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Murder of Kennedy

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On assassination Kennedy-there is an interesting site.
As writes creator of site, starting point interest to this trial redounded the film director Oliver Stone's "JFK. Remain in Dallas "(where for the groundwork is taken version of prosecutor Jim Harrison's), where he found mass of mistakes" 100 bad choices Oliver Stone's "

As rightly writes the author: "The very shooting of on Daily Plaza, given enough weak guard and insecurity President, of course could ustroi and Oswald and Cubans and mafia, and KGB and heap still any any mysterious organizations and people. But provide such cover under investigation, such a falsification evidence, such machinations with these forensics and influence on such people, as virologist Earl Warren and his Commission, who anywhere could not. This could only people with huge power. "
His version of builds on the basis of confirming stories with vnematrichnika James Failza (one of the shooters on Dehli Plaza) and other sources confirmation this confirming stories with.

The organizers. The main team:

1. Boss mafia - Sam Giancana

2. The liaison mafia and CIA - David Uttley Phillips

Singers are. The main team:

1. Wage murderer. Active a member of mafia - Chuck Nicoletti

2. The liaison between CIA and mafia - Johnny Roselli

3. Mercenary CIA and instructor camps training underwater sabotage groups - James Failz (Jimmy Sutton)

4. Staffer CIA - Lee - Harvey Oswald (99 NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES in Dallas. The main task: Ensuring team all necessary from weapons until transport and distraction police and secret services from the main team the shooters. Until now not known planned whether initially removing youth, but knowing specificity work CIA and the seriousness of the crimes - Oswald, likely, was is doomed. Although himself of course about this not whatever)

The organizers. Is by team:

1. Boss mafia - Santo BlLL:

2. The liaison mafia and CIA - Howard has Hunt

Singers are. Is by team:

1. Mercenary CIA - Johnny "tosh" Plumley

2. Politics killer mafia Cleveland's - Marseille Sefanno.

3. Mercenary CIA - Morris Bishop

"D. Failz was sentenced to life imprisonment on the aggregate crimes, in including - for murder officer police.

James Failz

Interview pursued a Joe West, one of researchers killings D. Kennedy. Former agent FBI. The interview brought in 1992, in jail Steytvill, state Illinois to.

- Nu let us with youth. That favorite search category?

- When you with him help?

- wow, ah and question, give think. Either the end of the 1962 either the beginning of 1963, more accurately not Drie Stoepen.

- A he then worked on CIA?

- Yes, have us even was one, overall ticket inspector from CIA - David Attlee Phillips. He us incidentally and introduced.

- A why?

- I got still in April warned, that can emerge work in Dallas, and Dallas better, living there youth, from zadeystvovanykh in operations, no one knows.

- A what role was have youth?

- At first stage (training) choice positions, ensuring weapons and transport, and at the second (day killings), preparation evidence phenomena that on A. Kheydeila and their hard time delivering on point in the book depository.

- What there is Oswald not suspected, that leaves tracks on himself?

- Of course no! You think, we agents CIA - gaining?. Among us there is no suicide bombings, and leadership this knows. And if, as youth, whom the'm being set up - the himself agent learns this the last. Precisely on this there is always risk, that podstavlenyy agent, standard learning and almost always his mop up. At all the and I could would be on place youth, and could and Roselli and Nicoletti, but apparently from all, who hosted participation in operations, Oswald was less are of significance for CIA than the rest.

- A why?

- Why less are of significance?

- Yes.

- Can only suggest. Oswald and truth with very freaky was, wife beat up, saws sometimes zapoyami on few weeks. I think his already wrote off in United and held as times for operations, where can be to sacrifice one an agent of. This frequent phenomenon for CIA. If they see, that agent are getting away with coils, his usually'm being set up, kill, and stigmatized on him entire responsibility. Specificity such a. Would still this already not agent, and from CIA not are fired. Only for retirement.

- Is? From CIA cannot be simply leave?

