests, borders and etc. And writing and things For nihe optional thing, imaginary. As and usual our misconception, that land Stone balloon, round Iceblock. From people I one this know, one I see "eyes and our planet as it there is, ice balloon from within. What keen pleasure wear in itself tertiary knowledge, weather aimed at you "glance Coven of Terror.

. And not suspect, even my the coming numbers , that New People already here, are found, act, and I their resides. Landmark factor what I quot.

the Creature from the-replanting
. I you see all and until the end of, you me on how many lack your boldness. And how many I let. Our with you the total mystery does end there, where begins only my. And where begins mystery my communication with Moguschestvami. With The Man Ive spent not on German. I himself this not immediately found. Why something quite not was conceived before, on what we speak, when Coven of Terror look me in face. Eva are scared by, asks, that with me, is ready head my poschupati, if would not she feared, that'll get me angry. And more just scares its, thatve spent on strange language.

Orcs are
. And not most difficult their hectic island. That island: Close for visits on a year old-two, pre launching there all these battalions, that now adultery on East. Bah-Zelevskiy reported that arms were ready, that have them there, especially in Belarus, many instructive, decent attention So here is, close island, and then Chuvashia: Visit, are looking! That such, far the hell are the bodies these the British? Was such people, say? To qualitatively are looking for, to qualitatively! Anything yes remained, if was

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swed.loki wrote:

Anton, is obtained, that radio institute even in 70s perfectly knew about Inhuman up there and tried to this to communicate to grassroots?

Yes, long have been arguing this say.
This and another - in citation - is dispensed with from behalf of Hitler (poluposvyaschennogo in "general plan have", successfully razygryvavshego "greater massacre", once , that he not a pawn and zamenennogo in 44 st), in the other spin this was would ottsenzurirovano, but this his own perception of, he himself "from fiery villages."

Ah and about Hitler. To convert you attention on episode under Iprom, ostensibly "gas attack mustard gas", which he safely has survived. Pro what something else the use of reader "mustard gas" - in networks and knizhnosti suspended matter more small. Massive use genodryani in the height of the "Imperial war."



Still one enough detailed history "Africa's failed props", on this time with the other virtually a warring "hand."

Aside from OEM for slaughter "Ukrainian volunteers", about which commanded speech in the first Summit this themes, "props" warranted, as we figured out in other topics workers medical institutions and just follow business, with constituencies with access to bodies, are people in force Shi position. Current message - from witnesses another source "props."

Such narratives will to emerge inevitably. -forced cover activities "the prop guys, huh" - in this case legend about how, that individual subdivisions "militias of Lugansk People's Republic" withdrew from the obedience to and engaged mass killings such same "militias" and civilian people, because proved place criminals, perverts, in including on command positions.

Weak cover. But quite without cover, although would such a, nor one resource and media these things to publish not will. All media, as and entitlement, public organs and etc., owe not only support installation, but and cover vnematrichnuyu scum, however "props" for restricted showing display war.

How efforts accurate narrative in parts of "Odessa area basements" and "bandwidth fighters militias" through those "cellars" - someone for lifetime silence about how, that they learned, and whom and for inclusion to branch has "the prop guys, huh"? In this part of - full and such truth. Recall about bodies people from traces no perimortem mutilation., Yankee for restricted showing display war, ranging with "militants" Balbasovki, MPs Rybak's, "that fell" fighters both sides in Volnovakha and Donetsk, numerous "dead from iano?aeia" junta / separatists (for different matrixes) rublennykh bodies without breath blood in Luhansk, Gorlivka, Petrovsky, of headless and the decomposed "ukropov" with "village militias" in airport, "perfectly recyclable at", and camping on D., and camping on D.

Here is thus they and charging.
Those same the most "militias", named criminals and maniacs in, were and "pravosekami", glumivshimisya over Ukrainian military in the first Summit this themes.

Sources of-the authors, undoubtedly, received some guarantees, for aid in matrichnom cover-up potroshitelskoy team. Consider this. Otherwise would we even and in such a the form of this nott read.

The text from states events in novels about key episodes - very dynamic diktofonnye records, aiaiiuo and reiterates in's readable kind of professional journalist.

