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Taiwan TransAsia Crash

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their dashcam.
As distinguish mraziynuyu a fake from real accident?

In as an example consider recent Russian accidents in Vnukovo.
The Wreck of plane in Vnukovo! The accident!

Where even can be find this video and similar made there same? - recalculate on absolute negation one hands, and increasingly.

And now here YouTubejust-only "Taiwan plane", and what outcome latitudes – internationalization of.. Number of video, number of "news" mrazokanalov.
And this only Russian language, not believing tens of other


What the accident must be in Russia more popular? Of course Russian.

On falshivke, object with surprising consistently, is mired in center pictures of the. In real case, video not has no spread of, for real owner, by the rules Youtube, can easily close all these mrazotnye channels.

Kostanyan on Youtube "random cadres random witnesses" with vast, almost odnomomentnoe, ranging with first hours and forth in during several days - staunch a sign of installation



nobody passengers.Don’t had on him attention)
Tselyokhenkiy. … dent-2.jpg
Blow was very a powerful, if the portholes shattered^ ^ especially if compare with the plane crash in the Top Provence … IPX-10.jpg
Oops, something not the. :D
Which blow was stronger?



Not passed and 3.5 months, as first time in of History, Taiwanese the accident engulfed in a selection of accidents. 8-)
3 :5 5 -
The quality of video fine. No "zatemnyonnykh corners" in the top of the corners there is no. Avariynost on Taiwan well itself high, drivers such same crazy. The problem only in is, that Video Recorder on Taiwan unpopular(though some model produce precisely there). And means, on theory likelihood, we could not to see such a large number of shootings plane in real random situation, which ostensibly occurred 4 February.



Show should look good



Kvadrokhelikopter in entire dissected over robust survivors in the time, when a small P still was on the hands of have Ahjussi the one with.
Nor rescuers, nor came Lee Sun, not yet typically recognized be guessing where shifting child on Bank, and all television networks already waged direct and for months.
Or rescuers have them such are tight, or television such designed a. It is difficult deal in Chinese meaning, but like as on search on Yutube, live broadcast has been conducted more than on ten local television outlets.




Lounge Points lens, we not're the ding-dongs.

Direct live broadcast
Time 0 :08: 30 and forth in during 3-'s minutes.
MChSniki dispatched on salvation victims immediately five solving in glasses. Two profits on place in boat, one swim jumping off with boats, but as are trapped the rest - the puzzle. Did on Taiwan, for services in Ministry of Emergency Situations, preferences give militants with problems of view?

While Canal TVBSshowed cooking, Canal & # 40670 ;T Valready in entire brewed the direct broadcast.
'm a rescue swimmer in glasses # 1, on the early himself ran for my life lifeline standing still on its knees. Then on scenario with astute guise of, showed fingers and just cut loose victims, started climbing to the top crawl on main fuselage, okay, to paint a tumultuous working activities.

Note, that props "rescue circle" being bandied about as as and props "padlo" (Granddaddy was taken from docking), wystawienniczym not know that with him to do and simply elozyat in the hands of.



And here is even evidence installation:
Direct live broadcast TVBS, she at all not direct, and rudely blood is a. To make sure in forgery, can be watch only a few minutes with 0 :08: 35 until roughly 15-minutes into. Installer chiffonaded the in chunks, hiding uncomfortable moments.

And here is and even evidence vistavi: The commercial & # 40670 ;T V lit with quality video 360r-480r, while ordinary’Canal & # 40670 ;T Vprofit of token the most tertiary quality HD 720r-1080p
In this can be easily ensure say in settings any rollers here … FFA/videos

Why they this did? Mrazostandartnyy a mock a stamp. This most the first video, here have them being asked time on check and removing primitive joints, means need was reinsure and reduce the quality of video, to the viewer not saw small details. This a stamp successfully acts with "direct even when the 9 / 11."



#p35176,Dmitry" wrote:

MChSniki dispatched on salvation victims immediately five solving in glasses.

