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#p35981,Dmitry" wrote:

- Uh- - Not gonna!

Yes they all handsomes! :flag:

Always admired blood spatter suited me more from God! :cool:



The Antarctic the station neumayer.
Own a webcam makes take pictures every 10 shadowing

1. Abrupt (principles for 10 shadowing) change semblance:


Although there today's nippy. Curiously the next:

2. In kadr twiceemerges some object:




Making braised conflagration motor boat.

Land with aboard ISS.



#p39656, . wrote:

the Antarctic the station neumayer.

2. In kadr twice emerges some object:

Not you, dumbshit! This same snowkiting!, 's nippy, Esquire Drink Database riding-this [kayf]!



In childhood I was craft models from paper, but this something unprecedented. Guys came created guys :cool:
All done on ready drawings from the internet, but would still with steeply, especially copycat paint under metals and tree.



#p39255,fire wrote:

Yes they all handsomes!
Always admired blood spatter suited me more from God!

Attraction in lower Novgorod

15 :3 0 + before stress-free flight passenger an enema need questioning necessarily.



In pampers on rock wall :cool:

Chic basketball on 1 :0 6

Much that presented host at yutuba's are Awesome not that Spain to repeat, but watch interestingly.



Has found fun exile.

Put its not can, stuck rewrite: =5 56.

Or simply Google "windows a penny of Overton." Very even on topics this Forum.


Now have us in geyrope precisely for such technology spend mass implementing of homosexuality, to example. In article example still steep - cannibalism. But until this until not has peaked.



#p40392,DLV wrote:

Now have us in geyrope precisely for such technology spend mass implementing of homosexuality, to example. In article example still steep - cannibalism. But until this until not has peaked.

Year ago already was the commercial "Window Overtona- cannibalism" one of them, And curiously vbrosov pro cannibalism or involving (poddelanye hands, its feet, fried. There on the table) pridostatochno.



A prison "La Modelo", is in Bogota, Colombia.
Population prison - 5 thousands of man (as decent - In the district center).
In jail are even such, who Moroz for murder, but not has verdict court.
Protection prison guards only Wall, armed only hours on oil rigs..., all the rest without weapons. prisoners, those who wealthier guest, have guards guard from number of prisoners. :confused: Who wealthier guest, can buy itself that anywhere and even cell with the bunk right next to for a hundred bucks, the rest live as will have. In jail there is restaurants, billiard and camping on D.
A prison divided between the on the warring territory, between whom is faring constant war, sometimes Japanese shooting and shelling.
Basic groups:
Guerrillas the Communists
Extreme the right poluvoennye
prisoners sometimes they'll blow up wall and slip away.
Commander guerrillas churchgoers in local Music, buys itself golden clock for money from partisan drop bar, and this not is considered zapodlom :hobo:



29.01.2016g. In direct and for months can be will see the first flight Boeing 737 MAX roughly in 20 :4 5 on minutes Moscow Time. poleteliii.
A stopwatch on page shows "Until starters by air 30 minutes."



Unique way to earnings.
Project "Strimersha Karina" breeds suckers on money. During and for months of the game, every few seconds she receives from 15 rubles. Some a lox one times it switched even 4000m2 as well as 80,000 (for times two days the rescue project). Such kind of business could the Coalition only thanks to Adminresursu, its Canal Stands Up from attacks, hovering in place, secured by smooth work translation money + of the others many other fishechek, including advertising promotion at different forums, conduits based, resources. The bottom line, that any wishing can potrolit Karina or write it voice message without sense, should translate from 15 rubles for message. Karina makes kind of, that takes offense on Prophet, but necessarily here same ausubt desire to client (shows little hearts and kisses). System works, the flow of willing shkoloty growing and growing.
Tuesday, at work needless, undress,, as this make its colleagues on "vebkam", this of course plus, but there are and big minus. Tuesday, account for play role with large costs mental energy. Through few years, she as least gonna get away with this mad.



