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, Donetsk. A trolley bus # 17

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SK Russia plans to to investigate murder of people on stopping in Donetsk

SK Russia plans to to investigate murder of people on stopping in Donetsk

the Investigation Committee Russian Federation plans to to investigate criminal deal on fact killings civilians on stopping in Donetsk.

About this became known from messages Lifenews, with refers on words representative press services departments.

Prime Minister Ukrainian state Arseny Special, accusing tthe why something Russian side in so a cynical world murder of, himself not unwittingly moreover, signed for it in fact in is, who is worth behind this a crime on fact, argues representative press services SK trades abroad Vladimir Markin. This is as times the very case, when the thief rush, shouts, ready the thief. This it seems on another statement governments Ukraine, the rewrites, you know under carbon copy's obtained, as and those that agree in press after collapse Malaysian for, undermining the in district Volnovakha bus and in many other cases. Unwittingly incapable impression, that statements of this kind write even before, than such revolve killings occur on the east Ukraine. So that can be congratulate the most mayor and constituted them the ministry propaganda. You is famously have learned lessons his teachers Kristallnacht pogrom, which as something said: The lies more, those in it easier believe .

Recall, Internovosti wrote previously, in Leninsky district of Donetsk Ukrainian military personnel raked halt. ? happened in 09 :0 0 on local time (10 :0 0 on minutes Moscow Time), these and explains a large number of expecting transport on stopping. On a data, team bus raked from mortar battalion.

RS: Special signed for it in is, who on fact is worth for shelling stop in Donetsk
Today in 18 :4 5

the Investigation Committee Russia has excited criminal deal on fact the shelling stop public transportation in Donetsk, victims of which have become, in the latest data, until 15 people. Deal brought on h. 2 UF. 105, h. 1 UF. 356 CC trades abroad (murder of two and more faces, the use of banned funds and methods wage war).

"Prime Minister Ukraine Arseny Special, tthe accusing why something Russia in this a cynical world crime, himself moreover not unwittingly in fact signed for it in is, who on fact is worth behind this a crime", - declared "MK" in office, to quote chapter RS Vladimir Markin.

"This as times the case, when the thief shouts, and carry the thief. This it seems on another statement Ukrainian hand, crafted under carbon copy's obtained, as and those that agree after collapse Malaysian we , undermining the bus in district Volnovakha and other cases, - noted Markin. - And unwittingly the impression, that of this kind statements implements affect before, than occur such revolve killings. So that can be congratulate mayor and created them the ministry propaganda. You well have learned lessons his teachers Kristallnacht pogrom, which belongs famous expression of: The more lies, those easier in it believe ."

Zamudokhali they already, truponosy. From Markin corpses for kilometer bears, as and from ytsenyukha


2 … 55094.html


"Skyfall preliminary information, shot was implemented from mortar, which moved on city on these. So-called the drifting Sanyi ", said Lysenko on briefing.

And where 13 corpses?
Increasingly roadblocked, the cops was cordoned off by, people only from "their"



2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 5 =1 1 normally mixed up? Today same 22 the number of. Was postponed for couple of days, not prepared as should.



Dmitry" wrote:
2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 5 =1 1 normally mixed up? Was postponed for couple of days, not prepared as should.

And where himself explosion miracle-bomb? Hi, ah kodazh this people eyes would open?
Now turn other pee wees slice of troleybusa vypilit and in cell click.



Mine not was able pry in asphalt normal funnel.s rump failed to penetrate in left board normal small holes. Whom there could kill with such by small holes cut out of it?
A trolley bus type broken, and's kiosks not have suffered nor one scratches So not case.



A trolley bus prepared not here, here been herded out here without glass. Glass grinds prepared dragged in huge, namely in that place, normally sprinkle hotela. Glass have this maybe there large high, not the that have bus ZAZ. In Volnovakha glass making crumbs not hotela and even seen its with red paint, and here that same so slight snag. Ah want experience not can to garner.

And here? :hobo: Nu modicum would a wash cloth in parlor scene Shirts set fire for a wispy cloud. Ah that for people, ah as with them work?



