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Deal Breivik lives.

Yerevan, 12 Jan News-Armenia. Criminal deal brought in Armenia on fact execution family from six people in city of Gyumri, reported s News-Armenia adviser head of the Investigative Committee Sonna Truzyan.

According to police, in Monday, on the morning in Gyumri were killed six people Serozha Avetisyan (1961 birth), David Avetisyan (1959), Hade Avetisyan (1979), Armen Avetisyan (1981), Araksiya Poghosyan (1990), David Avetisyan (two years). The only transplantation - polugodovalyy grandson of Serozha Avetisyan, with Nagorno any project in area breast taken in Austrian child a clinic cities Gyumri and EURO 2012 final. Currently child is in Decoupling that, doctors evaluate his state of as extremely heaviest. Link



have Russian consulate in Armenia


In Gyumri began clashes demonstrators and police from-for killings Armenian family … 6653.shtml

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The mass murder of in Armenia.
Here is video.

Me one it looked strange? On place killings found 30 thimbles from AK-47. Every who could only shoot from gun knows to what same motherfucking good extent remain grand. But half of victims from some 6 in their their beds? Their've forged fear? Suppose. But something floors not look so, if distraught bomber discharged in people Sea patrons! Blood on gender as something not particularly. That for bullshit?
Blankets with minimalneyshimi traces blood, on sheets at all nothing not in sight.
I not authoritarianism from themselves super koshki, all can be, but as something perishing very strange! And video stuff provided the cops clipped so strongly, that not shows virtually nothing at all. :no:
Took a closer look to the first certain victim in bed with open patchwork! Yes there same plyat nothing no!! Him after all facilitated armored on all except the most puny! Where modicum any traces on it?

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For comparisons - here is so looks musketry from AK (number of blood).
Compare with for myself the first victim of, brown tissue interaction. Modicum something similar on a puddle blood there is near? Nathin '. As and have all :-( Even to think not want that there was.

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Really?, ah and affairs! All ??? began.
Ah here is, beautiful the city dweller. People scenarios mrazotnikov can sniff out speak? Like not it seems, all must have liked and still as! :-(
Ah why people here is so here is not we learnt in situation so themselves lead?? They same could modicum 5 minutes time paid those materials which them routinely fed, deal in problem and go turn the building local MVD. Why all shipment in unrest so quickly?

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Really?, ah and affairs! All ??? began.
Ah here is, beautiful the city dweller. People scenarios mrazotnikov can sniff out speak? Like not it seems, all must have liked and still as!
Ah why people here is so here is not we learnt in situation so themselves lead??

Because, this not people, and another a herd, and means and versprechend their easier simple, that mrazota exactly and makes:




Why pro this not say on news? And local media? Nor has never heard even on TV, hide, for what?



aligator wrote:

Because, this not people, and another a herd, and means and versprechend their easier simple, that mrazota exactly and makes:

Herdsmen more, than normal people, here is and outcome.



And all same, why us not show "murderer"? Chelakha showed and on the interrogation and a experiment with him and all that can be. And here quite nothing except one the only derzhitsya!? O.o. chelakh "killed" 14 man, this "killed" 6. Seriously, in than deal?% -)
Wow you wrote Hi,, as I immediately not observed?
Number homes killed 188 (1 + 8 + 8 =1 7, the number of killed 6, but people in House was 7.
Numbers up near now comprised thimbles
7..9...18 (7+9+1+8 =2 5= 7)
Now comprised thimbles for different data was 30 or more buzz off in 20. Operator chose precisely these. Mrazenysh :mad:
On a white tablet it is difficult razlichimoe, but all same the number of 188
Numbers up near thimbles there is on video

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Chelakha showed and on the interrogation and a experiment with him and all that can be.

Through how many days Chelakha have shown? As treated a human, so and have shown.
As suggested we on a experiment, so and have led, yes and not a experiment, and videoocherk about ostensibly Aliaxandar experiment.
And through how many days have shown an American, which kirgiza a wheelman killed squarely on the TRC? Yes his at all not have shown and across likelihood even handcuffs nor had a thing for.

