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Hmm, I have cause a a sense of, that by killings bridegroom daughters Mayor of Gyumri, this very measure, as would gave understand, that - "we not kid. We're kidders."
Is obtained mayor was not in rate, that is happening and "mrazotnyy" scenario launched without his "approval"??




And all same, why us not show "murderer"? Chelakha showed and on the interrogation and a experiment with him and all that can be. And here quite nothing except one the only derzhitsya!? Chelakh "killed" 14 man, this "killed" 6. Seriously, in than deal?

One interesting detail accompanied the at video "interrogation Chelakha."
Immediately in the same day and hour on Kazakh resources cried out bot: Russian killed of Kazakhs!
(Now nothing find not can, turkish high Internet beyond the limits manage and dozirovan, but this was)

The situation one in one - "Russian natsmensh" killed local.
Goal created with one in one - prompt local kill "natsmenshey." Arkankergenom nothing not have achieved.



Dmitry" wrote:

Which something a strung-out rusofob with "MK" in Nick oldfishers organs is mk writes about yntsidente in 10 :3 8AM, (AM CJSC-until lunch), camping ons for and a half hours until detection bodies.

he motnulsya in the future, there learned exile in MK from 12 January 2015 in 14 :0 4, returned ago and wrote record. Or he wrote, suppose, from New York City.



Dmitry" wrote:

12 January 2015 in 17 :4 0, views: 34548 paren.html already through five hours, Sail Excel ALL and s development article.
And already through two hours after detection tel "MK" knows that write lovek.html
Such simply physically impossible, if only record a tall tale prepared in advance.

The difference in time


In Moscow on 1 hour less, than in Yerevan: … id2=616052

Val wrote:

. Or he wrote, suppose, from New York City.

Of Canada, suppose.

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Val wrote:

he motnulsya in the future, there learned exile in MK from 12 January 2015 in 14 :0 4, returned ago and wrote record. Or he wrote, suppose, from New York City.

I not rule out, so and grant my full doubts. But why zealot "MK" works (works for money) in New York?
Operativeness increasingly-would still it is stunning. Should be time on delete, Ally, on understanding of situation, on writing articles, too, should be time. Your articles, which cite media, not can, The for several minutes.



Vlaslav wrote:

The difference in time

Yes know I, but as same be with this:
Yerevan site on Russian language resides in Moscow and's prescribing start time? They through couple of hours possess operational information state inquisitorial brigades, in conditions natural struggle inquisitorial brigades Armenia and inquisitorial brigades Russian military parts of arestovavshey suspect (until only suspect)? Yes let even and through 3 hours, as such perhaps? There is procedural norms, their cannot be violate, their impossible disrupt, if only in may group not this "nesutsya",, journalists go timber. But increasingly immediately explains, if understand, that theater designed, represented us in such a the form of on focusing Satira.



40 46 '49.71 "Since
43 49 '30.14 "In
Here same alongside Mother Armenia is worth Fort a handsome
Dozen 65 meters
This interestingly
Gyumri(until 1840 Aleksandrapol, until 1924 Aleksandrapol, until 1990 Gyumri, until 1992 Aleksandrapol) -
Levon Levon Ishtoyan - football god Armenia;; Edmond Keosayan - Dir (Neulovimye avengers); Svetlana Svetlichnaya - actress (Brilliant hand); Mher MPH - teenage (biggest); Gennady Timchenko - oligarch (each Putins, energy, KKhL); Sergei I. - sculptor (monuments to giants to Stalin, Lenin); Yuri Vardanyan - weightlifter (very many gold on appear-80, championships World and Europe)

There's mass murder of in Gyumri
A hundred years ago
its attitude Armenians
. And previously
Mass killings Armenians in 1894 1896 s

. Police otlavlivala Armenians and forefront their softam students Islamic educational institutions surveyed Istanbul, which supporters their to death. Also in massacres Armenians ???? participation stambulskie Jews

perishing if in-such passed, then read: Violently Jews - the organizers genocide Armenians.
Increasingly matter with, that Armenians not wanted pay taxes Iraqi Kurds and Turks. And who handled collecting fees taxes? At all not question



Here is this raskovyryannyy bubble wallpaper on the wall immutable with socket and there is footprint from bullets? They this wanted show?



