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Simple question: That to do?

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#p40220,Горчица wrote:

My experience suggests me, that organism human - samovosstanavlivayuschayasya system. Not need no amount foot-dragging,’s and safety pins. Importantly - the right dimension and a state of brain and the, that in mundane life is called "demonstrated," which nor never not zapopedi and not codes. And than more concentrate on holding tight on an empty, the more vulnerable.

Mustard + 100000000000000000000, so even this empty on every turn mess.



#p21342,Речельга wrote:

Читаю я тему нелюдей уже несколько дней. Признаю, что поначалу была, мягко говоря, шокирована.

Но это - первая реакция, и как я полагаю, она - нормальная.

Встретила, по крайней мере две простых рекомендации: марганцовка в "святой" источник, и хлорку на камни... Маловато будет :о)

Посмотрите внимательно на символику и на то, что возле "святых" мест повышенная ионизация, а попросту говоря - статика. Может быть меры по устранению статики и окажутся очень действенными?

Что нам известно об эфире? А то, что его потоком управляют формы. Например, об этом говорит полковник Кондрашов А.А., Артур МАА и многие другие исследователи. Очень интересный с этой точки рассмотрения сайт (Жаль, что нет хорошего перевода на русский, только машинный вариант). Так вот, как я понимаю, этой гадости совсем не комфортно там, где статика сжигается. Например, замкнутый сам на себя провод, а ещё лучше тросик свитый вправо (то есть в направлении противоположном тому, как свиты змеи кадуцеев) и замкнутый своими концами встречно. То, что такие устройства дают оздоровительный эффект - сказать мало.

Так получается, что если для затварки материалов нужны определённые условия, то условия противоположные им, будут как раз тем, что нужно нам для нашей безопасности.

Что вы об этом думаете?

Ну, вот она, тема о "противоядиях".  Довольно пустая. "Простой вопрос  - что делать" называется.
Думаю, по чистой случайности "живой классик" не переместил сюда из темы про химтрейлы свои последние рекомендации - о том, что яблоки,  обработанные с самолетов генодрянью , и подгнившие от нее, можно помыть водой, срезать гниль, и сварить повидло. Даже марганцовки никакой не нужно - водичка, и все. Это вам , по его же словам, подтвердит любой барнаульский садовод.

Пружинки,  духовность - это все пустое. Водичка!  Наше все.

А куда ее потом,  кстати, так сказать,  отработанную ? Она годится на полив?  Или сразу в ближайший водоем? Рекомендация,  прямо скажу,  незаконченная.



#p40294,DLV wrote:

I think, on clean chance "living classic" not moved the here from themes pro khimtreyly their recent recommendations - about how, that apples, aiaiiuo with aircraft genodryanyu, and podgnivshie from it, can be to wash it water, cut rot, and cook preserve. Even potassium manganate (no need not - 's the water, and all. This you, on his same words of, will confirm any barnaulskiy grower.

Apples rotting away, yes. But, usually, not because that be read from fungi and diseases, and contrary (in normal conditions, with goal muster crops, which need sell). And if Kolkevich ??? jet and something there got sprayed by (can thus fight with some - aonaieou, fungi, disease), and rot all ??? emerged (monilioz, for example), then can not from moreover-whitening technology (remains "aonaieou" and "disease").
On expense of, that "cut and to do preserve" - and why there is no? Lasting boiling (and have jam she higher 105 grad. With) destroys fungi and many bacteria, what worry? Are afraid dead bacteria? So we their consume millions every day, when eat and drink, were breathe. Or "a crappy genome" can be transmitted? So bribery from him, if he not assimilated (as genome), can wasn that as protein to degrade like (if after steam will remain in integral the form of "of some trashy genome").

#p40294,DLV wrote:

The water's! Our all.
And far its then, incidentally, so say ,-? She Felix Blumenfeld on watering? Or immediately in closest body of water?

If city - sewerage, if rural-urban divide - in land. There is other options?



Care a on margantsovku in source of and to use bleach on stones, relax and rejoice at life such, what there is.

One familiar, middle-aged already man, ran for my life from vehicle of malicious beaming those, that slept under a bath. Lived on dacha, there was bath a big-ass and he he'd put his on gender slice of galvanized iron, then mattress and blankets of, and from above - bath went upside, then under board podlezal and so slept. A means was stronger than than cap from foil. Few years he so slept until not are a. If in late all die, then there is no sense complicate the itself life.

From malignant chemicals and beaming hide have nowhere. On the aggregate factors, from potassium manganate (just the roughly so much same, how many from net nasal hankie in is case, if you fall off purchases possible the in a puddle. But in a whole their surrounding space for life fit. Many different food and Internet there is. Means to live can be. Perhaps all on the sly we mutate, can be and not first century so. 'm gonna hazard, that are dangerous only mega-doses of any impact and if to cling from particularly glamour or saints seats away, then can be to live long and happily even and under khimtreylami. If there is no resources for struggle (and their no one there is no), means need to as something learn to with all of these coexist. Organism as any adjust, yes, exactly, already features that, we after all alive.

If alive and without my tonsils out, and with vaccinations, and with adronnym kollayderom, means in a whole this not lethally, although and will change ethos people through couple of generations.



#p40295,Val wrote:

Apples rotting away, yes. But, usually, not because that be read from fungi and diseases, and contrary (in normal conditions, with goal muster crops, which need sell). And if Kolkevich ??? jet and something there got sprayed by (can thus fight with some - aonaieou, fungi, disease), and rot all ??? emerged (monilioz, for example), then can not from moreover-whitening technology (remains "aonaieou" and "disease").
On expense of, that "cut and to do preserve" - and why there is no? Lasting boiling (and have jam she higher 105 grad. With) destroys fungi and many bacteria, what worry? Are afraid dead bacteria? So we their consume millions every day, when eat and drink, were breathe. Or "a crappy genome" can be transmitted? So bribery from him, if he not assimilated (as genome), can wasn that as protein to degrade like (if after steam will remain in integral the form of "of some trashy genome").

If city - sewerage, if rural-urban divide - in land. There is other options?

Pro "cut - why would and there is no" - closing, already wrote, scientists say, podgnivshiy fetus bad the entire, infected) gnilostrymi poisons. But - this okay, on lyubitelya, in late all.
Pro dilution of from the tracks - theme was the pro khimtreyly, i.e., in including, pro genodryan. And not pro agrokhimiyu.
Pro bacteria - yes, this is understandable. With big likely sdohnet and an intestinal wand.

And here is pro "a crappy genome" - if all so, as you described, a respected I Val, then what his then at all fear, and no fig us them scare.


I, perhaps, something agreed about this really genome not understand.

If someone explained then, can and I would on the subject rasslablilas, on advice Juvenaly (Poyarkov) Balabasa.


For until I can with him, with Juvenaly (Poyarkov), to agree only in is, that opportunity "zarazitsya" - everywhere. And until man raze with this not struggles, consciously, struggles only his body, so, as the very keeps managing. I’d say self-congratulatory - so, as’s budget provides for in him God. Bio - automatic. In this hope, that not so simply all zatvarit. Times until this not purchased visible signs of "epidemic."

Here, on site one L (without hint, one not remember) as something wrote - oops, ah I words the entire such a nezatvarennaya. It had, likely, in view, that not churchgoers, suppose, in Church, with dolmenami not you hugged, and so on. I smiled, and me was funny - she on the morning doesn her teeth teeth paste, washes hands toilet soap, erases linen-powder, enjoys cosmetic properly, washes head shampoo, eats food with chemical preservatives and food with, and so on. This, so say, least any consumer. And here is so, with easy soul of state - I not zatvarena, not-and, nor never - this strongly. Our man).


In general, who in topic better has understood - tell us explanatory pro genome. And as with him fight. And as his avoid. Or on the defensive. In general, returning to the title themes, eternal question - "What to do?"?

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#p40300,DLV wrote:

A here is pro "a crappy genome" - if all so, as you described, a respected I Val, then what his then at all fear, and no fig us them scare.

And where chilling, except, as on this Forum, ah and on subsidiaries?
I in gene engineering, too, not a good thirst, but not yet met not one person-lyubitelya pork for example, which transformed in little pig's physically. Moral pigs, bulls, goats pridostatochno.
As happens implementing this "gene"?



#p40303,Wind wrote:

In general, who in topic better has understood - tell us explanatory pro genome. And as with him fight. And as his avoid. Or on the defensive. In general, returning to the title themes, eternal question - "What to do?"?

Can be peroxide hydrogen 3% in mouth "rinse, ah and skin glazing not would hurt.
Head vinegar't rinse and promoted in shampoo soda waste.

#p40295,Val wrote:

At expense of, that "cut and to do preserve" - and why there is no? Lasting boiling (and have jam she higher 105 grad. With) destroys fungi and many bacteria, what worry? Are afraid dead bacteria?

And here is, podgnivshie apples I would not has become recycled, the more on storage,. Figs with them bacteria, and taste mould nowhere not going anywhere, better to bury or sweep.
Chervivenkie in this terms of better use, in them of sugars more and taste of - candy :D



#p40303,Wind wrote:

A where chilling, except, as on this Forum, ah and on subsidiaries?
I in gene engineering, too, not a good thirst, but not yet met not one person-lyubitelya pork for example, which transformed in little pig's physically. Moral pigs, bulls, goats pridostatochno.
As happens implementing this "gene"?

Here is pro "as happens implementing gene" - as times and question. Hence will and the answer - that to do.

I not know, so and "call by", let tell those who understands.



All of!

Something nor’s greatest connoisseurs, nor, although would, interpritatorov. "And in the answer quiet", although forum travel people, as would well understand tvarnuyu subject.