Domestic the world scum highly accurately depicts here, only need to to remove matrichnuyu features into.

Many episodes activities this scum there is on Syrian video. In Syria scum're turning a profit extensively. In Ukraine only starters spin out.


Syria. , comic vybudovani. Orcs make killed militants

"they executed, were ditching their, had raped, ticked malchika"
Source of here

?? through voluntary advocates of Lugansk People's Republic war. The bloody and most ruthless. One of battalions transformed in out and empties their. From stories's getting colder blood in what.

In Luhansk popular Republic arrested two deputy commander one of battalions, fighters which suit on its territory excess: Bullied over by peaceful, taking in capturing troops other units, killed their same sake of money or those who not desired tolerate mayhem. One fighter miracle survived after, as commanders got shot in the him head, the other, obtaining four bullets, was able ladders out of graves, in that his buried. In nationalist rhetoric interview survived heard a URA.Ru about how, that was going on in their banditskom battalion of. Guys hide now in Russia, but their life would still threatens the danger: Combat, still urge the on freedom, promises kill all, who his slid.

Short-range battlefield own unit, initially selflessly voevavshee for idea Federal State of Novorussiya, from full without oversight for year war flower in a real bandformirovanie. Wu us people with sick mentality, mayor us fears, militia under us. MVD Luhansk republics State Interests initiated criminal deal and held mediation the first arrests, but until not in able to control situation.
See, that he me writes! In mentovku had stripped? Thinking, I you not'll get? Soon wait for guests!

On Skype Marina shows me message from its former commander. Girl in panic: The is poised zeroizing its together with husband Evgeny and small child. Marina is now in Russia, but even far from of Lugansk People's Republic it there is what fear: On its words of, kombat real sekret, and among subordinates have him a long Russians that can to come in any point Russia. Retaliate there is for that: Prisoners who escaped fighters are prepared to tell entire truth about how an armed own unit rulilo entire city in of Lugansk People's Republic, under this killing and Agee mainstreams.

Marina and its husband took to me through volunteers, known with history about Donetsk snaypershe Veseline Cherdantsevoy, which Mazur shot his zeama-her paratrooper. Investigation URA.Ru convinced the former fighters militias, which now not trust no one, that us can be to tell truth.
Israel special Office battalion Bryanka the USSR Sakhalin East. Photo: Group the USSR Bryanka Gibkikh


Home battalion is called Bryanka the USSR , is in city of Bryanka. In battalion of about 400 people. My husband Marrying (PHRASE Arbat) was deputy commander battalion on materially-technical ensure. To him treated all, ranging from entrepreneurs and ending deputies and mayor of cities to make something for cities.

Where is fighting battalion?

Wu us there is the Front Line in Pervomaisk, Luhansk Oblast, and the she in 4 kilometers from a real advanced. In general, our the Front Line on fact not field. Respectively, and we're shooting things we with cities.

Originally, when own unit only counter, us was 15 man and three gun, adds its husband Yevgeny. We used to in subversion operations: Were out shooting allies blamed. But then still fought, and now particularly not go to war. The latter a major operation Debaltseve municipality, yes and the as on one the street're holed up, so there and also a few days.
Marina: Our own unit kept on piare: Had gone in field, were out shooting with Grada , wash their hands the highest stakes video we need to was turn on themselves attention, to people helped, to commanded humanitarian aid.

A from Luhansk republics was what something ensuring?

No, we not were entering in structure troops of Lugansk People's Republic, by todays laws we gradually bandformirovaniem. We have no military ticket, we not provided oath. In battalion of whom only there is no: Who came the and give weapons. Money us not pay, we serve for idea and plate porridge. Guys mostly sit hungry, and komandirskiy composition sleeps rod and meat.

Why own unit not encompassed in composition troops of Lugansk People's Republic?

commanders talked, we against of Lugansk People's Republic for New Russia (region). But, talked, that the MSS just not gives Luganskomu MVD us disarm. Now on battalion many criminal affairs: Killings, a confirmed missing people. Moreover, our commander, as us now became known, receives for us money. On this moment in subdivision ranks more 400 man, and on everyone, ranging from Private, charge on 250 300 dollars (komandirskiy composition more), but we these money never saw, even not knew about this.