Photographs little, compare the the that there is.
They guessed it put billboard with a hole in it, theme or his (photo even will) and) through him. :hobo: eksbitsionisty eksperementatory.
Dude's from extra,.. extra with bag, aimed a gulyat, to 'accidental a passer-by.



My company reimburses me!
And I in the other topic this I'm taping up
Stand the

Dmitro wrote:

In load of this:
There is no words. Where here people, where monarch? Increasingly is mixed.

Ah let look mute asshole horror and mixing -
Got already worse bitter the radish this fluff piece, and that to do, if it believe and believe until now.

Explosion, means?
With hand roads.
In leftist side and pussy right now, trolley car right and rotten.

AWN2 / workspace6 strange. One the hole outside trolley car right, with hand explosion, another from within. As so?

If explosion, then why nor one small holes on buffer and doors? Why pens there is no? , too, explosion broken it?

On the second doors, too, there is no nor pens, nor of holes. Of holes on machine at all nor one

And that with the engine of? On-my, his long deontirovali, even before dumping. And back's a tire was destroyed by fire there same.

& appliances, too, there. As and knobs, and mechanisms doors. Explosion, perhaps, Gave. Grad khunto-kiborgo-opolchenskiy. He such!

Where blood? And where head?
Not from whether densely so have closed place heads, that nothing to acquire show?
Length heads ranks seventh growth human average build, (accented exceptions like "wife motoroly", have the big tall one about one the ninth; but this not the case). Hold mentally line from leverage until heels and couple to it one-sixth in place heads. See, why hide mrazyuki upper part of this "victims the shelling."


Blood there is no as always.
Jagged jacket - thiss rump?

Look at shoes. In it not were at todays dirt.

How many months this postradavshee from explosion a place not works? Many.
In it there is no and not was no one. Business has scaled back, cars, more ?????????? not is.

That with auxiliary? , too, explosion Gave?

Glass trolleybusu was pulverized by in property crumble, and what pro this forgotten?

Will call attention: Under sweater, man have guy nothing there is no.

Chair this Outlook - third right, before front wheel. Between "funnel from explosion" and these man - shield in cockpit, which without single holes.

Blood as have all on stopping and in or trolleybus, no.
Although there is no, one there's a passenger in the first kadr, but from afar.

Have guy turn attention on easiest for January clothes and on shoes. Its the first time, handcuffed and not were in it never.


At all not in sight, as has killed Outlook.

And all chairs entire, as and in Volnovakha.


One bookshelf have butaforov in Volnovakha and here. Explosion with one hand (specifically in this kadr - right obey), and crumbs filled enormous shaft everywhere and everywhere in all the corners.

But the dye, it seems, the entire in Volnovakha manhandled.

All very simply about: Where people, and where scum. Scum here churchgoers, studies and absolves. Then will zombomassam dynamic web pages.


Now here
Mentor moreover, what on first video not was.

On stopping, on were marginalized - sand or mud and gruel from dirty water and Snow. Mrazyuchenok with microphone on it leaps once. Look at shoes women. She in it not moved about this dirt.

The very guy in sweater. Here his are raising. Frame valuable those, that says: Rigor mortis is missing, guy least three days as is dead.

Look at the sole of the. In this shoes not only in sand or mud and dirt not were, in it at all not were. From retailer - and squarely on "passenger."

Look at sweater. Under him, as and should wait, there is nothing.
Face modicum and kvadratikom have closed second of before, here in sight, that it rezano. On breast prevents the, around him subcutaneous the hemorrhaging, uspevshee pozheltet. Guy lived another two-three days after, as his have dealt.

Why him have made small square? And still several together? Their same would still have shown on other form and on the other Pergola Bar Different mrazokanalu?
Have shown all, except this guy. Only to face not show. Mrazyukam there is that hide about circumstances past days life this guy.


Wretchedly strange explosion. Prolomal on top panel strictly in three places, more nor one nor one oskolochkom not touched.
????, near kick explosion made through oaaei for running the premier, not touching and not polomav his. Works as nor in than nor: Let. Line neck.
This someone in the, uh, prop American proposal to allow time come in head for just die and common credibility string on oaaei pitch. From! ')

That with auxiliary, number? Far gone away? , too, explosion Gave?
There is no, on dump clunker already was thus.