But explain to they nothing pleasantly not can. And although would themselves itself? Or lack simply revelations productions?

Seen several times version of - to not issuing mystery of enemies, in sense, 's creatures. But, sorry, they something as-times in topic, who more, who less.

Although. In love I now. Not want I this know. On fact. Because on fact - this on itself. There is no, not want.

But what something theory all-??? not prevented would. For completeness paintings world. Any safe.

But, feel, this theme so and dies. Its'll be trampled "more important" themes.



#p40303,Wind wrote:

I in gene engineering, too, not a good thirst, but not yet don’met one person it's an amateur pork for example, which transformed in little pig's physically.

Googling avtoimunnye disease. This in including and from-for pork. Pork tenderloin - this our cousin, and, rudely - I, too, not a medic, - would account in worryingly, can cause suddenly fight immunity with own their tissue. I.e. organism is wrassling himself themselves as understand, their part of perceives as interlocutor. About moral svinov - here question requires research, but at all pigs live and as host animals, and no problems with them not been. "You're slandering you on family our." :D.



#p40375,Wxd wrote:

googling avtoimunnye disease. This in including and from-for pork.

This Netimer just exception, not rule. Computer gave hiccup.

#p40375,Wxd wrote:

pigs live and as host animals, and no problems with them not been. "You're slandering you on family our.."

Served in Army, was store-agriculture, in which was couple of tens of pigs, if so can be called thin people, too, very rapid animals with pig-face. And the road in toilet proceeded, as times near their fence the paddock, so in sight was their merry life. So here is one a pig the-whether've been tackled by, then-whether Roman Tyrtov, fact in is that its in during days teaching "rodstvenichki", on the evening only slice of skins was sprawled out.



#p40375,Wxd wrote:

googling avtoimunnye disease. This in including and from-for pork. Pork tenderloin - this our cousin, and, rudely - I, too, not a medic, - would account in worryingly, can cause suddenly fight immunity with own their tissue. I.e. organism is wrassling himself themselves as understand, their part of perceives as interlocutor. About moral svinov - here question requires research, but at all pigs live and as host animals, and no problems with them not been. "You're slandering you on family our.."

Autoimmune disease from-for pork? Where you this only beret the? Start with, that a c-ANCA (antibodies to authorities and tissues of our organism) circulating (these in annualized rate and minimum concentrations,. Now their have learned determine. In ties with this was revised opinion about the role autoantitel. Times they there is have healthy people, means this some separate spare mechanism protection in normalcy. System immunity is very complex and has many different protective combinations.

Tbilisi-leucocytes during training and maturation pass tested tolerance to own-antigen match organism, responding in chief complex gistosovmestimosti I class (his bear all nuclear cells of our organism) chemotactic factors, macrophage.
If leucocytes react aggressively, they here same destroyed, by apoptozom. Thus, is happening selection.
In-leucocytes also pass training. In-leucocytes, pollsters a c-ANCA,, too, train, but to stay in Jaatteenmaki tight leash. Precise mechanism not is clear.

When arises scid, then concentration of autoantitel is growing, and here is then they already represent the danger, are beginning to interact with bodies and upend their. Production antibodies plazmaticheskimi cells (In-external radiation therapy) goes from-under control. Plus can emerge aggressive unruly Tbilisi-confirm, but manifestations on own organs and tissue. So arise different local and systemic disease.

At fact causes degenerative diseases several:

1. Viral nature (example, autoimmune hepatitis Since). The virus can already is gone from liver, and cells immune systems continue to upend hepatocytes. Or stricken virus In-leucocytes from-for failure are beginning master your a c-ANCA.
2. There is markers genetic predraspolozhennostey to those or different cause an auto-immune diseases, this already a congenital the reason.
3. The similarities work of an alien noroviruses' antigen with protein organism owner (mimicry). Immune system confuses their and starts to attack. So evolves eyes, to example, from-for beta gemoliticheskogo the strep group A.
4. There is Tbilisi-regulatory cells or Tbilisi-treatment of. They are called upon to regulate and in right time stopped immune response. Can be violations in this its weakest link.
5. Violation of collections functions individual organs, with whom immune system not has contact. This sex tumors (trigger infertility), the brain (dispersed done), eyes, schitovidnye iron.
6. Destruction joints, walls are in a result giperproduktsii provospalitelnykh category: Cytokine IL-6, TNF alpha. This not quite autoimmunka directly, more a consequence other inflammatory processes. Perhaps, there is and other reasons.

The most widespread disease: Autoimmune tireodit, diabetes 2 type, dispersed done, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, upgradeable system red dermatitis.

If autoimmune disease arise, then is to blame not pork tenderloin, and antibiotics and hormones, whom she pumped on under pieces of an. Antibiotics and hormones dampen but one bone marrow – here is you and scid, chronic vyalotekuschie disease, here is you and autoimmunka.

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#p40300,DLV wrote:

In general, who in topic better has understood - tell us explanatory pro genome. And as with the Taliban, who caused down. And as his to avoid. Or on the defensive. In general, returning back to title themes, eternal question - "What is to be Done?"

Simple question, demands many knowledge in different areas, with quite thorny, such as biochemistry, Economics, genetics, psychology and camping on D.

The city dweller asked direction:

To those who owns fundamentalists biochemistry: ZaTVARivanie represents a replacement normal human `metabolic cycle, under which prevails reaction split glycogen until glucose and glyukozo-6-phosphate, on cycle with keen density weight pentozofosfatnogo path. "Configuring" due physiological cycle other scavenger out there,, if to speak mundane words.

There are external signs of zaTVARivaniya (blue tinge to the and pokorichnevenie skin integuments, orogovenie and camping on Afghan, but the main transformation goes in area psychics and nervous system, behavioral reactions, is changing in side TVARosti behavior and ultimate nervous systems activities; psychology vozhdizma, part, egotsentrizma, herd mentality and staynosti, selektsionirovaniya itself such and camping on D., and camping on P. Is leading roots precisely hence.

In body human our metabolism glucose passes two cycles (ways):
1. the Basic— this category: Glycolysis, spurious carbohydrates with emancipation energy.
2. Alternative Militarypentozofosfatnyy path, without allocation energy.
Both cycle are necessary for effluents human, but under a normal functioning of the organism pentozofosfatnyy cycle oxidative glucose is happening only in a series of organs (liver, fat tissue, breast from bare metal under hour, on seed plants, cortex adrenal glands, Red blood corpuscles) and under certain conditions:

Of Wiki
Fate glyukozo-6-phosphate — takes whether he in glikoliz or pentozofosfatnyy path — is determined by needs cells in this moment, and also concentration nadp + / NADPH + in intracellular volume. Without availability of aktseptora of electrons the first reaction pentozofosfatnogo path (kataliziruemaya glyukozo-6-fosfatdegidrogenazoy) not will go. When cell quickly unlikely NADPH in nadp + / NADPH + in biosinteticheskikh restitution reactions, level of nadp + / NADPH + is rising, allostericheski spurring glyukozo-6-fosfatdegidrogenzazu and thereby increasing talk glyukozo-6-phosphate through pentozofosfatnyy path. When consumption NADPH slows, level of nadp + / NADPH + is declining, and glyukozo-6-phosphate be difficult to dispose of glikoliticheski.

In fix the difference these cycles?
I'll explain you on an abstract chunk meat :)

In the first case
: Meat immediatelyis mired in organism and under the auspices of enzymes ’ are riven by on more ordinary substances, which then will be used in construction cells, synthesis acids and camping on D., with ??????? energy, using that organism can to commit any work, and also sinteziruyutsya substances't double-crossglycogen, which will be used in cycle a more until the next join Nato food.

When the second case: In reactions pentozofosfatnogo path is participating not itself diabetes will, and its derivative — glyukozo-6-phosphate, which is taken from cycle a more, either from outside. T. E. If in acid prevails pentozofosfatnyy cycle, then slice of meat first should fermentirovatsya stay outside the organism(Autolysis (biology)), then already fall into organism and to participate in appropriate mixture reactions. So A city type and calls his cycle other scavenger out there,, I would added predator-other scavenger out there,.
T. K. Primary spurious carbohydrates is happening outside organism, reaction pentozofosfatnogo path emit much less energy— hence reduced temperatures bodies have misrepresentation / creatures / zatvarennykh, and NOT is undertaken the formation the reservoirin the form of glycogen — food "nips" through organism and requires a permanent saturation — hence already is shaped such predatory vsepozhirayuschee behavior without moral principles and other things, so requires organism.

How refocusing these cycles, zatvarit human?
Create conditions under which cells organism themselves pick pentozofosfatnyy path and Y burn conditions flow into a more!

Short zatvarivaniya(write not in order importance of):
1.Zaprogrammarovat cell, camping on’s replace in DNA cells gene(slice of programs), Undersecretary for choice path oxidative glucose — khimtreyly, potravy, religious practices and camping on D.
2.stimulate raising nadp + / NADPH +(see Saying higher) and lowera NAD +with the help a certain diets and, perhaps, foreign ionization air (not am confident).
3.was a hormone thing impact on organs, in primarily on liver, adipose fabric and camping on D. (see Higher). You better count those his-in advertising allowed fast food / Cokes / GMOsyatiny and drugs for liver / zheluzhka / sufferers on Gunnel.
4.Destruction own useful microflora progress human, ceratinocytes someone else's, an operating "correctly", as need to. Again same an assertive advertisements bifido- enzimo- lakto- yoghurts / kefirov, soap-gels-shampoos smyvayuschikh not only dirt, but and useful microbes.

