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Strange fact allows

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Record direct and for months BBC September 11, 2001


Stop frame BBC 0 :29: 55
BBC pokachivala picture, but did this highly strange ways. Swinging was only radiusnym, around central point.
If perishing you turned on create illusion shootings helicopters, then pokachivay picture and upward-down and shift to the-to the left and radiusnuyu, postanovlenie Administratsii illusion



zhyttja, we seems with mutnostyu have gone too much.
Stop sign frame BBC 0 :16: 35

Stop sign frame BBC 0 :17: 13

Both stop sign there made in moment a strong boltanki, camping on E. BBC makes illusion, that shootings manufactured with English helicopters flying in the American the sky.
In 0 :16: 35 BBC clearly pereborschilo with paints eventually become addicted, striking blue the morning the sky broke a slightly whether not black. This on the door frame mocks Dir, frame replacing other perspective of, and in 0 :17: 13 voila and color of have changed on more gray, but not more gays

BBC thief picture CBS and distorts its

0 :18: 00 - BBC makes "bringing" pictures of the and here helicopter is mired in Hurricane, his so heavily she speaks all, that even 4000m2 as well as frightening becomes for pilots .
Even slightly-slightly and helicopter gonna keel over. A bit easier becomes from what helicopter still leaning pretty bad not forward or ago, and only or to the left or to the right, can be vydykhnut, shansoy be broken, decline immediately on 50%.
0 :18: 30 - should flipping pictures of the. And here BBC again loshitsya, deal in is, that us show accurately this same picture, with those same alternative gray New York York "sky. But now camera is as would on this perform well, but slightly further left than that. The basket-case. Means helicopter was flying near rooftop, on which stood the other the Englishman with video camera on immersion depth and satellite equipment. Here is this focus.

But here is that's a shame, this basket-case the BBC recycles picture companies CBS-2.
We can perfectly to see dimensions of buildings WTC-7, which is worth directly before twins, on him and on lines top North towers, we can judge, that advertizing produced not simply with the same lines, but and with the same point.

Prevents clever Trolls, say me, that I not know that such "videoobmen." That on advices, I indeed not familiar with exaction work television, but includes I have there is apparent dignity, I can deal in of elementary logic.
That I here see: Matrix skyscrapers and of smoke, identical to the that here, that here,. But else)

Color the sky strongly varies enormously. Means need to believe, that BBC and CBS cast in the different weather conditions. Or to believe in more it worked fantastically well option, that all companies time,, forgotten, as need to configure cell on balance and colouring. Not forget, that this leading cameramen World, have them the most expensive professional cameras, which not are at sack with low quality or trader, by the standards quality ISO 5 (standards images).

A corner the tilt towers, a bit so, camping on E. Illusion, that shootings through a different cameras under different squeeze out, but nevertheless, were locked in one point.
Perhaps two syomochnye brigades BBC and CBS implemented-door workshop in this place, and the same did other brigades other broadcasting companies, and when the first plane Reuss 11, 't stop pestering have them over heads, they small, through 6 minutes, came running out on the only lucrative playground, configured technique, the secret with Sputnik, and began to to wage direct broadcast on the whole Mir. Too perishing surprising coincidence.

Have CBS in and for months present Empeyr Saint Isaacs Cathedral Building, have BBC she is missing, as whether something shootings through a directly with it.
Deal in is, that this the obtained indeed with Esbjerg fB, but CBS managed insert in its still life itself this tower. About this will talk in the other times. CBS2 direct live broadcast, stop sign frame 16 :5 1

In mid-70s, someone brought it into on a viewing playground Esbjerg fB photo camera type "s", that flatly prohibited from, and made this a remarkable a picture of an.
By mutual location WTC-1, WTC-2 and WTC-7, we can do an unambiguous conclusion: It is this kind of, can be done only with viewing shovel Empeyr Saint Isaacs Cathedral Building. If we tried to would photograph WTC with any other seats, then buildings backed would with other mutual zazorami and up in two different places.



comparison stop sign cadres different companies.
Stop-frame BBC 0 :36: 45, direct live broadcast
Stop sign frame CNN 1 :06: 58, aired live
Video BBC here filmed as-would with helicopters, picture someone actively rocking. Pass on exile and make sure in this.
CNN as-would talks the direct broadcast with some affordable rooftop. Correspondent companies, somehow unfathomable way climbed atop a this roof down, in advance knowing, that from here will be very convenient kind of. Film crew brigade here was already through 6 minutes after first "battering ram." Remained puzzle, as brigade making the connection, that to go need precisely here, as managed will agree with guards buildings, have time rise with technique and a plate, connect and look.

