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Luganskie wystawienniczym

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the Pink shirt's cool
Actress Sundance in three roles
1) In movie Abreka (production company now "Mrazotsekh TriStar Motion Picture Group")
2) In movie Denis Alexandrovich Arapov (Belsoyuzdruk "Rossiya24")
3) In movie Yevhen Reshetnyova (news department "Rossiya24")
Three pink chance

First role

1 :2 2 -

produced role

4 :2 7 -
Belsoyuzdruk Russia-24, the film "One near east. A special Newsweek Denis Alexandrovich Arapov "
In left atop street corner there is badge YouTube. This is lies "Rossii24". This their own the tableau cadres, on videos, right? Such there is no, but they there is on site companies in next play-by-play + setting from basement.

III role

Essay "Vestey" time 1 :4 0, the Young woman in Orange crop top accepts participation in bringing up "Vestey" "siren-do its feet". She descends in basement, where "Russia-24" makes another a mock Newsweek. Newsweek talks the another zhurnashlyuzha named Yevgeny Reshetnyov, "and no Denisov Arapovykh, and no Yutyubov.



Victoria Kudelya
Time - 0 :2 3 Wife Tells as increasingly was.
- Since girlfriend proceeded past. Avien pequefio the second time flew, we simply fell. She (trip) me khovorila that aching Nimera, we with it talked, she rotted away and me was lucky survive.
- the Son came running in cleanest, knowing that mother is there, received shock, mother again find not was able, but saw as killed and Wounded girlfriend. is taking quick aid.

Newsweek consists of read lies.
Lies the first: In the second was video Abreka, we perfectly saw, as Kudelya sat near white automobile car, utterly one. No girlfriends near it being asked, nor with its back not of the dead, and was in contact she only with Abrekom.
If would near Kudeli was corpse women, then his would unkind wash their hands on cell. But there there is no nor corpse nor women.

Lies the second: Son Victoria Kudeli not could know, that his mother is in park, because on its same words of they with girlfriend just-only "passed up." If man somewhere passes past, he usually about this not reports their children.

Lies the third and far not the latter: Find Kudelyu near fruit, was able would man, even with ukhudshennym sight,. Hope that have son Kudeli affecting eyesight increasingly in order. All the more, that Square attack and place actions - very small on Square, get lost there impossible. Skyfall all likelihood, this video treated by the time shootings first takes, man, when in park't sp no external machine people. During 64B artificial fire, when leftist people embarked in our resistance, "emergency vehicles" already "showed." If son saw as let dead and Wounded, then he was in garden square in the time, when people even being asked, means mother he should was find without problems, the more, that she sat have tree of, not near rapid.

If would this was the only example, I would himself strongly doubted. But in is the and deal, that such basic techniques... mass.
21: 00 through Kavkasia from hospitals, where injured people say the text, which is faring in contradiction with other facts, because not the the text gave. Example in accuracy such same installation, this Vladimir goddamn Iron Chef, which not it turned out in the list dead and Wounded (explosion in volgogradskom bus ride # 29), but which ostensibly stood take a careful with't a suicide bomber and watched in window on accidents, which't sp.



- Get out, Marine, come out, come out
0 :4 4
Lugansk spectacle. 0 :4 4 - Get out, Marine, come out, come out.

Expectancy video - 3 :2 8
Video consists of) 27 (twenty seven) pieces. That this means?
Crude installation of will hide true chronology and uncomfortable cadres. If would have the was namerene show increasingly as there is, then he would not proizvoditeley video in) 27 places. These compile many - woman proof of shenanigans and installation.

7 th slice of - come out, come out, Marine, come out, come out., missed, great haste, not cut out inconvenient phrase, a microphone its grapple grasp, because and not heard. Cube, which sverkhubeditelno paranoiac a fake with all giblets on holidays. So acts only Dir on together chessboard of.ordering around Indian actors. Teenage "Marina" must to run outside midday and be tempted over dying mother. There, near the back doors "the ER" its already await couple video cameras, they statue the astonishing cutest cadres, cadres walk away on RT and central Russian channels. Is beautiful damn it a man, play the director.
8 th slice of - flat defiance way disturbed by the chronology. Here must be the inconsolable daughter, bent over wounded the corn, however us show group SMG infantry, which women were yes what in some a blanket. 9 th slice of - Marina traced "chewy" actress (chewed on a scone on street corner).
And this Qadr, a missed on video "Get out, Marine, come out, come out"




:: Message from: Ekaterina::
Incidentally, this interview with "chupakabroy" (or better the plot from "phone call") released Anatoly Pyetrovich Shary, journalist, which absolves’with expose a load in Ukrainian and Rus media.

In Ukrainian and Rus) Pyetrovich Shary tsekhovichok, but not such as you, and but a high-priced

, devour up daughters of the dead under Regional State Administration women. Anatoly Pyetrovich Shary. 3 July

Absurdische, not video.