Avoid zatvarivaniya on 100% hardly tickles, but can be significantly weaken effect, and organism further himself tackles. Should constantly remember, that state, medetsina, culture, religion created not people and not for good people. So if something aggressively being imposed on these institutions purposeful kodirovannym the flood of information (an advertisement, propaganda), need to as least this ignore, and better deal what goal this pursues and accept response measures, camping on E. Very not to do and other explanatory to clarify.

For entrench material useful article, ironically with Forum dog-person person :)

Oh food, bacterial populations, based paints and intestinal mikroflore

This article compile messages with Forum

Question "that better?" Here devoid of sense: Prebioticheskoe action depends not from Mark feed, and from dose, species prebiotika and fortune microflora progress sufferers.
Now d being such a downer, i.e. to explain the crux of the prebiotikoterapii.
1. On probiotics - this neperevarivaemye ’. I.e., such ’, which not biggest (not fermentiruyutsya, not gidrolizuyutsya, not are assimilated, not are riven by) in your stomach and in organ as delicate intestines, because fermentativnaya system human (pigs, dogs, cats and problem) not soberzhit beta-glikozidazu - enzyme to split these carbohydrates. Thus, on probiotics in transit those objects fly thru the entire 1920s and virtually in this Web the form of reach thick intestine. And here is only here on probiotics finally are riven by enzymes kislomolochnoy microflora progress (bifidobakterii, laktobatsilly), becoming for it thought to be food a substrate. Simply put: Prebiotki this not food for dogs, and food for the microflora progress sufferers, which provides and) immune status, but more) dezinteksikatsiyu, in) uninterrupted power supply epithelium sufferers, g) synthesis vitamins and letchikh fatty acids and the like.

2. Normal nutrition, this when until 30 precent. Consumed by carbohydrates - goes on nutrition defensive microflora progress sufferers. You saw as dog (hypotensive! The meat-eater!) it stings and chews weed? Because as carbohydrates it lacks. And when lacks carbohydrates-prebiotikov, then sharply is contracting populations of kislomolochnoy microflora progress, is changing acidity in immunomodulating intestine and are beginning grow pathogens - mushroom type always losing., clostridium. Which produce toxins (intestinal poisons). These poisons, in turn, incite combination, it comes in blood flow, putting strain on liver. Organism is beginning to work in regime energodefitsita under which suffer above all "????? the functional system" - follicle shelf and skin.

Often doctors under such problems recommend reception during the. Sense in such a treatment - zero!

Say would on-simple: Muster all probiotics, it comes yes burn. Are not polchitsya. Popular probiotics, and among doctors and among dieticians our organism and among patients. Popular and are authoritative as bible on a church yard.
Start from the stove. Probiotics, - this bacteria. This useful curdled bacteria, grown in bioreaktorakh, then isolated from environment, laundered, with dried, and packed to in pills or scattered on escape pods. In than the idea? The idea is simple until nasty stuff. If in body lacks useful bacteria, then these bacteria need to to accept and) in the form of drugs (strong, apply Enterosgel during pregnancy, probifor and the like. Pacifiers), but more) together with food (biokefir, yoghurts and prochyaya dose of bullshit). This is called estrogen therapy: Not missing you calcium - eat up drugs calcium, lacks iron - eat up zhelezosoderzhaschie drugs. And that - judging by analysis feces - little you have bifido- and laktobakterii, then nothing pills, these the most bifido and lakto- containing.

Here is such deception people. In than deception?
In - first, kislomolochnaya mikroflora - this stringent anaerobic bacteria, i.e. bacteria not living in the presence of oxygen (pills, kefir, yoghurt - not their environment habitat)
Second, stomach human (and those more dogs) this a powerful antibacterial barrier, i.e. task stomach not only for food but and disinfect * 2 bath its, i.e. TO KlLL VSE - harmful and useful - bacteria in him cases now, i.e. probiotics, die in your stomach, not reaching thick intestine.
In-vtretikh, if its grains birth (indigennaya - on-bright) mikroflora sufferers why something rotted away, then with no, pardon, at alien (ekzogennaya) mikroflora, like in bloating, survives there and will settle in. There is no of import answer
Fourth, number of bacteria in one to a tablet (typically 10 in 7 extent), this roughly one stotysyachnaya from moreover number of which could it comes modicum as something compensate for deficit microflora progress, thus need to to accept 100 100,000 tab., and 1 tablet - this that a shot glass vodka for regiment soldiers, elders and officers)

, Nwoo, Vyro. This all. As says my friend the great gastroenterologist A. W. Dubinin noted, "I will all - leaving in those involved in human, because pigs advertising not look."
I it comes recommended 1) Vetelakt (for lack of in vetapteke - Lactulose, ~ 98%) add times in day in drink (polchaynoy phytosterols in day) 2) depth - on 1 to a tablet 2 times in day, (mash up add in food. From Laktofiltruma we need lignin is the stuff that - best on today enterosorbent (in 1,000 times stronger activated ANK coal. Food - grubovoloknistaya, groats with bran, zaparennye vegetables.
Truth, on-any worse not will. Ah, was-not-was: Recommended would such a scheme:
First day - 1 dining room spoon Laktusana in food. And all!
Forth 7-10 days to accept depth, to: To withdraw intestinal toxins with the help the lignin, support growth own microflora progress. 2-3 tab. In day with food.

Bacterial landscape is individual and inimitable as prints fingers (paws) and close nevosproizvodim since. That is why strategy correction germ the pool sufferers must sound so: Not infect (not it settled now) bloating of alien microflora with the help during the, and stimulate growth and vital activity own microflora progress with the help prebiotikov.

Antibiotics indeed kill some gastrointestinal micro flora, but never and under any circumstances not kills VSE! Sterilization continue sufferers impossible: Bifido- and laktoflora have human about 2-2.5 kg or a hundred thousands of billion cells (in 10 times more than cells the entire body rights. And even after the most brutal appreciation oral anti-biotics - remains bacterial pool sufficient for dispersion under his energy support with the help prebiotikov. And here is another argument. Blind rectum - human digestive - depot microflora progress from which is undertaken resettlement of. And all thought, that unnecessary he intestine)
Lechas antibiotics, you produtsiruete in his body strains microorganisms, program for these antibiotics. And are a recovering alcoholic you (we) antibiotics sometimes from picayune reasons – angina, caries … and will come the real the trouble – and there is no you have patrons … all on Goldberg defense spent …

And pro local immunity sufferers – this simply. Almost on all (ah, 90%) your questions pro intestinal evils, I will respond – nothing laktulozu, so as almost all problems intestine – this problems deficit defensive microflora progress. She, incidentally, and provides as local immunity so and protivoopukholevuyu protection thick intestine. Slide laktulozu (Prelaks, Lactulose, ~ 98%, Normaze) – stimulating the growth kislomolochnoy microflora progress – crush a established micro flora – aktiviziruete immunity …. And no antibiotics) In European (and also the American and the Japan) pharmacopoeia the main appointment Lactulose, ~ 98% - a laxative a means and precisely so its 99 precent. Doctors and use. But a laxative effect Lactulose, ~ 98% should be in practice to the attending doctor, not only whether not the first point in its using, but even and not the fifth. Above all laktuloza, this bifidus-factor # 1, i.e. prebiotik, with the most high index prebiotichnosti (IP), and everything else, in including and its a laxative effect, - derived from this its a fundamental properties.

Of course same on probiotics is the most staunch, the most effective and the most natural path normalization of the gastrointestinal digestion - the benefits cannot be doubted. But, as you realize, a goddamn bloody capitalists, more important its grains profits, than your health - of course same pursuit of money.
Here is you calculation. On how many me managed discover prebiotikcheskiy drink Viyo - is worth 250 rubles - 7) remain on 7 days. In as a prebiotika in it is used FOS (fruktooligosakharid) which is worth have suppliers 160 Br Kg. In MALTS this FOS maximum 2-3 gr, i.e. - on 32 - 48 kop. Else - water. Packaging, drive - still 5 rub + expensive spending. 760.46 ,-fracture,, hardly 10 Br Profitability above 1,000%. Think, that trade weapons, drug and girls - alongside such profitability - nervously smokes in side.

Robіt such beverages ????. In the short mark buy Prelaks (syrup Lactulose, ~ 98%) for those same 250 Br In vial 220 gr. - on 1 gram in day kapayte in drink dogs - ????? almost on year. Effectiveness - I guarantee - better have the stuff, that on Figure.

Myth 19TH - balanced PITANIE
Thesis: The who hovers you brains pro "balanced nutrition" - either ignoramus-a C student, either a con man. In any case - hotshots, give me his from its dogs raggedy with a broom.
And) historical. Theory "balanced nutrition" - invention strictly Communist Party (Bolsheviks) and was born he, first in the ground Politburo the Chinese Central Committee, then - in the Brookings nutrition AN the USSR. People in the time, feed was nothing with which and even "meat Hauptstrasse", razezzhayuschiesya from Moscow in different hand, situation have not altered. And here is in smart the minds on Old Tiananmen was born idea: People can be feed any shit, this is the, if explain him his favor of with perspective science. Here is for scientific rationale this ideas and turned on Institute sells, more accurately his director of - academic A. A. Pokrovskiy.
Not can not hold, to not khikhiknut: Institution nutrition - in country, which never in all its history not eaten quietness or noisy rest - suddenly singled out healthy nutrition, although perishing until health something those more in country the Soviets all was on't care.
So, academic Pokrovskiy opened formula balanced nutrition: Proteins-fats-’, must be represented in proportion 1-1-4. And energy value food must stack 1,500-2,500 heated. Represent, what up, fam began and how many problems decided this formula: No matter what balandoy fed in Detention Center sofa, importantly to 1-1-4 was oaoia. And caloricity as long.

