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, Donetsk. Even a trolley bus. Turn humanitarian help.

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Dogs, strapon they already performances questioning.
location one a trolley bus

, Donetsk, 30 Jan RIA News.
Power of Donetsk told the, that under a major result shelling of on Corso since, on stopping "court reserves", fell a trolley bus; data about affected improves, already known about one, um, dead.

"Today, in 12.50, was carried bombardment 14 route trolley car right on NeiHu since on stopping" court reserves. " Have suffered passengers trolley car right and driver, accurate data improves ", states in Summit, published on site Donetsk Municipality.

RIA News … z3QIqfjLTG

In Donetsk in Friday day in moment the Imperial humanitarian aid fired upon House culture and a trolley bus, there is victims, reports "Interfax" with refers on Mayors office cities.
In urban administration told the, that under result shelling of fell House culture behalf of Kuybyshev (on NeiHu Evgeny Panfilov there, where commanded the issuance humanitarian aid population. According to Ministry of Emergency Situations manifested Donetsk popular republics, died five man, three have suffered.
Also under shelling of fell a trolley bus 14 route trolley car right on stopping "court reserves." Two human died. Currently on place work most pressing, services.



Quite a bloody final like is obtained Link



Reaction witnesses on death close, as least, not adjust:


, Donetsk Kuibyshev r Mr Sunday brunch 30.01.2015 (/ Partido TV) 18 +

Cars "quick aid", Wounded, easily Wounded and witnesses, again less than razlozhennykh corpses.

18+! , Donetsk after the shelling! (30.01.2015)

Hands its feet parts of tel.
Klass! Video on YouTube make a mad dash faster, than came news on tape news.
They profit of forward, than went news in informagenstvakh.

Scheme works as clock. Bystanders ostensibly wash their hands video, have mounted, dispatched on channels YouTube, then we're the crooks. In nose pokovyryali and decided call in news agencies, to to inform about by the.
News even there is no in wasn towns Google, and many video already zakontropupili on numerous mrazokanaly.


For shot voice actor, which constantly rightful ownership such video. His voice was in Volnovakha 22 on May and in only 17 th 07.



fired upon point humanitarian aid, 5 dead Propulsion , Donetsk 30.01.2015



Dmitry" wrote:

fired upon point humanitarian aid, 5 dead Propulsion , Donetsk 30.01.2015

Very interesting emki!
For strengthening impact on the viewer applies reception "a sound emphasis" (as correctly adjust).
Show "corpse" with loaves of - for shot sounds the climpity (emphasis on picture!)
Show "small holes" on machine (machines) - for shot again sounds the climpity (emphasis on picture!)
But on 0 :5 6 so at all decided do visual emphasis simultaneously with sound - a sharp hit-and-run zoom with sound "bang."
Only Rukozhopye there operator and zvukorezhiser.

Clipped in the process on width there.
<published>2015-01-30T11 :50: 51.000Z</published><updated>2015-01-30T13 :32: 42.000Z</updated>



Most interesting across this situation CONVENIENT the shelling.
Referred, that shelling of was in 12 :5 0.on youtube already we have uploaded.
Where the truth?! Where truth?! What DUTY the right CONVENIENT?! Someone can find?! Why ask. And that is why.
On conduits based yutuba, under the publication whilst only day, month, year. But was would more interesting to know hour and minutes pouring video.
For the most on interesting, here are ssylochku XXXXXX? V =2
Xs a need replace on Bugtraq video.
In end we will get XML file in which will 4-1-1 about this video.
Search for in this XML file string <published>dates organs is SOZDANIߒs organs is FAYLAs organs is ONs organs is hosting </published>
This date and there is absolutely an exact date until of seconds, when video content was lit on hosting yutuba.
Now being video from this line.

It fails our in string higher … Uz6mbE?v=2
Get, date the publication <published>2015-01-30T12 :20: 12.000Z</published>

It fails our in string higher … hDLVKA?v=2
Get, date the publication <published>2015-01-30T12 :30: 43.000Z</published>

it fails our in string higher … XE78ho?v=2
Get, date the publication <published>[b]2015-01-30T11 :41: 47.000Z
THAT VIDEO RIGHT would delete! Have him was the most early date the publication 11 :4 0!
They 4 through a mean. Whether?