Correctly Catherine, ah why same they climb in these details, why they us their create?
I, too, not understand to the end of this the attributes "productions. Although can be and know about parts of. Perhaps deal in is, that scenarios for Russian (in particular) productions, implements affect Hollywood on lekalam, as for American mediapotrebitelya, ah. Forget account for difference in mentality.
Writers rightly believe, that Russians already zashtampovany American stereotypes and not t notice catch, but they not very understand, that in Russia remain people, which stand are shifting the all the rigors of the and deprivation, not crops store in themselves Anglo-Saky raion image life, standards thinking, model behavior.

Video ostensibly filmed in format "curves pens", this when phone held wrong, 'm turned on unnecessary 90 degrees, but this is not so. This illusion created in program processing video, from Left and right added "black squares." Why I so decided to? Because breath too good for the phone, a microphone very qualitative. Breath heard perfectly, even not though, that actress in position its back on colleagues on.

Russian mentality. Even not though, that these kukurudzy nerusskoy nationality, they increasingly would still theoretically, carriers Russian in mentality, not Upon of directors. Not can Russian man burn such a video immediately after death mothers. Not MAY. Stop.. This can happen only in two cases 1) One case on 50 thousands of, with topping, that not have all in order with head; 2) If this "appeal" spelled out In scenarios "luganskoy installation."

She attests to’calling and about planes, which turned around one over,, the second over MAMOY. Want itself, what coincidence. So in is something and deal, that all their installation consist from out of similarities. The plane, which flew over her, "Kolkevich over plus cinema and take up in side mothers". Ah need to same, what Malyi airplanes. She same daughter, she same knows, what coincidentally, what coincidentally. No inhabitant Luhansk not guessed describe precise route fighter pilot, and she have guessed that..

I live in had intoned city of, think and forumchane live in such same, and Lugansk city as city, not higher not below. Leave on streets and make sure, that you not can see even and fifth parts of the sky from horizon until horizon. You will see only that is between forested and homes. Wasn not so?
Therefore, you not see nizkoletyaschiy plane, which is said that although would in 2kh kilometers from you, the more, NEVOZMOZhNO accidentally see immediately two plane. I understand about fix say, have us in drying cities there is air from every direction Aviation a plant, with which she said MiGs not go on prevents the right them flights. Requires ad hoc open gathering spaces that offer universal, to traced with it as and where flew this or this a handsome plane. But where you have difficulty finding this playground? And Kukurudza has found)

Forth, girl narrates other the tableau video on the subject. All at counts with conflate into pauses, between basis points. Panel called date. It spat on shock,’s tears, mourning, bitterness losses, simply Hypnotizes production media. She repeat the, that was written in the text scenario, me this utterly obviously. "If you want contact with me and help restore justice in this World, then you have this tickles" - curtain.
In fix goal video?How would she explained goal VIDEO, if would was not actress? - at all nor about fix. But if we will understand the entire scenario installation, then video very even about fix.

Enough one this video, to understand, that was staged the spectacle. Video Abreka, Russian horizon and ANNAnews, even not requires.
Incidentally note, that the author this video, says with so natural for him lugkhanskim accent. Kukurudza with so accent to speak not keeps managing, although and points that she Zenoviy Luhansk.

Tel Aviv

горожанин wrote:

In sotsstranichkakh's lnna and appears Kukurudz there is no nor wordspro daughter / old sister Iryna, although about girlfriends childhood and Israeli your friends - many photo, ranging with childhood and diverse information.
So not the case, to mother and daughter clean off forgotten about daughters and the sister. The plot first Canal - the only "evidence of" existence "daughters Irina."

Lies pits lies and even more exacerbates the position of falsifiers of. Better would they not tried to correct lies a new as lies, and stupidly forgotten its on the door frame. In the first time that whether)

On page tank girls, named Iryna the corn, to 5 June 2014 there is no nor one words about "mother" and "the sister" Inna and Marina, and nor one photos with "mom" and "the sister", except known on page appears photographs girlfriends.

Although young lady extremely fotolyubiva and slovookhotliva.



горожанин wrote:

Очень похоже, что та самая артистка, сыгравшая Кукурудзу И.В.
Родственница по мужу.
Кафедра:Режиссуры театрализованных представлений и праздников

Очень похожа, немножко грима и будет как две капли..
Фамилия и род занятий не оставляют сомнений
Но она же (!) с ногами..
впрочем, если предположить, что конкретно на носилки кладут куклу, а Верник прячет ноги в ямку на месте ужасов,  то можно прикинуть сценарий.