Hey, forumchane-238: You not forgotten, hope, pro Thursday - a flat fish day around the the USSR. Greetings from the past - from balanced devoured have with chips or pasta, OK sling-away color of!

All dairy products share on tselnomolochnye and fermentation (biochemistry). The difference in is, that tselnomolochnye products contain lactose (not be confused with laktulozoy, until which I raze not I get there), and fermentation (biochemistry), respectively, its not contain. In fermented products lactose in a result of devolved in dairy acid = milk milk is bad - sour cream - sour milk - kefir - cottage cheese - choked. Namely lactose - the reason diarrhea, which many so scares. So, with tselnomolochnykh - bears, with fermented - not bears.
Now, about glycosidic essentially. Milk - product created by nature for ditenyshey and only! Use milk adults proportioned member ofthe mammals - this, a kind of pathology.
Milk - above all source of albumen, proteins extremely needed to growing body in as a construction material and calcium. Respectively, genetic program senior mammals does so, that synthesis of enzymes, needed to split and learn – ­ milk (laktAzy, for example, not be confused with laktozoy and lakulozoy)) over time stops. And milk, still yesterday normally usvaevoemoe, suddenly becomes cause of take enterosgel, violations elektrolitnogo balance blood and, even, under particularly stupid beef, cause of death. Under that all the rest products (choked, cottage cheese and etc.) still offer safe.

Still times: Milk - product for dependent offspring! But - the puzzle of nature - have some individuals synthesis laktAzy (childhood of enzymes) not stops and in adulthood age and Milk still aren belly. Why so - not know. Himself drink's pairs milk gladly, while children my drischut.

Process digestion begins … on kitchen. We being slice of meat and keeping the his prolonged time in some boiling water – get meat broth. And that this such? This - food-varenie, varenie food. Meat broth – this protein so vigor boiling water, this Water care solution ordinary proteins and amino acids. I.e., instead of spend own energy on spurious meat, we spend energy purchased us have Gazprom, substantially thus reducing number of solution to the EPR and increasing thereby PE.
When man ill, have him sharply increases need in energy life support (Ag). Organism struggles with disease and is rebounding, spending a huge number of energy – under this eats and loses weight,. I to what pro disease I mentioned. And to what many in your way to the hospital to-him to next of kin to his women were chicken chicken soup – and right! - the cheapest energy. Or here is hangover – me, as man vypivayuschemu, this closer for explanations – this form of disease, i.e. - form of energodefitsita. And, when with hungover “in his mouth nothing not climbs ”, (own something energy the entire has moved on splitting separates ethyl industrial alcohol and on fight with Enterosgel.Pryamogo impact Methanoyl group) – here is then especially good Azeri khash, its robust meat broth, which stood on fire hours 10-12. And even better under disease – diabetes will in vein. Product not in need splitting separates - the most cheap energy!!
Except thermal energy we also use mechanical energy (a grinder for example) and chemical energy (vinegar, wine) to split food. Here is the entire Mediterranean cuisine of built on lye and impulse, for cuts own solution to the EPR.

There is still one kind of digestion, the generalized in environment predators – this bacterial digestion.

In the most a stark form we with this meet, learning digestion scavengers. Vultures!!!, gut, osetrovye fish and the like. Scavengers save own energy solution to the EPR, expense of moreover, that the first stages of food split they give Escherich. Here is the bear. Zadrav sacrifice, he privalivaet his leaves and awaits until gnilostnye bacteria not meet for him work on primary be protein. And already bacteria, not the bear spends energy. As-meat “propakhnet ” - its continues to are the bear (jackal, wolf, tiger over, dog and etc. Predators)

And have people – all also. In extreme cases – peoples north also prefer meats and fish products “with smell is coming from ”, as and the bear. Pro rotten eggs in China –, too, perhaps all heard. Ah, not let us far walk: Sour milk – product the past primary famous (to digestive spurious) bacteria, pickled cabbage – from this same the opera. And mass just another other things ….

The latest kind of “digestion someone else's vigor ” - this when food word themselves itself!! Javadxan-aha!! Not mishear your radio – is called avtoliz. But above than to speak about him – here is description of genius experiment, Graz Hanseatica. Ugolevym.
Being two absolutely equals slice meat = 100 gr = 600 heated. But one thing meat raw, and the second boiled. And both these slice meat place it irrevocably into in the flask with a gastric juice predator (dogs, for example). Through hour (ah, can 1.5 or 2 – not the crux of the) raw meat fully dissolve in stomach flu juice. Fully! I.e. splintered until amino acids, ready to Probiotics in blood flow. And boiled meat for this same time, only slightly privyanet and shrinks up ….
Here is – all involved in topic – porazmyshlyayte over these experiment …

Here me it is important repeat, that digestion - this dissolving the food. I.e. know`s from food, with the help of enzymes and secretion of the gastric fortunes, Mortar containing biologically active substances. If, dog, for example eats meat - the organism selling from this meat preparing broth, i.e. care solution amino acids, which then vsosutsya in systemic blood flow. I accelerated example dissolving of the raw and boiled slice meat in stomach flu juice predator. For one thing and, too, time - raw meat dissolves fully, and boiled - partly.
Explains this - avtolizom. Autolysis (biology) - this when cell eats itself themselves, more accurately itself themselves it dissolves. A dizzying in having: Cell organism otsluzhiv its age, itself themselves decomposes on puzzle parts of, which go on construction new cells, or their nutrition, - bezotkhodnoe production. Here is, for example, when she's a tadpole frogs grows up - cells tail themselves themselves decompose, and into this in a result broth assimilated other cells frogs as food. Samorastvoreniem cells engage in own ferments cells. I.e., all cells, (as are martyrs), bear in their lizotsimakh (on middle belt of the martyr) ferments (bomb), which activated (are exploding) under certain conditions,. These conditions, in particular, arrive under umerschvlenii animal: In cells muscle (meat) stops command oxygen, overflows acidity, ferments race from Lysosome (s) and are beginning the organism to cellular proteins - are cell, monetize its in broth ready to distributing other cells.
Whew. To Stimul-Cash easier not broke a. So here is and is happening dissolving the raw meat in stomach flu juice. And boiled meat why not dissolves. Because under temp erature processing meat has passed denaturatsiya protein, i.e. protein from a dissolving forms moved in nerastvorimuyu. To clear became: Take raw egg - protein eggs easily can be dissolve in conventional water. Boil him egg - protein in water already not dissolves. Under this, as you realize, with perspective the composition eggs (proteins, fats, ’) nothing has changed. And essentially - we have two different product.

So, one and the same slice of meat, but in different their states (crude, sailors) - requires motley number of energy for his food-cooking solutions. Moreover, there is the difference not only between crude and boiled, but and raw meat not uniformly in time. Chem-7 process to paint with not d, but all looks here is so: 's pairs meat - from hazardous mines until 2-3 hours - muscle (fibers) are weakened, protein vysokorastvorim. Then comes phase dead corpse of rigor meat, fibers are compressed, overflows acidity meat and it becomes mechanically tough. Through 50 - 60 hours - comes phase deep avtoliza, or as say cooks - phase "maturity meat": Is returning as soft and solubility protein.
Now, note, precisely so predators and guide: Either immediately after hazardous mines ('s pairs), either through 2-3 days (and more) are returning to on the extraction, which acquired more perevarivaemuyu form of.
Need whether to speak, that boiled now surrounded-sheep-Calves, on forests not antics and to the wolves in food not fall. This I to what boiled meat for dogs - on stilts a piece of crackpot. Boiled meat, but - not meat broth!

And here is here I should tell: The right nutrition - this not simply balanced nutrition, this, above all, adequate nutrition! Cubs - adequately, feasible milk, and predatory, isn't it - raw meat. I.e., food must be adjust a process system organism.

I all time - different words and in different when cornering - have been arguing prove only one thing: Is thus meaningless to talk about food se, outside context digestion, the enzyme system and functional fortune organism. Is thus meaningless it comes to in chunk meat (bread and the like) calories, be or content calcium and the like. Minerals without Accounting all rest elements system digestion. Thought like would simple and obvious, and DOCG level OK you - until now powers balancing food on proteins produced by, fats and carbohydrates for an abstract esophagus.
So, we are talking about system, in which food (fodder) - only one of its elements. And any system (structure) subject to main law: Either go - either Die. I.e., all structures, only then live, when act. This universal law and acts he everywhere - in linguistics, in sociology, in innovation, in physiology. Linguistics had: You forget any language (even native) as only cease on it to speak. Sociology: Any organization (party, institution and etc.) will deteriorate and is unraveling as only ceased function. Anatomy of: Muscle atrophy, if not are shrinking, not Sheba. The same and with a process system: She is unraveling, if not whole body tenses up. I.e., if those or other ferments not amount - they transformed organism sintezirovatsya.
We already talked about this, when speech commanded about admission standards milk: Some dogs bears, because laktaza - enzyme rasscheplyayuschiy dairy sugar lactose - over time, when Puppy shall henceforth be solemnly banned from maternal milk, ceased sintezirovatsya. And have other dogs reception milk not leads to though - synthesis laktazy not extinguished, because not disappearance reception milk (have gone on mad cow. I.e., not need a laktaza - not synthesize.
And case so, that laktaza something we need a, but we, on somehow reasons, prefer its to accept from outside, in the form of tablets - and its grains laktaza here same ceases to grows on its: Why body hard work, when its on were give, - the same his kind of "law of conservation of energy." Or here is still two examples, proyasnyayuschikh this thought. The first -, drug addiction. Known, that cells brain sinteziruyutsya endorphins - substances sokraschayuschie pain and supportive of the emotional tone. Reception of the serious (heroin, there) leads to a cessation fusion endorphins: Why body work-strain if these substances trickled in from outside. Abolishing drugs leads to junksick, i.e. from outside endorphins not trickled in, and production their already terminated - a drug addict bent up in pain about 14 days, until again not internets process fusion own endorphins.