American the unidentified soldier Zachary Hatfield, which in 2006 shot citizen Kirghizia on AB, officially acquitted. About this, as is handing AKIpress, told chief of these Dwight Sounz.


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aligator wrote:

In Yerevan burned the flag Russia and called poutine shortage hoo th 15.01.2015

-By the cops and journalists in this case was more than vakhkhabitnykh Christians.))



Dmitry" wrote:

Caught in nighton 13s the number of

"Layfam" even decisional laziness was at night to lift terribly an already tense of a sting operation on apprehending a deserter. And no hell were the there "radio freedom" when have "radio freedom" there is no this video?! They there what length mat did the, metre. :mad:



How became known?

Oh bounds murder of in House on the street Myasnikyana became known in Monday, day. discovered dead one of their closehouse where sister pani homes about noon came to their spoken native, to together popit coffee. In House woman waited an appalling picture Sea blood and seven bezdykhannykh bodies. This were spouse, 53-year-old Sergei and 51-year-old David Avetisyan their son, 33-year-old Armen, daughter 35-year-old Hade, and sister-in-law, 22-year-old Araksya. Directly in the crib all was a body 2-year David daughters young couples. Alongside the body Araksi was its 6-month son. Later it turned out, that Child alive. With stab-rezannymi wounds in area of the chest he was flown in hospital, where his done operated on.

Kofeinschitsa came "about noon", carries. And why same no one called the shots from whole horn not heard?
Wasn not with steeply, that she came about 12 fringes, and immediately same, a in "MK" (and far same it even call.
12 January 2015 in 17 :4 0, views: 34548 … paren.html already through five hours, Sail Excel ALL and s development article, in including that chthonic. Co-workers heard a "MK" where he've enlisted and what school graduated.

By the way, until call in of trades abroad young man was in field of view law enforcement agencies, so as his brother was convicted for murder.

"MK" This is knows, already through 5 hours after detection bodies. As such perhaps? Only if this planned ahead, articles written and otredaktrovany ZARANEE, more raze.

In House woman waited an appalling picture Sea blood and seven bezdykhannykh bodies.

Sea blood,

And already through two hours after detection tel "MK" knows that write … lovek.html
Such simply physically impossible, if only record a tall tale prepared in advance
14 :2 0

Skyfall according livestock Faktinfo , savagely on plain sight gold jewelry family not family. So a consequence until excludes version of about an attack.

The chronology events: :mybb: :mybb: :mybb: :mybb: :mybb: :mybb: :mybb: :mybb: :mybb:
12 :0 0 - "one of close" came popit coffee. Perched onto the chimney stack, saw Sea blood.
12 :3 0 - arrived naryad police, of seats crimes, importantly in blood nenastupit
12 :4 5 - arrived La group with apparatus for lifting fingerprints.
13 :3 0 - set to search relatives
14 :0 0 - relatives profits very quickly, on snot time not lost, and immediately same unholy specify that from gold the establishment, that lies there same where and all was a.
14 :1 5 - investigators divided on two groups, one accounted for Protocol, the second group needed calling in Faktinfo (name media have them immediately triggered trust)
14 :2 0 - five minutes on set of text and Mir learned of the creepy detail.
And in this need to to believe?

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Especially here is this

In House woman waited an appalling picture - Sea blood.

Simply ocean blood. Child received stab-shredded in the crib after all? Ah here is, operator aggressively us shows chistenkoe bed linen. Scuzzball is deranged :mad:



- What, that Permyakov said some, on my view, full on stilts, - believes a member of Council elderscities Gyumri Levon men. - In Gyumri adopted well treat soldiers and here them always was the pint water, can have and even would give clothes. To the same, in house, where occurred tragedy, Permyakov hardly would've wandered, for example, on path. The woman who was killed family lived roughly in 3-4 kilometers from base, house stood not on a highway, he nothing not attracted to itself attention passers-by. To fall into this house, need was to go through yard neighbors killed. Have us in city of many think, that this could be a setup. Why would soldiers left on place crimes their shoes? Strange, not true whether? And oddly, that all, except pani, were killed sleeping, in their their beds.