Here is so been born bond :idea:





Advise read
are mutually exclusive as



In many countries were space programs for raising reputation countries and distractions attention inhabitants countries from real problems with economies, corruption and mayhem power.

There are such a country as Zambia. In 1964 this country gained its independence from Britain, and in as a evidence self-sufficiency a new state there decided outperform the USSR and the US in cosmic race, and send human immediately on Mars.
Outlived this programs became Edward Makuka Nkoloso veteran World War II, former the interpreter colonial administration, fighter for freedom, teacher primary school. In 1964 he participated in Constitutional convention and, can be said, stood the beginnings of state. Undoubtedly have such a stark personality were grandiose ideas. Still in 1960 year he founded National Academy Sciences, reusable space research and philosophy (which however so and not was recognized). According to Nkoloso, he handled research Mars with the help adopted in his secret lab outside Lusaka, capital Zambia. There he found, that Mars inhabited an residents, and to them need send missionaries to spread Christianity.

Of course all of this sounds as prostitutes dance with Brad, but Edward Nkoloso was man with unique work vigor and began whether to their idea in life.

Its space program he has broken on two phase. The first flight should was due in 1965 year to the moon. There he planned send 17-year girl and two cats. In further planned more scale expedition on Mars (all with those same cats).

On an abandoned farmyard in the suburb Lusaka Nkoloso brought together a group volunteers and began is preparing with them to space flying. Program training facilities included in themselves:

The folding in keg of from-under fuels with being copycat overstrain;
Piping on swings with the consequent cutting strings copycat complete with;
Going on the hands of on view Nkoloso, this the only way to walk on those respects.

Edward Nkoloso is author term afronavt precisely so he called their plucky volunteers.

Fixation to fly in space must was work on the principle of a catapult. The first rocket received name D Kalu-1 , in honor President Zambia Kenneth David's Kaunda. Journalists was presented barrel size of 10kh6 feet.

On implementation of these ambitious plans have UNESCO was campaign 7 million Zambiyskikh ?, and 1.9 billion Dollars have private overseas sources. Need say, that requests charging not from behalf of state.
In end, the very a, this Space program was get closed. State Y distantsirovalos from this programs. She too often has become attract attention overseas press, and sypavshiesya zvdusl jibes negatively have been affecting reputation Zambia. Moreover Nkoloso has bought into shpionomaniey and became call for harvest Russians and American spies, which was looking steal his secrets.

Officially was asserted that program has been closed from-for infant afronavtki, which became pregnant, and parents swept its in native village.

Further fate Edward Makuka Nkoloso not lessconcern is notable. He avail was campaigning for the post Mayor of Lusaka, was put president led by Center for liberation, been vocal for protect state aid) dedicated, was appointed honorary Col. army, and even received Soviet PROCEDURES medal to 40-anniversary of victory in Great domestic war. Died in 1989 and was buried with presidential honors.
Extract hence
The first the team astronauts on a on train,
On traction, that's all clearly written: "Zambiyskaya Space Academy"
Coaching received each




Today, 12 February, in world marks Day Red Hands. This date devoted children, which forced to to accept participation in wars and armed conflicts. Otherwise speaking, this day children-soldiers.

In this day across planet ???? shares, which must attract attention to this issue. Children and adults in different countries be satisfied with arrangements against participation teenage Thai in the war, using symbol of Red Hands find a bloody child their fingertips. Such shares supports UN: On leaders countries, in which engage recruiting children in armed subdivisions, it turns out a strong pressure. List these countries there is in Wikipedia and on site Red Hands. Here is this list: Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan, Cote dIvoire Ivoire, Myanmar, the Philippines, Colombia, Palestine.

And now question on a million. What countries lacks in this wonderful the list?

Correctly. Ukraine.

And more precisely the occupied territories Donbas. DNR and of Lugansk People's Republic.

