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Conclusion from by building ADIZ, 11 sen 2001

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The author articles: Skulb

Just thought I`d recap the many drills and exercises taking place on 9/11 in some detail for the benefit of any who might have missed this crucial political evidence of an inside job on 9/11. None of this evidence can be explained away as coincidence and happenstance and without the drills the attacks of 9/11 could not possibly have succeeded at all. Yet it is largely forgotten by the Truth Movement and the grateful debunkers who don`t have to grapple with this damning evidence, and who can instead engage in endless, and fruitless, hyper technical debates about the melting point of steel, the nature of invisible fires, floor trusses and "thermal expansion". On to the drills and exercises taking place on 9/11 therefore!

1 :V igilant Guardian.

Closely mimicked the events of 9/11. Joint US/Canadian exercise, designed to test the "coordination of the two defense establishments".
Described by as an overview CPX (command post exercise), conducted in conjunction with Global Guardian and Apollo Guardian (more about those later). VG is a yearly NORAD exercise, but VG 01 focused specifically on terrorists using hijacked planes as weapons.
However, as the 9/11 Commission noted, Vigilant Guardian also "postulated a bomber attack from the former Soviet Union". It was therefore a combined hijacking and WW3 exercise, and it contributed to the confusion among NORAD emergency response teams by using false radar signals for training exercises at the same time as "real" hijackings were taking place. Without this confusion there should have been a decent chance of shooting down the first plane heading towards NYC, and none of the three subsequent planes could have reached their intended targets at all. Because of Vigilant Guardian the intercept time of the fighter wings assigned to defend the eastern corridor increased from about 7 minutes before and after 9/11 to more than an hour in the case of Flight 77. Only within the narrow window provided by the Vigilant Guardian exercise could the 9/11 attacks have succeeded.
Why did they occur in precisely this window? Obviously they had to, or they couldn`t have succeeded, but was the US command structure infiltrated by al Qaida who used their positions inside the USA to arrange all these drills deliberately, was al Qaida tipped off by moles on the inside so they could arrange the attacks during the Vigilant Guardian window, or were they in fact simply controlled patsies set up to take the fall for a US/NATO false flag operation? It shouldn`t even be necessary to point out which of these alternatives is the most plausible.
Regardless, VG is the single most important exercise of 9/11 because it looks the most like the official fable about the hijackers, and is therefore the most likely medium for organizing this part of 9/11 through the "security" bureaucracy.

2: Vigilant Warrior:

Mentioned by Richard Clarke in his memoirs as a second component of the ongoing NORAD exercise (Vigilant Guardian), possibly as the red team organizing the hijackings, real and fake. Details are hard to find and VW 01 is classified.

3: Operation Northern Vigilance:

Billed as a counter drill to an ongoing Russian drill, NV redeployed fighter planes to Alaska and northern Canada, stripping EC (eastern corridor) fighter cover just in time for 9/11. NORAD has not disclosed how many planes it removed from the contiguous US in time for 9/11 under the cover of NV.

"NORAD shall deploy fighter aircraft as necessary to FOLs (Forward Operating Locations) in Alaska and northern Canada to monitor a Russian air force exercise in the Russian arctic and North Pacific ocean. NORAD is the eyes and ears of North America and it is our mission to ensure that our air sovereignty is maintained"
Cheyenne Mountain AFS, Colorado.

4: Northern Guardian:

Thought to be associated with NV but outside of a few mentions in Canadian press not much is known. Possibly a twin exercise to NV to have one group of planes posing as the hostiles while the other played defense. Whatever the particulars this exercise seems to have been centered on Alaska and northern Canada as well.

Reference is from the detestable lie operation called 9/11 Myths, which like Wikipedia insists on calling the truth "myths", and the writer pretends not to understand that an exercise that moves planes to Iceland lowers response capabilities and is therefore relevant to 9/11. Intelligent people will have no problem understanding this point though.

5: National Reconnaissance Office Drill (NRO).

