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tort5 wrote:

protection from rerayta


" "

If you want to accept participation in the diversion and the publication in this blog, send mehjl on address:
The search for in Translyariume
Putin invites Abbas on celebration victory Russia over Palestinian Nazi heroes

Sunday, 26 April 2015

From Egyptian newspapers Jazeera Mesryoon:
Ambassador Palestine in Russia, it's us Mustafa, reports that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas received invitation from its Russian colleagues Vladimir Putins on participation in next month in festive 1,000th meeting 60th anniversary of the victory Russia over Nazis.

Mustafa declared official radio Voice of Palestine , that" President Abbas received invitation from Putins to participate in festive 1,000th meeting 60th anniversary of the victory over fascists in next month ", and added, that this fact reflects depth Russian-Palestinian relations.

Forth he declared, that "in this event will accept participation roughly 30 leaders countries world, and Palestinian President will have opportunity to imagine deal Palestinian people before international community and emphasize, that big victory over Nazism was not enough, to to establish Palestinian state under colonialism."

Russia and a series of former Soviet republics are celebrating victory conventional ninth on May of each year, in anniversary of capitulation Nazi Germany in World War II.

Political ancestors Abbas were all googoo-supporters Nazi Germany and Holocaust.

Abbas publicly complimented notorious known Great camel piss Jerusalem the Haj. Amin Husseinis powerful, which cooperated with Nazis for unichtozheniie all Jews in Europe and the Arab world.
Needs also recall known [ ]chief Palestinian people, the Chief camel piss Palestine -Khadzhu Mohammed Amin al-Husseinis powerful, who favored and sponsored an Palestinian fight and displacement (departure), and who himself died far from his homes.
Abbas called Husseinis powerful "a martyr."

Even in our days Arab media justify role Husseinis powerful in Shoah.

This invitation shows remarkable historical cynicism and looping of of truth as Putin, so and Abbas.
Read more: + Elena Lyubchenko



up H. received the seventh heart of
Operation on transplant hearts has passed in the farmstead billionaire

Operation on transplant hearts the highly sophisticated clarity enhancement process; not everyone, who managed to get the donor body, manages successfully shifting operation and then safely adopt a new part of organism. But David Rokfkelleru this managed here is already in sixth times reports Newspaper. Ru with refers on World News Daily Reports. Obviously, that the first problem (obtain body) before him not teetered.

David up on this moment the most famous representative one of senior families the US. Although in the updated global the list Forbes he ranks just 603 shape of, in it he achieved another space endurance record up H. rightly is considered the oldest from richest.

On this moment American 99 years, that itself is complicating factor under any kind of operations. Nevertheless, surgeons, in for 6 hours the operation may hearts in New York room image Eban projected Rockefellers, brilliantly unwound with task.

Of course, billionaire investment this not be the first time: His the first such operation dates from 1976 year (after car). Those greater success doctors. Himself he, that naturally,, too, extremely positively assesses their labor: Whenever as I get new heart of, as if breath life like, sweep through my body. I feel weapon energy and life. Judging by the, that press conference took place through 36 hours after complete the transplantation, this indeed so. To word, one of journalists asked well the logical question: As same this perhaps, to live for so long? On that known philanthropist responded: People often ask me this question, and I always 7.10 one thing and, too,: love to life(joke scum :mad:). To live simple lives, play with children, enjoy things, which you have, pursue time with good, faithful friends I earned much money in his life, but greater their part of I authorized. There is no sense receive, if you not can to share.

Up endured his kangaroo operation on transplant hearts in sixth times: Billionaire wants live still a hundred years, until 200 years.

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Darkeffect777 wrote:

up H. received the seventh heart of

Cheap invites matrix the text.
Expectancy life afters hearts 10 years.
There are single cases life to 20 years.
Afters hearts the remaining life goes on hard fight with complications.
She substantially different from full-fledged active life. Afters hearts directly after translation from of flap and entire refrigerate life patient forced abide by procedures immunosupressivnoy therapy.

Layfnyus reported about the patient with twice transplanted the heart, but this Layfnyus.

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the city dweller
But this have ordinary people, other on him, where we know, than their infusing and that have them within.