How many people in top battalion people cutting timber in money?

Three-four human: Combat Dima Pendyurin (Lyutyi), Kale Consultants on the clarion action Crimea (Mikhail), chief of special Office Sakhalin East (name of Sergei).
This is militia Lyutyi, which fear and their, and others . Photo: Group the USSR Bryanka Gibkikh

will battalion routinely received money?

Dont know, where has been going money on personal composition, personally I, as Kale Consultants on MTO, handled metal: Deals plants, mines workers budo alongside kendo equipment on color and black metals.

Many whether can be earn on surrendering scrap?

Marina: In day Marrying farmer commander of on 50-100-150 thousands of UAH (in rubles in two-three times more, REM. Red Soft). Driver, successful package money, and far commander then their do with, only he himself knows. I know accurately, that to this day at night with krasnopolevskoy mines lorries carrying such metals our part of the Mittal.

Under this Marrying every day drove commander of packs money. Always honestly spoke kombatu: I itself'll smoke to that?. Ah that he had this thing about lighting? Accorded itself with a hundred thousands of five hundred UAH us on products. I always told: Marrying, not vezi 150, commander on fact not knows, how many you one takes, bring him a hundie! A he yelled: Yes you made, guys came hungry sit, as you me can such offer! Ultimately so and broke a: Dima all money he'd put his itself on pocket, and we all money spent: The on food, then on solyaru, then on funeral. And commander buys land in Sevastopol, Simferopol, Rostov.

end-to-end In more brutal

tell that about your injury of.

Marina: This is was household spat.

The prehistory such a: In Red tacky amusement was felon, which same and killed two girls 13 and 14 years.
Our guys lost in gorotdel, [his (we have access in gorotdel, to the captives ", which there are) were forced his lick toilet and cast all of this on video. Then it --something in the Internet, and here is in that evening (this was in night on 21 April) Marrying and Sakhalin East have become debate, who his uploaded, where half the city knows pro this video. Zakusilis, began to each other to offend. This says: I you d wait have Owl and'll kill. Marrying replies: You at, you skrysil money.
(as already said in the ties with one of the most mrazotnykh video "ukrovoyny" about the "defeating the CITY of Lugansk People's Republic battalion" airport to ", mrazyam give on mockery felons)

Photo: Photo: From personal archive family injured

Marrying: A these was such a history: I through him conveyed on base five thousands of UAH, and he took away these money itself: Bunked off, prokutil. And when I reminded pro this, he says: Nothing itself have accused! He once sat on little juvie punk (zone for minors criminals REM. Ed.) in Volgograd, and his this strongly grazed. "

Marina: When I saw, that Sakhalin took out a pistol, I starters knocking the crap out his from his hands. He fell on membrane, mark and would still fell Jeunet in head. I Lidia its a pistol, wanted shoot in him me immediately triggered on land, Gianni to struck in one side, me in another. Marrying strongly were moaning: Bullet entered rightist temple and withdrew in left head. He he was wheezing, yelled, me said, that all, he dies. Kohl-red took out machine gun and wanted to his kill, aaneaou, he same's been suffering.

What for Kohl?

Nikolai Gribunov, PHRASE the weatherman he there is in marriage, which pro us was photographing 1 as. I have immediately [mobile phone, a pistol, even not gave trigger together. If would I not pressed Kohl-for a redhead on conscience, not reminded him, as we buried his son, not fact, that Marrying was would alive.

A that for history with son?

1 January with his son happened the same, only bullet was with Pk machine gun (with the basement) and so torched the Lyndhurst him Syarheychyk, that he not survived.

Bunch of shootin ', too, their?


(Cyber this same not times spoke blockbuster first office. Not convention, that for tvaryukov and in the, and in the other form "their" not case)

When this happened, Kohl asked have Kombata: Bro, let me, I his I work on moving, kid same's been suffering, him same painful for! the Pope son, represent?

Combat says: Dont, you, cough up, can, he still survives. Summoned him together, were taken in town, on path in hospital he died. We organized him 0.08mm2 to, funeral very good.