показывает 11

Кафедра: Режиссуры театрализованных представлений и праздников
Группы: #ЄвроМайдан
В возрасте 22 лет мечтала стать актрисой или постановщицей и пошла осуществлять мечту

Класс !!! и ни слова о 2 июня на странице



Regulations 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4

The victims worth
Kukurudza Inna Vladimirovna
18.07.1966 - 02.06.2014
Killed during fifth on Luhansk Regional State Administration 2 June 2014

1) “How she was moving around before, as its guessed it raise on litter?
Very hard and awkward drag human, the more in such a able, the more if emergency vehicles with a hod already stood.
2) Who it so was broken briefly by left tick (mite) trousers?
Internal the surface left hips, trouser leg in them cervix is torn (open, for chrissakes), and leg in this place not (.
3) Why it hips much wider pelvis?
And not, handcuffed whether on it law has as on Nick Vogta (Jeff land Bauman)
4) At paper presented photo victims and video - different women.
The difference between the corn and victim of, stands out leather ukha.
Tell Abe victims not Slavonic.
5) From / To fields gone away cresotech blood?Why "wounds" on "feet" dry?



горожанин wrote:

At photo Gibkikh there is Kukurudza in growth. She nevyskokaya, and she has its feet short. Snout hand from leverage until fingers - half of growth. Distance from leverage until brush and from brush until foot roughly are equal (on photo she still and on heels)

In latex body an its feet in and a half times longer than the.
Yes and in their thighs indeed props quite wide


????, on footage with too much heavy pulled he blows OT REAL ESTATE PROGRAMME. This means, Jaatteenmaki rainfall and storm space under the most building remained dry. Here shifted shooting and namokshikh "models." So with them mostly of water, its clear in sight in dust. Under this neighboring bodies more are missing amid dust and dry.



Uh-- has



горожанин wrote:

At stretcher sore of without, and knots trouser leg in them pochistilas from blood-dirt



горожанин wrote:

This "the first is she the injured" emerges on video on one of takes, man. Here she under tree sits, waiting lists fulfill--even major role in video "baby doll" awaits

Under tree she on those takes, where people outsider still in park-synchs.
"The pupa stage" cast, by removing all outsiders

горожанин wrote:

Operator-Abrek, without doubt, another graduate those same universities and partner team butaforov.
Ran to the first "wounded", tossed box.
Then this box becomes part of installation





Lugansk the air strike - most possibly false.
Victims played the actors. 's notice stop. ".

Actress, which have Abreka emerges in the frame the first, which he offers a rag, has passed to Japanese machine and sela on the ass, there its had red water. Even and to think particularly many needless,.

Creating starred for some leap time. On first stage made cleanest and window. At the second stage played out the spectacle with Indian actors. On the third stage Shirts set fire window wind and removed scene with worked.
As not sought to operator the phone impose breath humbugs, fire so and not happened at the second stage.

All dialogues, all 100% actors - primitive, just, have been tampered with. In the popular all actors on both video, there is jitter (uncertainty), although perhaps cast not one Double. All point in personnel people, occupy silly poses amazing, not know far question hands, as Toto Cutugno on scene.



горожанин wrote:
Dmitry" wrote:

But she same) with with their feet.
However, if suggest, that specifically on litter feast doll, and Wernick hides its feet in out a hole on place horrors of, then can be time calculating what scenario.

She one growth with the corn, such a same shorty, less 1m 60

Props to be worn, in it its feet find room freely.
At all something from “torpedos limbs blood should go.

Dmitry" wrote:

”;: Directing only on destabilized and holidays
Groups: # ЄvroMaydan

Here is this is especially delivers. Us all not believe, that one team makes though with both "sides"



горожанин wrote:

Daughter Artist Inessy Wernick Valeriy Wernick
With its page

But there more thousands of Israeli photographs, certainly be those same fizii, that and in Israeli sessions appears kukurudzy



MALS Luhansk. 2 iyunya.Oleg Vladimirov

On 0 :0 8 video Abreka cesspits the first Double.
The guy failing White legkovushku and is faring to certain victim talks passport.
On 0 :1 1 he passes place sitting Dolls, not eyes. He passes directly on its anybody?

On 0 :3 3 is happening seams takes, man
On 0 :3 9 in the frame emerges and Doll, feel near car, and an armed "militia" which incidentally commits 3500 machine gun on it
(Ah not keeps managing idiot treat weapons, ah that you regulation to do).

Tires after explosion look symmetry.
Not typically recognized scatter prepared knot. :D

The guy passes directly by the community, where must sit Doll. But he does not stop there, because HERS 4 through else NO.Doll through 8 minutes will even only sit near tree of, and to machine analogy even later, by the early letzte second 2007 Abreka, which begins have him on 0 :3 3.



And mrazyuchok something from of Odessa - 01.05.2014 and Mariupol - 09.05.2014.

02.06.2014 Bombardirovka Luhansk
3 :3 5

Here he on video

Mariupol 9 on May 2014 massacred, injured people Mariupol Royalist to Cromwell and Dolphins and their
34 :4 0

Odessa, Kulikovo field, 01 05 2014, antimaydan, 2
10 :5 6
3 :3 6
34 :3 9

, it is a pity precept plans race.
But times that's a spark of in these video, then and in other should be.


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