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Uglegorsk. Debaltseve municipality.

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tort5 wrote:

some, uh, strange corpses, then whether izgryzannyy zveryom, then whether mannequin with.

Dogs obozhrali.
Old thing women were



Post from themes "Tsekhoviki."
Apparently, there is sense to discuss those or other characters in topic community-milestone and fill their in subject about the "tsekhovikakh" - as in currently Sergei Nikolayevich.

Gastrolersha, the leader from Kursk catastrophe in, Donetsk and affiliated to "MK-Donbassovskoy" our cast, in role the inhabitant Debaltseve municipality intellect horrors fascist occupation.

Irina Tokarev 30 years, Kursk-, Donetsk, Russia

Video -
G Debaltseve municipality after liberation untangle 1 Ocherednye evidence atrocities Apu / Partido TV

10 :4 3 -



Further in this same movies start that with group of family.

The picturesque specialist of unfettered from ukrofoshizma Debaltseve municipality and Stepanovki - 2 :0 5 - 8 :5 2

There will on page daughter of

Natalia Novikov (Mikhedko) 28 years, Konstantinovka (disambiguation), Ukraine

And brother Viktor Mikhedko
But himself blogs not is leading.

Mija Sundance in program "acceptance Canal" and in 1957 colors
Hot point of ATF! Ghastly video real war! News Ukraine. Today 09.02.2015 Mr. - 4 :2 0

If son someday ask me for pro this movies, pro which you all henceforth and forever chase silenced: And that this we cast, mother? That you him going to answer?

Mother Galina Mikhedko (Mamchur) - - still one debaltsevskaya stradalitsa from horrors of of fascism and of ATF, in this same movies - 3 :4 2.

Husband gets wasted Arthur Kudelkin once, perhaps, was a decent guy, and here is please - contacted with bad company, became mraziynyy the actor. - 7 :2 4

Representative extensive family starred and in "Trauma Unit" - ???? as on its workplace in scenes with klounami- "workers opolchenskoy Medical Commanding." - 13 :2 6

Angela Novikov (MIKhEDKO) 37 years, Konstantinovka (disambiguation), Ukraine -

Let's note and brief, but bright role rulers from, to be of the-knit with vyshepokazannym family not constraints, and constraints only creative-knit and a common abhorrent secret

Anna Popova (, Glushko) Konstantinovka (disambiguation), Ukraine - - 5 :0 3



Ay-I-for, what heinous the Nazis!
Before they were marching beer as beer, and now such a can kick out, such a can kick out.

Valentin Deputy Chief Alexander Medvedev (Chervatuk) 59 years, Konstantinovka (disambiguation), Ukraine

1 :2 1 -



горожанин wrote:

Ay-I-for, what heinous the Nazis!
Before they were marching beer as beer, and now such a can kick out, such a can kick out.

Valentin Deputy Chief Alexander Medvedev (Chervatuk) 59 years, Konstantinovka (disambiguation), Ukraine

1 :2 1  -

3 :3 0 Ear.
In my opinion, doubts, that this one and the same woman.
3 :3 3

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tort5 wrote:

in my opinion, doubts, that this one and the same woman.

one and the same. Now bear in mind the that under photo with a side of you noted in his ear not see + the lenses video cameras and't have a camera give different distortions, expense of different optics.



It is unclear what emki and Kherson, and actors niei?u konstantinovskie. There sack hardly could, Apu are encamped. All allies blamed before in, Donetsk?



Not resembles voopsche.



Think this on your parts of. Village near Debaltseve municipality, in it there is "zone"
Chornukhyne - the latest day fennel. By the salvage video (21 +)

Tank attack on a Chornukhynskyi a roadblock (+ 21)



Валентин wrote:

I think this on your parts of. Village near Debaltseve municipality, in it there is "zone"
Chornukhyne - the latest day fennel. By the salvage video (21 +)

Tank attack on a Chornukhynskyi a roadblock (+ 21)

Became be, there is no revenues mrazoteatru something. Four "props" - of them Larissa heads otchekryzhili, camping on K. Already polzovany.



Can not here need to, but, in some sense pro Debaltseve municipality: … 79340.html

In 3and # 189; -hour made the battle for Ukrainian Debaltseve municipality in list "victories Russian weapons." International

Banners with at work listing the most significant victories Russian weapons. Kulikovskaya battle, Borodino, Bryansk arc rises, Debaltseve municipality 2015.
Recent history Russia, so say.
With than, all and I congratulate.



I in this topic units 20 personally me made photographs uploaded.
Ah not appealed you my thought, but derzhitsya the why rubbed their eyes?
And my comment to this video Debaltseve municipality today directed by under control ApuWhy would delete?
I wrote 21 post (one just with going), now their 17 - where even 3? Than not unearned luck now to?



#p37717,Beginner wrote:

where even 3? Than not unearned luck now to?

