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Theme for what not is placed in other themes.
Be careful in choosing themes for his messages
. Other themes:

Space Cosmos
Fires Fires
Killings. The shootings. . The shootings.
Ocean. Sea. Skyfall maritime Affairs.
Breakdown collapse buildings
The bombings Blasts large and small
Aircraft Other flown incidents
Car car
Railway. Subway. Intsidenty on iron road
Climate Climat. Floods, precipitation, hurricanes, dirt, sand

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Aim is a in Germany like yesterday 18 March began to "Museum buildings", rounded up; are burning machines, trumps glass, activists, -By the cops, there is affected and vast.
Here is and derzhitsya-VCRs...... began to gulyat on networks about Blockupy: … ,120118384 … i#!index=1 … 500-ljudi/

And here with clowns symbolically significant as Lies :flag: - … frankfurt/

EZB-Er&#246 ;f fnung in Frankfurt (1): Randale, Chaoten & brennende Autos (European Central Bank, Blockupy) … page#t=131

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And on TV and many resources, even words there is no about this.



Darkeffect777 wrote:

A on TV and many resources, even words there is no about this.

On in Ukrainian-cubicles many showed. I even initially thought on ? in Konstantinovka (disambiguation).



In Sunday, 5 April, in Novosibirsk has passed rally for freedom creativity. Theater connected with aggression with hand Russian authorities and representatives ROC in respect creators of the spectacle "'' Tannhauser ''", which goes in Novosibirsk Scientific Center Opera theater.
Supporters underground meetings
Opponents underground meetings
Again create symbolic rally near monuments, with zombirovannymi slogans, and other bullshit, zombies with both sides not understand, that they only pawns for scenario, already can on scenario until silent cities, jog the environment.



Darkeffect777 wrote:

'' Tannhauser ''

Yesterday drew attention on this, but quite calculated, sho not it is important and not became here flaunt to. Kuraev own rise is oblagorodilthis "'' Tannhauser ''." First thought, sho jog the on "mayndan", but as something it is illogical all of this looks - fluff piece, in short. Although in Ukr. fa-shnye maydantsy, too, started brains more many for freedom creativityand podymali on fight with dictatorial tsunzuroy(the reference somewhere lying around on computer, okay - decisional laziness rummage seek).

Speech Kuraevaon meeting against censorship in Novosibirsk

And still on the eve gears in Novosibirsk Nikolai Valuev and the rest Burma about 1927 (forge the It comes. Want versprechend and filling people patriotizm):

protest "Protect them shrines - 'll save Russia!" - Novosibirsk, 29 March 2015 … page#t=262

On 04.22sound ordinary and lofty speech "ValyuEgo" (nedoslovno), type

let look inostrnnye media as we protect their poskonnye tsennsti.

Ah you understood, in short. :)



Well iiaea and at, odako increasingly same.
In social media appeared immediately several photographs postal skrinok, established in pd'zdakh civilian homes, with unclear black marks - point, slashes, checkboxes.
One of the first by alarm Zenoviy homes Twenty-First to 'the street People militias Oksana Huseva.
- I would and not directed on them attention, - turned she in CP , - if would not one case. T on days in porch, and there unknown girl photographed postal boxes are. Told, that she staffer Welfare and that placemark could put being or're burglars. I felt alarmed. Have us often, despite speakerphone, running rampant. On floors dubious personality: Offer buy residential goods, replace census takers.

Coming down yesterday for fresh the press (which long already have replaced advertising dropped leaflets had), observed two inhabitants Tadjikistan: One of them did kind of, that talked on the telephone, and the second in this time methil Marker our boxes are. Look at me, they quickly completed their attractive opportunity and popped out from Owl.Link

In string skrinok meet boxes are, marked in atop right coal. This placemark rascals out about living potential victims. This pigs pensioners, sotsneblagopoluchnye, prescription alone, and so on. I look at all apartment, live in House long, all know - all placemark absolutely coincide on our home / work address given. In other pd'zdakh the same history.

Half of commentators wrote, that have them in pd'zdakh postal boxes are already permitted, and one person told about a missing neighbor-pensionerke. Woman vanished a few days ago. Its Pandora proved marked absent.


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Bystanders iegovy diffusing its propaganda, one way. And "girl from Welfare", fotografiruyuschaya such mark, more resembles on responsible Comrade made there same, fiksiruyuschego a literary reach))



Today the main page Wikipedialiterally Bazaar "war", "insurrections" and "the assassination attempts" with "killings."
In a daunting day died Oles, ??? ?? ? ? how many just began 16 April in different years, and "good piece article" (note, that this name directly contrary events from of Kyiv) pro uprising the ninja with somehow until pain familiar it.

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swed.loki wrote:

pro uprising the ninja with somehow until pain familiar it.

Ah accented same signs. I participated in the war. Reincarnation of souls fact.