Or here is peoples Far the North’s. Why they so quickly alkogoliziruyutsya? Known that they have no fermenta rasscheplyayuschego ethyl alcohol - alkogoldegidroginaza. And why his there is no? Because the food peoples the North’s - bezuglevodnaya diet. There is no carbohydrates in food - there is no Austria carbohydrates - there is no industrial alcohol, as an interim product metabolism carbohydrates - there is no and fermenta, this alcohol rasscheplyayuschego. And on the morning have Chukchi my noddle raising the-raising the and liver - that's Saadat!!

Review to-lover. Adequate nutrition dogs - this, above all, nutrition, adequate the enzyme system, i.e. zadeystvuyuschee all) ferments. To exclude from system digestion those or other are fermentation processes - like, why it raw meat, if there is boiled, this would still that hammer out dog her teeth, with words why it her teeth, we dog are giving food already perezhevannuyu - only swallow it.

Chief slogan adequate nutrition - ago to nature! And in nature - there is no crack feed, there is no boiled meat, there is no hens and pigs, grown on stem cells growth. And not need to to speak, that have us breed such a. Type - already until us all destroyed and us already nothing not remains, except as to flee in Music for Ekanuboy.

Need to understand principled difference digestion predators and herbivorous. Not MOHlNDER: In unnecessary us the details to convert you your attention on most important: Edifice stomach and sufferers.
Herbivorous-ruminants must feed have – as know - mnogokamernyy stomach. And 4\ 5 volume of this stomach – a scar. Ox, a scar … tripe – essentially – this biological reactor continuous cultivation microflora progress. Food – weed, note pages – comes in a scar and here downward process bacterial Austria carbohydrates. All usually pay attention on the that in the rumen, goes process ferment fibre, that, of course, correctly - but not enough for understanding of the entire genius natural design … tripe – reactor in which is growing meat. And bacteria this that? In-in … Precisely … Why cows not preyed upon for rabbits? Because they these the most “rabbits ” grow have themselves in the rumen, … Koeffitsient conversion roughly such: 1 kg – carbohydrates, turns into 100 gr bacterial protein (i.e. meat). Bactria from scar otrygayutsya and forth go in the true stomach, where this protein shaped as any other protein …
Here is you incidentally, and response to question, as this cows grows up such a large, and meat not eats … Est! Because and is growing!
Кроме белка в рубце (а затем и в длиннющем кишечнике, где процесс продолжается пищеварения) идет синтез летучих жирных кислот (ЛЖК)… ЛЖК – это короткоцепочные пропионовая, уксусная, изопреновая, бутиловая, молочная кислоты… Эти кислоты образуются в процессе жизнедеятельности микрофлоры кишечника и они выполняют сразу несколько функций: 1) обеспечивают энергией эпителиальные клетки кишечника, 2) подкисляют просвет кишки, обеспечивая таким образом бактериостатический и бактерицидный эффект, 3) переводят токсичный аммиак (продукты белкового метаболизма) в нетоксичный аммоний, предохраняя таким образом животное от гипераммонизации (белковое отравление) 4) поступая в системный кровоток ЛЖК играют роль нейромедиаторов… уф… ну, и еще до фига чего делают эти ЛЖК… ну, поверьте на слово, без ЛЖК – всем млекопитающим кранты…
And have predators – there is no scar … And bloating have them was a pretty short and smooth as weapon barrel. And acidity stomach such a, that no mikroflora from outside in bloating not penetrates – sdohnet on path …. So, all predators live in strashennom deficit LZhK … And mogu zabyt golos it comes all predators if not was herbivorous: Scoring a their they the first affair can until scar or sufferers victims … Meat can wait, and here is bats fatty acid – they OK bats … and they will be gone, until hypotensive will teeth click – latest cut to eat ….
Here is why predators (wolves, lions, tigers) 're chewing oprezh just stomach and bloating victims: They need products bacterial effluents, poskoku own lacks.
Incidentally, here on Forum, people periodically searching for “Konakion ” (vitamin By) - the best an antidote for dogs, from rat poison … So here is, announce, that in nature vitamin By sinteziruetsya bifid bacteria sufferers … and canines, when're chewing intestine herbivorous, thus, accept natural“ Konakion ” …

And where in nature have dogs a diverse nutrition? Summer still far nor resisted berries on bushes, and that winter? Jerboa dead tracking in merzlom the form of.
Ah yes, and Jerboa, too,. Wild canines his not splitting an, and entirely eat, together with stomach. T. D. And Jerboa what eats? And he the muffin - and bugs's at the snack table, and a myelogram prevents, and seeds - what would find. And all of this together with tushkanchikom in stomach to predatory, isn't it and is mired.
A hundred pudof! And a dead Jerboa - handicap will give any Ekanube, on diversity the composition and polzitelnosti)
So here is, indeed "pro closet." I here, somewhere in this same section Forum, read vsyakoshnie rassuzhdizmy on subject "why our pretty bernyashki guide poop." Type, be there. Or some a special protein. All easier and all I in general something already said.

First, dogs not eat dog shit, as and shit any other predator - only shit herbivorous and rights. Second, shit contains and) sluschennuyu with epithelium sufferers kislomolochnuyu micro flora it comes) bats-fatty acid = products effluents this microflora progress. I.e., shit herbivorous contains the, in than predators experiencing deficit.

At all need to say, that food cycle predator begins in including and in your stomach a leaf eater. I.e., nature as always saves and goes on path path of least resistance: Why the wolf own mikroflora as source of fusion LZhK, if he eats all cows. Let better little cows work and "on themselves and on moreover wolf." A scar – if you his saw, and you his of course OK saw – this highly the porous, is spongy,, skladchataya substance … the entire the by acids … the entire a saturated salts of different these acids … tripe – if you his Petersburg, and you his of course OK Petersburg – stinks! And until he stinks – he bears LZhK … and represents for dogs value ….

Incidentally, can wean dogs from eating shit – simply give them a fresh a scar?. On biochemistry (and on aiie) – this almost also we most, but as something for our aesthetic chuystv schadyaschee …

Glut hypotheses protein. "Belkovoe poisoning of our" - on bright known giperammoniemiey = hyper (many) + Ammon (ammonia) = overstepping concentration substantially in blood. I.e., meat - this protein, protein - this amino acids, and amino acids - this as you perhaps already there this in including and ammonia. ??? way eat the meat, more accurately perevarivaya meat our organism Hypnotizes "dezaminirovaniem biogenic amines", i.e. vivіlnennyam substantially from meat. Ammonia - a big a neurotoxin, i.e. poison, which leads to defeat CNS, and this, indeed, spasms. Coma. And - that's Saadat.
Deal in is, that giperammoniemiya - this when in body transformed work (or - poorly work) mechanisms detoxifying substantially. I.e., ammonia in a result of digestion amino acids - is generated always and have all, but not always and not have all we meeting belkovoe poisoning of our. Ammonia (I shall remind – this NH3) in acidic environment (i.e. – under an hydrogen H) – turns into ammo (and this = NH4), which already not poison at all, and so – piss and only) … What there is, guests get substantially – this creation in esophagus (and then and in systemic the bloodstream) acidic environment. And this – deal intestinal microflora progress … A ksilaya environment – this and there are those the most korotkotsepochnye LZhK (bats fatty acid) which have predators in deficit. For the replacement rate this deficit they – predators i.e. – and're chewing bloating herbivorous and oprezh just their a scar ….

Have people, incidentally, belkovoe poisoning of our most often manifests itself have tyazheloatletov. To weld, which sit on vysokobelkovoy diet ('re chewing typically syvorotochnye proteins - bezmernymi the. Naturally, above all is growing burden on liver. And when liver not deal with’protein toxins - such a good athlete - not laugh! - with catastrophic speed tupeet. Ah, i.e. literally - have him evolves the portal is = defeat brain associated with dysfunction liver (the liver has, - say.

The main cure under liver encephalopathy is - laktuloza. Their eyes saw ressurection Lazar: Man in a coma (the extreme clinical form of portal encephalopathy) - him enema levy in direct into 200 gr Lactulose, ~ 98% and. Man is rising from the dead, goes from coma.

Any mammal is born sterilized: 's sterile means in which there fetus, 's sterile and placenta, which lumps together fetus with organism mothers. And nevertheless, bacteria enter bloating of a mammal already in the first minutes life. Where goes ceratinocytes sufferers bacteria? Where source of infection.
The first mikroflora is mired in organism baby (schenka, cow) - from vaginas mothers. Mikroflora patrimonial pathways and vaginas (and this predominantly laktobatsilly and bifidobakterii) passes on esophagus, rasselyayutsya on'cause the epithelials from thick intestine and becomes own (or - indogennoy) microflora ditenysha.
Here it is important to note the fact, that bacteria on first stages life - convoys pass through acidic environment stomach. Stomach, incidentally, not only body digestion, but and body disinfection food - increasingly, that in belly foundered, passes processing by secretion of the gastric juice. Acidity stomach dogs many higher than have pigs and human, so dog almost not suffer in-earlier infection: Eats nemytuyu food greasy hands and - do you want would of henna!! So here is, and in the Nighttime dityachestva - gastric bypass barrier easily's impervious. For bacteria, so as environment still not and acid and alkaline - depends on type food. Thus is cursory moment dityachestva - phase natural formation own (indigennoy) microflora progress sufferers, which then, entire life you will serve and you could. Under transition from breast food - back gate to the house is closed. Environment stomach becomes acidic and increase bacterium henceforth reaches Earth until the mid-. Hmm. Stomach.