This breed, unlike "ordinary people", in much greater extent is vulnerable.

Now the entire media-hell is that in all matrices this buynyu humpin '-  &lr=213

But think, 'll be a joke people. Something quite that are patently inadequate at.

Okak! Even P.Gudauskas utkorassadnik "CP" from obsmeyaniya divested himself: Gazetnaya duck about sixth the new heart of David Rockefeller already three the Internet

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the MINEX, 11 on May RIA News.Zhitelnitsa Moscow, suffering a for cancer underlying illness, emerged with a in Sunday in the center of the capital, told RIA News source of in emergency services cities.
"Woman was about 70 years, she suffered the one who helps cancer underlying illness and yesterday emerged with a by hanging,", told he.
In metropolitan area the main office are MVD confirmed information about detecting bodies women in apartment on Tverskaya the street.
"Body was detected in fact related to. Law-enforcement authorities on this moment in this death criminal component of not usually placed. Is conducted test, reason death we not commenting ", told representative departments.
Skyfall data series of media, with starters February in Moscow occurred more ten suicides for. In a series of cases cause of suicide rate have become long acquainted with extreme pain, which patients could not instruction from-for problems with fees generated by new narcotic painkillers.Similar cases were and in 2014. The problem caused a wide resonance and discussed on at of government.



Death woodpeckers


at the footage of of course


28 … ami-video/

In Tumen rally for federalization dispersed an machine (video)
As has clarified its proposal for Russian a Jew , on rezonansnom video, which now is spreading in networks Youtube, are portrayed massive exercises VV on expulsion un-commissioned rallies. In exercises otrabatyvalas in including and shootings gunned ad hoc live rounds, and also spetsialbnye noise system, on expulsion crowds..

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Russia wants to create from Texas popular republic … 4021.shtml

Chechnya threatened the US start supplies weapons Mexico … 9117.shtml

Can part in dubbed need to :dontknow:



Aligator1, apparently scenario "accidentally" leaked the, but we same know, that all chance not accident :crazyfun: But news until tears finance--pushed, akhakhakha :rofl: :D



Aligator1 wrote:

Russia wants to create from Texas popular republic 4021.shtml

Separatism, unrest, infamy-butchery in states - this part of initial "general arrangement design." He have them also hopelessly up to his ball sack. Not all mediyschikam-carried adjustment, so now there is no-there is no yes the 1949 in media Kaliforniya, Alaska,, the language "wished to join Russia."

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the city dweller

He have them also hopelessly up to his ball sack

Of course up to his ball sack, that Crimea, as part of Russia was depicts even in 95 year, and the same 9 / 11 and events on Ukraine slightly whether not in 50th s. And have you. Increasingly's stuck. Have them only was Alaska and Texas, not need to exaggerated.

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27.06.2015, 17 :2 6 In Moscow in accident died son ex-governor Irkutsk area

In Moscow in traffic accident died son former governor Irkutsk area Igor Esipovskogo, told heartfelt in Saturday source of in law enforcement agencies.

According to the source, Igor Esipovskiy Jr. drove on sporting event these Porsche with significant excessive use speed. Not he later with governance, he he crashed in a lamp pole. From strike machine tear in half. Incident occurred in 7 :2 0 minutes Moscow Time Saturday. Died driver and the passenger.
Himself ex-governor Esipovskiy diedunder the crash helicopter in 2009.



fire wrote:

Sam ex-governor Esipovskiy died under the crash helicopter in 2009.

In "altaygeyte", in compilation a similar vertoletchinymentioned Esipovskogo in a range of other the decomposed guberov. Goober ostensibly flew illegally to hunt on bears, helicopter Bell-407 ostensibly s goalkeeper touched mechanically chassis for tree, banked, from him experienced people, which on the summer of izrubilo in the pieces, fell and was incinerated by.

all and more than strange death Irkutsk governor Esipovskogo ostensibly on hunting, with three of you... people (the first messages were - from 5 until 7 man), literally blast into NAShINKOVANNYMI ON by the've allegedly AGAlN screws, ostensibly 10.05.2009. Machine and victims burned to the ground. In poluminutnom "videootchete with seats catastrophe" from Ministry of Emergency Situations nor one frame not confirms precisely catastrophe - there only women were over the wreckage with regards, but on rare photo in sight, that wood have burned only on small that tiny place. By the time, when helicopter and "cargo" go down the toilet until the ashes, wood should was in flames...... on hundreds of meters around - Yakovlevich Bereznyak even wet is ablaze, and this at all dry. Rescuers ostensibly found helicopter clock later. That, the fire, steel box alighted? Or those who here were rocking parts of machines and the bodies, Folders was attract no one else's attention vast forest worked?

