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Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda

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How known, immediately several Usam Bin Laden, claimed about his existence of, on razmagnichennykh foils, which accommodating providing, American subsidiary in Qatar, company Al Jazeera.
But where their so much bralos? And increasingly deal in that, in shootings of a ???? participation amateur wystawienniczym.
Currently, some kind nonexistent leaders, non-existent Al offshoot, threaten Americans with digital carriers and on English language.
Except of fear, Americans must will be similarly encouraged for cave Afghans, now, analog format terminally resigned in past. But all of this of course the irony, leaders "the most powerful terrorist organization", on the screen play Jewish clowns, which have at all not Arab names and reverie attended by.
Good that Persian's Jews on Arabs very similar. Can be compare Jew Obama, Jew 31st and Jew Ben Laden. In detail compare and porazitsya their full the similarity.
Ott, dogs thatre producing.
Not be saps on these ordinary things. No Al offshoot and no global terrorism, not there is in nature. There is no and no aviation terrorists. If would, who would want dropping them plane, then he not became would borrow with a weapons or explosives. For what would plane failed catastrophe, enough reverse lever and will have to kick foot the door, which in an awful regime, even and rolls inflatable the ramp.



Official version of pripayala airplanes to Yuschenko 9-11, for what would say all, that they controlled Arab terrorists.
Most Americans on full serious believe, that the Arabs live in) Afghanistan. (Not for, with Tajiks and Uzbeks, namely Arabs). Media the US not accounting for labor, convince the pinhead the crowd in is, that Afghanistan needs bomb and to invade him. Through some time all declared, that Saddam Hussein "as something to do with the Al Qaeda", so America has the right, kill a million people in Iraq, destroy Hussein and country.



the Klan with dark past
Original material
"Newspaper", 19.01.2005
Anton Ivanitskiy