These - i.e. oral anti-biotics nature stomach - explains, incidentally, absolute besperspekivnost treatment sufferers since: Apply Enterosgel during pregnancy, strong, laktobaktrin, KOLIBAKTERIN and the like. Hell is that. And so same and - Aktiviya, bifidokefir, miracle-yoghurts - all pacifiers, all in dustbin of: Bacteria these products not pass through stomach. All that passed stomach and lives in intestines - the come from childhood. Or - enema through the ass. I, incidentally, when me invite to read lecture for technologists! The, so them and say: Your biokefir very a useful, if to drink his not a mouth and assman. Forgive Jess.

If the first Portia bacteria is obtained puppy for from patrimonial pathways mothers, how live kesarskie children? Or born in bubble? Ah, recognized five key for question!! Kesaryata - and precisely because that not received micro flora patrimonial pathways - with likely 90% are doomed to "some gastrointestinal dysfunction" and comprise major headaches childhood Gastroenterology clinics: Kids’diatezy, artrozy, foods allergy - the reason in crash formation germ the pool intestine. Them words, i.e. kesaryatam, as times and need to to accept apply Enterosgel during pregnancy and the like. Probiotics,, i.e. it settled now bloating ekzogennoy microflora. And to do this need to vigorously and quickly, so as back gate to the house of permeability sufferers soon will be sealed. If same without tablets, then - source of microflora progress is breast is maternal breast, precisely breast is - propionokislye bacteria there in folds of the and can. Another source of bacteria - hands, toys and sosatelnyy reflex all dependent offspring.
But let us OK'll complete pro bacteria.

So, bacteria it comes in bloating from of female vaginas. Hence, incidentally, an important conclusion: Dysbacteriosis and vaginosis - this one thing and, too ,-in different places. Ah yes, about semes as-thread in the other life.

Alone bacteria in intestines rasselyayutsya on epithelium. This - panoply mikroflora. Drutie bacteria rasselyayutsya and live in immunomodulating intestine, i.e. in gastroenteric is one popular appeal. And the entire dramaturgical sufferers in is, that opportunistic mikroflora, which lives in immunomodulating intestine, "seeks" to escape in systemic blood flow, and the entire panoply mikroflora (bifido and laktobakterii) who live on duct walls - their there not broadcast. Here is internal isolation intestine, which consists of kislomolochnoy microflora progress and processes the epithelial cells (mutsinovyy tier) and there is protection organism from gastroenteric yadov and infections.

Forth, the who remembers an enduring teachings Ilia press, the DOCG level knows about mutual antogonizme harmful and useful bacteria. (Will repeat still times - the division on "harmful-useful" highly contingent and the inaccurate). The crux of the this antogonizma in is, that these bacteria - enemies. And go to war they against each other - chemicals substances, which and produce. Curdled bacteria - go to war by acids. They produce those the most LZhK (bats fatty acid) about which was nor times here said, creating thereby environment in which pathogens not live. And contrary. I.e., in annualized rate - kislomolochnaya mikroflora dominates over pathogenic. She - hostess sufferers, but as only she of Iraqis and its populations of is contracting, as here same is beginning to proliferate pathogenic microbes - type sacred place empty not case.

That is happening under reducing defensive microflora progress - ah, here is the same and is happening - protection is cooling and in organism are beginning penetrate toxins, which produces gnilostnaya opportunistic flora. Defeat a protective layer - this and there is reason nespetsifichekogo neoplastic nature colitis sufferers, syndrome irritated intestine and the like. Extreme case evils - from a perf in the the walls sufferers (this when small holes in training: No courses are formed) and a direct penetration in blood flow gastroenteric bacteria and yadov. Forth - sepsis and that's Saadat. So incidentally stabbed injured sufferers - almost always are deadly.

Penetration yadov from sufferers - is growing burden on liver - the portal is - artrozy, atopicheskie dermatity, alopecia. And still 33 misadventures.

In short, like it or to was you charm - take care of intestine with molodu. And not spit on bloating - come pouring out not you catch.

Some gastrointestinal micro flora, incidentally - call still "the second liver" and even another - non-specific health body rights.

As the here I was wrote, that weight intestinal microflora progress have human roughly = 2-2.5 kg. For comparisons - liver - 400 gr. The brain - 600 gr. Heart of - 300. Somewhere so.

Number of bacteria on order more than all cells human, i.e. believe all cells brain, adding cells muscle, blood, connective tissue and the like. Get 10 thousands of billion cells - times 0.18 this sum on ten and get 10 in 13 extent = number of microbes with whom we sozhitelstvuem. UV!!

But importantly, an intestinal mikroflora, moreover that she provides our protection from domestic pathogens she still and synthesises biologically active substances without which us not to live. Ah, about this I can endlessly long - importantly OK clear: Curdled bacteria intestine - our best of Buffy's bestest other. And other our dogs, cats, and other mlekopitatelnoy creatures.

And friends need to love. Ah, or although would feed. About 25-30 precent. Carbohydrates which we, just put the itself in his mouth, we must give on feed our defensive mikroflore.

And here here is what the complexity of the: Bacteria live in the most distant sections 1920s (in -kishechnogo tract) and as until these increased bring food. This truth the problem - on path to the bowel all OK peremeletsya first in your stomach, then in gossamer training: No courses. And comes in ileum into-closet, and who OK friends shit feeds. Mikroflore need sugar uglevodu. She OK, incidentally, and known so on type his nutrition - sakharoliticheskaya mikroflora.
Have us with bacteria - symbiosis. I.e., millions of years ago we with bacteria terminated contract: You - me, I - you. We them - food and padnee, they us - protection from infections and the necessary us substances (pro vitamin By, for example, I already spoke). And that occur with friends, when their not feed. That is happening with partner korotogo you brazenly bailed on and instead promised food, sticking him. Can kick out renounce all. Friends and associates won in this case = become enemies. So and our useful bacteria. If their not feed, and all the more if their to poison - they become enemies.
Respected colleagues, have the honor to inform, that all we to get picked off. - we daily often break signed our forefathers contract with bacteria, moreover, and our dogs we teach this - war with microflora.
We, on any, very bottom-feeding about, khavaem antibiotics (Montagu-against, living-life), killing our friends. We just swapping their chemical preservatives which climb to us in his mouth with the contagion, which is called feed-from-supermarket, we dobivaem bacteria - gases with dire metals and metalloidami, whom breathe every day. And even - own stressful situations, in a result which organism's producing own endogennye antibiotics.
We - poured with microflora on Tuhnicka war. And we in this war unkind Fall. This planet - belongs to the microbe and the fungus. Weight their biomass nesopostavim with biomassoy senior animals. And - as told me one the great a microbiologist - by and large it is unclear that is end evolution. Can nature created human, only in order to he was carries (home) microflora progress

Go on. Has bought into.
In short - our health - this in including and the world with our microflora. The world with bacteria which live in us. And for this as I already said their need to feed.

Food TO POLEZNYKh bacteria to THAT And IS on probiotics.

Strong - dear, is used under disbakterioze. Strong - exclusively Russian drug, in-all world he - in the list drugs "unproven efficiency", i.e. true placebo.
Producer: Sandoz
With starters 2010 on the beginning of summer sold: 9 012 447 packaging on amount 2 617 403 509 Br
Drug strong created on the basis of Bifidobacterium, of blood serum and enterokokkov and intended to improve flora sufferers, bashed from reception of the total drugs and antibiotics. However in force manufacturing features of effectiveness drug seeks to zero. On reassurances producers, in one capsule lineksa contains 1.2 survivors, but liofilizirovannykh (i.e. the dried by vacuum way) lactic-acid bacteria. First, the very this number not so perishing uniquely powerful — comparable number of bacteria can be obtain, consume daily 81mg bounced back ordinary kislomolochnykh products. Second, under blistirovanii, i.e. vacuum packaging drug in capsules, in which he comes in sale, order 99% percent bacteria, likely, 2003. Finally, sopostavitelnyy analysis of the dry and liquid during the shows, that in first bacteria extremely passive, so even those of them, which managed survive blistirovanie, virtually never concerned exert positive impact on adrenal glands system rights.

Drugs few harmless non bacteria (during the) for apartment sufferers apply in European medicine about a hundred years, thanks to research Ilia press. “But only recently for individual drugs in good research was discovered a useful effect in Prevention infections have children, — says professor Vlasov. — Precisely insignificance size effect not allows his convincingly detect previously. In Russia popularity during the is unprecedented, because producers skillfully support very interesting idea s beaches were among disbakterioza "— fortune ostensibly be microflora progress sufferers, which ostensibly treated since. ”
Still times pro probiotki and their irrelevance, simply for moreover to to end subject - "Fireball reptiles.

So, session revelations "microbiological magic" - continues!

In chart higher article correctly states, that number of useful bacteria in one capsule lineksa - ridiculously little. This yes! And producers during the invented own units of measure and even own math to their no one could catch in uselessness. Here is are looking that written on packaging biokefira, lineksa and the like. Probiokhreni. There write type so: 5 X 10 in 7 extent Believe what\ gr. Who Th understood - raise your hands? And after all like times bought DOCG level biokefir. And not NA. Go on - I'm deciphering. This - 50 million bacteria in one bite substances. Given, that Capsule lineksa weighs 0, 5 gr - the understandable that there 25 million Believe what. And Believe what - this koloneobrazuyuschie units of -, too, 'Arena at the right. Wrote it comes simply - 25 million units. Nor fig, so write - all understandable will, then after all and compare can be. Ah here is known that in intestines have us lives roughly 100 100,000 100,000 100,000 100,000 bacteria (is read roughly so - a hundred thousands of billion) and here is now with this number compare 25 million Tickles that in one capsule 1 / 4 100,000 100,000 (one cheterekhmillionnaya) from the gastrointestinal the pool. Ah, mathematics's reabsorption in such a case say - endlessly small the magnitude of, which can be neglect.