This drill simulated an airplane crashing into the NRO HQ in Virginia. As a consequence of this drill the NRO staff were evacuated from the building exactly when the 9/11 attacks occurred. This is the reason why the satelite surveillance of the attacks has not been made available. Allegedly there is none because of the NRO drill, and all space based surveillance was conveniently disabled in time for the 9/11 attacks.
AP reported: "Top US intelligence Agency was to simulate plane crash into government building on September 11 2001".
What an amazing coincidence...

6: Tripod II.

Biological warfare exercise conducted jointly between DoJ (Department of Justice, under the control of John Ashcroft, the man who lost an election to a dead guy) and the City of New York. Scheduled for 9/12 01 and officially never took place. Would have provided plausible cover for critical pre 9/11 activities in New York, such as rigging both towers and WTC 7 with explosives. Reported by Giuliani, the arch criminal, in his memoir "Leadership" (apparently the working title was "Treason" but was changed by the publisher). He stated that the "materials to be used in the drill" was stored at Pier 92, and that his command center was in WTC 7. As soon as WTC 7 was demolished Giuliani moved his treason command post (popularly known as the exercise command post or emergency management control center, but treason is more appropriate so I`ll stick with that) to Pier 92. Tripod II is the most glaringly obvious cover for the demolitions in NYC, the destruction of evidence following the attacks as well as the fake reporting afterwards to sell the official version. Technical, military, media, surveillance, detonations, police and firefighters could all have been, and probably were, controlled from Pier 92, under cover of Tripod II.

-- ...of-tripod.html

7: Amalgam Virgo:

Air defend against rogue state cruise missiles/hijackings. A probable cover for the attack on the Pentagon, which was originally billed as, and also looked like, a missile attack rather than a plane crash.

8: Amalgam Warrior:

Large air defense drill and air intercept, tracking and surveillance. Possibly the red force for Amalgam Virgo, providing hijacked planes/missiles, real and false.

9: Global Guardian:

Armageddon exercise. Nuclear war drill directed toward the arctic and Russia, further depleting continental defenses in the USA. GG is likely to be the defensive component of Apollo Guardian, presumably poised to respond to a nuclear first strike (probably by Russia, but who knows with the Strangeloves in the Pentagon).

10: Crown Vigilance:

Air combat command exercise.

11: Apollo Guardian:

Large scale live fly air defense and air intercept, tracking and surveillance drill. Nuclear strike simulation. Possibly a component of Global Guardian, or a parallel exercise or red team threatening nuclear attack within the exercise scripting. Hints to a possible nuclear blackmail/nuclear first strike option having been built into the 9/11 exercise complex. Possibly the most ominous of all the drills I have listed, but also less revealing since no nuclear first strike occurred. Nuclear blackmail may have though, and the Bush-Putin phone call has never had its content disclosed at all, but has largely disappeared from the MSM coverage (surprise surprise).

12: AWACS/Noble Eagle:

AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) drill over Washington DC and Florida.

AWACS planes may have been involved in all three alleged plane crashes. Reportedly AWACS can be fitted with remote control systems for taking over control of nearby planes. Wikipedia also states that Operation Noble Eagle went into effect on 9/11, and that it was somehow a success, despite the abject and total failure on every front by all involved on that day. Allegedly it involved using AWACS craft to "patrol and defend American Airspace". Cynics might consider this too little too late, but not Wikipedia... Whether Noble Eagle and the AWACS drill I just referenced were one and the same I haven`t been able to find out.

Unpiloted passenger planes in use in the UK, being controlled remotely from the ground.

The first trans Pacific remotely flown UAV was tested in April 2001 and was controlled from a distance by an AWACS aircraft.

My purpose with the links is to demonstrate that AWACS can be, is being and has for years been used to remotely control other aircraft, and that a large AWACS drill (or two) taking place on 9/11 is therefore a highly suspicious circumstance. It is not to have a long, meaningless technical debate about these aircrafts or any beneficial uses they may have.

13: Firemen (Pentagon)

"Aircraft crash refresher course" for firefighters. Scheduled for the morning of 9/11 in yet another amazing coincidence.