I was sent the primitive. I took refuge on YouTube and for minute has found five videos, in which prorossiyskie separatists boasts, that for them go to war children. Look these videotapes usually so.

Sounds the harsh music, and in kadr emerges tank with Head. On backdrop of the tank emerges bold - A poon in a hard hat, and with microphone, which (- A poon, not a microphone) with tragizmom in voice is beginning to broadcast pro it's a difficult fate young republics. Also influence rule of , which why something not want go poop in fields and all forces shy away from this honorable duties. But! , with easy optimism utters - A poon with microphone. Skyfall happiness, there is and other! Here is, for example, Petr! Peta just fifteen years, and he already fighter battalion East !

Here in kadr emerges over 15 years Petr and, shmygaya its nose, says unstudied phrase pro spot made up blood, inch by inch land and nor move ago. Petr compresses AK-74, which show large plan. - A poon with microphone looks at 15 years Pyotr with exhilaration and asking questions about junta and geopolitics. Petr, STAMMERlNG, replies. Then why something show a graveyard of and again tank. Sounds the harsh music. The end of the.

This usrednyonnyy the plot. On YouTube and Russian sites their in bulk. There is interview, there is catalogue, there is articles. Without ceremony:

Times. Name of is unknown, PHRASE Glukharyonok. 15 years. On advanced.

Two. Andrei Saveliev, PHRASE Vandal. 16 years. On advanced.

Three. Alexander Vasin, PHRASE Shilo. 16 years. On advanced.

This three. And their more, much more. How many Ukrainian children fighting for the militias , no one knows. The Internet says about dozens. Perhaps, their hundreds of. Public Russian sites gladly cite Prime Minister DNR Zakharchenko, which openly suggests, that under his the command in point of fought 14-year, and youngest korrektirovschiku ceasefire in the course battles over Sauer-the Tomb was 15 years, he summoned the fire on themselves.

You did the fire on themselves means died.

I am not expected tell Vamo how this gross send on war teenage Thai. This obviously. Moreover, this crime. All the more I am not expected to compare savages from Federal State of Novorussiya with the government the US, which is pouring billions of dollars in develop robots that can fight instead survivors people. All these Zakharchenki and other Girkiny for me at all no fucking way not people. But I despite to tell about how some who've apparently fucked up their jobs.

Guys, this after all fuck-up. Fuckup leadership Ukraine. Because I not has found nor one of import statements our leaders about this problem. Nowhere. At all. Listen, this after all Ukrainian children, which terrorists gave weapons and dispatched under drone strikes. This same fucked up, you realize? Piz-'re just fucked. This the problem, on just a second, global scale. In Europe terrorists are recruiting children to fight against regular army. In Europe. In the twenty-first century. Against army. Have us here its Islamic State, you not knew? So must the fuck know, owe!

But there is no.

I with interest ('m lying, without interest) studied ordered Cabinet of Ministers about statement plan ?????? on implementation Convention UN about human children on 2015 year. He was adopted, incidentally, even 4000m2 as well as in mid-moreover the most 2015, so, likely, such a plan on year the current us not see until June. Pro combatants on Donbas children there referred roughly nothing. At all. Read on perceiving: Nikolai, Ivan, Hareton, Uljana, Jaroslaw. There is no such problems have children in Ukraine. Here is pro populyarizatsyu tvorcho spirayutsya Taras T. Propulsion Have Ukraine vischomu there videotaped, with time frame, responsible officials and sources financing. This the problem, apparently. And pro the, that 15 year olds Ukrainian snot-nosed sidekicks make crawl under Ukrainian same packages Grada there is no. Big deal, CRABS under cities. Ekaya not a big deal, the right.

I started climbing on site Representative the Verkhovna Rada Ukraine Human Rights. Nor words about issue. Site President the same bullshit. The Verkhovna Rada quietly. MVD with Article 304 CC Ukraine (Combating teenage Thai in criminal activities ), too, speaks out. All silent. Fringes-chi-on.

