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In advance want say, that understanding of over official version of 9 / 11 and at different unmasking and versions of on this topic was even before my familiarity with data forum.
Want thank creators this Forum and his permanent active participants. Materials this Forum (your precious time, your thought, your experience) seriously changed my internal understanding of this world, camping on E. Can be said changed me. And this costly is worth. Reverse human, his thought, his glance on life very is difficult, especially for a brief time, yes I and himself in greater extent glad this. Although there are and negative hand this events.

Reading prolonged time this an interesting forum I began on Different look on much happening in world, in country and near around me. Can be said, that I became look on the world more closely (let even only on some moments). All of this of course remarkable and still times want say thank you, but here is appeared some sense of despair and alarm. And this very prevents quietly to live - constantly deflects and comes understanding of, that I in the system, are applied on it, that's all not me plan yes still and in of strangers interest. Thought, that I one (ah almost), and with the hand organized group (groups), ah and many that still. Became to think, as get rid of this alarm and in than the main reasons (ah personally for me). Thus, as was some time ago, I already shall not pass and shall not pass I to think, pay thought. And here is that time come in as a one reason, but which can be eliminate.

If take virtually any subject this Forum, then often in its topic on the side from us our opponent, where much disorderly way, big cash and other resources and likely a realistic action plan (have majority of us his there is no). And seems, that we in an unwinnable situation. But if watch with positive and real perspective, then there not the single force. There many dueling (mutually reinforcing) groups, and much that have them not is obtained. So here is emerged question:

There are whether our supporters, -, too, organized groups or structures and the power centers, what their actions and results.? Or even simply what are visible actions, clearly perpetrated in our interest?
Let even this will not fully our supporters, but although would in certain situations their actions were for us overwhelmingly positive.
Vision this and skill understand this, think a bit add personally (and his now so lacks) admirers of this Forum.

Who that thinks on this about? There is whether vision? What plans?
Or our power in "unity deal" (in sense every himself for himself and on its wave of)? Or force in besstrukturnosti, that cannot be break the? After all cannot be break the (or break) the absence of what either :)

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Kukumber wrote:

Illy our power in "unity deal" (in sense every himself for himself and on its wave of)?

Our task, people, willing to live consciously, not in dream - in primarily, deal SAMIM with many these "kramolnymi" things, events and pseudo-stories, result in world. And let this will be long, it is difficult, jobs even impossible, to muddle through ” * to the stars is worth, if we this will not do themselves, then no one for us this not will make.
If man from environment "awakes", he himself prognoses for grinding halt after information.
If "work" with humans with physical contact, forced method, without a special training, "driving a" people in head truth - not will give Horton outcome, all attempts will virtually wane to zero.
Here is through Internet, weapons enemy - can be (need) try.
To do is worth the, that suggests domestic voice and heart of, make good, to live in joy yes on conscience, and always remain man.
In trades abroad saw, there is here is such unification in the form of Russian Republic Russ in the composition of the trades abroad, in detail not Egypt, but the that they make, I like.
In Ukraine there is - Territorial communities, people with the help this tool try to take power in their hands and build his life, so as they want, and not as them dictate. Is difficult, but can be. One of such, for example - Direct power people, Municipality Dnipropetrovs. Tikhonenko Alexander ? with local courts, and let his team not big, but they in telnyashkakh




Structures and centers be not can. This the main task misrepresentation - dividing and unraveling people. If will appear any unification, their or take under control or shatter. Because prosnuvshikhsya very little. For starters need to to as can be more people has awoken, then from this can something and tickles.

Me is, that in all segments and structures dawn there are those, who, as you put it, "helps us." But signs of serious consolidation not nabyudayu, means time not time come, means too little people has awoken. Until that all on level virtual association, apparently not Bell real threats those who aren't human, times they can exist.
Ah and solo player to handle alone or limited groups automation manager record in paranoiacs. And over these works army troley, are being created forums have conspiracy nut, tselenopravlennoconveyor information so, to from it sharakhalis sensible and was created overall von paranoid we have had from ALL sources assessors who to expose misrepresentation.



Interesting lecture W. Zolotareva - Democracy 2.0 (3 parts of) - as alternative state, but society not is prepared, thinking not so many, as like would. "State there is outcome war, i.e. attacks one group people on another, attacks foreign forces with hand. Goal war - robbery and taxing bow. The fact, that winners now live on one territory with by the vanquished, the fact, that since initial taxing the bow over century and the fact, that has been replaced many rulers smooth ,-sum game nothing not changes in the fact, that the state - foreign relative to society force, the existing for (did) of plunder.
Not case "his" state, the state - this aggression, this war, which always with you "



Kukumber wrote:

Who that thinks on this about? There is whether vision? What plans?

And what here to think, the answer as always, known with childhood. Only here is he get back a little revolutionize increasingly here. Ah as get back a little - until improbability, simply

In ruskikh popular Eastern European folk tales he there is. Although. Woofing it as something with tadzhikom one (far not "Ravshan" to why, with bad ruskim and problems on homeland), so have them, too, most and this all know

Because, first - as have them
Have them: One child - this not child until; the second - half of "affairs"; and only the third is considered, after him - can be considered (and are considered only boys)!

Here is so something

And in our Eastern European folk tales is considered least three son (if this not perevranye stories, or trickle-down theory what)

Least and the obligation

So pan. Ah conclusions Perhaps will new


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