I has fallen before Kolia and I are going on its knees, has become him resemble pro son: If would you immediately helped Vitka, can be, he would survived. Me held war, I drag myself, say them: I all you'll cut, if you me not release. They me're being released, I aaao to Jeunet, me again are beginning clean up in side.

Why they this did?

They his wanted finish off. Me, it seems,, too,. I shouted: Zhenya is all alone, not die on me, breathe!. They talked: Close it his mouth, that she designed! I think, us wanted immediately to bury: Crimea received kombatu and says: What with it to do? Combat said: If would this was not you long would already buried. I this understand: Under me not one person were ditching their. I them in than something even grateful to, that I now Lives, that me not killed immediately. Now on us stigmatized all sins, but this already the other question. "

Kohl all same Lehman its minibus, Gianni to that plunged and brought in bryankovskuyu hospital. Me likeness in Headquarters, began to me to lend pills with water.

Photo: From personal archive family injured

When toured in hospital, his already [on operation: Been cleaned up skull and said, that he dies. I has become beg Kombata 07.00am - 03.00am daily Gianni to in Lugansk, he became to do kind of, that ringing, but in end At Chabysh 2005 and left. Through known I've reached until women in Ministry health, and for us have sent reanimobile started. In Lugansk toured in 12: 30 at night. There have doctors, too, particularly hopes not was: All of this time he was without consciousness. I Ijevan, they have made will re operation, after which he still three days has lain in a coma.

How many he treated with?

In hospital we been and a half month, in June his turned in another hospital for continuing treatment. His pristegivali, tied the: He was deranged, walking under themselves. Now he a bit as built, mom me sometimes calls, but in general almost came in bounced back.

(A one factor survival: Certainly and 98th, and on bonds have guy will either be there are already group disability on parts of heads. Usually their leave in alone; witnessing such people priori not can be nor in any procedural actions. Real threat branch has has borne woman)

All of this time we bit with my leader on the telephone, supported the link, although guys with court have become me call and reveal: Marina, here under you stirring up trouble. Apparently, to I not starters croaking about how this happened on fact. Commander me immediately, as only all happened, said: Kvartalnye, this happened on advanced. I say: Yes ah, throw.

What there is initially you not wanted noise?

No, of course. When we lay in Luhansk in hospital, me several times came people from different intelligence, in including from FSB, were supposed to answer questions. (all intelligence agencies, as and all "organs rights and legitimacy" owe cover scum) You did, you did, that on our own unit has accumulated already many criminal affairs about stone, massacres. But I no one not leased: Told, that I was there with husband, nothing not know, all of this happened on advanced. And the first, that I made, when withdrew from them gained kombatu and told about everything. On that he said: Are my don't skip out with them snap an arrow in half, we drive up, their all is not watercolour. Me all very this not relished. And when me these people call back again, I told: Now not can, me once!. Us have exposed guard.

(A one accident, that could allow to remain in survivors: Each of svyazyvavshikhsya tsekhovikov decided to, that transplantation - kreatura and object competence another subdivisions of workshop)

crawled out IZ MOGILY

Over that on own unit could stir up criminal affairs?

Things in our battalion of have been done very terrible. We have each minimalistic audio collages with Grigorievich Stakhanov, before the war he was boss traffic policemen on Perevalskomu the district, he had many ties, with the help which he well helped our base, himself began serve in our subdivision. 29 June 2014 his buried in knowledge airport, but he was able survive. He shot up his himself commander battalion.

Over that he shot up?

Of-for money 300 thousands of UAH. Minimalistic audio collages drove buy back his friend have subdivisions Sokol from Perevalska.

What there is militias took in capturing opolchentsa?

Wu us often such the case, if you not in rate. If we meeting any drunken in form, we owe take From his to itself on basement. Then already decide what's, is worth or not is worth give his his commander of and at all is worth whether call all depends on, as he themselves will lead and how have us this kneelength mood. If good, we can nothing with him not do.

(sufficient source of. Represents makhnovskuyu volnitsu: Want - I shall release, want - 'll kill. Have scum and its leadership, and its status among "militias", degistirmek lime four-star generals "of Lugansk People's Republic-vskikh report cards about Kazan Kremlin", as and have "pravosekov" from first messages in Ukrainian "educated volunteers will give no." Not belong, - nominal commanders to decide, that to do with those or in other "details of.")