Strange, according to elders and the, that two young children murderer have "bayonet-knife, despite the, that one Music gun remained full, and in the second remained even a few patrons. Such a brutality suggests local inhabitants on thought about possible vendetta. After all known, that is a master homes and another the murdered cousin constantly traveled on earnings in Russia.

- But in the same time very it is doubtful, that someone has hired would for these goals soldier, which celebrated just six months in Armenia, - believes men.

According to Barsegyana, capture will Permyakova proceeded quite strange.

- pics the, that after crisis engulfed incidents, that the police literally's canvassing city, but soldier managed withdraw. From cities lead seven roads, on which he could would withdraw. I personally rode some policemen posts and found, that three of these roads at all not controlled by the. Then, when, as bent or broken, Permyakov already half an hour of exercise as was detained, I pulled up to building police, but policemen about this nothing not knew, although, the Armenian side must was be advised about this immediately same.

On simvolizmu. In city of Gyumri (former Gyumri, former Aleksandrapol) is still one of "responsibility-mothers" -memorial conservation-Armenia, which not imposed in Yerevan. In Yerevan set another "conservation-Armenia."

, .

The wreath under awoke platforms looks some flat the subject of, reminiscent blade the sword. Shape not vague, and enough geometrichnye and the right: Edict may seem, that this blade. Sduvaemye with faces hair very remind pratik of the Volgograd all the Amazons. And even veil for its its back so resembles on wings! In people about this a monument say: Front woman, obey vishap. In fact, gentle traits faces, smooth shape figures create impressive the contrast relative to tough, very a sharp lines, if look on statue commemorating side or with backs. In the workshop of Ara community. The housewife numerous workers thumbnails sculpture, in camping on CHAMPION And gypsum. On him in sight, that he, as and Vucetich, has tried connect revolutionary idea with idea Victory: In several options Homeland-conservation was depicts with a sickle in the hands of. There is also interesting decision with spinning-wheel, strongly similar Armenian symbol of everlasting movement. Some thumbnails more just are associated with is the goddess of Astlik helmet with bird on anybody and vertical vishap until the most its belt. Apparently, master allowed itself within own workshop of the a bit move away from strict prescriptions Party. It is this image so heavily reminds arutyunyanovskuyu homeland-conservation.

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And this as understand?
Some a strung-out rusofob with "MK" in Nick oldfishers organs is mk writes about yntsidente in 10 :3 8AM, (AM CJSC-until lunch), camping ons for and a half hours until detection bodies.
Not too whether frankly 12 January propalilas precisely "MK", while other antirossiyskie media remained silent in a wash cloth?

With that interestingly, if in a little Google-the search for ask key words only on 11 January (incidentally 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 5 =1 1), then mostly "MK" and keeps popping up, truth on transition paranoiac 12s the number of, and keshit I not becomes.



Մայր Հայաստան Գյումրի

- ,

In leftist drawn a vessel with tvarnoy malware, in right-wing - far no sign of

4 the bridegroom daughters Mayor of Gyumri
Armenia Today [ 13.04.2012 | 10:37 ]bbs, Armenia
On the eve on the evening was assassinated the bridegroom daughters Mayor of Gyumri ANCA how 27-year-old Karen Yesayan. About this writes after intensified. According to forthcoming, activated, engagement Esayana and daughters how must was occur today, 13 April.
As writes newspaper, murder of happened on territory northern Berd near memorials conservation Armenia . One of inhabitants cities found corpse men with Nagorno any project in these Mercedes Benz and told in police. On position on 23 :3 0 12 April oblasna police fluent a hush-hush meets. In Gyumri profits specialists USMS headquarters on struggle with organized crime Criminal investigation police. Publication notes, that on the eve on the evening in networks emerged information about how, that in the murder of widely implicated son former police chief Ani, which ostensibly saw on place crimes, however official acknowledgement this information there is no.

Two crimes … ri_murders the second: car citizen Muradyan VAZ-2101 he crashed in police governance cities Gyumri felling interrogator's Beybatyana, which died on path in hospital.
Wu them there his mess federal lack