Permyakov got his revenge for serial killings Ionesyana - the first interrogation Russian soldier

Established motive killings there 102 th Russian military base in Gyumri Valery Permyakovym family Avetisyan. As reports a series of media with refers on The main thing military report governance SK trades abroad, motivation crimes has become revenge for killings Armenian father Vladimir Mikhailovich Ionesyanom three figures children (11-year-old moskvicha Alexander Lisovtsa, 12 year olds moskvicha Constantine Chernyenko Soboleff and population Propulsion Ivanovo Mikhail Kuleshov), two women (74-year the inhabitant Propulsion Ivanovo and 46-year the inhabitant'd been groves Maria Ermakovoy) and rape and attempt to killings 15-year the inhabitant Propulsion Ivanovo Galina our tasty.

Media write about latest the interrogation, on which Permyakov confessed, that is relation whom one of victims Ionesyana - Club for Micha's Kuleshov, cut down by Armenian serial ubiytsem even before birth Russian soldier. History killings boy from Propulsion Ivanovo, told by accident Permyakovu his relatives, in its time strongly has shaken soldier.

Ionesyan committed their bloody killings with an axe. Some the Armenian human rights defenders tried to find justification brutal crimes his compatriot, labeling their form of protest against totalitarian Soviet regime, not pozvolyavshego unnoticed Soviet society talent fully uncovered over and achieved. - braving, sewage scenario forward gallon)News is missing in media



Dmitry" wrote:

Pridumali legend in that believed all and Russians and Armenians

It seems, not accidentally "was being resuscitated by" longstanding mrazyuka, to and he redounded current global easily described. "Version of" have reserved with the outset, to vkinut, when the first passions poulyagutsya.

The typical nine resource, vividly expressed intent on stoking all Caucasian and nekavkazskikh razdraev. Stir Karabakh and, desirable, expand his - one of responsibilities. "News" goes in general antiarmyanskom line with. Symbolism not leaves doubt - most popular in world symbol of-gesture Spanish Republican, now is used in all the corpses of the and movements "Latin insurgents" and "orange revolutions."



[float=left]"Hima" ("Now")
Emblem of the Armenian tsvetnika.[/float]



Armenians traveled in rally of - not broke a! Guys already waited. Strange why the cops not us braved light in such a outrage are punished? Apparently have them there quite other laws any.



Good video



Again ritualyat.

Near memorials "conservation Armenia" in Gyumri found body military serviceman 102 th Russian military base in Armenia, about this RIA News told press secretary the Investigative Committee Armenia Sona Truzyan. Local media report, that dead a Ivan Kudelkin and he served in Gyumri about two-three months.

"On the body dead discovered traces violence stab-, linear incised wounds", told Truzyan.



Chubaysov to on

Besides Yerevan, unhappy with plans governments people took to the streets Gyumri and Vanadzor Town. In the center of the Yerevan already a few days not subside protest against appreciation electricity. On the eve reported about how, that the police send the kittlins running demonstration and rounded up more two hundred participants. To by the evening several thousands of protesters again gathered in the center of the cities.

So and not said how electricity of prices :huh: shozalyudi.


36 … _virmeniyi

Gut :confused:



Ah, Ukrainian media in his a Repertoire. Have them around the Putin is to blame. As in Russian media - the junta and the Bandera guerillas, right. Slightly that will happen - same assessment headlines with equally diametralnymi accusations. Elderberry killed Putin / punitive detachment. Raked residential neighborhoods punitive detachment / Putin. And camping on D.
In Armenia the same footprint clearly, that and on Ukrainian maydany. Water stirring up trouble around Russia.



Me personally seems, that is unwinding not scenario global carnage, and carnage on territory RFii. And on modest view point tipping and opportunities avoid its already passed.






sunnyfox wrote:

Ukrainian media in his a Repertoire

Not times already stripped now and proven here, that Ukrainian, that Russian media work in alone gates
Team receive from one center.