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The that I heard reminded me operations have in London.

Said that terrorists came in form military, all shooting (Although is claimed, that organization kills all except children type.

That you think on this about?

Not see sense in this. But this until that. Can be indiyu for)

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Ah so the end of the year, it is time questioning new views, and the people bored will.



Here is another video from RT

Here we see again same assessment sun with limiting brightness, demonstration technology and people, which at all why something not have no of emotions, and although must, like, as terrorist attack, 500 hostages, compare kind of Special and a state of in the same Beslan.

What month, soot there trousers paint, need same to portray tragedy, but only so tickets service, that even child not come and better will play:angry:
Hmm. Familiar German, Syria, New Russia (region) and camping on D. One same kantora increasingly makes.

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That interestingly, in video nowhere this school not show, everywhere show a roadblock with military, trucks with the military. On video BBC saw, that showed board with the banner schools (the fragment in videoryade without restricted showing people). Now this video not can find.

Already typically recognized up the store up. And where same sudmedkspertiza?

Number of dead still day are espoused by seasoned. And pro completing sting operation wrote only on the evening.

For 2 days is already the third news in SMDI with an emphasis on "Islamists." Except Sydney-based Muslim cleric and Peshawar, was news pro Dresden. "In Dresden over protests against widespread Islamists in Germany"

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Media grant prevents-different figures victims. Under an attempt-it turned out such:
Moved on Eliohospital Lady Reading:
If Elio shows me local\ Kiev time 4 :3 0. The in - Peshawar 7 :3 0:
And if local\ peshavarskoe, then and all the :question:

T. E. To Towards have them there are already ready to lists some number of dead (26) and Wounded. Interestingly. :huh: What here not so? :smoke:
Perhaps, so sooner in school should not be 500 people. :huh:
If this time after noon, then all the more in-primary to number of victims, of the identified, works, decorated documented

Hmm. And can the rest victims originated in a result montage POMESchENIY?

Incidentally, global SOOBSchESTVO not shared:
But, perhaps, condemns at all and NOT STATED.

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Already consequences known. Canceled moratorium on the death penalty.
As and September 11, - no one says against. (This like in UN blames, not?)

In principle perhaps this will allow president destroy all mainstreams.

Skloubeni further development events)



Tragedy in Pakistan: Militants opened on children on heavy the fire.
Attack was carefully designed and occurred on the morning, in the height of the much days. In school in this moment are until 500 children and faculty. Suddenly there RATTLE the bombings. Then in the building higher six Pakistani troops on fact this disguised the Taliban with belts suicide bombings. Militants open on people shooting of.

For four hours sting operation in school newscaster over TV: In a common complexity 15 bombings. From buildings remained alone flattened. "We came running out from class. I saw militants. Their was man 6-7, tells Mudassir Avan. They beaten children and blasted away on him. "

Something nor on one video, not heard nor only bombings, but even and nor one shot being fired.
Shootings in - Peshawar always moments one in one with supervising in Nairobi (Kenya). Was photographing one and the same Dir.

"I was in the corridorschools. First saw military, then heard shooting of, tells one of affected Atula Khan. I got hurt, many killed. "

Teenage says pro boyfriend) 0 :5 5 -
. What bad wystawienniczym) Even not understanding Urdu, in sight, that wystawienniczym nabaltyvayut on cameras zagotovlennyy the text.

Khans Atul said that he first heard shooting of, then seceded from corridor saw military, and only after this bullet hurt his in head on knockout. (Testimony contradicts depositions before Atully Khan. Note drafts)

Scheme installation zashtampovannaya, primitive, zaezzhannaya. Lzhesvideteli, they same wystawienniczym local mug the artistic amateur, go to community collection journalistic herd with microphones and stay there overnight zagotovlennyy the text.
Article written in-style "Bombardirovka brain"

"I was in the corridor schools. First saw military, then heard shooting of, tells one of affected Atula Khan. I got hurt, many killed. "

"Wu us was exam on chemistry, I made task and sat in lab, says man Amir Matin. violations began shootings. On my the eyes of militants killed two years child, which came with someone from pupils. "

"When began shootings, teacher said us to lay low, recalled an eyewitness to events Abdullah. When we has been going on corridor, I saw tens of tel our comrades."

