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Persona "Maydannye"

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In topic are discussed popular characters maydannoy matrix.

Deputatii of the European Parliament attended Tymoshenko in "jail" (Palace in Kharkiv).
Some noted, that she is famously themselves feels, but on approximately complains from-for hip it up.

Here is here spectacle Accent, than something itself open I'm sore from my.
Here is,, too, two actress any zhalebnuyu scene Sinhalese

Robbed country on billions of.
Some autumn personally joined in an artificial hysteria around swine flu, has achieved announcement emergency and public procurement threats entitled "Tamiflu" on sverkhzavyshennym prices. Then personally 133333334 plane with the first party poisons. Only for one thing this robbery and potravku people, must was obtain life-long patterns term. Instead she the indigenous heroine.



"Berkut" and "titushki" curtailed heads activists / Gordon
Photo: Screenshot
The first about this told fighter Defence Maidan Mikhail Hawryluk set

Hawryluk set. As charging provocations and the excerpts.

Ves Maidan - the full odurmanivanie and the excerpts.



Eicae Hawryluk set told, that titushki in Mariinsky park cut into pieces according heads and cast scalps activists
Tells walking naked between bus.
- Divlyusya, ttushk ? Berkut golovi vdrubuyut ? dvom znmayut skalpi. I ?i taking of, - made ae robite, derzhavi aaea ? gluzdu ? 'khali, and aiie meni Eaaeoou - let after naia, go today aaea on the cock ca ? ane, como chingas here golim corresponding decree, yaytsyami because.









3 :5 0 stpk
Ty Sho have khloptsa with the face of?
A tracking the virus?


Television bill
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At Hebrew read right left.
This shades of)



Dmitry" wrote:

Ty Sho have khloptsa with the face of?

Such a sense of, that his visited Germany move Goodyear with leftist on right reversed faces.



It seems on burns, and that difficult in any photo editor spin and do Goodyear? Aaah this plot! Then No, but shhhhh. FS Hebrew not know. That there written? Perevidite? Or dubbed such, cosmogonies?

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Kolomoysha glavzhid Dneprozhidovska.
Russian television umudrilos show this a wire, not hit by offending Jewish question.
Yids (Jews) OKhUEMShI OT impunity.



a gat that it turns out, "brainless a eunuch."


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Dmitry" wrote: tml?type =2

Pro these the ladies I watched in direct efere on ukrTV, they shared about events only that previous, as their beaten and humiliated, without single visited Germany.





Pravoslavnyy Parashenka

Oh neighborhood interests with Russia says and the fact, that injured is his parishioner Ukransko church of the Moscow Patriarchate. Moreover, he indeed believing man, and in 2009 oligarch was even ordained in diakony. , too, haved: If caretaker President the blame was Christian - Baptist pastor of, the new President Orthodox in his Russian option, ROC MP.
On Ukraine at all political elite offered not doubts, that injured will prorossiyskim president. To example, after to the head injured candidate in presidents, MPs from agreement in particular Sergei Sobolv, openly talked, that chocolate King this kreatura Kremlin, because for him before Putin negotiate gas oligarch Firtash.

How increasingly with steeply vzmuzdono, Short pobyori



In club in marked zelyonkoy "arrived.
It is time already catalogue stack, ranging with sheer erm, TV shows in lower Novgorod, installation with use of Order of St. George ribbons and zelyonki.



Commander battalion Donbas, fuckbag in mask / mask in gandone- declassified. Well logical conclusions, I with them agree.

Z. Policies I got always rode thought-and fix face the cover? One dick, justices kick with of ATF, are to come, at breaks scrolling the, as a party, here same any the girl's aunt from Welfare, retirement, energy companies, Bank (pending / assembly interest. For 100 bucks lists rolls of and gonna be diming out)
And not zarastyot to them popular the paththe rumor in madness. Would still and their relatives. (With)
Can smell a new wave of informvoyny-aiiaeou in madness involved, would still and their children and relatives / known / friends.
Theme the old, tactic-scorched land, however, its before need was conduct.

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Normal such popular favorites)
Lyashko dispatched in-6, language zaplyolsya, not understood where is. And after all hit something like not strongly, but product operating costs were different weight categories.
Not transferred out even men on Ukrainian earth

The accident with another dash cam:



[float=left]I already confused - this Ponomaryov-Hawryluk set
After Slavyansk again image reversed the.
It seems he now patriot-'m a metrosexual-a playboy
And simply vozhdelennaya dream each
Ukransko domokhazyayki.[/float]



Seeds, it seems, have raised - waiting for in the new specializations. Combat "Donbas" Semyon Semenchenko hard wounded


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