Marrying: Over friend Vadika were asked two million UAH, minimalistic audio collages figured it out on 300 thousands of. With him were going still three rights. All stopped, forced dig itself graves and buried. They executed Beso, Dima, Kohl-red. (Nobody and never in money not released, although and from money not refused) In Vadika was done five shots, he fell and he was wheezing. These say: Yes he living! and fired a shot still times, , in a neck. And buried. But so as have him strong lungs, he was able as something and I from graves, 'd staggered until roads, some grandfather summoned him together.

(Dont strong lungs, and themselves scum his and saved, - By burying. Crushed land've leached blood and "sealed it" wounds, blood in the body remained enough for life; all living processes in this time on minimal, so facilitated and air in soil - certainly this was dry Sandstone)

Under someone else's surname 22 days has lain he in Luhansk Oblast hospital in a coma, when came in themselves even not knew, whom from friends call, to in battalion of not learned, that he survived. (a key moment in history survival "props"; and well, that not I mentioned, his looking all over for you, until he watched the sky a clear in unconsciousness; in the upstream certainly website with three absolutely, to personality not disclose) s and volunteer removed his in Rostov, there, too, did operation, now he alive, is in Russia.

Pro musketry Vadika knew in battalion of? What was official version of?

Marina: Knew, but not all. Version of was, as usually: "An NSB member-a traitor." As says Dima in such cases: that there was information.

Combat Manson doing

tell that about your commanding officer postwar.

Dima from a poor family, mother an alcoholic, in family five children, they often were pobiralis. Dima walking aieiaiue my sister and mother,: Let, nutritious his. Forever enseamed, dirty little, worked on kopankakh. As man he was clean until not sensed taste of money. Sick on head: I always called his Manson doing. When I learned, that he became my leader, I flipped out and initially not believe. When on base on our radio said Combat on entry and I withdrew watch and saw his, I was in of shock.

(one to one blockbuster "Army misrepresentation" with exile before texts office)

How such man became my leader?

A when in Luhansk taking SBU with with sticks against -By the cops with automatic weapons (April 2014 th REM. Red Soft), he was among first 8-15 man with Bryanki. First have him PHRASE was ?? have him was shirt with such banner. And when they decided do its own unit, by voting decided: Ionou let us Dimon (responsibility no one not wanted to). After this ?? th sharply became lyutym and became gradually develop its a tumultuous activities.

(Bullshit pro "luganskiy assault on." Militia opened a path, crowd slowly entered pace waiting lists for beer. Informative in this recognition the, that-uses for the most mass productions VSE extra,.. extra, what has in available. From Orcs until editor MK Donbas on how))

On us now stigmatized all: All our guys, which killed under me, on my the eyes of and which until now seek parents. If I imbabers tell all in paints, you have her teeth vspoteyut. As were forced apples swim and blasted away on him, to they belly sailed. As then vyrezalis bullets, as otrezalis heads. All those people from of our cities, which on my the eyes of died and that are buried have us on base, as dogs, for the corral for ostriches there whole a graveyard of.

Parents their seek and not know, where they. I same not shared my and not Id say them: zhyttja, and I know, where your son, buried.

Me alwayss decision angered, that is happening on base, I even shoplift in the infirmary painkillers pills and represented a the captives ": They same all sick, about the, from whom tell Abe ourselves, from whom leg.

(Cutting the ear - simple practice Criminal world in respect guilty insides rebellion in than something "their" - we already saw such a "recently" Grabowski "collapse" - about the its feet - a means against escape. Review Tereshchenkos maternity "unimpressed by the Jesus" - as stepnyaki decided on this problem with prisoners. Recall these "Syrian militants", several shredded, has it not tendons on feet - photo.)

A war this mostly who?

This is civil, who violated curfew hour, whom was detained drunk. Or here is wife, a: The husband me beats. His [, killed, buried, but on next day she comes: Give it back to me husband, up in cattle, I curse you. It say: A what OK you yesterday came and wrote on him statement East? East have us ausubt entire black work: Killings, violence.