"This is my children, my personal and national tragedy, says Prime Minister Pakistans Nawaz Sharif. We will fight, until country not's clear, from terrorism."

Increasingly spectacle. :glasses:
Suppose in Beslan, was quite not so, although would emotions were true.

And of course most important: Deal the your 3x07
Terrorists has been infected blood remaining in survivors, so need transfusions



Georgy Lebedev regained chronology events

Quality Taliban on motorcycles with automatic weapons and belts suicide bombings.
Bunch of shootin 'teachers, killed children, earned you Taliban image.
On bloodlust, the the Taliban switched Russians and the Communists.
Executive Pakistans operationally understood that happened, polled braves, adopted decision about were. All of this they pulled off so quickly, that journalists not typically recognized include cameras.
15 bombings, form of military, couple hours and increasingly malaise. The entire Mir cheers on professionalism and besstrashiyu Pakistani ii?iaoia.
150 man killed of them 134 schoolchild, names which Righteous school.

Where huge the number of killed children? - there is no
Where a giant the number of Wounded? - there is no
Where or those the Taliban? - there is no
Where video proofing, bombings and Putin's ideology? - there is no
School where at all? - there is no



Council UN threatened sanctions those who supports militants, attackers on school in Pakistan

"Members Security Council reminded, that" the Tehrik-and-Taliban Pakistan "Registre in list groups, associated with" Al Qaeda ", in respect which act measures to freeze out assets and it's gun embargo, and also warned, that any faces and organizations, provide financial and material aid a wing, in including same it weapons or that the recruitment of militants, can be included in sanktsionnyy list", - states in statement.

carry in list groups "How something associated with Al Qaeda"

're supporting detoubiyts? - get sanctions.
Received sanctions? - shame on you moreover that you Russian.
Khlubokaya logic vistavi:D :D :D



- Why school destroyed?
- Because one of militants undermined themselves.
Russia-24 mixed up the movies and reality :hobo: :hobo: :hobo:



Chechens? :confused:

Terakt in - Peshawar (Pakistan) Terakt in Nairobi (Kenya)
Are looking not mix up


, Donetsk





Peshawar - Nairobi



They even not can figure out as object call. First was simply school, then military College (wrote, that have seized 500 O.B.Bershtein), then school for children troops.



When Tuesday in Pakistani - Peshawar not less six armed militants attacked school for children troops. In building were about 500 students and faculty. Responsibility for terrorist attack ???? ?????????? ?? on themselves movement the Tehrik-and-Taliban Pakistan .
Euronews in direct live

Darling transfer of.
Tell us please for more about this, as precisely Taliban managed "to take responsibility"?
How religious people swinging that, when processing their brothers on faith, that murder of children approved Koran in?


They even not can figure out as object call. First was simply school, then military College (wrote, that have seized 500 O.B.Bershtein), then school for children troops.

A gave
34 0′ 49″ N, 71 32′ 10″ E




Photo from my fake Facebook account, from groups Addis ABABA At Peshavaru. … tos_stream

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Operation on obliteration of militants it turns out lasted for) 8 hours. For this time nor one video camera not was able fix nor one even cranes understanding sound shot being fired or explosion.

On Wikipedia, the entire setting lasted for 9 hours - with 10 :5 0 until 19 :5 6 (19 :5 6 - the accuracy of a worthy kings).