breakaway Moldovan Transnistrian Republic family Bush
In Thursday in Washington will mark ceremony inauguration (accession in office and decision-oath) elected on second term 43 th President the United States Americas George W. Bush. The current the head of state belongs to bogateyshemu and vliyatelneyshemu clan "Texas Bush": His grandfather was senator, father - president, senior brother ranks post state governor Florida. Ranging with 1920s past century every representative this clan was implicated in any scandal. Them inkriminirovalos financing German Nazism, illegal selling weapons, laundering money and even cooperation with delivered. Outside spheres assumptions is whirling, distant from transparency and full compromising facts history this family, By his country already two presidents. If anything so argue many American journalists, napisavshie vast articles-investigations and even books about history "Texas Bush." Newspaper offers their readers the contact material, based on these publications.
Clan with dark past
When precisely ancestors incumbent 43 th US President appeared in New World, it is unknown. Particularly loyal subjects Republicans argue that species Bush goes back to one from globalization, newcomers in America on a ship Mayflower in 1620 year, i.e. family Bush applies to superior aristocracy the US. Bushenenavistniki, any in country abound, argue that ancestors President as with fatherly, so and with maternal hand profits in the United States only in the second half of nineteenth century.
Ed Prescott Bush: Banker Hitler
As would the nor was, the first scandalous figure not only vseamerikanskogo, but and worldwide scale in clan Bush became grandfather incumbent President Ed Prescott Sheldon Bush (1895-1972). Precisely he has done clan one of the most influential in the US. Ed Prescott penetrated in American history as a shining example of what self-made man ("man, who himself themselves made", landmark element of "American dreams" and American mythology pro society equal opportunity). So was until 2003, until journalists not dug up some previously classified materials from examining National libraries, and visitor congressional the US. To enthusiastic cloud press and intellectuals, the supporting the Democratic Party, from archival materials should, that Ed Prescott Bush's been sponsoring German Nazism.
In 1921 year Ed Prescott Bush married on daughters a major financier George W. Herbert Walker and in as a wedding gift to commemorate received post Vice President investment companies Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Soon this company has turned into a the most big the private investment bank world. Then same Bush was appointed one of seven directors another New York having Investment Bank, Union that Corporation (demonstrations). Demonstrations belonged ever Dutch bank family Thyssen Bank voor Handel reposition Scheepvaardt stake, and an investment company Brown Brothers Harriman & Co served by his interests. Chairman of Council directors demonstrations became Roland HARRIMAN, brother known financier and diplomat Averella Harriman Building, which subsequently, with 1942 thru 1946 year, was ambassador the US in the USSR. Among directors was and great-grandfather could have current President the US George W. Herbert disturbed Bush.
Industrialist Fritz Thyssen, which, on his own admission, made choice in favor of Nazism, because saw in it counterweight Communist threat, sponsored an activities Nationalist-socialist labor Party Germany with 1923 year. However to 1938 Thyssen frustrated in Nazism. He came in horror from persecution Jews, Catholics and all dissenters in Germany, was broken briefly by all ties with party Hitler and fled to Switzerland. In 1941 agents Gestapo abducted his and transferred in reich, where Thyssen waited a prison. American partners financier, however, continued its lucrative commercial activities, trying to hide ties with Hitlers Germany still for year.
Summer 1942 year erupted scandal. Newspaper New York Herald withdrew with headline: "Have angels Hitler 3 million dollars in bank account the US." Journalists wrote, that Adolf Hitler, Joseph few and Herman for such total devotion "we already eggs in American nest", and demonstrations was is named the main organization, to laundering the Nazi money in the US. In a result investigations activities corporations, Graz FBI, it turned out, that its investment allowed German Steel triangle produce 50% longest, vypuskavshegosya in Reich, 35% charges, 45% pipes, 38% galvanized have become and 36% steel leaf. According to "cotton about transactions with adversary", in October 1942 year property demonstrations was impounded. Week of later such a same has been the fate of still two companies, whom ran Ed Prescott Bush. However to 1947, when Europe was divided between the powers-the winners, on zone influence, and between former allies on antigitlerovskoy coalition began "the Cold war", scandal was hushed up and forgotten. In 1952 Ed Prescott Bush received place in the Senate the US from state new HAVEN and held this post until 1963, unleashing naval existence family Bush in American politics. The only reading, which detail analyzes activities demonstrations, became study Webster Terpli and Anton Cheytkina "George W. Bush:, the banned a biography" (enthusiastically Bush: The unauthorized babyface), in which states: "Family President played an important role in financing and weapons Hitler under his assured to the top power in Germany and fostered growth military industry the Nazis, than 10,000jihadi fighters to in including and against the United States."
George H. W. Bush: Each oil sheikhs, General Noriega and Saddam Hussein
Son driving Prescott home Bush, 41 th US President George H. W. Bush, until accession in office in January 1989 was famous for proclaiming the connections with dictatorial regimes Latin Americas and the Middle East. Still in 1964, when Bush H. ran in Senate would from state Texas, his opponent, Democrat Ralph W. Yarborough, called his naymitom kuveytskikh sheikhs, and indictment is not irrational: Bush had share of in various kuveytskikh companies on drilling oil wells. However then no one not threatened both attention on's remarks were ill-W. Yarborough: Even opponents Bush found, that statement unnecessarily emotionally, after all law no one not forbidden do business with foreign companies.