(definitely want it now, all "massacred ukropy", "militias", "peaceful inhabitants, rounded under shelling of" in numerous "video war" - bums and Prisoners without to wage civil faces; spring-summer on these photo-video-sessions were used still Kyiv "props" - until 800 man "the establishment without to wage" in days Maidan)

ALL POLICE you mean her In PLEN

administration of Police of something in Bryanke quite there is no?

There are, chief of Kohl Vostryakov.
But the entire militia under us: As we say, so and will.
If me, simply wife Arbat, forces routinely put it to work in basement, that perishing to speak pro commanders.

How many of captured on base?

From one until 30-50.

What with them did?

G-part of killed, supporters, had raped as girls, bullied, blasted away, ticked malchika. For whom brought her (parents, relatives), those released whole and intact so, falls in front of a shovel pat on the back.

(This is vector cover. No one not would unleash without complicity or for money. -now will represent people, that such team on such "bases" abducted people for money, but this not the protsvetavshiy, by books and cinema business 90-'s.)

had raped men men? Did this someone interestingly?

How would you explain? In battalion ponabirali anyone anywhere, many with sick mentality.

(still times - to a shiny view the image domestic worldOrcko you can have-scum; all the same did and the kind biggest; people they only outside, internally this full aren't human)

A that for malchika?

Nu, for example, that will, if we you penis and force the cut off.

Really Easy curtailed?

Really Easy we can bolgarkami people.

with the moon were all 400 fighters battalion?

Dont all, of course, was many normal guys. But simply so withdraw with base was cannot be only, as have us say, through Odessa this means, god soul give.

(She shut down source of about how, that not simply soul give, and is to, with bolgarkami and indeed. Guarantees, that leave "through Odessa" alive after, as you became known about this "Odessa" ,-will give only for maximum paid, after what regulation new smaller members about how, that you became known, until the end of days.

Upominanie about Odessa explains only one: This scum proceeded Odessa in "city by Holocaust" 2 on May 2014, making "props" in House Trade Unions and tried to do spectacle on all times - the burning of falling people together with poet Negaturovym. Another context this saying in such circumstances and in ??? society be not can.)


How you with Yevgeny are trapped in Russia?

A when we lay in Luhansk in hospital, immediately several man me said, that we need to urgently leave. This talked and people from luganskoy militias, and our guys with base me made repeated calls: Take it Zheku, go. Drive urgently, under you stirring up trouble, want you vkatat. I until the last not had believed, contrary, called Dima, nourished German so and so, he respond: Marinka, not trust, tell, who this said, I his caught will be shot!. And then in some day he called around to all my girlfriends and asked: When Marina will to go in Bryanku with Luhansk, type me, me need to with it to meet, to communicate.

What forced you change view?

One a close man with base, when he telephoned and said directly: You want kill. I first not believe, turned to reach for to knowledge MVD, he all confirmed. I ABS with humans in Russia, with one woman, which has lost close human, told it: Wu us a similar the situation it helped on Myslivny in Russia. Child with us.

(In first post themes and here refrain goes Sensibility people in super-situation, when nor on one thing agency, service, body, the state, God or trait with horns count cannot be, and count can be only on human vzaimovyruchku.

. Similarly, the so same "props" from first office people warned of the dangers and in late all saved life, on time crediting, that thus, as he, the surviving, will " call", from which already accurately bystanders not will come. And then he himself handled these same, under any with known him robust survivors from his parts of)

The further thought?

Oatmeal in anybody. We want home, want normally to live, work, here, in Russia, we no one not need. But home cannot be, because there us want kill, plant for any corpses, which on us stigmatized. Familiar from Luhansk say: Not you dare here to go. We very are experiencing for relatives, which still in Bryanke: Not want, to my mother killed for otherssins.

P.S.In the defense department Interior Luhansk popular republics confirmed, that symposium was held kind of backwater operation and under investigation criminal deal, associated with activities armed formation Bryanka the USSR. However chief investigative ?????? from comments refused. Meanwhile, on own information URA.Ru , in real moment arrested two zeama commander battalion Crimea and Sakhalin East. Himself kombat Dmitri Pendyurin Lyutyi still is on freedom.



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