Now this video being expunged.

Not was destroyed by fire part of tail with aboard number as always. Else - to the ground.

According to irkutskikh bloggers, in Irkytsk Forum of devotion other photo with "seats collapse", but were form.

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Ryan UA: Daughter searching, Houston died in the US on 23 year life

nu daughter famous American behest of the searching, Houston a gentleman called Bobby Cristina Brown died in Sunday in hospital state Georgia on 23 year life.
22-year-old Brown has been in a coma since the late January current year: 31 January its civilian husband Nick Gordon found its in a bath in House in Roswell spaceship, state Georgia
Singer searching, Houston died in hotels issue hotel in Beverly Hills 11 February 2012. Her body also was detected in a bath with water.

Two virtually same assessment reasons death family, Houston.
Searching, Houston. 09/08/1963 - 11/02/2012. 48 years
A gentleman called Bobby Cristina Brown. 04/03/1993 - 26/07/2015. 22 year.
31 / 01 / 2015 froze, and we in whom, on anniversary of death mothers doctors wanted turn off Cristina from devices life support (through 11 days, not sooner whether, but not have made this, in thereafter later gender year she so and not withdrew from coma.



Krasnodar the brink, 4 August - A-South.
Pointing disconnection electricity happened in Krasnodar from-for heat, reports Mailbox.

News on topic
On Kuban came fever, widened risk of fires
In past weekend and on the morning Monday, 3 August, the situation with energy supply and Prikubansky district remained charged. For different reasons and in different times occurred emergency cut-off on box streets: Agrokhimicheskaya, Cherkassy,, the East Kruglikovskaya, 1 May and other , informed specialists Department urban farming and fuel and energy complex.
With 05.50 hours morning Monday one thing for other occurred cut-off from-for remontno-restitution works on distributing system substations # 35 in district the streets 1 May. According to urban United rescue dispatching services, brigades specialists elektromerezh Prikubansky district so that, and later produced replacement issued from by building equipment substations. To 14.00 electric power lodged consumers in full.
Moreover, 2 August from-for a strong heat and overstrain established capacity withdrew from the by building 4 the cable lines 10 kV from substations Northeast.
With 17.00 without electricity remained inhabitants streets Agrokhimicheskoy, 1 May, the East Kruglikovskoy, Cherkasy. For eliminate accidents were are engaged 4 recreation brigades, excavator, Jesolo excavator, elektrolaboratoriya. On least eliminate damage Elektropostachannya consumers restart into the. Electric power was lodged consumers to 5 morning 3 August, commemorated in press service administration cities. … troenergii
Today, 09 :5 3
Inhabitants Krasnodar banned the streets in protest against blackouts electricity … ergii.html

Ostokhreneli "strains will" elsetey. Summer fever-air-conditioners prevent, winter the coldness-furnaces. To what zatvArennye?

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In Moscow a gang of Orcswith machetes curtailed Voronezh employee Ministry of Emergency Situations hand and pace

In night on 2 August in Moscow in district Sadovoye Koltso unknown a gang of armed machetes and 5 raid on contractor Ministry of Emergency Situations. Young man miracle remained in survivors, but forfeited hands and its feet.
As reports publication Notepad , 23-year-old voronezhets Yevgeny Nikulin was on the street not one, and together with company friends. Bandits with cold weapons attacked apples, four of them managed run, and here is the top was lucky much less. Young man recently have made operation on become, so to flee he could not.
First attacker thrashed voronezhtsa, and then in move went the axe and sword. They have dealt one blow and cut off employee, uh, disastrous FEMA pace, and then hand. On this Female not ended, a gang of tried to cut off and second pace, but do this they failed to. Then butchers leave scattered all limbs on the district and forcibly sterilized. In this time on place reports have returned friends Yevhen and discovered his istekavshego in blood. Voronezhtsa delivered in hospital, where doctors have been able quick a severed pace, and here is hand discovered too late.
Yevgeny Nikulin Sergeant Ministry of Emergency Situations on Voronezh area. In Moscow young man arrived in Visitors to friend. … -so-613650

