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AirAsia QZ8501, Airbus-320, somewhere have Indonesia

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+ two interesting things. … ompanyNews … ompanyNews

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EyrAziya changed color pages in Facebook on a grey. Announced the early spasoperatsii.



Malay airliner collapsed to the east from islands Belitung

The original of the news RT on Russian:



Why again Lim? Something strange happening. Here even statistical the likelihood not works.



With what this suddenly?
Obama follow up with tweet about a missing Federation state of Malaysia UNESCO. … 7681.shtml





US President conducts vacation in Hawaii, playing in Golf with premier Malaysia



On site the same Reuters mentioned only about how, that crew Department requested authorization increase levels bombers with 32 100,000 until 38 100,000 feet.

The aircraft had been flying at 32,000 feet and had asked to fly at 38,000 feet to avoid clouds, he said.

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gav wrote:

+ two interesting things. ompanyNews ompanyNews

And than interesting since these the most "two interesting things"? Buying aircraft and flights with in Dubai?



Again Lim!! In sight ended test subjects "rabbits" on the island Diego Garcia, all were big spenders flashing on Ebola, waiting for in 2015 a new virus?



Already found:

media Indonesia told the about detecting seats collapse for Airbus A320-200, which gone missing with radar on the morning 28 December. Supposedly, jet fell to the east from of Indonesian islands Belitung. Wu plane could end fuel. Citizens trades abroad on board for not was. Fate passengers and members crew remains unknown.
28.12.2014, 09 :0 9

Airport Juanda - Airport boardwalk in Singapore = slightly less 1400km on direct. Understandable that planes so not fly.
But! A320 - the average expanding bombers 4600 kilometers (maximal expanding 6150 kilometers, according to Vrikipedii). On fuel decided save?? :dontknow:
Wait, wait, wait, island Belitung this at all gender path! Therefore version of with fuel not plausible!
And can international so ended.
Already in Vrikipedii set ruin

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Another Malay jet AirAsia committed hastily arranged landing
Another Malay jet AirAsia committed hastily arranged landing from-for technical problems, reports RIA News. Jet Airbus A320 committed gets landing in ties with technical problems, whenever during by air in Malaysia. … ku-267545/



fire wrote:

But! A320 - the average expanding bombers 4600 kilometers (maximal expanding 6150 kilometers, according to Vrikipedii). On fuel decided save??

Simply on calculations, on the time, when they his still have sought and withdrew this news have him should was end fuel.




Australia volunteered jet marine intelligence on the search of the gone for AirAsia



Airplanes in 2014 such airplanes, fly not can, can fall.
In Ukraine - leninopad, in world - samolyotopad. Food commodities on collapse.

Dmitry" wrote:


Minister Foreign Australia she is closely involved with Bishop told Australian channel ABC, that the most likely scenario is that jet crashed from-for bad weather. But this will be affirms only then, when jet will find.
The details read on UNIAN: … molet.html

Just, in search of currently participate 10 aircraft and 17 ships. They are searching territory size of 13 100,000 sq kilometers in the java Sea on northeastern the east island province Bank-Belitung size of with Schleswig-Goldshtein (land osuschestvlennoe).

There is assumption, that only missing item jet fell in Sea, told Bambang Soelistio, director of of Indonesian quick rescue institutions, in Monday, on the morning on press conference. This conclusion, salmonella on the basis of assembled by information. The debris has, perhaps, already degenerated on bottom. If this indeed so, then will be difficult find jet, because of our equipment not enough. Tractors and combines and ships from other countries must be are equipped with much better.

The head of the of Indonesian departments on issues air messages previously declared, that the search will to wage and on land. Not discarded, that airbus crashed in the west province of Kalimantan on the island Borneo or on Bangka, or Belitung, said s Joko Murdzhatmodzho. Belitung is roughly halfway between Surabaey and Singapore, between islands Sumatra and Borneo.

Prospects good, said Zigit Setiayana, Admiral Navy Indonesia: Since Lords Resistance help, we find jet in any time soon. On the eve a strong rain cagey the search.

Air service received last the radiogram from crew in 6 :1 3 on local time. Pilot asked resolution from-for bad weather deviate from appreciation to the left and rise on levels about 10 360 meters. Previously airbus flew on perform well almost 9 700 meters over levels sea.



After first found, found like souls:

Transport Ministry Indonesia declared about uncovering the wreckage of the of the gone plane

In the defense department transport Indonesia declared, that objects, found have the coast of Kalimantan, likely are the rubble of the of the gone plane AirAsia. About this reports Reuters.

On information RIA News, Indonesian Air Force also discovered in this district body rights. In water lay people. After, as I Future photo on its notebook, understood, that this body dead , declared lieutenant of Three Prabowo.

Previously power countries declared, that in Sea were found about dozen large and many more small hyphenated red-white color of (color of airlines AirAsia). According to Vice Marshal aviation Indonesia Agusa move to Putranto, facilities discovered in 10 kilometers from moreover seats, where radar stations- in the last time well over the missing jet, two of them reminded the door for and emergency the ramp.

. Jet Airbus A320-200 Malaysian companies AirAsia, ship flight QZ8501 from of Indonesian Surabaya in Singapore, has vanished with radar in night on 28 December. On his board were 2.7 human, in including 17children.