14: Timely Alert:

Emergency response to bomb attacks.



September 11, 2001, ADIZ the US simply were decommissioned and could not adequately to respond to messages about false stolen planes.

On September 11, in army the US have been promised unexpected numerous military exercises. This fact itself, is unassailable, systemic (a logical) and very important proof, that government structures ares legal executives terrorist attacks 9 / 11. If to appoint an independent investigation, then in very short term, can be withdraw and on customers and on immediate performers. Himself fact, that such investigation not are appointed,, too, itself, is proof involvement governments.

1. Neusypnyy the guardian. (Referring warrior) … t_guardian
Scenario teachings represented from themselves scorn and defiance over real events hijack terrorist. Joint exercises troops the US and Canada, designed to verification "coordination two defense enterprises. Exercises are annual several exercises for NORAD (service control over airspace North America). In this time particularly turned attention on terrorists, use lojacked planes in as a weapons.
Exercises made landmark contribution in confusion among teams NORAD's. In plans teachings, response on false signals stolen incarcerated for radar, in the time when occurred GTAs real Boeing. This Mess was need a, that would "burying" those airplanes, with which perhaps, undertook puski cruise missiles on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
Unidentified strongmen airplanes, in the course these teachings, had all the chances, that would their not brought down, under standard procedure led.
Mess was so complex, that even through hour after, as on television told the about Taraneh hot pursuit of a stolen plane North towers, NORAD's not was able to respond to so-called "Reuss 77" honey Khanzhura, which ostensibly he crashed in the Pentagon.

2. Vigilant Warrior (Warrior creature Vidzhilant) … nt_warrior
Again same, exercises for NORAD's. On scenario in exercises ???? participation real and false lojacked airplanes.

3. Kind included Northern Vigilance (Operation North vigilance) … _vigilance
NAFTA, aero putting defense command (NORAD) conducts exercises military operation, which includes in themselves deployment of fighter jets in Alaska and the Yukon for monitoring teachings Air Force Russia. On period with 10 on 14 September, fighter NORAD perebrasyvalis on Western coast continent and must to remain there on increasingly time teachings, thereby, weakening forces ADIZ on the east the US, where occurred events 9 / 11.

4. Kind included Northern Guardian (the Northern guardian) … rdian.html
Exercises since the late August to December, imagined retrieval significant forces on American military bases in Iceland and Turkey.

5. Exercises eliminating consequences collapse plane. … ill-_x.htm
National exercises civilian services. On legend, jet he crashed in headquarters US National Reconnaissance Office in Capetown Virginia. In previous this several exercises, personnel US National Reconnaissance Office was evacuated from buildings, as times in the very moment, when occurred the attacks 9 / 11. Reflect not were provided data satellite surveillance for Aero and-cosmic environment over northern. America, because such observations in this moment not done. And not through a they, because personnel was evacuated with their plazas. Genius and simply.

6. Exercises for counteract the biochemical attacks. OEM, FEMA … ripod.html
Exercises occurred in New York. Everything said action after contagion terrain. The upgrading technology the spread of drugs and camping on D.. In exercises ???? participation and collaborators and volunteers. Organization has been in Swords Mayor of New York City, Rudolph Giuliani. What coincidence, but headquarters apartment organizations, which replies for this, has been on 23 floor WTC-7, and precisely this the building was demolished on the evening.
12 September in interview CBS, in direct live, staffer FEMA Tom Kenny, proudly declared - "we the first largest team, which was deployed on this catastrophe. We profits late on the evening in Monday, and began to act in Tuesday on the morning. Until today days, we are working around the vote "
Profits in Manhattan on the evening 10 September, that would on the morning start exercises.. And here as times terrorist attack, what luck, what coincidence.
After this pryamoefirnoy swagger, leadership FEMA were predicated for this interview, that staffer simply misspoke and of mixed up, dates. Then FEMA forsake and from the most fact teachings, however lover sparrow already's in the wind. Wife Toma Kenny told, that 10 September husband resigned on work strongly agitated.
Likely, collaborators FEMA did recent preparations for nuclear of demolishing complex the World Trade Center. For cover this, were invented exercises. For what would explain its presence there, it was asserted about aid in rescue work.

