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in the first message materials one line (TAC) - Terakt in Kharkiv 22 2 2015 ATO civil Ukraine / the ATU in Oe?agirl - 22.02.2015 Terakt in Kharkiv on proukrainskom candlelight / / Accidents news11-with stabilization - the bombing in Kharkiv First tsentrovoe video. Deleted - Kharkiv our explosion torch nationalists. The first tsentrovoe. Replicates. - 1 :4 5 hands put it away of TV Infoservice Kharkiv14 :5 3 - issuer 1080 - issuer 1080 moment explosion - video Regina with another Canal - video "detention" - not shows - Chaos and pools blood: The details explosion about Palace Sports in Kharkiv. 057 - video with other hand - 27 minutes - most immediate point Verity’s organs is news

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Bang on march in Kharkiv: Three dead, 10 Wounded
In the center of the Kharkova during torch in honor anniversary of Euromaidan occurred explosion.

In a result explosion near Palace sport in Kharkiv, on a data, died three, have suffered about 10 man, told the in press service Oblast prosecutors.

According to eyewitnesses, among Wounded there is and staffer militias.

As reports local publication showed $, explosion were issued about 13 :1 0 in the early pillar. According to participants shares, from a drive-by past machines defied a grenade, however official acknowledgement this information until there is no. In for half an hour on place arrived 6-7 "ambulances." On informal information, among dead - activist Igor Tolmachev and staffer law enforcement agencies. Dead was flags Ukraine.

Just on share has targeted for annihilation several hundred people with flags Ukraine. Until that people not divergent.

As reported, several hundred people poured today in Kharkiv on rally in support unity Ukraine. People low-profile approach banner with the banner "Victory = reforms", "Koli aeaaa begin aeeoe on-a new?." On shares symbolically have receded in the sky the portraits Putin’s, Kernes, Yanukovych and Dobkin.

NTV Mirnoe march of with automatic weapons.)

Participants March are planning pass to Tiananmen Constitution in the center of the cities. There in 14 :0 0 will begin a panikhida for the victims participants revolution whom and CITY of ATF.

And the result. Something quickly us to the punch.

"In ties with a terrorist attack, which occurred in Kharkiv, in a result which on a data died one, the policeman and one civilian, and also have suffered 5 policemen and four civilians, in city of introduced AAA level of terrorist threat and launched holding anti-terror operations", - quotes words A. Turchynov press service monograph.
Secretary monograph Ukraine told, that Service security Ukraine together with Ministry Interior spend of ATF, in a result which already detained four stakeholder groups, info for explosion and was have seized weapons, in including a grenade launcher.

"Counter-terrorism operation continues," said he, adding, that on information Council Ukraine, group, which has accomplished terrorist attack, proceeded exercises in Russian Strunin.

"This another times indicates, that terrorist campaign, which is undertaken in Ukraine, has alone and those same customers and organizers of, that and aggression on the east," said A. The blame.

Operator sidelets in past.

Already all in collects with shtativami.

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Mosiychuk accuses Kernes in patronage terrorists Kharkova and requires from the u.S. Attorney's his arrest
22 February 2015 | 14 :5 2

Popular MP Ukraine Igor Mosiychuk accuses Mayor of Kharkova, Gennady Kernes in manifestations separatism in city of and requires from the u.S. Attorney's his arrest. About this Mosiychuk wrote in the publication on its page on Facebook.

In all manifestations separatism and terrorism in Kharkiv vinnovat Gennady Kernes, which openly supports Russian aggression ”, wrote Mosiychuk.
“Kernes – term protector and force behind terrorists Kharkova ”

Also "if requires from Secretary-prosecutor Ukraine arrest Mayor of Kharkova:“ I move to from Secretary-prosecutor Shokina immediately arrest the inspirer and patron Kharkov terrorists and separatists Kernes Gennady Adolfovicha. ”



Славянец wrote:

Oops what familiar voice on 1 :3 6 together wants to inspire. Volnovakha 22.05 and only 17 juli and callused fact allows.
Yes and voice the already strongly played out.

In the early reels operator calls what today the number of,. Ah raze they not can will escape its Stamps. They constantly before culminated incall the number of. As are taught))
(1 :1 1 tsekhovichka calls the number of (19’s, the commercial lit 18 th)))

Photographers on point was full, I these creatures sense of smell can smell.
Video and web base even will see



Our sitting "hio" -operator friendly co in this video: Terakt in Kharkiv 22 2 2015
This team of rotten.



gav wrote:

Until pain familiar voice prestige.

Operador without doubts from "Odessa a movable theater" - In networks emerged leaked! Full video massacre worth in House Trade Unions! Urgently! All media! The author. Not remember-as his "on batkovi" calling. Signal from injured recently was?! - means all elite "voeny-operadory-reintegration Perdazhniki" in battle! Yay!



As me seems, under real injury of, man would dismantled gloves off) And as always there is no blood, this already with the signature bookshelf.)



to It seems, that there is those killed(I its I congratulate with shorting a glorious cameras)
Bang in Kharkiv 22 2 on meeting in support dead in of ATF



gav wrote:

How me seems, under real injury of, man would dismantled gloves off) And as always there is no blood, this already with the signature bookshelf.)

With a cigarette forthwith shkvarchaschey were scorched on the? Ca did something wrung than before "their"?



Even video. Likely moreover shtympa, that stood about tree of with good camera. (Photo higher)

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gav wrote:

location video.

In Kharkiv know only three phrase: "Ty Sho takoe :unsure:", "problems :unsure:", "medical man’s work here tozhe :unsure:"



Ukrainian intelligence agencies prevented terrorist attack in Odessa, declared injured
And even.
Today in Kyiv anodyne march with the participation many steep peppers from Europe led by injured. Only on direction komentov speaker of can already be understand, that this day simply so not over would.

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Among the victims explosion in Kharkiv – co Euromaidan and, the policeman

координатор харьковского Евромайдана Igor Tolmachev

We has been going, and suddenly heard cotton, people began to fall. Igor behaved directly near with me. When he fell, we tried to lead his in feelings, but avail. Doctors said, that Igor died instantaneously: Was bored chest and is hairstyle ", – told" Today "one of coordinators local Euromaidan Igor Bolshaya, which miracle not suffered.



On Kharkiv team those who purchase Forum quiet virtually.
Timid voice from the room)

And good conclusion from today’s. The klikabelna.



Btdubs, from moment the most explosion, until the in media about introducing regime of ATF passed 54 minutes) Even long, on Boeing through 15 minutes already heard a.)



A quotation have the rollers, as always Iron!
And sagacity what, through thirty seconds after explosion already reports, that bomb bolts package was.



Where the epicenter of the explosion was I not gather additionally in any way, if here: … f5I4#t=121
The why window in machine consolidate on the other side, and than it consolidate: … page#t=186


Tsekhovichki wash their hands each other

Here is these need capturing and kill. Not will their, not will and productions.

it's like the dvoeshnikov any something.
They failed to to lift nor an outbreak, nor a stink bomb the most explosion.
(And its even and being asked :no:)



Already declared, that bomb was bit hidden in snow.
Under real thickness Snow 3 centimeter.
And khimanaliz have done, found TNT and armature.
As only the cyanide of the potassium agents poutine shortage not guessed it mix?



Dmitry" wrote:

Tsekhovichki wash their hands each other

There not yet one runs round.
Pay attention on same with flag on shoulders.

Свернутый текст

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