Somehow OTHERWISE USE the Taliban took on themselves responsibility?
Wikipedia refers on Interfax, Interfax refers on Air Force, Air Force refers only on their judgments come from. Of course no proof there is no, but this not prevents all global media to declare, that responsibility took on themselves precisely the Taliban. Although would what any razmagnichennuyu crush to gain-Bin Laden have shown, so there is no same. :no:

As the Taliban basis for negotiation themselves responsibility? You will reveal seen by

"The story Pakistans has undressed on TO and After 2014. And this is sustainable "D. A. Medvedev




Photo from my fake Facebook account, from groups Addis ABABA At Peshavaru.


Until these clowns the hole in walls pecked, absolute man could or escape from schools, or care a terrorists activities.Their for influence of cricket.

19 December 2014 became known, that representatives Pakistani prisons, where contain indicted in organizations attacks on school in - Peshawar, is fought preparation for be hanged militants next week.

Air Force Pakistans have dealt airstrikes on militants movement the Tehrik-and-the Taliban Pakistan in response to attack Islamists on school in - Peshawar. In the course this operations was killed as least 59 militantsmovement the Taliban.

Air Force Pakistans have on weapons Mirages and F-16 with built-counters killed Taliban :glasses:

Mrazotsekh again slipped up or again showed us this willfully.

Boxer Amir Khan ''Pakistan's pupils must stay strong''
Video: A
Pakistanis have built Wall chief with: And bukletikami, where constantly appear one known photograph from America.

American a boy Noah Pozner, the murdered in Newtown state new HAVEN, 14 December 2012year,
even times assassinatedin - Peshawar 16 December 2014year … dy-1494567 … n-newtown/

Our 14 December 2012year 20-year-old Adam Peter Lenza shot homes its mother, then arrived in school, where killed 20 children Pamir and full age, six adults and injured two, after what took his own life suicide.
and through two years:

wikipedia (Noah Pozner), 6 yearsin official the list.

On media-plakatikakh together with Pozner-Khuzaifa the woman who was killed girl (daughter actor Mironova), that Obama hosted in the White House after its death

That Newtown, that Peshawar, increasingly on a new circle. And there school and here school, and there the actors in media and here the actors in media



Video and photo from groups "Peshawar Attacks organs is Black Day"

14 photo … 7215992554 (11s photo-two clown with automatic weapons)

5 photo … 2636050012

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Think, Orcs frolicked ". Scum, admits "props" lzheteraktov, lzhevoyn and lzhekrusheniy.
Delivered several "terrorists" and "killed terrorists children." Perhaps, part of killed there same, but until such photo there is no. Show their interest as "terrorist attack."
State podygralo.
In this street corner long works the conveyor on write killed on "the attacks." Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan.
The first "the attacks" in Iraq, immediately after "war" at all were the madmen - the bombings, tens of killed, units of Wounded. That understandable: "Injured" need to show, he with journalists communicates, interview gives. On assembly-line work artists master your so same, as corpses, problematic.

"Terrorists" - such same, as "militias" and "militants" under Bylbasovkoy, "zastrelennye injured people militias in KAMAZ Naberezhnye Chelny" in "battle for Donetsk airport", and camping on D., and camping on D.

Traces beatings very longstanding. Heads butchered after death. Dressed in "terrorists" before vykladkoy.

nerve not open, are looking below


Children killed so same long and over them also they picked on him (so photo maximum resolution - only such)


In this a range of all Olshansky heads under chairs, because heads show cannot be, they such same, as have "terrorists."

Face have sole guy in sight, the rest hidden

Scum tried to lift session killed with blood, but not very fortunate, she have them't dissected, as in many plays directed, with realistically ego i and with clowns-klounessami (the trouble have them with this paint).

Refused from this ideas wind and removed blood separately and in very large numbers.


In Iraq, Pakistan "state" virtually in open magic centre scum.
Have them these events continually and regularly go.

Is hard not to recall "Iran-Iraq war." 10 years fighting, nor one Dam hand each have mates not is being squeezed, 1 million killed - and no chronicles military action.


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