Ukrainian CNN says:
- ??? ?? ? ? there, you can to see stop sign frame of our English competitor. Not despite full identity with our live coverage, he differs colored, brightness, contrast, balance white and made with English helicopters.

If someone not understood goal comparisons:
Not necessarily in perfection know geometry, enough understand its elementary laws. If we are capable of having shooting several facilities, with different points in space, then inevitably get difference in the mutual the atomic these facilities, not though, that they fixed relatively each other.
Shootings complex WTC, television networks BBC and CNN charging in different conditions and like with different points.
CNN us gave illusion, that based with some shovel on what something skyscraper, and BBC gave illusion, that shooting produce with helicopters. But not despite such a difference, we see, that on fact, complex WTC cesspits from one point. This can be determine on mutual location skyscrapers Manhattan.
On the picture CNN struck illusion, that shootings were fought with rooftop they Plaza, but this easily rebut. They on computer "hid" South tower for North, to give illusion, that the starred more to the right from Empire now Building, where and is they Plaza.
That this means? This means, that us cheated both cameramen. Picture (matrix) was one, obrabatyvalas she in one the center. Image of the complex WTC and surrounding vases skyscrapers, filmed with rooftop Empire now Building, and the entire the rest of von, dorisovyvalsya and urodovalsya computer.



Primitive combined shootings have written the for "direct broadcast."



flyer WESCAM.
Dick Cheney decided to propiarit its company, which supplies the military optics.
Nice, truth? Camera absolves box, in which itself and established)



A certain detail, makes kind of, that she is trivial issue helicopters)
To perform background the with little time lag, makes kind of, that its has spun in horizontal a plane, although detail moving around and on X and on Y.



CNN shows picture koporatsii FOX (WNYW) and nice warns about this.
And what the difference? Fabrication, she and in Africa fabrication.



processing cameras ABC creates miracles)
And itself camera, is being shifted relatively helicopters)



Stopkadr with video direct and for months "ABC."
The chopper freely is being shifted relatively land and relatively video cameras.
A target ad lens simultaneously no mood and on an obscure kind of and on calligraphy on vertolyotovoy shit that with top in kadr.
The sight with unnecessarily many kilometers remains though lasting time. Such impossible was to lift under aid puny the helicopter.
Even very the blunt understandable, that image of the helicopters being placed.

The starred in advance, on serious technology with a powerful giroskopom, under aid large helicopters, with high-resolution, in huge format. Then the has become one of matrixes, which was rozdana telekompaniyam, and they in turn turned its verteli, piece, taking the brink, to the left shift to the and camping on D., included disadvantages, at home, bridges, color of, logos and camping on D.
Have each networkwe own was its option pictures of the, but matrix was single. This "matrix" withdrawn with the Norths from Twin Towers.

Repeat: THAT cadres an TRANSLTsII, not postterraktnoe editing.
Such a mukhlyosh there is in direct the Internet FOX, NBS, ABC, CBS, CNN and BBC, with have each its option. Unalterable only matrix skyscrapers, of smoke and Airlines Flight 175, the difference in backdrop of, profile Manhattan, haze, color shades.



Direct live broadcast NBC4
Time, where made stop sign-frame 1 :06: 50
Helicopter ABC, emerges for two minutes until collapse South twin towers. He emerges from above and departures ago, tail forward. Animation hilarious, necessarily look at this ABBA.
If this helicopter television with emblem ABC, then where have him gyroscope with video camera?





Far flies this helicopter with an advertisement WESCAM, forward or ago?
Why he there flies, with perspective common sense?




Why September 11, clear: Company WESCAM? - because Dick Cheney, one of co-owners companies and one of performers terrorist attacks 9 / 11.
Why, in 2013, cameras WESCAM until now such huge? - because, except mechanisms reverberates in all planes, there is worth gyroscope, which provides resilience pictures of the, relatively vibrations the helicopter. This military technology, used above all in heads television Command, in the UAV complex, on combat choppers back, in including raid.
Why September 11, we saw fact allows, not saw-power, on them, but nevertheless, the not was rocky, together with by helicopter? - because direct and for months 9 / 11 falsified.





What you attention, as is behaving to perform background the. She not moves away nor to the left nor to the right, although helicopter just wobbles there-here. Is obtained, that "Luggage" quietly pieces "Manhattan", and helicopter was even hanging out between them, bastard.



To the same, on some coverage of the story can be watch highly strange behavior caveats, they simply those objects fly thru table.



Background, helicopter, camera,
All three on an independent equipment bracket.



First tier background, the second tier background, helicopter, camera,
All four on an independent equipment bracket.



Emki with helicopters, of course, not retain no critics.


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » Terrorists, Pentagon, Washington, Shanksville, NY » Strange fact allows