7. Amalgam Virgo. … 6132538231
Exercises protection airspace, from cruise missiles states outcast and from stolen incarcerated, used as missiles. Another failure exercises, conscripted spray forces and means, that would not impede conduct taraktov 9 / 11.

8. Amalgam Warrior. … am_warrior
Accurately such same exercises, as and previous, those same scenarios, those same tasks. Air intercept missiles or stolen incarcerated.

9. Global Guardian is one of many "practice Armageddons", Armageddon. Global repository. … rdian.html
Goal teachings: Test ability to strategic command the US on case nuclear war.
On scenario, attack on America, Russia has derailed many missiles on it through Arctic regions. Command should coordinate actions strategic aviation for the spraying retaliatory strike. Headquarters governance was in special command planes. Are scheduled visits the bunkers governance, one of whom is in Florida, which should was to visit President George W. Bush. Sitting in Sarasota (Florida), even until collapse Twin Towers, George W. Bush made a brief statement for media, in which called attacks terrorist, samoubiystvennymi and cowardly, after what went to in bunker. Information capacity command the bunkers were loaded information teachings, and means could not be used for monitoring terrorist attacks. What coincidence, on September 11, planned attack on America and it included in fact.
(In moment first bombings in New York, George W. Bush together with children primary school, read fairy tale pro the muffin man. In it there is words about how, that air snakes should good whack in steel. KITE - PLANE - MUST - HIT - STEEL. What coincidence, on TV screens just World, virtual airplanes'd get hit and Wall's iron skyscrapers. ( my video

10: Crown Vigilance. Crown failed vigilance.
(In elect pro _ Kuchma figures military operations and teachings, have Americans echo this manic, it's idiotic) … _vigilance
The annual exercises. Coordination NORAD with other state services, on case nuclear war

11. Apollo Guardian . A custodian Apollo surrounded. … o_guardian
Large-scale exercises ADIZ on intercept - air goals, watchdog and surveillance for missiles with nuclear warheads. Modeling nuclear explosion. Various scenario nuclear war and nuclear blackmail adversary. Are engaged generals and hundreds of troops, airplanes governance, underground command clauses. , computer guys the Defense Ministry put actions on case computer attacks. The beginning of teachings planned on 8 :3 0, for 15 minutes until first explosion in North tower.

12. An honorable eagle.. Exercises incarcerated Kashcheyev intelligence themes and fighter jets under Washington. … =a955awacs
In exercises initiated aircraft the US, which must guard the strategic facilities in Washington. Time conducting coincides with assault ostensibly Reysa77 honey Khanzhura on the Pentagon. Through hour after the attacks on New York, in the sky over Washington not it turned out fighter jets that could prevent attacks on the Pentagon, all they were are engaged in exercises and even not fine praise indeed about how, that is happening in real moment.

13. Services save Pentagon.
Exercises solving and firefighters, on aid agencies medical aid, under attack on the Pentagon. Curiously, that on legend the implication was fall passenger plane on the building Pentagon. In his eyewitnesses, exercises began already after, as some collaborators heard messages about attacks on New York. Explosion in US Pentagon and order about evacuation people, some perceived the as element of teachings. Some people in US Pentagon watched and for months from New York City, as suddenly building rescuers and screamed "all ??? ?? ? ?, this evacuation."
Likely, goal evacuation was getting people out of under strike, and so same removing an extra $eye from moreover seats, far engulfed rocket. On personnel broadcast there is moments, where this can be well to consider. All people are being withdrawn in the opposite direction, thus, that would they could not to see, plane there was or rocket.
In 2000 were held exercises with accurately thus same scenario.


3 … r-tarpley/

Table frequency of teachings, which has intensified precisely September 11, 2001.
In spreadsheet set, dates, name, goal and tasks teachings.


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