And some drugs in pods. Say, that in your stomach Capsule not dissolves, comes to sufferers and here is under impact environment sufferers Capsule is dissolving and, respectively, the right substances fall precisely in bloating, not Palestinians in your stomach.
I.e., ??? yes. Strong keeping Dr in kislotoustoychivuyu capsule, to modicum as something respond to questions vedlivykh Gastroenterology clinics, pro directive bacteria through stomach. But except capsules, nothing clever more not have come up with - problems remain.
Suppose - bacteria over through sour stomach, but 1) they proved in immunomodulating intestine, and kislomolochnaya mikroflora, as I already wrote higher lives on epitelialnom layer exposed, i.e. bacteria find themselves in enemy cities environment - in shit and among pathogens. 2) they come in into in liofilnom, i.e. vysushennom able. I.e., inaktivny - lie such in a coma-nesozanke and not shavelyatsya. Framers lineksa apparently imagined, that bacteria, this such mikrokosmonavty, which in samoraskryvayuscheysya capsule flies until neizvestny planet (and planet this - Kucha shit out) and there, on impact any something murky causes (ca from smell) they go from narcosis. And so suggested a-suggested a they wave armrests of and come from from surrounding their shit on dry berezhok epithelium.
Still amendment - bacteria alone not live. They work, i.e. perform their functions only in the composition of the colonies. So and are called they - koloneobrazuyuschimi units. And colony bacteria can to live only hanging on to wall intestines. I this to what framers lineksa like fairy tale, pro working on our good bacteria, which and in shit, you're in utonuvshi remember pro its D. debt: Himself'll have to die - and human help me out.
Another argument against during the: In intestines lives about 400 species useful bacteria - and in capsule only 2-3 strain of. Why precisely these strains chosen in role zaslantsev - no one not opinion attributes. Ah and the last. When I diskutiruyu with physicians - and they, as rule, highly uneducated and in most part its half-witted - I here are them such a helpful way to argument.
- you why give the strong?
- Because a patient died own mikroflora?
- Ndyk if own something dead, Jewel, so with no don't know why a foreign something will settle in and not die on our carpet.
And not answer.
So, strong - this infection sufferers alien him bacteria, these bacteria
1) through stomach not pass - too hard
2) and those that pass in pods - protection small in number
3) and even those that small in number - komatozniki inactive.
Question, why same strong so popular? The answer - her-with! Only in Russia incomes from lineksa in year = 100 million dollars. You realized figure? This OK a small oil company -. Only one Capsule. Yes, give me modicum one-fifth these money on advertising, and the entire Russia I have will there is's a bird's shit as drug from. Ah modicum from dandruff). People something our Yes, ignorant and all this brains. Alas, another there is no.
I OK wrote already, that mikroflora vagina and mikroflora intestine - one and the same mikroflora. And disease have vagina and intestine alone and those same. Than a vagina different from sufferers? Those, that between it and the outside world there is no stomach.
Ox. So here is - vaginosis, this a sharp (on 90%) reduction of blood serum on mucous of vagina. Populations of laktoflory is contracting - vnutrivaginalnaya acidity falls - appears alkaline environment - in which are rising mushrooms type always losing. Candicans. And here is you including the sign here, please. If you have smart girlfriend - she you correctly will recommend: Yogurt - on vagina! And if there is no such girlfriends, and there is doctor on kickback have event, then he you prescribe him ATC code D01AC15. And chase you years 5 act to from disease - which treated in three days. Including the lechennaya protivogribkovymi drugs - as President Egypt’s - not moves away nor for that. Retsidivnost disease highest - that and needed. Bear money.

Here is are looking that happening: The mucosa vagina once inhabited mushrooms, you slide ATC code D01AC15 or the other what an anti-fungal drug - the mucosa's sterile. And what flora is growing on mucous of above all - disputes wild mushrooms everywhere - mushrooms and vyrostut. Hmm. Here me will need peasant experience my implementation grandfathers: As fight with patch of weeds on row of squash. If entire a field, I have dig up, then after all the first to again rise up weeds. So here is, that need to do to Yellow Weeds not grew? Praaaalno! A field, I have need to-nailable a carrot. And so densely, to room for weeds not was and to sun them not inherited. So same and with these girls. Little kill Candid’s organs is have - importantly by that laktofloru.
So, will try to close subject. I.e. create still not that, not the truth more on "stated an abuse and praise"
Health dogs whether, human whether warranted in including and offer the synergies of (roommate situation) microflora progress and makrokhozyaina.
Defeat microflora progress leads to defeat health owner. Hence simple conclusion: If like it or be well - and carry in health its micro flora.
About how as this to do there are two opinion: My and wrong.
The first view, in principle already izlojena: Bloating occupied by occupied by from outside of alien microflora (drugs, now mainly more organic food and problem). An alternative approach can be to formulate so: Need not it settled now bloating chuzhymi bacteria - better activating growth and vital activity own bacteria.. Exactly, the difference two approaches in these two nutshell: 1) alien (ekzogennaya) mikroflora 2) own (indiogennaya) mikroflora.
In the first case - ceratinocytes, in the second case - stimulus and activation.
Here it is important I must: As would we (or our dogs) not they swallowed antibiotics and as would we not sought (own stressful situations, bad feed and even more bad the ecology) destroy its native micro flora - final successes (thank god) we never succeed. Bloating never will become sterilized! In it always - even after the most hard oral anti-biotics - will remain own bacteria. Their will little, they will in depressed able - but they always will! And here is they something and can become base for revival populations --feed!
Incidentally, the very appendix (a blind intestine), which was considered unnecessary and rezalsya surgeons from ruthlessly - and there is Reserve Bank own microflora progress sufferers. Contains the Yushukan he support - in side from intestinal highways - and precisely from him goes resettlement of microflora progress after its defeat in thick training: No courses. But, this - only incidentally and not essentially affairs.
Return to the essence: Micro flora restore simply - only feed! Cells lactic-acid bacteria share roughly one times in 25 minutes. I.e., easily build with the geometric progression growth, to calculate for what time perhaps recovery populations defensive microflora progress. Only feed!!
But as and importantly than feed micro flora, which lives on the most distant suburbs sufferers - on Ukraine intestine) Until there OK a rare slice of food reaches Earth. On road until useful bacteria - we themselves all and skhavaem. Especially if food, that we (dogs) accept well rafinirovana and well usvaivaema.
Still times - the complexity of the treatment Tolstoi sufferers in is that before him "it is difficult of reach" as Drug, so and other lawyers manipulators. Drugs and food - all vsosutsya in your stomach and in organ as delicate intestines.
It turned out, problem g-had a fucking God (or nature, whom as anywhere) decided to gracefully and simply. He created substances (’) - that not biggest digestive system human (dogs), but perfectly are assimilated bacteria.
These substances - beta-glikozidnye ’, i.e. ’, molecules which connected such communication, that neporushit our and Enterosgelya. Rudely speaking, there is such ’, which us not on teeth.
So here is these’and are called on probiotics. Sometimes their call ballastnymi substances - because they, indeed, very man not need.
The most upotrebimye on probiotics - cabbage, ordinary bran.
All on probiotics can be rank top on their index prebiotichnosti - their ability to stimulate growth microflora progress. I.e., there is more strong on probiotics, there is less. The most weak prebiotik - g, which modicum and neperevarivaemyy carbohydrate, but before he complex, that even and bacteria from him little that can, to bite off, until he is moving on the bowel. The most simple prebiotik and the most effective - laktuloza. Just two molecules = galaktoza + fructose (. Lactulose immediately split by, committing Escherich energy and spurring thereby their growth.
B pharmacies - "Prelaks-baby" (syrup Lactulose, ~ 98%) - 1 nohat spoon in day. +) if child until 1 year) probifor (to accept - on instructions.
For prevention destruction intestinal microflora progress - best Lactulose, ~ 98%. And) cheaper it comes) more effectively than. Depth - this OK above all enterosorbent, his prebiotic properties - secondary. Lactulose, ~ 98% = 1 nohat spoon in 1-2 days. Can be add in tea, can be in kefir. And the like.

Accepting on probiotics you just offset the, what must were to accept with normal feed, that it comes lived we with you in village and fed on with Sunday. And because feed off with's Crossing) - running to this food add still and food for bacteria (laktuloza)

S. A. Kiselev

But on eternal question "What to do?" Can to answer perpetual answer: "Be man and to live human life!"

Human organism capable samoregulirovatsya, need to only him in this help, not substitute products natural fusion on drugs, hormones, BADy, intergenerational accounts, drugs and anything. All of this in body there are already and is famously are reproduced. This concerns and spiritual-moral values.

That concerns specifically zatvarivaniya on physical level: Avoid seats aggregations people, especially: Stations, airports, trade centers with boutiques, nightly clubs, religious facilities, in museums and galleries not worth to sit,, and a little less visit parks, palaces, farmstead. In such places place Smart system ventilation, through which portrayed not simply air, adding various impurity, bind not only on mood, and in parks and sadibakh is equipped with many zatvarenykh seats for "vacation" — leader of a group of stones, besedochki with pinnacles were, system prudikov with stinking with a little water, rodnichkov-sources many ponaotkryvali.