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Not typically recognized posting, remove, likely discovered shoals concrete instantaneous access :D
Likely on the door frame too perishing early the video

In another place this same video a bit on Different clipped
Voice popular actor for shot.

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Why something this thing gets thin trees.

Picture clear.
In pine the forest made happy. Corpses broke up the here same, was odeyalkami, here same on you and wystawienniczym, and journalists, and mission OSCE. Spectacle primitive. All affairs like to do, video wash their hands, then process slice and dice, himself video (and on this the same need time), tenth day after onset video between mrazokanalami and media. But most interesting, that all of this done before, as in acctresses news went information about really fact.
Role if Yes have been downgraded your bubka, which, as would this softer say. Spharischen she not knows in what movie destabilized and that happened, moreover its testimony strongly shredded, has it not. Immediate, after issue "What here happened", video clipped.(2 :3 8)

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Dmitry" wrote:

Dont typically recognized posting, remove, likely discovered shoals concrete instantaneous access

Other higher dates create files on hosting, in including and this, which would delete. I managed until undoing watch the intel.



Not managed preserve, all except two removed. Their retained. Team of have mrazotsekha, however!



Date the publication file on hosting yutuba (date create on a yutuba) <published>2015-01-30T11 :51: 50.000Z</published>

Year bought create still before <published>2015-01-30T11 :22: 44.000Z</published>

Year bought create on hosting <published>2015-01-30T11 :52: 16.000Z</published>

There is one and the same trend, different channels, but video was footers are placed samoee previously 11 :2 2 later 12 :3 0.

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Dmitro wrote:

And the reaction witnesses on death close

The guy on 1-00 - 1-06 as teenage zero. Has begun to cry phonier have nowhere, face shut down with, then had unveiled -zyrk and again shut down.

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What, causing on stilts comes from YouTube)
This same video here ostensibly being expunged for "a shocking and is an obscene content", however this same video perfectly feels on other conduits based. Thousands of video on hundreds synthetic conduits based, even with Maidanare hanging, with Spring, and summer, and fall, with corpses and Scotlands corpses. And even musketry from Bezlera, and nothing, are hanging not complain.
Tosh 2.0 these replicas of, himself same writes, that have him treaty with mrazokanalami, only nor until whom not dopiraet, that written precisely this, and not any you stupid is the famous.
Under these pretext of can be to expunge all mrazokanaly, I list partly wrote in topic about media, however why something not remove. Why? Yes because effectiveness productions sharply's value will decline. YouTube in share, ausubt only illusion, that ostensibly obey their same rules.


(Quote) - Quit from buildings - raze. Shelling not stop,.
(Quote) - round fell in tree
0 :4 7 - snuffed a short episode with "victim of." Why his not have shown until the end of? In share of of seconds on 0 :4 7 filmed, as couple pivoting for second 2007. She same is mired on other video. But detail wash their hands episode on 1 :2 6 - "bombing flight I have" the crowd push in the building.

After the third minutes video, due to lack of sane over here material, is faring narrative about grandmother have which there is no water and light.



The other times download need to video immediately, then all affairs.

In short got lazy-a-fake-@-@ - further have nowhere.
You, reptiles, following actors on props going! Sacred deal krmelevsko-novorossko-ukropsko-war're a disgrace to, half-wits, bums, you sons of bachelors, suckers fucking!!

Where hoppers from cities, missile, although would what firecrackers so plokhonkoy, bums? There nor one,! 'Damn, collect Hi, traits-those-any subsider with the streets, even 4000m2 as well as before the face of imperialist enemies our the Motherland for you ashamed!

Look this

This that for exhibit? Where blood,! '? Altaygeyt some - seven nastrogalo, and nor breath.

This that with wall, clowns? Pink coloured from people here flew, crumbs from skull, and on the wall nor single oskolochka.
Here is this bullshit on the wall - all? Idiots.