- Agentam such a level - there is no. This verdict in fact. This same not young lady which papers over the top. This same was incumbent agent class Since - 12. (On classifications CIA, Since-12 - Liquidation adversary, access to organizations ?????? the sabotage character on territory adversary and camping on D.) Oswald until a certain moment was serious an agent of. For example his preparation in hand-to-hand the combat, even me “. We with him summer on the beach in joke fought :-) A me it is difficult than the similar surprise anyone, camping on K. Most agents groomed I and still 10 - 12 instructors on all CIA. And this says about many ways.

- James, and you knew that youth mop up.

- No. This no one perhaps not knew, except organizers of. The only that I knew from Sam Giancana, that will left footprint on of a non-existent human (A. Kheydeil) and we can not worry.

- I see, I see, let us then review to prepare killings and the most killings.

- A you themselves confident, that want know as this was? This after all and truth dangerously.

- I ready to risk. Otherwise why I 28 years am this question.

- 28 years? And only now came me? Traits, and agency skills not loses :-) (again smile)

- I got Zachary Shelton on you put.

- A. ZAC. Remember. He with Stone works over movie. Strange guy. Believes that I could only shoot and under this believes that leading the what the Ty Sho. Brad. There the entire the film Brad, from starters until the end of. (On the very moment the film still not withdrew in ’. Interview included for two months until premieres)

- you pro JFK?

- Nu yes. Hell is that what the, yes and himself Stone what the ground muddy guy. Not grassroots he me, I with him work refused, although ZAC tried to obtain me a consultant for on the film.

- A why refused?

- At fact two reasons. The first - the film Stone's - Brad. Truth percent 10%, and I prefer work either with humans which silent, either who say truth.

- A the second?

- There by my words of such the film sack. His millions of see. Sooner still.

- In sense? The film same through six months will, and you me already now about everything say?

- So you the man 300 looks at the and authorities on your trail of well don't give a shit, and Hollywood will come in millions of homes.

- Nu not 300, hope more.

- Nu I simply figure called. Simply until my the interview converge to majority - years 20 will pass. And Stone their version of for week before million convey. And me so even better. Let for Cubans a twenty mile hike different paranoiacs :-)

- James, but you same now have spoken. You now the elephants?

- Perhaps be. My force in is, that me already not it is important. I sentenced lifetime without rights appeals. Soderzhus in the most strict jail in the US. For me death was would reward. But have them twice not broke a. (On Failza was three assassination attempt, but CIA he believes implicated in only to two) fuckin 'assholes turned what the worked. Need to was me hire! I would themselves 100% eliminated :-) (Rassmeyalsya)

- James, let us now to main.

- By assassination Kennedy? You this the main?

- A wasn there is no?

- Of course there is no, Kennedy not man, he system. Blasted away not in Kennedy, blasted away in system. In president - communist. "
Continuation of here

"Says whether truth D. Failz "

Whether Harvey Oswald

In general, read site. There many interesting things.

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Рассказ Джеймса Файлза про убийство Кеннеди.

Everyone began for five - six months until killings. Me telephoned Mr. Nicoletti and said, that I will glad to know, that have one my "friend." This was such a joke, so as he knew that I very not liked John Kennedy. He explained, that my task will bring weapons in Dallas and pristrelyat his. And that this Made to Order he received from the most Sam Giancana.

Bob Vernon: - James and you know from whom Giancana received this motivated?

- No, but I am confident, that Sam Giancana not himself conceived this. This Made to Order him clearly gave who the still.

I traveled in Dallas on machine with weapons roughly for week before dates killings. Alighted in hotel in the suburb Dallas, name not remember, there still such a, old-fashioned lamp on the banner. (Ustanovileno, that this the Motel "Lamplighter")

On next day in the Motel arrived Lee Harvey Oswald. I his knew through David Attlee Phillips, my supervisor from CIA. He was so same and itself become a supervisor youth. He us and introduced.

Oswald drove me on reclamation, killometrakh in 30 from Dallas, where I pristrelyal guns. Units eight or ten, accurately not remember. Remember only, that two guns, in including one, Ritter von Mannlicher, were in abysmal and I their even now touch not became. Work of them was would still cannot be. It seems, that this, Ritter von Mannlicher as times and planted the on sixth floor knigokhranilischa.