There are a sense of visceral sparring matches atmosphere-crusade trades abroad roasting. launch BAKa recently, this already 100% a from falling. Up-this weapons

This already 100% a from falling in hoisted savior of from of this kind sneaking suspicion Levashova. :jumping:



- Ca-caw,
Vapscheta, not the young boys, and winos do best other hammer we got lying in Oximetholone pills after znachitelnava 12 aprelskava popoischa in honor days kasmanavtiki. The grasses near Chavez hot dry and under sphere of a? On it she forge the It comes. Flammable. And with puny nekontoliruemogo flash-point arises in end the pazharische that us show on duroskopu (schyuchyu kaneshna).
Yes, and here is there is more-less sensible version of-launch BAKa
Emitted with remote on Chewbacca 30%.
Not put pro this Obama has or Hosni Barack,
After all they stavleniki his -
Moreover the most alpha-vurdalaka.
About this on the street me nabrekhala get,
Or the she I got buzzed from Spring as trash ass ?!?
Here is such I scribbler (schyuchyu, kaneshshn, pardon escaped).



Not ventures open a new subject.
Met article through "litsokniga", citizen Khodorkovsky - The bottom Victory, is called.
Read. Immediately repaired - "War - this hypnotic outcome development economic system, that Vladimir Putin built recent 10 years." Immediately loaded, immediately. … dno-pobedi
Exile forgot.

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Dont ventures open a new subject.
Met article through "litsokniga", citizen Khodorkovsky - The bottom Victory, is called.
Read. Immediately repaired - "War - this hypnotic outcome development economic system, that Vladimir Putin built recent 10 years." Immediately loaded, immediately. dno-pobedi
Exile forgot.

Edited Barmaley (Today 17 :26: 16)

What even war?



What. Military war.
Article read.




What. Military war.
Article read.

There registering the, copy here.



Article published in # 3,780 from 27.02.2015 under headline: Russia and Ukraine: Bottom victory
Hypnotic outcome development economic system Putins
Founder movement Open Russia Mikhail Khodorkovsky about the war as an attempt justify public-as well as monopoly capitalism