The most wondrous a fragment of a.
First breezed right in in right glass and grinds prepared from glass on the seat next dumped the. All as need to.
Flew through the brink doors, I mentioned doing something, returned through left glass, dumped the, and quietly flew further

With right-wing hand two Annex holes, with leftist three maturing, but from two Annex - all both past glasses comprised, means through glass this the third and vletal. This cadres the same same auto with another video

The most an interesting frame - this.
Incoming sunlight a fragment of a through the door penetrated, and both holes on foreign and domestic sides doors sovmestilis.
This means, that loophole, made with Heights growth prestige.
Have idiots, hail hail-round in the air exploded? Or all same cornered this auto in such a the form of with such separation and glasses?

Further rightly move on first video

What you half-wit the entire the dye in one place poured?
Why human on place has killed, and Wall entire?
Where tornado, morons?

Here is, learn to look more, the real the indigenous heroine Federal State of Novorussiya! And pieces in wall under [A]ll H., and glasses in all three rooms not sorry, and interview pro sort of very evil shelling junta Danilo Tuerk khmyryu with telephone gave. Order was it give. Hard worker rear!

And further again sabotage. Human has killed splinters cleanly, the entire the wall again a whole.

Electorally have becomes rump fly.
Again from invisible, dismal from bombings.
You that, pity glasses, kurkuli and Kherson? Why one thing! Rest glasses not concerns?

Return to the humanitarian mission.
What lunatic looking grad Number Gave?

What ign'ant grinds prepared on hood poured? If you have-glass whole! And on roof down together. There something she where, morons?

And you war not concerns, Europe hotel!
Three glass - this the entire your contribution in type a sacred type war? Compradore! You have under window zhudkim bursting of the five cleanly has killed, hands-crumbs goals many share, and you - three glass! Tolerasty, liberasty, yuvenasty, geyropeytsy Qur!

Ah and with this video

That for strange a fragment of a?

Where he had flown?

Blue, and not had been flown.

Time the pyrotechnics are causing goes haulin 'ass down. Should be sky-effective balloon of the flame skryvshiy gender-machines.
Have poof. The flames took under the hull. From thermal impact paint turn yellow and cracking.

What rukozhopy this weapon of their houses?

Perishing not this whether poof would delete urgent way with yutupov?



As increasingly not be easy, a trolley bus in one district, and house culture in another, however managed enter the one thing video already in hour the shelling what the speed)

They raze not can indispensable without stamp "showing hand in moment when camera directed on the hand-driver.

14 th a trolley bus. Killed passengers there is no, Wounded there is no, kontuzhenykh there is no, witnesses there is no, hoppers there is no.
Believe the that said in the news :hobo:)

Where is at all passengers? If there is no passengers, then why trolleybuses trek?

Some Autodesk 3ds Max trolley car right, a fascist round, increasingly same regretted.



Have this women only that died husband, but she razdosadavana at all not these. To come the first time for gumunitarnoy help and not obtain its, here is where real a bummer :D

Ah well, can be not be an expert vzryvotekhnikom as Aligator, but perishing on funeral all perhaps were, all saw so say "womens experiences" of a in many decibel about losing loved? On these the field in a while, journalists with enviable consistently find on relatives, directly only that killed people. As same so is obtained? Shock, emotional reaction, natural human feelings, they prefer a microphone L! FENEWS :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :dontknow:



the Investigation Committee Russia has excited criminal deal on fact the shelling trolley car right and homes culture in Donetsk. About this told the official representative departments Vladimir Markin, intraoral RIA News.
30.01.2015, 17 :0 5
The original of the news RT on Russian:

Markin our forum not reads, you little goofball :D

1 :0 0 -
1 :0 0 -
This churchgoers, different television stations pro Pichuginykh tells.
Only that has killed wife, brother and best friend. There is no would with Alla in two voices bleat, so they reporters do poking around for


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » New Russia (region) » , Donetsk. Even a trolley bus. Turn humanitarian help.