(Collaborators FBI political-Commission Warren for conducting Investigation experiment turned attention on defective optical targeting Fatah and very tight shoot, with which constantly have taken it out hand. They asked eliminate fault and only after this agreed conduct experiment. In fact this, Ritter von Mannlicher raised anew before a test of the Commission Warren)

With Oswald we conducted a few days. Traveled on city. Entire Daily Plaza along and across over. But for all time, I nor never not spoke him about goal all of this, and he and not asked. Him simply ordered be near with me and fulfill all that I cyrillic speaking. That he and did. I never discussed with him murder of John Kennedy.

To 22 November I have all was is prepared. In night before work I well get a lot of sleep. On the morning, about 08 :0 0 I went in the Motel, where stalled Roselli and Nicoletti (review, that this the Motel "Ol`Southe"). I took away Roselli and we go in pancake place for city (Pancake House). Roselli said, that there we must he meets with man named Jack Ruby. Have him for us there is important information. We came, I sat for stand and ordered coffee. Mr. Roselli sat one for table. Roughly through 10 mines in cafes went squarish people. I his before not saw, but Mr. Roselli his clearly knew well. They have spoken minutes five, after what Ruby is gone leaving not big the bundle, huh. I released on streets, has marched machine and became wait Roselli. Already in machine he showed me content envelope. There were identity documents staff FBI and scheme map for substantial. Mr. Roselli drew attention on bend, which should was do tuples (under turn on streets Elm and said: ", it is a pity too close will pass. Better would he behaved on direct. On Main then, Nu yes okay. And not in such conditions worked, is true? "And inherited an economic.

Myvernulis in unerringly. Mr. Roselli is gone, and me gone down Mr. Nicoletti. We go on Daily Plaza. Roselli said that on anyone case travels himself. We arrived, parked it. Machine have left for building School Book Depository Awareness Council has and cabinet members – Secretary entire Daily Plaza. Chatting away comfortably. I and until this knew, that to shoot will Mr. Nicoletti, and Johnny Roselli hedging. Should was be even the third and perhaps the fourth shooter, but their I not knew. Likely this was is by team, which not knew nothing about us and we not knew about them. Standard network's secrecy has under such operations. Is by team so and not has entered work, camping on K. Kennedy was assassinated the main group.

Not know why, but until we have walked, roughly in 10 :3 0, Mr. Nicoletti asked: Not wanted to whether I his hedge? I responded that this a few suddenly, but for me this will be much honor.

He immediately moved to trial. Said, that he and Roselli will in building Del - tex. And asked, where would I wanted to is, but necessarily outside. I immediately said pro fence on that grassy knoll hill. From - for reinstate was a golden stance. Street as on their fingertips. Enter hence couple picayune reasons. He agreed. Asked from what I wanted to would to shoot. I recalled that on pristrelku Oswald for "shall Fireball" a new model, XP-100. Very a powerful weapon and that conveniently deposited in such a leprosy. No one and attention not generated. And leave with so easier.

He is gone, I went to machine for a rifle and returned on stance. Drew attention on two people in black buckram cloaks, they then moved away to road. I became lazy or, that would open suitcase in the last minute, when all will look on tuples (President povorachivayuschiy on Daily Plaza. I was where the in 30 metres from roads and with such a rifle and optics I not worried for success.

Tuples (already panicky over on streets Elm. When obey from them shots were remain. This was Mr. Nicoletti. I remember, that heard two shot being fired and in targeting Fatah saw that in President are trapped. But can be said misdropped, camping on K. Task was fall into head. In targeting Fatah I saw, that Jackie looks him in eyes and he holds hands have chin.

I waited until the last moment. If would had hesitated still - under targeting Fatah already found myself would Jackie Kennedy. I understood, that if now not'll shoot, then will be losing my last chance and'm gonna fail my operation.