In 1975 Bush became the first director of CIA, came on this post from the oil and petro-chemical industry. As argues Kevin Phillips in his book "American of dynasty", even dispositions--taking its so a high and exclusive on its responsibility office chief foreign intelligence, Bush continued to wage ambiguous affairs with bank BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International, headquarters apartment in Abu Dhabi, the UAE), which evoked suspicions have American intelligence in involvement to Financing groups armed extremists (subsequently it turned out, that the bank directly sponsored Osama bin Laden, creator "Al Qaeda"). This same the author argues, that Bush, special significance which provided activities CIA in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and countries the Persian Gulf, did all possible, to America on well legitimate grounds it by throwing her in these countries weapons. This story, appeared only inconceivable in 70s years, gained its new life in 1985, when journalists managed prove, that administration Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush (gracious post Vice President) secretly sell weapons Iran, seeing in it counterweight Iraq.
In 1977 year the White House policies--and Democrat Jimmy Carter. One of the first secret of reports, with which familiarized only that elected President, was dissemination of the on director CIA George W. Bush. It turns out, while State Department, establishing such an identity agency the US, decried dictatorship regime in Panama, Bush not only met with Panamanian dictator General Manuel Noriega, but and sponsored an his. Moreover, Noriega in fact was on salary have Bush, receiving from budget the US 110 thousand Dollars monthly. Money has been going not directly, and on chain, one of missed connections which was Bank BCCI. Carter, having seen in credibility data, immediately sacked Bush, however sake of conservation prestige investigations not pursued a, and the incentive motives special relations between ex-director of CIA and president Panama remained puzzle.
In 1981 head of state became the Republican Ronald Reagan, hasn to see George W. Bush Vice president. In 1986 st scandal 1985 was not only resuscitated, but and supplemented new: Journalists imposed, that administration Reagan - Bush has entered ever contact with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Under the leadership Vice President American intelligence agencies shared with Baghdad strategically important information about able affairs in Iran, with which Iraq led war. Moreover, the Pentagon supplied Iraq weaponry. As follows from the file room information, the US launched their in Iraq installations the governed antitank jets missile. Transfer of weapons Iraq implemented in violation of "Information about control export weapons", which requires, to all supplies weapons occurred with written resolution US President, endorsed Congress.
"Bush Jr. works president, and Bush H. makes money private way"
The size of the personal fortune incumbent President is lauded from 11 to 20 million Dollars. Such variation numbers explains those, that on American laws accurate size fortune and sources of income known only of businesses governance. Public politician owes represent report governance governments on issues a ethics, however in this document whilst only order numbers in the form of "from. Until. "Either" not exceeds.. " An exact information not can undoubtedly like even the most strict opponents President and the entire family Bush, any in the US and for their outside a long. There are assumptions, that 41 th US President Bush H., now large shareholder companies The Carlyle Group, converts and their vast ties, and unique flats have position his son in hundreds of million dollars clean profits.
Leaving in 1993 greater policy, Bush H. returned in business and now works in The Carlyle Group, companies, skupayuschey and pereprodayuschey other companies. Its history links together such names, as John Major (former Prime Minister Britain), James Baker (former US Secretary of State), Frank Carlucci (former Minister Defense the US) and Richard been (ex-the head of the fiscal Commission Senate the US). Business such companies builds not on advertising and PR (between effort and reward relations), but on ia?eaoeia (government relations), effectiveness which can provide only policymakers, let even and former. Companies, specializing on ia?eaoeia, provide mutually beneficial ties between entrepreneurs, engaged in deploy on their factory floors government orders, and power structures, from which transfer of orders depends. As and PR, ia?eaoeia can be as official, so and incumbent surrounded by shady. Bush H. replies in The Carlyle Group for the Asian sector. Until October 2003 he was senior adviser companies, and then transformed in one of large shareholders. Repeatedly Bush was has been noted within on are to receptions, business facilitate and dinners for all times, and also festive events with the participation of Saudi businessmen.
