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Persona "Maydannye"

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Andry Dzindzya

Journalist "announces control" Andrei Dzindzya, which today grapes Shevchenkivskyi raysud capital, not intends to stop active activities, reportedly in very special edition of hope is. "D create group that will create lists militias, judges, prosecutors, which committed crimes against people Ukraine. I very the angry, I very the angry and to hold a grudge. Plus Rollers already began to with booking and guide weapons, ah's a fresh carton the brink work - release the, release the home ", - declared activist in court.
Recall, 24 January Shevchenskovskiy Court of Kyiv grapes three suspects in unrest on the street Bankova street 1 December 2013 - Sergei Nuzhnenko, Vladimir Kaduru and Jaroslav Pritulenko.

During Maidan played role





Amen O`Kueva
On Ukraine it turns out there is such a star, that same remained silent?


A bit, a bit the text on-nasty way to Iranian Dobkin
Video: Amna Okuva pro those, x iai pragnut chechents have the Terrible

Amen O`Kueva argues, that diversion in Grozny forced Russia cashing from Ukraine their best military parts of.

. And men something believe.

Loop celebrities as in Brother-2

Usmonov - Okueva substitute for Motorola - Kolenkina.
Vooruzheniy and very are dangerous o.o. :canthearyou:

Husband famous boevichki of ATF, it turns out, too, as and whole party actors, 6 courses zelyonkoy.



All around the world lights I came

There Chechen battalions on Ukraine there is no. Their punitive operations 2014 Sloviansk standoff the ruling junta tries to to write off on the availability of among defenders of cities Chechen battalions. This an absurdity! If would they there were, I assure you, those who makes such statements, long fled would not only from Slavyansk, but even from of Kyiv, which, essentially, they and not manage.

Please draw comfort from Arsen Avakov and other, look at in every brown man the Chechen and vzdragivayuschikh, with speaking this word. If man driving while brown, this not means, that he necessarily the Chechen. Need to was would him know, that Chechens there is and blue-eyed, and ranking, and ?uaeea.

I gave mandate the head Grozny Zauru Khizrievu to visit Slavyansk and to meet with leadership for conclusions agreement about cities-pobratimakh. In Chechnya tens of thousands of volunteers are prepared help those, over whom get bullied fashistvuyuschie's guys, whose blood shed illicit power of Kyiv. And if Chechens indeed looms in Slavyansk and other cities, you will see, as made there will run such, as Arsen Avakov (politician), and will not be able stop even on western border Ukraine.
(Ramzan Kadyrov)



Colonel Parasyuk.2011 year game in KVN. … _parasyuka



Club veselikh i vinakhdlivikh - after putvka in aeeooy

Dont got them on reverie attended by

1 September 2014.
Vladimir Parasyuk, commander 4 Jumpmaster battalion "Dnepr river" returned from capture. About this told in Facebook deputy chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast state administration Boris March.
"Vovu Parasyuk theorem - hero Maidan and symbol of LRA life has in head a piece of broken and contused", - wrote he.
Skyfall words of metabolitic, Parasyuk theorem took in capturing Russians personnel military.
"Peredali chechenam. Those tried to to humiliate. Had their meetings disrupted Orthodox used. Instructor not gave this do. Said, that mother gaveand ", - states in Summit.
Then Russian paratroops out there removed Parasyuk theorem in Russia.
"There his interrogated grushniki. And so and not understood who he! Instructor outsmarted their! ", - notes March.
Then Parasyuk theorem repatriate ago in Ukraine and had transferred terrorists DNR. Those, too, not understood, who them the apparently, and voted Ukraines military.
"instructor now sleeping. Have him all well.A I already see that day, when with Russians Russia kadyrovtsy start again pick crosses ", - no layout deputy chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration.

Know-it-All Parasyuk
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Such a way with Jewish actress
Well themthis art :rofl:

With 1 th on 4s September already after capture and sleep, Volodimer received even one thing wound in hand.



had their meetings disrupted Orthodox used. Instructor not gave this do. Said, that mother offered

March a bit not douchil King Tiger tanks, instructor after all a Roman Catholic)



Dmitry" wrote:

with 1 th on 4s September already after capture and sleep, Volodimer received even one thing wound in hand.



Kontuzhennyy Semenchenko fell in traffic accident

01.02.2015 Donbas, 10x06, Semenchenko, siloviki
According to station's "Gromadske TV", as least four of a soldier died, and his commander Semyon Semenchenko received bad concussion. Moreover, on the morning 1 February he fell in traffic accident, that significantly sour his state of. On information station's "112 Ukraine", have Semenchenko heavy for the concussion.

.. Kid to success EU.
And which big plans were. :rolleyes:

Battalion Donbas'll rename in Kuban and they will cut it off trades abroad from Black sea



Volunteer corps battalion Dnepr river-1 Asher for
Two weeks fought on advanced, although he was wounded.
The volunteer Asher told,
Why fight, despite wound

Asher fighting in "Dnieper River-1" almost with the most create battalion. Now he on advanced in farms Sands Donetsk area.

Asher: "I was born, to defend their country, their children, his wife"

the end of the confirming stories with



12 August in Zaporozhye underwalls draft board had been organized paid by rally against of ATF, reports 1stVideoChannel. An organizer proved a leading entertainment show. Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks his learned and was detained.
Citizens quickly have identified personality men, razdavavshego under walls draft board money. 35-year-old Yevgeny M. Earns on life those, that is leading wedding and is participating in various show. Moreover ?? know as player in KVN. In circles humorists he known under Joz.