Apparently we with in Mr. Nicoletti fired a shot simultaneously, but his bullet engulfed on the 1000th of seconds before. Head Kennedy slightly lurched forward and I emperor. Instead eyes fell-on over stage we, slightly above heads. Through targeting Fatah I saw as Jacqueline wlfe's ago pick a slice of his skull with the rigid. All became understandable.

I picked up by a shell casing and put an its in his mouth. Love taste of gunpowder. I bit my a shell casing, this my firmenyy a badge of, and forced its on the stockade reinstate. Not need to perhaps was this to do, but then me blood in head but. This is one of moments when feel itself above crowds. After all we were confident that not simply have another Made to Order, and do a good thing breaking down the President - communist. This now I understand, that this is not quite so.

(This shell casing was alternatives in 1987 year but on Dehli Plaza - John Redmakherom, on some distance from seats, where Files said, that left its. Shell casing was in the basis undercoat on conceals about 5 inches. The press then, in 1987 year, gave very scant coverage this specimens and not was no mention of usage on it and at all about the connection this specimens with the murder of Kennedy. Moreover, even government and otkryvayut establishment never viewed and not explored a shell casing on subject traces on it, until statements James Failza. And he to that point already long sat in jail and about this Blackmar even not heard.) Read more here

- Everyone as impact the stagnated, even policemen. I quickly rallied, deleted weapons, donned hat and moved to building Dell Tex. Observed, that one of policemen, deserted motorcycle and moved in my side, but his stopped those two in the black which I saw have reinstate.

(Policemen Joe Smith and few Weizmann, testified, that they were evacuated men on travyanistom mound. Men issued identity documents Secret Service retire, although accurately known, that people Secret Service retire the US on Daily Plaza not was. At least officially.)

- I saw Halytsh eyes, that on me no one looks. After this I already not watched that happening. I behaved. In right-wing drawn suitcase with a rifle, another in pocket, there the Colt 45 - caliber and pomegranate. In case. "

Zachary Shelton, agent FBI in resignation, armaments 28 years on work with organized crime and 20 years on investigations killings Kennedy, the first gave information about D. Failze, as about a possible arrow on Daily Plaza. And precisely with his help and managed detect D. Failza in provinces of facility is going to contain.

It is important, that himself Failz, never Ugandans with proposition all to tell. He was ready give testimony Zach Shelton and Joe Uestu under security guarantees and for personal reasons. Joe West - one of researchers killings Kennedy, even initiated trial on exhumation troupe Kennedy and tested his skull on the availability of traces from the second bullets. However West fell in hospital with operation on heart of. Operation has passed successfully, but through clock state of – West deteriorated and he fell into in whom. Through 3 days he died not coming in consciousness. Trial on exhumation bodies so and not was initiated. Failz not managed all to tell Uestu, but he was am confident that – West liquidated with help of drugs. The standard method for CIA. However as nor paradoxically, but precisely death – West - one of the main reasons, why Failz decided to to tell its history Bob Vernon - counterpart Joe – West Inquiry into killings Kennedy.

The second reason consists in is, that Files became religious. Element of clarification his conscience, plays highly a significant role. Moreover, he feels, that this is not was his idea and not he is guilty in death President. He only priest, tool. And him was unpleasant, that what he believed the biggest affair in world - other regarded the biggest a crime.

Yet another reason consists in is, that both, Files and Bob Vernon received clear threats to leave in alone this investigation. Threats ???? proceeded and and from organized crime and from government structures. Then Vernon came to Failzu with request to tell all on cell.


- I came to Failzu, he was're quiet and a bit unsociable. I asked his assistant, that happened. He said, that him had transferred, that we for good reason're digging in this topic. I responded, that me talked, too, most and warned, that can to end as West. Failz nothing not responded, only silently watched in window. Then I said, that if perishing us and the elephants the let modicum that the will remain. Let they will not be able win in this time and modicum that the will become expose a public.

- Failz kept silent still minute. Seems this was the most the Long minute in my life and suddenly decisively having looked on me said. Well. Bear tomorrow his cell. They would still never will me judge for this. This would meant, that government recognizes plot.