Thank you, swed. Template: Loki, simply an excellent post!

All framers consistently and very explanatory.

There is some weaknesses, for aid, but not all same you one diffrent)

Special thank you for article about prEbiotikakh -, too,, very explanatory and helpful, modicum and wordy slightly. But with yumorkom.

There is about than think, that revere and clarify, and there is, that to do.

Poosmyslyu, then can be will be even questions, to those, who in topic.

Until their, obvious, two:

1) Everyone-??? as, and perhaps whether, avoid or prevent implementing tvarnogo gene in DNA - for this, still, need understand, in any cases and under any conditions is happening contagion.
Lifts electricity, as catalyst, a plant skortsioner- of what remember. But - under than here skortsioner. And electricity. On what distance from "source" lie safely. Expressed "omens" sources. Than kill. Why, incidentally, the chlorine and Condy's crystals - on that and as they influence. An intestinal wand and trakhimonady -, too,, than their to suppress. Perhaps, simply support its micro flora. But, can be, this not enough.
Not know, as you, and me always need understand overall principle, then I clearly understand, as, and why precisely so, deystvovat- even better memorizing,, because more deliberately.

Those and valuable your post - you conducted analysis, and systemization. Super!

2) The stimulate, or support, NADPH.


Still times thank you for article "from sobachnika" - in it very many useful, defensive information. Necessarily imbabers this apply, mean on probiotics on the basis of Lactulose, ~ 98% (seems, so).

Your point 3 - this control for nutrition. Point 4 - on probiotics, lakiuloza. Clauses 1 and 2 - very important, but their need finalize the.


For article about sobachnikakh - thank you you two times - because she very well explains tvarnye rituals, namely - why 't come out bloating, with virtually immediately. In article this cool and is a clever Sunny Jim popular explained, that hypotensive so comes instinctively, so as him this very need. And explained, why him this need. Him vital substances lacks, which his organism not capable just generate, and he their can obtain only from certain organs a leaf eater - scar cows, and from sufferers. And still from shit.

Novoobraschennye such instincts not have, likely. Have them still not fully otrafirovalas "travoyadnost", something its in intestines remained. With general, them bloating a leaf eater not need until. But those who has passed in zatvarennosti further, and more Godparents or in predator-other scavenger out there,, already, likely, is experiencing such deficit.

And they they trained "quite" - the first with booking most valuable. (Hmm. This Treat about itself, or about neofitakh? Rather the first. To bloating benefited them. But until, if I correctly remember "altaygeyt" - they bloating bodies are being pulled, but leave, defiantly, as simply a badge of a ritual of).

If would this was not translated in-permanent a ritual of, hardly neofity at all would bloating’- have them still habitual to him attitude, as and to load of shit. Here is their and they trained so.

This my version of, which situation after reading modicum and mnogoslovnogo, but quite Horton explanations "from sobachnika."

Unfortunately, this explanation for me the most significantly confirms subject tvarnosti. Because became talks best.


After "articles from sobachnika" had some respect for in itself a leaf eater - we OK at all universal, our organism synthesises all) Super)

Minus - predators want Frozen Cocktails. This profoundly sad. All-??? prikolno was to realize themselves "tsar animals" - witness, in wild nature beasts eat people either if they sick unto death, either if mixed up with someone from "its food", either if man specifically fell on "their territory." But tselenapravleno they on people not preyed upon.
But this beasts. But, as it turned out, still there is not - people act

It turned out not after your office. But he much better his.


Still times thank you for post!

Last edited by DLV (Oct 7 2015 09:53:30)



Incidentally, about how, that on site call "props." I.e., about victims. If they scavengers, they their not immediately eat - as describes "were a dog person", first must pass fermentation outside food system other scavenger out there, - this 50-60 hours. I.e., two-three days. All of this time corpses victims "can be use." Until they reaching "until willingness."

After eating, too, can remain parts of legs, for example, to imitating "death from explosion." Or lay down their "corpse" from different parts of different people, as this done in altaygeyte.

If this lips "their" from Ministry of Emergency Situations (with the very emblem - blue princess cut) - either they are perceived at all no problems. Ah and on "war" - as on war.


Profoundly sad. Very. Even write about this.



How I remember, have, the family man in some from those was post about protivoyadiyakh and about protecting.

Can be, makes sense his shift in this temu- here he umestney, and all will in one place.



Pro protection - from all sides contained neotsin in nikotine and in buckwheat (again - as he acts, from what).

On the vastness of the internet, in remarks,, 've been busted post, wrote woman, which was badly zatvarivaniyu, this realized, passed measures, and wrote gorozhaninu about how she from this withdrew. It did taking injections with niatsinovoy by (seems, so). This what I memorized the. Perhaps, she eaten grechku. The city dweller tethered advised then what something a plant, seems, red. Have women all broke a, she "returned."


Process will call to what words stage. Again same - to what. Like would all depends on, except doses of, forces yours organism. So in topic protection need well specified all, that in this sense organism strengthens. And contrary, that very hurts, except the most zatvarki.

On-about return. "Function pits body" - one of osnovopologayuschikh principles in work organism, any. This moment can be protective cloak - as develop the right functions, their stimulate, and as to suppress unnecessary, or - not to lend them evolve.



Skyfall about prebiotikov, during the and intestinal microflora progress.

Yes, antibiotics indeed kill useful micro flora sufferers. This know already all. But not this importantly. Antibiotics dampen kostnomozgovoe but one, mieloidnye and limfoidnye shoots. In primarily ugnetaetsya production segmentoyadernykh Polymorphonuclear cells (Polymorphonuclear neutrophil cells). This basic area immune systems. They circulating (these in blood circulatory system and go in tissue on least need, for example, during fever "of. Their content in blood accounts for 3 / 4 all to 1400.

Plus to everything declines fagotsitoz– perevarivayuschaya ability to chemotactic factors, macrophage (they live virtually in all organs) and Polymorphonuclear neutrophil cells. The main task Polymorphonuclear neutrophil cells – protection from pathogenic and conditional support-pathogenic bacteria.

Also antibiotics can provoke the emergence of Medicines autoantitel to neytrofilam, which will their upend, put them together, impede normal work.

Except antibiotics but one kill hormones series of cortisol levels and radiation material radiation is.

And now go. After appreciation of lasting such antibiotics absolutely a healthy man receives scid. Temporarily appears window for reproduction conditional support-pathogenic microflora progress, which awaits hours, when will fall fagotsitoz and neutrophil. Dysbacteriosis .Iran, not because, that killed all lacto and bifidobatsill (they razmozhatsya for clock until get meanings in the absence of obstacles--the), but because sharply fell neutrophil and decelerated supervision and control. System immunity – the only controlling system. And but one not so something simply restore.

No amount fresh, yoghurts and on probiotics here not will help. They grant the a temporary effect, until their are you drinking. Until neutrophil and fagotsitoz not will come in bounced back, until not cure dysbacteriosis.

Quantify in kishechniki thousands of different microorganisms. There are those, which and not damaging and favor of not bring, there is useful, and there is conditional support-pathogenic.
Conditional support-opportunistic mikroflora because so and is called, that she until pores until time normal, and under immunodefitsite it acquires signs of considerable. For example, gemoliticheskie properties – ability to upend red cells. Mikroflora competes between themselves and useful microbes do not will become multiply, if them prevent valley conditional support-pathogenic.

This was simple option development events. There is a more complicated and worst. This adherence to be sure-pathogenic microbe. The most simple example – golden staph. Frightening the, that our torn hospital bracelet now infected them completely. And this evil microbe. Importantly, that need to know – he is committing the fittest toxins, which destroy area, affect fibrillation blood, cause intestinal problems.
Virtually all children go from torn hospital bracelet contaminated infection. And from him impossible eliminate their forces even an adult, after all he grew in 1,213 patients and not sensitive almost nor to what.
The very a golden staph oppresses normal micro flora sufferers and not gives it flourish. Zarazitsya can and adult.
Wildness in is, that doctors already consider the norm content golden of water, if his concentration of not exceeds 10 ^ 2-10 ^ 3 extent. This done for, to ensure justify their powerlessness in the fight with infection.



Wise program,, to do words that? Than repair but one, than fight with stofilokokom.

Metodichka need a, in short, for propivshikh course antibiotics. Avoid reception antibiotics in some cases impossible. And probiotics, - us meant were a dog person - are useless.

Yes and in principle this Metodichka was would Good for prevention.


Incidentally, was having a flashback, seems, yoga say, that death comes from sufferers. From just episodes. Is obtained, that this is an important body.



#p40494,DLV wrote:

Mudry program,, to do words that? Than repair but one, than fight with stofilokokom.

Metodichka need a, in short, for propivshikh course antibiotics. Avoid reception antibiotics in some cases impossible. And probiotics, - us meant were a dog person - are useless.

Yes and in principle this Metodichka was would Good for prevention.


Incidentally, was having a flashback, seems, yoga say, that death comes from sufferers. From just episodes. Is obtained, that this is an important body.

But one can be restore, but this deal not rapid. Act to need to herbs, more nothing not will help. Are looking for, learn your chosen useful properties African herbs and plants. Strong rest) that headrests appeared - chistotel, Tansy, kalendula, juniper, Osina, Blagoevgrad Province and others. All depends on individual sensitivity microbe to plant. And staph people years are being withdrawn.

Famous, phrase - 70% immunity contains in intestines. Not quite this correctly, in intestines 70% all of lymph organism. They are called peyerovy plaque. In lymph glands is happening maturation lymphocytes and antigenprezentatsiya fragments that microorganisms dendritnymi cells.


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