Outside not working many months commercial skating on first floor all glass entire, the entire finishing a whole, nor one blowing here not --something.

The second winter overnight ski boot warmers have women. In it, too, today not mesili dirt with covered in white, is clear want it now.


Windows, blinds, window-dressing, advertising other working institutions not have suffered nor on grams, nor in the single place. Althoughs rump glass trolley car right rotten flew and in crisp have turned.

In apartment long no one lives. Glasses here not was. Only film, long porvavshayasya.

Morons still they smear feces furrow, from pieces Kyle and not can do razlet from one point.

And what not toting his, if in zombo-online; it's still it comes Ohmore morons, which this dolbezhke believe.



As work media?
To be intercepted
Patriotic … 50539.html
Have the same assessment photos. Damn it a man, HOW?

On the seat next from floor,, threw crap all asfaltovuyu grinds prepared.
Vydolbili from "hoppers" and neatly filled enormous shaft on sidenku. Ah not idiots?
Workers Trolleybus Board ???? profits repair wheel, now as times most time these engage. :D
Butaforschiki in isolation from reality, at all not know as she looks.
By majestic Hi




And all chairs entire, as and in Volnovakha.

Under Latyninu zakosila



Toyota Sverdlovsk Raion, Luhansk Oblast riot militia?



In mid-video an important knows, which of course nothing not saw, but is a key)

1 :3 2 - even one important knows, progressed in had long a broken the door and type evidence suggests. Commissars European security are worth and portray that remember increasingly that he says. The operator as would not interestingly that he says, operator at all not the elections such ^ ^




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pochemuk wrote:

and glass in brown windows ??? were. Year emki I circled red google 2012.

And you in sight from seryoznykh



A drone fell in halt in hour peak, Donetsk DNR

- We profits less than through hour, but failed to to lift as is ablaze unafraid car, hello Maria.

1 :0 8 - at the second floor stalled clock :canthearyou:

A trolley bus 17 th route
It turns out driver legkovushki was incinerated by. When machine fully was destroyed by fire (happened this minutes through thirty eight) someone particularly a very gifted stole corpse driver and took for conducting expertise DNA.
Correspondent told about such a large numbers events, which ivory dome in this interval, which his operator continually was photographing, but so and not was able show but Wounded, nor witnesses, nor victims, nor most appealing ways car. 's lying he increasingly perhaps. Happened increasingly yesterday, and he arrived through 25 hours, when increasingly rassosalos and went dark.



Dmitry" wrote:

In mid-video an important knows, which of course nothing not saw, but is a key)

Not. Here knows steep. 03 :4 5

Stood near retailer, Roman manors.


Have bodies indeed there is no heads.

Have the other women face not show.
Another in auto burned the.
Fellow face have closed.

Have scum real deficit "props." Some and those same account for carrying, other in such a able, that for "victims iano?aeia" at all impossible to issue.

Surnames "killed in or trolleybus" there is no.
As and relatives "volnovakhskikh travelers"



Dmitry" wrote:

A drone fell in halt in hour peak, Donetsk DNR

- We profits less than through hour, but failed to to lift as is ablaze unafraid car, hello Maria.

1 :0 8 - at the second floor stalled clock

A trolley bus 17 th route

There is no there is no, on 1 :3 0 still is ablaze, and smoke goes.

A small smoke, almost as from you spare a cigarette have Westerners, but there is!

Some vanity tags mrazokanal. Nor for whom not is ablaze, and for this personally burned down something





Apu inflict powerful, let strikes on run a proper sector Propulsion , Donetsk

Apu continue to crippling powerful strikes hammers on vitrinam stores in 5: 30 morning. Saleswomen continue to find powerfuls rump in goods. Say even ?? swept on "the emergency"
Here is this shit, according to saleswomen, raschekhlilo the entire Music.



Me one seems, that the doors not native - color and degree of rusting (after fire whether?) very different from the back racks?
In the process, a wheelbarrow harvested on dump-deconstruction of from's little minion material.


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