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

And Putin, and Brezhnev. Began to war on 15 th year rule

War - this hypnotic outcome development economic system, that Vladimir Putin built recent 10 years.
Couple of months ago my driver Uber in Prague proved is with Ukraine. He learned me, and we are grateful. Driver profoundly sad watched on me in a mirror rear species and asked: Why Russia wlfe's on Ukraine? I have family in Luhansk, I until not can their take out, but with each time, come there all frequency. The USSR has intruded in Afghanistan, there until now there is no world. In Chechnya traits knows that. Want, to the same was in Donbas?
I not there is at least, that to answer, because well remember, as in 1979 Old marazmatiki from the Kremlin decided get 16-defective soyuznuyu republic. The USSR on the very moment was largest country world. Instead of explore huge territory, leaders state decided take another slice of land, for that and have paid the. The country was Ssssucked in in multi-year military conflict, which irrevocably changed not only fate many my counterparts, but and entire region. Search in networks photos Kabul 1975 And todays. Witness, to what leads invasion, radicalization local insurgents and as hard of pouring conflagration war, which can fester decades.
Fifteen years - this, apparently, magic term. When people sit in power so much time, when destroyed all retard forces within countries, they are beginning move all borders - borders common sense and borders neighboring states.
Invasion in Afghanistan began on 15 th year rule Brezhnev era. Crimea and Donbas happened on 15 th year rule Putins. Brezhnev long died, the USSR ceased their existence, all 15 republics have become individual states, but peaceful life in Afghanistan until now there is no. BBC absolves the film, in which the Afghan a boy tells, that each time, moving in school, he says goodbye with mom and brothers, if forever. In his house can jumping rocket, someone from his relatives in any moment can become victim of bomber's own car. Not want in this to believe, but there is high the likelihood, that such a fate expects and east Ukraine.
Clausewitz had spoke, that the war - this continuation of policy. Later age his compatriot, chief Reykhsvera in the years First global Hans von Sekt, adjusted the his, saying, that the war - this defeat policy. Ardent supporters Russian power will say, that the war in Donbas - bad decision, but another exit not was. Raise an objection. War - this at all not decision. This even not impasse. War - this portal in hell. From which still long will crawl problems - financial, ethnic, political, territorial. That would nor was have in mind people, who organized this portal, the outcome will be a disastrous even for them.
Have pre-war Donbas was many problems. High level of wealth most unequal, downwind Middle Ages , high those criminalizing, the lack of the developed higher education, which could serve social a lift between HC Donbass Donetsk managers and HC Donbass Donetsk miners,. Can be whether say, that the war decided modicum one of them? There is no. Because initially could not.
Official the reason any invasion always sounds extremely nobly. On Ukraine volunteers and those who they pretends, defend Russians. The absurd thought, when speech goes about region with such ethnic and language structure, as Donbas. If you have-third population wants in Russia ,-third - on Ukraine, and-third wants autonomy in the composition of the Ukraine, but under this territorially all are intermixed between themselves (even within families) and distributed across the region, where conduct line? Yes still and so, to more no one not wanted to its reconsider? If in the region two-thirds of Russian-speaking, but under this two-thirds of ethnic Ukrainians, where pursue a new border between Russia and Ukraine? This means, that military decisions there is no. And that violence will continue. And those who initiated his, forgotten, that all inhabitants Donbas regardless of their ethnic and language belonging - living people, which not want to leave their homes.
If war not decides, and only exacerbates the problems region, then whom she need a? The result what is? The answer quite is simple. War - this outcome development economic system, that crafted Vladimir Putin.
Been speaking, he did three things: Was increasing the role state, enforced monopolizatsiyu and democratic leverage governance in the hands of narrow circle friends and colleagues. Built the very public-as well as monopoly (theories of the New Imperialism) capitalism (Metallurgists), about which wrote Lenin in 1916 Propulsion
Under the cover of patriotism and conservation territorial integrity countries Putin imposed country terribly inefficient system governance. All big putinskie developments turned out zaryvaniem in land huge financial and human potential. The cost of map for one car on the bridge on island Angliyskiy, regime built to summit APEC 2012, exceeds, by my estimates, $500. Even worse with trains Swallow in Sochi: On road tolls every passenger state until closing this route wasted about $1,000. Someone, of course, on this earned, but this money not turn the invested, and reclaim. Losses increased from Olympics can draft, on his assessing, 175 billion Br, and this only upper part of of the iceberg bad credit flight development. All countries - exporters oil create funds, in which accumulate super-profits from sales resources, and Russia manages spend this Fund not on future generations, but on aid state oil company.
Shop management inefficiencies this system can be to describe endlessly. But the main question - and there is whether in it at all sense?
Its peak Metallurgists reached in so-called corporate states - fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. During World elements Metallurgists were imbedding and in economies countries-allies, but after the war most of them were wound down over time.
Chief among these challenges role state in the economy justified only in one case - when state becomes guarantor of survival their citizens, in including those same capitalists and workers. However is true and the opposite. If you any pricere trying preserve gosmonopolisticheskiy capitalism, which in normal times boomerang unspeakable managerial mistakes, then sooner or later you will have initiate the only situation, in which he acquitted. You will have to start war.
However the fact, that the war is capable on short term justify existence such system governance, not means, that itself she not is giant managerial a mistake, on backdrop of which pales Olympiada in Sochi and all pipelines, built structures Arcadia $, combined.
The price Crimea and Donbas enormous: Thousands of human lives,, participated in devaluation ruble, sanctions, damage from which, even on assessing Ministry of Finance, exceeded $200 billion In reality the damage more. Almost all Russian companies cut off from global markets capital. Country received the garbage rating. Banks around the world refuse to lend companies, belonging not only citizens Russia, but and people Russian origin. Russia and Ukraine, perhaps, on decades have become enemies. Our country proved in cultural and technological isolation, which will only accelerate further degradation all economic and social systems.
To avoid such catastrophes in the future, Russia need to as can be faster to change system governance. Move from state of monopolistic capitalism to open competition in the economy and politics. Today in our country and beyond enough smart people, which know, how does democracy and market. And transition to an open and units society should pass much lightly, than in 1990 most know Moreover, society is ripe for to this transition even a few years ago, and only artificially - expense of Criminal prosecution opponents, ridiculous laws parliament and unleashing war - his deter from this historic transition. But transition inevitably will happen. In historical term quite soon - in for 10 years.
The author - founder movement Open Russia



There is no, there registration.
However, here is, thank you Bukhtiyar J.



In plant on the street Ovrazhnoy (district Redakovo) in a ditch under fenced one of civilian homes already second clock lies corpse men. As poyasnyayut local people, they discovered body yesterday early on the morning and summoned together and police.
Doctors have witnessed fact death, policemen year those who made primitive example. Then all left, it explained, that soon arrives a special ops team and will claim corpse.
Has passed day, then night, and on the morning, emerge on streets, people saw, that body dead still lies in chatting water a ditch. By those who knew dead heard a, that his a Pyotr. Few years ago his house was incinerated by, and the last time haven men was a flophouse on dose.
Peter worked on hiring: Performing functions the porter, like a stevedore and a handyman, but on native streets regularly came, to feed the their dogs.
Neighbors say, that he was that is peaceful and nekonfliktnyy people. Was drinking, but not zapivalsya.
The last time alive his saw for one day before detection corpse. Reasons demise men are priced.



There have them … z3YnGSvJOX protection from rerayta, the text not is copied :angry:
From Egyptian newspapers the reference the Long

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