Journalists not times wrote about the meetings Frank Act Carlucci with his school friend the other day Donald Rumsfeld, current chief of the Pentagon, and Dick Cheney, Vice president the US. Their negotiations occur precisely in those moments, when company Carlyle is developing new military projects. "Carlyle closely connected with current administration, - says Charles Lewis, Managing Director center public solidarity, in interview The New York Times. - In whereas Bush Jr. works president, Bush H. makes money private way, however under full support of governments." Overall volume of investment in The Carlyle Group on the end of the 2001 averaged 12 billion Dollars, and annual profits on investment reached 34%, that made company the biggest partner with equal individual share the participation in the US. Secret success firms is that the objects its activities are regulated and controlled government companies. Two-thirds of its projects are linked with the development military and telecommunication systems. They, as known, the most sensitive to political processes and'ai changes in size budgetary investment. Carlyle has share of in Internet companies and French newspaper Le Figaro. Moreover, company is official economic adviser governments Saudi Arabia and huge, forked, the rich Saudi clan Bin Laden. Despite ostensibly W did place the gap with enfant alley. family, Osama (however, American intelligence agencies place this fact questioning), clan Bin Laden - and with him and Carlyle - anodyne in fact about investigation circumstances training terrorist attacks September 11, 2001. On this the basis Larry Kleiman, President legal companies Judicial Watch, publicly advised Bush-oldest "immediately withdraw from Carlyle Group", so as "itself the idea, that father President, himself former President, is leading business with company, would activities which focused FBI in ties with terrorist attacks September 11,, is appalling."
Jeb Bush: Partner "shared" and drug dealers
Interests senior brother Bush-younger, state governor Florida John Ellis Bush (Jeb's Bush), are concentrated in Central America. In 1988 Jeb Bush was mention in report a Sub-on international Affairs Senate, which heard the testimony various witnesses in fact on & in the US money Latin American drug. In what context and what precisely knows mentioned Jeb's, until not released to the public. However, as figured out American journalists-the investigating officers, Jeb led close business cooperation with Miguel Rekareem, head of International Medical Association published in July Centers (IMC), enterprise, obedinyavshim several large hospitals. It known, that in the time Jeb handled building business on south Florida. Recarei same, as found a consequence, used to maraud with laundering budgetary funds. Receiving from budget on 30 million Dollars monthly, in period with 1981 to 1987 year administration IMC'll absolve order 1 billion Dollars. Moreover, test activities IMC, carried out in 1986, has proven: Venture had medical services leaders "shared", supporters of Nicaraguas old dictator process he Debayle, large friend Republican administration the US, who was overthrown rastsenok insurgents from "Front liberation behalf of Sandino's" in 1979. Many analysts argue that Jeb Bush was business partner some Jose Basulto, former officer CIA, which founded IMC and, exactly, has unfolded activities on & money. In different times in American media an also information about how, that Jeb Bush was in friendship with Leonelem Martinez, s Miami and one key figures rehabilitate Cubas place narcotics mafias in Florida. According to American intelligence, in period with 1985 and 1986 year Martinez was driven onto in Florida more 1.5 ton cocaine. In 1989 he was arrested under an attempt take along on territory the US 300 kg cocaine.
George W. Bush: From "a bush of a" in presidents
Incumbent US President - the only representative clan Bush, who was involved just in one scandal, yes and the became only stealth his figurantom. Bush Jr. penetrated in business in late 70-'s, establishing company Arbusto Energy (arbusto on-in Spanish means the same, that and bush speak English - "shrub"). In 1979 Houston each family Bush James Bath, the only business representative family brother Osama Bin Laden, ez Salem was reportedly, on territory the US, has invested in Arbusto Energy 50 thousand Dollars in exchange for a five percent share of in revenue streams companies. As known, brother for brother not replies, however after terrorist attacks September 11, 2001 this kind of business ties clearly compromise Bush. In ties with this in September 2001 President made immediately three statements, every of which violate counterbalancing former. In the first oprovergalsya himself fact any ties Bush and ez Salem was reportedly Bin Laden and asserted, that Bath has invested in Arbusto own money. Then Bush insisted, that Bath not had nothing in common with Arbusto and, moreover, Bush his know not knew. Finally, in the third statement Bush acknowledged: Baht had share of in his companies, and he, Bush, was aware of is, that Bath represented interests there are some companies from Saudi Arabia.
Meanwhile contacts Bata not were limited to connections with family Bin Laden. He forged business relations and with administration informs: Known bank BCCI that has funded directly Osama bin Laden. Still in 80s BCCI, spearheaded by Khalid Bin almost, simultaneously as the incumbent a pitched executive director of the National commercial bank Saudi Arabia, accused in fraud: Bank from depositors on 10 billion Dollars. Deal was called the most large fraud in history banking affairs. Meanwhile in 1986 17.6% companies Arbusto, which already named Lewmar Energy Corporation, have gone in property Saudi Sheikh Abdullahs to Taha un-noticed Bakshy, business partner Gate accident Luxe, head of houston bank Main Bank in Arabia. One of the main business partners Abdullahs Bakshy was Khalid Bin Mahfouz (senior brother wife Osama Bin Laden), to which moved affairs away in 1988 ez Salem was reportedly Bin Laden. Thus, since then Bath represented already interests Bin Mafuza. In 1991 the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal suggested, that managers BCCI, uh, bonded with business family Bush only in order, "to to hitch a ride to the presidency son." However all it turned out significantly worse. In 1992 Bath proved figurantom investigations FBI: He Radio Soleil in is, that translate money of Saudi businessmen through, Houston "for influence on foreign policy administrations Reagan and Bush-senior." According to newspapers USA Today and cameramen ABC News, in 1999 power Saudi prevented Bin Mafuzu to hand 3 million Dollars out of the hands in hands very Osama Bin Laden.