Messages photo
That interestingly, photographers continue to sack that the its, viewers, too, look far the in other side.
Where, interestingly, turned on the guy in dark glasses, galloping over of asphalt In the wake machine President, and that for shadow between shadows from his legs?

And still, like are trapped-on, and their a host?

FS Perhaps this at all from artistic or psevdodokumentalnogo movie type Discovery frame?

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#p40880,l2 wrote:

Popalos photo

not coincides with television (as least - agent was already obey machines and tried to a guy to jump in machine, when Jacqueline used to get out on the back part of car; and machines strongly razneseny, on videokadrakh they closer)

#p40880,l2 wrote:

that for shadow between shadows from his legs?

Perhaps frame a retrospective, salmonella already later events.



Not tempted
I've joined on your Forum.
Here is my version of killings Kennedy. First victim the lunar the scam
Truth, this version of follows from alternative physics. But this perishing whom as interestingly.



сколько всего я сам смотрел и читал по это теме с Кеннеди больше всего просто странно, что этот парень типа должен был выступить с информацией облачающей там что то, как по мне он же не дебил из дебило массы и понимал чем это ему грозит, если б и хотел что то сказать, сказал бы не предупреждая, так бы вероятность получения инфы была бы больше.

А так я думаю это  именно сценарий Цеха на будущее так как под него много чего запиливают что он там доллар слить хотел и даже чего то напечатал и приказы даже там какие то за номером 11110 кто смог узнать, как? у кого такие возможности? да и не приказами президенты общаются, им наоборот приносят постановление, а они уже подписывают или отправляют на доработку, что сейчас, что тогда президенты особо сами мало чего могут сделать, если это не стоит по плану

самодеятельность не то чтобы карается, а она не пройдет

ну это как по мне, вы можете думать по своему



#p49303,ONet wrote:

Вот моя версия убийства Кеннеди.  Первая жертва Лунной аферы...

Версия, что Джон и Джекки в машине - парочка актеров?
Тогда легко можно объяснить, зачем поднимать руки к лицу - в ладошке пиропатрон с красной краской, когда заряд сработал, даже красное облачко запечатлилось на кинопленке возле руки.

Но тогда настоящий Кеннеди должен был быть уже некоторое время мертв, можно сопоставить кадры, предшествовавшие моменту "выстрелов", можно ли обнаружить несуразности?
Прилет в аэропорту могли смонтировать из других визитов с хорошим качеством



для сравнения

Джон Кеннеди, род.29.05.1917, 35-й Президент США

Джимми Картер, род.1.10.1924, 39-й Президент США

по-моему есть у них общие черты:мочки ушей, скулы, рот, щёки, подбородок, нос, морщины на шее, верхние губы(у Картера она "накачана" слегка), зубы (клыки), глаза, веки...
Вам не кажется что это одна персона? :dontknow:

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Vladislaw, действительно, сходство наблюдается ...




Роковая связь между Авраамом Линкольном и Джоном Кеннеди.
Поразительные совпадения из жизней двух президентов.
1.Линкольн был избран в конгресс в 1846 году, а Кеннеди - в 1946-м.
2.Линкольна избрали президентом в 1860-м, а Кеннеди - в 1960-м.
3.Обоих застрелили в заднюю часть головы.
4.Обоих застрелили в пятницу.
5.Секретаря Линкольна звали Кеннеди. Секретаря Кеннеди - Линкольн.
6.Преемники Линкольна и Кеннеди носили фамилию Джонсон.
7.Линкольн был убит в театре «Форд». Кеннеди был убит в автомобиле «Линкольн»,принадлежащей компании Форд.
8.Убийца Бут сбежал из театра и был схвачен на чердаке. Убийца Освальд бежал с чердака, его арестовали в театре.
9.Оба президента были убиты за день до праздника. Линкольн - накануне Пасхи, Кеннеди - накануне Дня Благодарения.
10.Оба президента умерли в местах, в двойных названиях которых оба слова начинались на буквы P и H. Линкольн скончался в гостинице «Peterson’s House»; Кеннеди - в Парклендском госпитале (англ. Parkland Hospital)



Первая ложь журнала Лайф об убийстве Кеннеди
Достаточно много фильмов и фотографий того дня показывают, что в этом четырехместном автомобиле 22 ноября 63 года Кеннеди не было, он ехал в шестиместном с губернатором Коналли и его женой Нэлли, сидевших на откидных сиденьях. И розы у Жаклин были красные.
По-видимому, лайфовцы взяли фото с предыдущей поездки Джека в Техас во время предвыборной компании.
Интересно, были ли потом опровержения и извинения?