You that, yesterday was born? Have Forum paradigma- increasingly setting. For what this is done?
911-setting? So. Proven.
Grabovsky boying-setting? Proven (us for us).
And to what this all not poterto in tyrnetakh? There is thought?
For moreover, to convincingly prove, under all confusing plethora of worthy nuanced one, that war in Ukraine there is no.
For example, argument, that there is no suppression of ties, there is no aviation.
So and war a new type of. Suppose, Russia exchanged OPPO on Boeing with west. Can such be?
Forces routinely.
So we here type "and not understand, that increasingly amply, and no one pro this not says."
Need to will, will say. But, likely, no.
The second question. Ukraine.
Who will give a guarantee, that Gunpowder fighting with P?? No one will give.
And with the other storony- military actions there is. Heap corpses, ebivomat. Here on Forum tried to increasingly blur, noticed, that question's stalled? The the.
And who with whom fighting?
Guys, all increasingly understand. The city dweller polyurethane, nasravnival clearly different noses-ears. Dmitri otmolchitsya, and correctly will make.
Await the reaction.
Understand, that post I have have discombobulated. And because, that and get along see, and another get along.



Why ten-inch Whitehall fangs crawl under bullets for alone and those same money. Because based installation. But this does not means, that there is no real fighting. The city dweller likes ” and likes posibility to set soba. Then, you know, and one enjoys, what he is a clever, and around losers, either.
I his blog one thing time read with great interest, until not understood as he thinly keeps managing Mikoton. In a result remained a malign a residue. From Kungurova the same, and from many rest. Work not for for free, readers consider look like idiots. In my opinion all top blogs zatvarennye, and on Different be not can.



Magur, i.e., some kind sniping? I'm here is so forces routinely a-rockin 'international policy, and those who hold power silent?



The media, they a-rockin 'commissioned power haves. Professionalism the telenovela people - separate question. Work as are at. To change their have no one left. Treasury of hunger. If you not Jew, or wife your not Jewish, on Central Canal you work not be allowed to enter.