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And why not amused such a after ezheminutnogo pressinga on all TV and radio channels pro the Bottom Novgorod.

casualtys in Solntsevo District, Moscow contractor Ministry of Emergency Situations Kim will be discharged through 10 days
Contractor Ministry of Emergency Situations, casualtys from attacks in Solntsevo District, Moscow, Kim will be discharged through 10 days, told the in 17 th urban hospital. That Squad from Voronezh the top Nikulin criminals cut off hand and pace with an axe and machetes.
In disposal station's "Moscow 24" it turned out exclusive video with established in a residential House on the street Bogdanov cameras surveillance. She out armed machetes and with an axe men. Believe, that precisely they jumped on company, in which was staffer flight, uh, disastrous FEMA and his comrades.

". The whether knife, then whether with an axe, this remains to be seen the investigators. "The whether machetes
". In a result cut off brush and foot. "

Friend chetvertovannogo contractor Ministry of Emergency Situations told, that happened in Sadovoye Koltso … 5-lfmb.htm

Where is pyramid Adidas there always news on blood!



18 :2 7 07.08.2015 (added: 19 :2 5 07.08.2015) foreign ministry: Doubting person was taken aback in hostage in Mali under attack on unerringly
Together with international partners Kiev power STAR urgent steps to liberation citizen Ukraine, reported press secretary foreign ministry Ukraine Mariana Betz's.

Kyiv, 7 12 Jul RIA News. The ministry Foreign Ukraine reports about committing armed attacks on unerringly in Mali, among hostages there is doubting person, reported press secretary foreign ministry Ukraine Mariana Betz's in his Twitter.
RIA News … z3iAL8zQYD

21 :3 7, 7 August 2015.
Staff Russian companies "UTair Aviation" among hostages in a hotel in Mali there is no. About this told RIA "News" source of, familiar with situation. Previously reported, that in taken by militants hotel in Mali may lie Russian you. Obscure today attacked unerringly in city of Sevar of Bulgaria in central parts of Mali. In the latest data, victims of attacks have become five man, two terrorists eradicated. His attacker managed to seize hostages. Also media told the about abduction three Russian pilotsunder attack on unerringly, however in Embassy this information have disproved, is handing radio ", Vesti FM."

22 :2 9, 7 August 2015. Among the hostages in taken by militants hotel in Mali proved Russian you
Among hostages, which militants deter in hotel Byblos in maliyskom city of Sevare, there is one Russian you. About this TASS told representative embassy Russia in Bamako. According to diplomat, them proved staffer airlines UTair Aviation.

According to Reuters, militants deter not less ten people. Aside from Eurasian in the mercy proved one citizen Ukraine, reported representative foreign ministry this countries Mariana Betz's in his Intracom in Twitter. On information RIA News, film, managed escape from hotel.

In the Armed forces Mali commemorated, that operation on liberation hostages continues.

Attack on unerringly Byblos happened in Friday, 7 August. As reports Associated Press, victims of militants have become five man, three invaders were eradicated. In this a hotel stop collaborators mission UN on stabilization in Mali (MINUSMA).

Shadow over cartoon.



In the west capital shuttles buses raked from traumatic weapons
In the Western administrative district Moscow obscure raked shuttles buses. About this reports agency Moscow.
At str. Fan,. 2, on the ultimate stopping public transportation obscure raked shuttles buses from traumatic weapons , told s source of in law enforcement organs.
On place profits collaborators law enforcement agencies. They they unearth circumstances overthrew the.
Previously in Moscow two young people, which were subsequently detained, raked halt public transportation from traumatic pistol.
Dmitri Rogozin, Vice prime Russia, proposed to ban travmatiku, laying the threat when applying.

Escalated dramatically, to to ban?


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