About combatants Ukrainian children mentioned it is say in OSCE and write journalists sometimes our, sometimes foreign. Here is, for example, national TV and Radio Company Finland ("Yle") lifted and has shown the plot about three figures children, combatants in battalion of East. Youngest, to Andrey, 15 years, oldest 17. Andrei led to fight father, which on videotapes utters enlightening lyudoedskuyu phrase: Nu, they []bring their favor. Javadxan, bring. Who would have argued. . So fucking abso-- it.

And that the state makes for moreover, to extricate these children from okopiv? Yes no fucking way.

Voiceless, in other country President enjoyed would any chance, to before foreign journalists do of sorrow face and utter something like the: Oh fix can be to speak with separatists, if their ringleaders provide on war 14 year olds children and brag about these.. And fast photos foreign journalists under nose boonce. And better two. And better not journalists, and Congress the US. Or European Parliament. Let denounce, let are pressuring Russia, let modicum draw attention on this problem! Then there is chance, that from Moscow leave in, Donetsk and will say: Nu fuckin 'willies, Zahar, ah put it away, nah, tweens, we you that, little category: Buryat people, nah, send.

Futures Commission Merchant Human Rights owes it was would from skin ??? ?? ? ? and I, but do increasingly, to UN drew attention to the problem. Let on all Ukraines schools children wrote would cutest letters their contemporaries in, Donetsk and Lugansk, made would hands in red through wet paint to listam paper, draw would the sun shining and trees, that whether. And enotikov. And sent them all of this on Donbas. And in UN. Believe me, this works. Read sites UN, UNICEF, Red Cross view. After such here is solnyshek and enotikov,: Let, and sanctions dangerously. International. Not underestimate, voiceless, enotikov.

SBU could would neatly compress this those politicians, which from Ukraine lead prorossiyskuyu propaganda in social media. Have our intelligence in palms a long such here is small of sweating testicular (dont believe, go and peruse your Trial Register of, check there criminal affairs about propaganda in Internet, will learn many interesting things). Let these leaders of views write wrathful posts about how, that it is not good Russian vityazyam monetize nesmyshlyonykh children on war. Let were loyal to debate, cataracts flow, are discussing. Harm from this not will accurately, and good can be all. Ah, you realize. Little what a normal man wants to send their children under bullets. Itself this thought have people only once, not causes.

Minsotspolitiki could to push even harder and although would occasionally program on rehabilitation for such children. Because us with them even in one country to live at all something. You represent, that have these children with mentality? I personally there is no. Here have adults men after the war roof bends down, and have these devyatiklassnikov, perhaps, already not only shingles has destroyed the fuck, but and the foundation has busted.

Minstets Pro Minstets I at all won't say anything. About 14-year-old children with automatic weapons must to speak the entire planet. About this need to tell world, bitch, daily. Photographs of these children click in the fuck up gomes on meetings UN. Irrigate Lavrov has blood with howls This is you for what're sending children under bullets!. Need to turn articles in overseas press, to collect roundtable discussions, be preparing materials for international tribunal But that? Correctly. Nor-hoo-I not happening.


Sorry, respected readers, even times, that I botched you mood. But let us, perhaps, themselves think of, as can be attract attention global public to the problem. Because only so can be to ensure, that Ukrainian children leave special. Will arrange the some its Day Red Hands, or Black Enotika, or damn it knows what. But if we will not do this, this, apparently, no one will make.
Day Red Hands (18 +)



Unbelievable volte face capacity immunity child
[video2=640|360]// =f alse&autostart =f alse&originalSize =f alse&startWithHD =f alse[/video2]



TAC ", immunity here somehow through?

Here not immunity, and simply was lucky.
Closely look. The speed some 40 maximum, drove brilliant Mexican bochinu and child say the he flipped up on hood.
And HEREquite the contrary.
A nervous disposition better not look.



Laughed on night well!
Theme pedestrians goes down forever.

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