Again 17!

Incidentally, the first "found" very strongly all media defied slightly whether not with foam have cavity!

Lieutenant Three Prabowo - so and want read THREE only!

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Putin expressed condolences president Indonesia in ties with the collapse of Airbus

30.12.2014, 19 :2 7 |
President Russia Vladimir Putin expressed condolences president Indonesia s Joko Vidodo in ties with the collapse of Airbus A320-200 companies similarly Asia. About this states in telegram Russian President.

muscle deep condolences in ties with certain doompassengers and members crew plane companies Air Aisha... Share mourning those who lost in this catastrophe their home and close , states in Summit.

Jet Airbus A320-200 airlines similarly Asia nurturing flight from Tenggilis, Surabaya in Singapore and gone missing with radaron the morning 28 December. On board were 2.7 rights.

... he's missing or crashed?until now not populyaren.


No one can be recognized convicted until verdict court. No one can be recognized dead until detection bodies.



fire wrote:

In water lay people. After, as I Future photo on its notebook, understood, that this body dead , declared lieutenant of Three Prabowo.

Lieutenant of Three Prabowo - so and want read THREE only!

Local Lebed-zhirik Lt. Gen. Three Prabowo. Populist,, politician, a participant election, mediapersonazh for local Shusterov.

Under data received in the course the counting of the ballots in 33 from 34 provinces Indonesia, s Joko Vidodo, the renowned to most Indonesians under brief name Jokowi, received 53,15% votes voters. His rival - Lt. Gen. in resignation Prabowo Subianto - received 46,85%, is handing ITAR-TASS.

Constitutional Court Indonesia rejected lawsuit ex-candidate in presidents countries Prabowo Subianto with requirement recognize inoperative the outcome close timing previously election head of state. About this reports Air Force.

As he increasingly has time, and elections guys shit on and photos on naotbuke view clowns they everywhere.


Prabowo Subianto (inf.) (Indonesian. Prabowo Subianto; species. 17October 1951, Jakarta) Indonesian military and political figure, businessman. Lt. Gen. in resignation. Prabowo Subianto personal name of, and reverie attended by have this human there is no. In the course presidential election 2014 was nominated on post head of state party Gerindra ; fought for's supreme public office posts s Joko Vidodo, football championship a recent. 20 September 2014 elected chairman of Party Gerindra.
Son of Indonesian statesman and economist Sumitro Dzhoyokhadikusumo, s sonPresident Suharto.

In 1985 Prabowo was directed on American military base Fort-Benning, where anodyne an infiltration training.
In the early 1990s was general-major and my leader Group 3 troops a special appointments. On this office actively fought vostochnotimorskimi insurgents, using against them irregular subversion teams, and also organizing a in basic any inhabited points East Timor militia under the leadership officers Kopassus. Prabowo repeatedly criticized for violating human rights in the course combat action against insurgents; special criticized bore a inch plasma under his leadership antipartizanskaya campaign 1997, known as Operation Iskorenenie.

Decision Prabowo about remove its candidacies triggered considerable resonance in media and expert community. Douglas Remidzh, chief of Indonesian subdivisions the consultancy companies Border Asia Group, notes, that elections 2014 the first for 16 years, that--at after ouster of Suharto and starters massive reforms [en]precedent on recognition outcome of election be unconstitutional. Noting, that the country enters on unknown territory , Remidzh stressed, that legitimacy treatment Prabowo in Constitutional Court not causes doubt. Under this, reportedly of Indonesias media, removing its candidacy with election, Prabowo placed themselves ??? at risk: According to a sitting in country law, him threatens to imprisonment on term until six years and a fine in razmete 100 billion rupees(about 10 billion the US). However most observers not supported the indictment Prabowo in rigging election, by their in a whole fair and free. So, Masvadi Rauf from University Indonesia declared, that on election not was no signs significant fraud , and that lifting of Prabowo its candidacies there is reflection real relations in environment elites, which even are not prepared recognize its defeat. Also exacerbation situation on election triggered reaction on Exchange: Course rupee fell on 0.3%, and index JSX Composite on 0.9%.
21 August 2014 Constitutional Court rejected lawsuit Prabowo about recognition outcome of election be unconstitutional, affirming legitimacy elected president Jokowi.
A model for role model Prabowo Subianto believes Turkish military and political figure Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.




30 December on board rescue and military boats raised bodies several tens of man, by some data, already some 40.

Just a second, and why until now there is no tel from incarcerated 9R-MRO and KAL007?
:huh: :dontknow:

"In this place a little shallow. Obviously, that they already know, where he warships. Me seems, precise whereabouts plane will review enough quickly ", believes expert Mike Vivian.
In crisis center, which organized in airport Surabaya, 's desperate relatives demanded 07.00am - 03.00am daily their to community collapse. Many refuse to believe in the, that that are validated worst expectations.
However, power Indonesia already adopted decision, that in zone searches they no onebad luck not will. All found bodies will transiting in Tenggilis, Surabaya for identities. But will begin authentication not before, than 31 December.

:O :O :O :O :O :O are not supposed to be?



First have shown.

Only not saw, that corpse have them foot she speaks all
Kupalschik some.

0 :2 6

Can, already decided, that after us and only the public must learned, that passengers in served with on international flights fly no clothes?


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