This Perhaps special spasatelskie lens. Competitor Google over. With tips, that to do, plant the preppers in the boat, or on main fuselage, okay who will have plenty. Boat incidentally mazayskaya, super, with wheel fall, the first time such a see! Utterly accidentally teetered in neighboring Oximetholone pills? Or her was drugged for five seconds those the most James family... bonds in glasses?



Flight 235 departed Taipei Songshan Airport at 10 :5 2 a.m. Taiwan time (02 :5 2 UTC), for its destination of Kinmen Airport, with 53 passengers and five crew members on board. It climbed to an altitude of 1,500 feet (460 m) and then began descending until it crashed. The last pilot communication to air traffic control was: "Mayday, mayday, engine flameout." At 10 :5 4, the aircraft crashed into the Keelung River, on the border of Nangang District of Taipei and Xizhi District of New Taipei.

Flight 235 flew from aeroprta Taipei Songshan in 10 :5 2 morning on the Taiwan time (2 :5 2 on GMT), until airport appointments Ku-ning-tou, with 53 passengers and five members of crew on board. Rose on levels 1,500 feet (460 flushed), then began to fall, until not crashed. In latest session ties was measures have: "Mayday, Mayday, engine disruption of the flame." In 10 :5 4, jet he crashed in the river Kilung, on the border Nangang District Taipei and Xizhi district new Taipei

"Disaster" occurred 4 February in 10 :5 2 on the Taiwan time (fits 2 :5 2 UTC, or 5 :5 2 morning 4 February on MSK)
The most the first the commercial on Forum posted lublupivo (video with dash cam # 3). The second avkvadrate (video with dash cam # 2).’of course same safely removed. - the commercial been removed - the commercial been removed - the commercial been removed - the commercial been removed - the commercial been removed - the commercial been removed - the commercial been removed

Dmitry wrote:

Because their dashcam - - being expunged
Two their dashcam - - being expunged
Three their dashcam - - being expunged

And so on
A why same remove such super ’?:D
To not remained precise time pouring video and if decisional laziness perezalivat.
That remained?
Remained other ’, which loaded on numerous Mrazokanaly.

Year bought social: UTC 2015-2-28 11 :52: 42
Date mark: UTC 2015-2-28 11 :52: 42

On’s front & written, that the commercial loaded 3 February, however on MediaInfo see, that the commercial PEREZALIT 28 February. Why same his need was perezalivat? :flag:


Year bought social: UTC 2015-03-01 09 :05: 40
Date mark: UTC 2015-03-01 09 :05: 40

On’s front & written, that the commercial loaded 3 February, however on MediaInfo see, that the commercial PEREZALIT 1 Martha. Why same his need was perezalivat? :flag:
And so on.
-is cleaning out tails, to not palitsya strongly, and palitsya get back a little. Them it was important the first news guide videoillyustratsiey. The viewer was so stunned by the, that him and in head not time come, .`kak this is so happened, that owners videoregistratorov dispatched their video faster, than naborschiki typically recognized print news.



#p23244,Евгений wrote:

Позже нашлось более качественное изображение

Только на более "качественном" дома на фоне забыли ближе поставить:))  :flag:



復興客機墜河/「一」字型徒手挖! 復航空難已
2:42 -

Нашли прибор. Сей уникальный момент монтажники TVBS NEWS решили обрезать. Как жаль как жаль, а так хотелось посмеяться.



PAPAGO P0實拍-買不到兩週的Altis被撞

Обычная тайваньская авария, опубликованная на Youtube.
Обратите внимание на качество HD по умолчанию. Это 2011-й год, а не 2015-й.
Нет никакого прикола в том, что бы покупать авторегистратор на котором, даже в хорошую погоду ничего не видно. Устанавливать регистратор, с которого не видно номера впереди идущего автомобиля, просто умственная отсталость. Дело не в деньгах, они дёшевы.

Это обычное видео не идёт ни в какое сравнение с тем, что показали на постановке :
New - В Тайване в реку упал пассажирский самолет ATR 72-600 авиакомпании TransAsia


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » Fake plane and others. Flown incidents » Taiwan TransAsia Crash