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#p73330,l2 wrote:

Версия, что Джон и Джекки в машине - парочка актеров?

А вот похоже, да - это инсценировка.

0:23 - попадает "вторая пуля"

через три секунды (!три) - 0:26
Нереально резкие для всего видео, нереально крупные кровяные пятна.

Спецэффекты 60-х ) Огогошеньки.

Ну и еще Кеннеди правый локоть поднял как бы защищаясь. Ну не реально это.
Откуда он понимал стреляют? Как успел поднять руку, если пол-головы снесло?

Да это ретушь фильма-инсценировки.



Здесь все   кадры фильма Запрудера. Для любопытных. Похоже, что после "второго выстрела" загорелись волосы на правом виске.

Здесь … -shooting/ люди пишут про спектакль, пиротехнику.

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#p40880,l2 wrote:

Попалось фото
Что интересно, фотографы продолжают снимать что то свое, зрители тоже смотрят куда то в другую сторону.
Откуда, интересно, взялся мужик в темных очках, летящий над асфальтом следом за машиной президента, и что за тень между тенями от его ног?

И еще, вроде попали в лоб, а лоб целый?

фото убийство кеннеди

ПС Может это вообще из художественного или псевдодокументального фильма типа Дискавери кадр?

Отредактировано l2 (2015-10-14 03:03:38)

Для того времени ( даже для наших дней ) снять автомобиль, людей в движении в таком качестве задача невыполнимая.
Если судить по видеозаписям (  начиная с 1:28 ) то человек бегущий сзади авто запрыгнул на автомобиль гораздо раньше чем Жаклин встала так откровенно на капот  8-) 

охранник ухватился за ручку капота

- тут она ещё в машине.
охранник уже запрыгнул ногой на бампер - Жаклин только на полкорпуса показалась из авто

охранник одной ногой на бампере

если отталкиваться от кадров охранника получается где-то до этих кадров и должен был стоять смелый фотограф на дороге и снимать это всё в движении.
если отталкиваться от кадров Жаклин то позже но(!) привязка к местности по фото говорит, что кадр был сделан на месте убийства.
гугление данного фото говорит, что это убийство Кеннеди - ни какого намёка на "художественность"
гугление все таки привело к "художественности" данного фота  8-) … ejkom.html

На фотографии якобы запечатлена Жаклин Кеннеди, которая пытается спастись через несколько секунд после убийства её супруга. В действительности это кадр из документального фильма-реконструкции об убийстве президента

зы. осталось найти сам фильм

зы.зы. что выявило глубокое гугление, само фото появилось примерно в 2014, раньше о нём ничего неизвестно, большинство ресурсов выдавало его как "первые кадры с места убийства", позже стали писать о постановочности фота, если это кадры из худ. фильма - то где сам фильм?

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Угадайте, эти люди пришли на пикничок в парке?
Нет, они только что наблюдали убийство президента, несколько фотографов и кинооператора они заинтересовали больше, чем удаляющаяся машина с умирающим президентом. А что, тут картинка живописнее!
Всего через 20 минут после знаменитых выстрелов Билл и Гэйл Ньюманы уже давали телеинтервью в студии
картинка отсюда
Кстати, брызги от мозгов Кеннеди должны были попасть как раз на эту парочку. Если у него были мозги и кто-то стрелял в него из книгохранилища

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отличное замечание!  8-)
снято на этой фотографии до выстрелов или после?
скорее всего что после, потому что тупо лежать на травке, и вообще тупо выглядит всё живое на ней, если учесть, что были выстрелы, и от чего это два придурка снимают этих "свидетелей" :D
её сделали из машины на ходу?
разве она не должна быть смазанной, если снимать из "мчащейся в укрытие" машины?

ps типично для постановки, лжесвидетели, есть доказательство их присутствия на снимках, что означает "они говорят правду" и т.д.