5 Zero 9-17 FOIA 12-057/105_zps1b6ab995.jpg.html?sort=3&o=136

nuke Bin Laden
The writing on a hard hat, have docking, which combination radioactive couples

Nuke - blow nuclear weapons. 'm a rescue swimmer decided to, that he already knows whom need bash nuclear weapons) to Him spat, that can perish Afghans, which, nor to pindosam nor to Arabs not have no relations. Him't on these the twists and turns, he requires retribution. And even not knows, as was close on thought, writing this the writing.
nuke- nuclear blow / A for him and ground zero- vertical axis, undergoing point-epicenter atomic explosion.

As Yulia proposed nuclear weapons kill southeast east. :confused:



Dmitry" wrote:

How Yulia proposed nuclear weapons kill southeast east.

And can be want to expand on that?



Alekk wrote:

and can be want to expand on that?

the reference)yes okay you.

(All numerous wearing a wire, which are merged in the Internet on vaudeville winters and Spring 2014, are dozirovannymi vbrosami, specifically, on scenario. If would this was not so, we would have provided all have cellphone interceptors picking negotiations, the same Tymoshenko.
Little moreover, believe that this is not simply vbrosy, and the tableau audio, where real characters played themselves, on concern to written for them scenario).



Who the first called Bin Laden?

Popular view, that the first, after the attacks September 11,, spent as a child investigation and called name of suspect George W. dablyu Bush, but this is not so.

Direct live broadcast FOX News
FOX 9/11 9 :0 2 - 9 :1 2

0 :1 9 - blow Flight 175
1 :0 0 - sounds name of Bin Laden

At the, to establish suspect, cameramen FOX it took 41 second of.

In this moment on phone was Eric Austin City Limits, which moreover, testified that himself sees increasingly their eyes, as plane Kolkevich over 5 th Avenue
PLC. in studio says, that have of Eric many sources in FBI and other institutions.

In 1990 year, 33-'s year-old Eric adopted participation in shootings of a and j movie. Played correspondent. In the frame holds a microphone "11", his colleague holds a microphone "9", together this date terrorist September 11,.



Fox news - foxes news, news foxes or metaphorically "Smart" news, news deception.



Police monitor confirms demise relatives Bin Laden in a plane crash

Police Britain confirmed, that on board private plane, that crashed on south countries, were three an estranged cousin death in 2011 Osama Bin Laden. Most likely, anonymous body bags passengers have become "mother, sister and s son owner air naval ship, all they belong to family Bin Laden."

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Skyfall data agencies, Arab media led names dead. They have become step-mother did bomber Raja Hashim (Rajaa Hashim), his sister San Bin Laden (Sana bin Laden), and also its husband Zukhair Hashim (Zuhair Hashim).
As reported previously, embassy Saudi Arabia accepts participation in investigation collapse plane.

Led and appointed an :D



Whom far led? Catastrophe the and not was no perhaps :crazyfun:



Osama Bin Laden dead

2 stay 2011
President Obama refers to nation, to announce, that the United States killed Osama bin Laden, leader Al Qaeda … laden-dead … po-de.html

the White House decided to issue at least one a picture of an bodies leader Al - Qaeda Osama Bin Laden, which was assassinated in Sunday in the course operations Special the US in Pakistan, reports site "Drudge Reports"

Arabs learned that such Photoshop: … disse.html
Brazilians contracted:

's chief weapons investigator CIA Leon Panetta said in interview NBC Firefox (web browser) News, that take pictures it: An Bin Laden will ultimately published, but the White House immediately same dismissed complaints, that decision already adopted, referring on the, that photo, on which shown damaged part of skull Bin Laden, acts were demonic … d=13516795

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Like reread a more insufferable part of Forum, but so and found answer on its question. Here is demolished these buildings, here is be all of this on Ben Laden, here is killed Ben Laden, and that in end? If this is carefully to have been targeted scenario, then should be some motive. Like would to know, what consequences occurred after this incident and that precisely has changed in life simple an American.