Newbie, not worry about anything, me here is until truth not rubbed their eyes, can because the old, or because and derzhitsya from explosion under House directly with his court and video the shelling in A44 Autobahn with Delhi missile and discontinuity posted. Unlike pegikh Sluts not drystanul footage. Couple of times was witnessing killed from explosion'oc 10-20 minutes ago in 200 300 flushed from home explosions, one times at all the smoldering the pieces bodies in shattered windows meters 10 and smells of something burning meat. Sack in the presence of other people was in a bunch of pussies. Life not static, is changing the situation - initially were needed installation, to spark passions, but already long the very is ablaze, nah spent on postanovy, although to start another a series of can do imaging provocation but important thinking such jokes plays - increasingly movies and no nails. Again same this have you strikes, and have moreover who far - this as krovi on the evening after work, the zest of the with little touch of edginess. Yes even here whom Bath whom Vanya - buy ruble, 'll cash in cards, 'll drive on Ukraine and vast. Whom most know Interlocutor sorrow. Yes even I persuasively about in oblispolkom - any chick: We yeiiiieo Fund not are helping repair (springhouse in the back + garage) windows chase scrolling the? Must internationalist silently, and this cunt tries to drop-kick. Human humani lupus,, strange things I even said cel a man's wolf, dog and jackal, a scumbag, right and motherfucker. And theft have us here as jumped the Pali High Class, created fever.
Aah I mentioned your small holes called product, me then LOL has punched - in the time with „Briedisi every morning in 5-6chas in darkness single-file crawling up 6-8 perfov BM-21 on my the street (20 meters from my bedrooms), become metres in a hundred and being the Boers in airport. And I have in bedroom light as under coming sun (color Red) and announced in House ears is laying. The first time a sleepy automation manager rolled down on gender, thought firebomb when you get woken up. Now already recollect moments with, laughing. Then in side airport, sand, With, Avdiivka from me kheryachili day away, virtually without stop. But on the bombings metres in 300-400 already virtually not ” Nor do,: Let EU on the street and after such a explosion heard thump pieces on izlyote about fence, gates, tree metrakhv 20-30. So that here and without forms as on cock, and people think that we here sat day in cellars - aha more 10 minutes nor never not was. This soldiers sleeping - service is faring. Although movies until not we - trek’s obsessive a rumor about a sequel, did he, with pictures of the draw again pincer of on Ilovaisk and Debaluand vtsentr arrow directly me in yard. And here the postanolvy - derzhitsya-the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, piyavochnyy tycoon even EXIF not knows where have pictures - here is Baran, then some WZD - vtykayte bayonet in land, abandon homes - estate on pillages upon creeps out there examples the soviet bandyugami, elders’under tanks, to perhaps zabuksovali and tikayte. Fuck Short-Snout ml leytyokha forest troops with the event a under in a cloak, works more genteel as kirzovyy heavy foot, brain drain there is no gets even one zvezdyulechku and the in resignation and will an eye fingernails until elbows on pensions and jerking off on spirited girls chicks, too with two large seen podpolkovnikami in all manifestations.
Was very familiar militia in February in Logvinovo, Uglegorsk, Debale - saw and corpse nigger with, booby on yellow hours, slice of its feet in krossovke on knee was from a frozen pools. Have local asked who could only shoot, those profoundly sad - and you and ukry, on waiting lists. Air freshner - threw first the door and in chobotyakh on bed, 'd pick up have osvobozhdaemykh on small beer. This not took - nothing scale sensible not was, says not pull down same may WordPad with monіtorom. Oskaly war. And here were moon blinking on cubicles restoring ruined virulence ukrofashistami. With years so and will remain truth moreover who wins. Have us here no one not helped until. After all warned people nah play in others’game, retirement arouse the until Russian? - the that there is they'll take it away.
And derzhitsya your can hosting eat your pocket watch?
Magur, on those journalists that been doing that - seven seems - now to discuss the service. The rest got smarter - myadal can be and easier get. Although winter have us here within cities can be was sack not only on outskirts of or on cock. For good reason you so with Jews, first nekonstruktivno (why something to do increasingly Yids (Jews) get caught, with them only closet Frozen Cocktails - impasse in short), second under the near inspection ordinary people - two hands, two its feet in the middle rings / crotch,, in average slightly more clever, Birdie, khitrey, get cocky, ah ties - this yes, and whom you something gonna trust this to: Reach for the or. With knoll with unknown thoughts remains ready, gracious behavior. Of course case irks there is no special talents, and brazenly trudges up the on heads, - that household anti-Semitism, more often simply envy. I have familiar was Jew - in the early 90-'s in makeevskoe cubicles books on my the eyes of, me was as something hate so. Was is young and was stupid and not professorship life. Better to think as very move, not looking on them.
Now the apparently participated article, now. Maybe, you raschekhvostyu this goat.
Bukhtiyar J., not tinder raising the now. Maybe, you another technology zadurivaniya --three megatons debris, of horseshit, National de. And the brain one and the]swims in fat on them. Now. Maybe, you modicum Internet there is, BUT. Now he's repenting some 40% - porn. Even movies what look, what ‘ recently, but on - films MILLION ranging with the voiceless 1913 year - see or find a shortcut, huh, all genres. Question on killer question: Anyone heard genre - Giallo (film)? I looked one with young even founder Placido (Kotani from, the octopus). Here on Forum several times action of which, aaneaou not drop your level of Forum (we such clever here gathered). Dead, right too boastful: Under this on serious thought into that letter pull here and to discuss Rezuna-Suvorova, Kuptsova, Kungurogo, with stones Egyptian have laughed - before not was, here, I could even watch - and that there to discuss, although the who in the hands of nothing much worse off its th (it) not kept can be and podokazyvat guise mostly whose the established opinion, flinging stamps of Ministry of not over essentially. Ah. I ??? rights neudovoletvoryonnaya sexual pervert detonated in http (whom just wobbles in full moon tell. Circus on drote in short.

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Flint, Bukhtiyar J., Magur, thank you for support. I perishing thought on Forum this all leaned on.
And here is that most importantly - I after all not denied, that around now many from sociopathic stagings "and gossip and rumors prevents, that on head not have to string. And one starts inspect and deal - increasingly the full bla -bla- bla. Scrambling people heads, zadurivayut.
On fact I thankful gorozhaninufor what opened me eyes on outset, but here is this his assertion -

#p19310,горожанин wrote:

There ANY LIABILITY TO war not goes. 100-percentage theater. Kills ONLY scum, which outside clans and matrix "sides."

Me simply frets.

As if there is no we've got enough friends, relatives, known, which not participate in bringing up - they in it liveand survive. As if militias quite there is no - alone carol singers.

It's a shame.

#p37781,Flint wrote:

Aah I mentioned your small holes called product, me then LOL has punched - in the time with „Briedisi every morning in 5-6chas in darkness single-file crawling up 6-8 perfov BM-21 on my the street (20 meters from my bedrooms), become metres in a hundred and being the Boers in airport.

I so understood, that on this Forum not need-witnesses. With them not can or not wantwork.



Newbie, capacities have Dmitri. This his site. I personally so understood, that he opened playground, where can be porazbirat asymmetries, technical moments productions, if, indeed will proved. To collect razoblachitelnyy material. And all of this on its territory, without tweaking to someone else's politics other sites and moderov, sracha and swearing or they with damaged application files, agents different stripes. He somewhere in the early this wrote. The city dweller this the other man, the rest, too, all individual people. ????? its vision, opinion, its character. So shtaaa.
And yes, as you have there?

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#p37938,Flint wrote:

And yes, as you have there?

Quietly until. Optimised often around Svetlodarska and Myronivka. Well heard, but to us not s.


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