Фото конечно же после выстрелов, фотограф снимал с другой стороны дороги, похоже, это подкрашенная картинка.
Там вообще трое снимальщиков вокруг этой троицы пляшут, четвертый через дорогу.
Скорее всего, они выскочили из машины с журналистами, которая ехала за машиной Джонсона.
Наверно знали, что машина с подстреленным президентом прибудет в Паркленд (4 мили при скорости 60 миль в час) только через 15 минут, так что у них было время поснимать свидетелей и потом спокойно ехать в госпиталь.
Ньюман заявил, что стреляли у него из-за спины, со стороны холма.
Или петарды там хлопали.
Несколько свидетелей упоминали запах дыма. То есть хлопушки или второй стрелок были где-то рядом
Некоторые свидетели насчитали разное количество выстрелов - от двух до шести, возможно, некоторые услышали эхо хлопков, отраженное от того же здания книгохранилища и соседних, хорошо бы посмотреть схему расположения свидетелей и сравнить их показания, наверняка следователь такое делал.

А вот эта девушка позирует правее тоже неплохо.

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Это выходное от пули?
или наш ВИП-друг пошел по общей схеме ритуальной разделочки.
Типа Немцова. Если, что горожанин подправит.

Если это разделочка, то все фото и видео постановочные.
В идеале бы знать точную погоду на момент убийства и режим оцепления площадки за неделю до убийства.

В одном случае стеклышко на дверце на труповозке есть, в другом нема.
Причем скорее всего, если задавать вопросы по видео и фото по этому убийству американским прокуратурам,
то они скажут, что они не в курсе, что там местные кубрики наснимали.
Также по общей схеме все засирают все информационным шумом=
то ануаки убили, то кубинцы, то мафия, то водители, то Освальцы с совецкими пачпартами.

Еще интересно было бы пробить, когда СМИ стали сообщать об убийстве.
Наверное, еще раньше убийства. Как и обычно при таких делах.

Тени на видео гораздо длиннее , чем на фото.
С одного дубля не могут снимать :glasses: , цеховички-любители.

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Местные цеховые кубрики забыли про моцаклиста.
Наверное уцелом  или часть съемок проходила под видом следственных мероприятий.

Еще один вариант теней.
Зато номерок труповоза.


забавные цеховички моцаклиста вырезали, а он оказывается есть.
С тенями тоже безобразие.
жесть какая та
про тени дипломатично промолчу
уже в зеленом

еще видео
Убийство Кеннеди со всех ракурсов и камер.Версия №2.
Куча мотоциклистов во время запрыгивания, машина с охраной впритык к президентской машине

акробат не может залезть в машину, как это должно быть по сценарию.
Наснимали кучу дублей.

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#p78222,Иван М wrote:

Наверное уцелом  или часть съемок проходила под видом следственных мероприятий

В твоем посте первая и последняя фотка из худфильма, как и в предыдущем с задницей Джекки.
Их специально тасуют с фото с места событий.
Еще один приемчик - пропавшие кадры из фильма сбежавшего от холокоста польского портного Запрудера.
Его фильм без десятка этих кадров смотрелся весьма динамично, а когда их потом добавили, стало видно, что машина ползла со скоростью пешехода, и только после финального выстрела водитель дал по газам. Как только он ехал 15 минут до Парклендского госпиталя, если туда езды 4 минуты, есть тайна великая.

Еще одна тайна Запрудера - зачем он прекратил съемку, когда в его поле зрения попала машина начальника полиции Кэрри, и снова начал, только когда тот проехал, спрятавшись в тени путепровода.
Объясняли, что бережливый Абрам экономил дорогую пленку, чтобы хватило на съемку всего происшествия


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