I.? Silence. Although was chance to break his on being asked for his autograph



Oleg Lyashko. Russians brothers, let us friends with one another. Thank Russia!



Semenchenko Marshal

usual imitated behavior kontuziy Vadim Semenchenko



Sister Lyashko fighting on the side militias

Cyber this himself Ukrainian MP declared in broadcasting in Russia
Sister leader Radikalnoy Party Ukraine Olega Lyashko fighting in, our man of the on the side self-proclaimed Luhansk popular republics. About this himself politician declared in live programs Shuster live on they discuss it
My sister Victoria, with which we together rose. She fighting with weapons in the hands of on the side terrorists in Luhansk , said Lyashko.
Previously one of deputies the Verkhovna Rada Ukraine told, that President countries Peter injured threatened plant in prison leader Ukrainian Radikalnoy Party Olega Lyashko for what the, ostensibly, betrayed iaeaai.



Val wrote:

interpret for me, than this forum different from masses rest. That you here such a "vysizhivaete", that "while she matrix", "disclose all its flaws", "would open people eyes", "the creature will the ones shamed", or that there in your program?

And I you perhaps break down a scenario for. Know, regulation, za and nip, but nevertheless. And with at whether you, loving, here second alone in weeks 24 hours a day? A shallow, vapid Hi, forum from masses rest same. Hell is that, in short. Are there is no, nafludil under like, a gazillion messages, a hanger-here as at work (or not as). Me here is milon forums pro kroyku and the sewing at all not interesting and me 4 through NO. And you here there is and you'n in here a shitload of. And goal your feces,, za, stifle, not to see facts, challenge, peredyorgivat. Example douchery -- and peredyorgivaniya? Yes pzhlsta-
Quote your "And ??? yes, random shootings on babkinym Hattem this an orderly system venue - someone gave the Sanyi , someone gave landmine, someone brought together until heap several voenov, someone gave order these voenam" to shoot there. " Crime, too, organized, or not knew? "
And ??? yes. And I you about same. There is no combat action and war there is no-there is crimes. "An orderly system the use of forces and funds to carry decreed combat-American." Random shootings on babkinym Hattem-this not BOEVA task.

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random shootings on babkinym Hattem-this not BOEVA task.

Military task - task, intrigued by senior boss s ambitious, parts of, Yafe for achievements a certain goal by the target.

I was accustomed things to call so, as their until this called, nothing not'm making this up. And what tasks accented different, who same dispute?



Yu wrote:

P. S. Something Semyon Semenchenko gone missing from field of view media. Not in sight and not heard his. Let us wait plane with another with the truck or same molokovozom? And can is worth wait thought you were in Oregon Seeds two with in head?

Javadxan, dozhdeshsya. Such son of a gun - npotoplyaemyy a rapscallion. Semyon Semenchenko: From the usual cheater until living the legend.

first suspicions to in July 2014, when became known, that so-called commander battalion instead of, to lie on front, is leading life secular lion and actively collects money in cash in particular, took a major amount have then-chairman Donetsk regional state Sergei Taruta, that rated.
Then has been creeping rumors, that Grishin took 300 thousand Hover near $. Have citizen the US of Mark Paslavskogo ostensibly on purchases of drones for needs NatsGvardii, and after, as Mark became demand accountability for spent means, his Lenkoran bullet in the back.
Instead regularly have been floated history about how, that any confusing protection commander battalion robbed venture, cut her and sold on scrap metal a small plant, vytryasla money from businessman or took away have population prifrontovoy zone expensive auto.
Incidentally, as reported on my request The main thing governance National Guard Ukraine, cash means or cars from citizens for needs 2 th battalion a special appointments in only years part of 3027 never came. Himself battalion not is legal the face of, not has nor own press, nor own accounts in institutions banks.

"Maps money two trunk" - here is such a "zatvrka."
Yes perishing, the scale of scams is impressive. Where there Clara with their ideynymi revolutionaries / advocates without impact zhulikovatykh media-shnikov?

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Flint wrote:

Javadxan, dozhdeshsya. Such son of a gun - npotoplyaemyy a rapscallion.

This all have him on personified by written and eyes revolution have him. And there there is no, as and there is no already the debiloidnoy activity, that he demonstrated still for example weeks three-four ago. Around the its time and all will resurfaced.

Me once startled photos, where injured were decorated by volunteers:

A mimic faces precisely on these three the photo very freak and any mendacity visible in the eyes of and in terms faces nagrazhdaemykh. What something vividly-as expressed complacency. Strange all of this, if take in attention, that in country was happening on the very moment. Such impression, that met old familiar and not during the war, when Palestinians people.
All they from one in a bunch of-watering cans.

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This glance understanding of and Khiva. To a common secret, that they hide from people.
"And you, brother."
Commander-in-chief and volunteer non-existent war: One signed paper about sending on the slaughter by undermining the and get also artognem in pristrelennykh spots not odnoy hundred "that fell heroes", other created appearance of for people, to the slaughter was plausible is.



Popular maydanschitsa, participates in large rows
Here is Val would affair singled out, brought together would pro it the images:)


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