Z. Policies. Not found suitable themes, so that decided to ask here. Xcuse me, if offtop.



#p57534,A wrote:

Sort of reread a more insufferable part of Forum, but so and found answer on its question. Here is demolished these buildings, here is be all of this on Ben Laden, here is killed Ben Laden, and that in end? If this is carefully to have been targeted scenario, then should be some motive.

This was ritual. Motives us not are clear (we same not ritualschiki). Here is here increasingly said I pet goat 11
In matrichnom understanding of - began war against global terrorism, which not there is.

That demolished these buildings, here is be all of this on Ben Laden, here is killed Ben Laden

I so and knew, that you not interested in, far family Americans and were whether they at all
(Massacred the (in the latest data 2801); There are no injuries the 6300)



#p57534,A wrote:

Sort of reread a more insufferable part of Forum, but so and found answer on its question. Here is demolished these buildings, here is be all of this on Ben Laden, here is killed Ben Laden, and that in end? If this is carefully to have been targeted scenario, then should be some motive. Like would to know, what consequences occurred after this incident and that precisely has changed in life simple an American.

Z. Policies. Not found suitable themes, so that decided to ask here. Xcuse me, if offtop.

The prison in Guantanamo camp for faces, the accused authorities the US in various crimes, in particular, in suspects, waging war on the side adversary, on indefinitely -> the US naval base in Gulf Guantanamo (Cuba), in 30 kilometers from same-name cities.
A prison emerged in January 2002, when there were cured of from Afghanistan the first 20 people, the accused in involvement in fighting on the side Islamic extremists Taliban. With 2002 to 2006 through it passed above 750 foreigners, captured American forces in the course operations on territory Afghanistan and Iraq.
Guantanamo also is place conclusions Uighur separatists, which the US refuse cede PRC. … ntion_camp

Center torture (and possibly and center recruitment future terrorists) in Guantanamo on territory Cuba, was open after false-attacks on the World Trade Center in New York September 11, 2001,
And this only a small a fragment of a ?????? in struggle with international terrorism. And in deeds struggle with popular a rebellion against transnational criminal community, grasping power, resources, Information State field on the entire planet.
Motive one to control each step too active representatives human herd. Unlike inert popular masses, these always work on allows tracing and make increasingly proxy, so for hand their, as the thief, likely not balcony.
Enough read what changes in legislation amends after every terrorist, to understand for what all of this is done.
To And demonstrators can MAY SUSPEND a latent slave-auction STROY.
And for a ritual of "spending material" and so lack. "Of hunger" after all increasingly the funer. Only would the most not been touched (psychology prostitutes).



Pictures of the for quite the medically challenged or those who such pretending to be:



Court the US seek help from with Irans $10.5 billion for the attacks September 11,

10 March
Federal Court Southern district New York City in environment seek help from with authorities Irans 7.5 billion in favor of representatives victims terrorist September 11, 2001 and 3 billion - in favor of insurers, writes Bloomberg.

Judge George W. Daniels, knocked over decision, previously ruled, that Iran not was able protect itself from charges in support we to accessory to in organizations terrorist. Sum of justification includes 2 million dollars in favor of representatives each victims and 6,88 million dollars shtrafnykh sanctions.

Laws the US allow bankrupt the damage, using frozen assets terrorists.


19 … n-insurers
Iran Told to Pay $10.5 Billion to Sept. 11 Kin, Insurers

If American Court ruled, means so it and there is.:glasses:
Recall, that in 2001 Iran committed the terrorist attacks September 11,, but so and not took responsibility for them. The US forced to were mistakenly shell Afghanistan, and through 2 year Iraq.



  2010 , 11 , :

. … ies#Israel
(Robin Pomeroy; Ramin Mostafavi (July 8, 2010)."Iran president: Sept. 11 attacks exaggerated  World news  Mideast/N. Africa  Iran". MSNBC. Retrieved2010-08-10.)

5 - "" ,  :

, 2500 , ,


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