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Same environment ", Vesti FM" some chief of militias DNR in interview grit- In Kharkiv ia?aaiiao?iua means, supported by population, retaliated for Odessa. "
This him, motherfucker for stoking need to burn need to together with fotomrazyami.


22 … nc&v=2
ATO civil Ukraine / of ATF in Oe?a - 2015-2-22T12 :27: 05.000Z

22.02.15 13 :4 6 In Kharkiv occurred explosion during peace torch, there is victims. Photo + VIDEO
During peace torch in the center of the Kharkova occurred explosion. According to MVD, 2 human died, about 15 have suffered. In Prosecutor area proclaim about three dead.

As reports press service MVD Ukraine, explosion occurred in 13.20 during peace torch activists Euromaidan, informs Censor NO.

On a data, have suffered about 15 man, among them - 5 law enforcement. Two human died on place. As note in MVD, worked unknown Russias explosive device. Source:

Time explosion - 13 :2 0
Time the - 13 :4 6
in fix lies gut?type press service MVD and, are in neighboring boardrooms, and office on the same the street, where experienced explosion. In both cases, the text helped recruit knit brigade, to t fit this in 24 minutes.. This nightmare some. :flag: + to them, a agencies and reported its ready version of about dead. Likely prosecutors walked in strings "peer and gallop o'er smert vorogam"
But this okay, and how many time requires young girl-the operator, to:
1) expand contents video
2) Well, getting until homes
3) Snacks features
4) On computer, include programs
5) Smontirovat video
6) Find this Holy "ATO civil Ukraine / of ATF in Oe?a"
7) the capacity to undertand deal, as there and on any conditions, to fold 'em video
8) Zalit video
So how many same time it took young girl? - or 7 minutes or it life tonus time.
In short as always, scheme similar, stamps same assessment, people blind and was stupid, not sees explicit podlogi.
Setting and the standard srach prikruchennykh fr in the comments section have said. People stravlivaetsya and stravlivaetsya. … _fotovideo



k-63203 wrote:

Where is the epicenter of the explosion was I not gather additionally in any way

Body bear here is from this truck pulling up.



He only that surpassed convoy and proved squarely on place explosion.
In offense many what can be burying.
And still hence recently someone of Goiania,, and not one. Perhaps, and returned someone ago, look at convoy:



Hole yes, interesting:


"Guys, not stand crowd, get these sectioned off here."
This them said. Team on search small ribbons in cabins all the traffic going past auto.



30 wrote:

Operador without doubts from "Odessa a movable theater" - In networks emerged leaked! Full video massacre worth in House Trade Unions! Urgently! All media! The author. Not remember-as his "on batkovi" calling. Signal from injured recently was?! - means all elite "voeny-operadory-reperdazhniki" in battle! Yay!

Yes, without doubts. - looked a bit with 0 :4 8 - especially when boosts voice
Operator one and the same this. Little moreover, all zakamernye voices, which accompany his and there and there - identical.



Here is has found still video. Until equipment in position. Why the there is no understanding sound.

On 0.28 militiamen go to community, where fell people, and guy in yellow mask in journey. All people hasten, that would help, and he escaped. That he there showed it is unclear (can the epicenter of the explosion).
On 3.07 have a Kiev investigator, in my wound present. If I not rights maybe fix me.


being asked no bomb)
There is no of smoke no at all and the very a there is no outbreaks. There is no oshmyotkov, undercoat, Snow, and at all an extra $hyphenated on asphalt.
In cockpit "truck" something made, a firecracker any. And smoked? S centre not detonated, the detonator suppose so install.

1 :4 5 - hands put it away. Says he tsekhoviku, have which hangs pass les corregudes and which holds voice recorder
curious episode.
Esquire Drink Database lack hand for a tripod professional cameras, in this moment absolves camera otkruchennaya from this a tripod,.
Such a technique intense, and video fill on technologies, which already 10 years ago were disgrace.
Not hesitate, part of this video we will see in a normal as a 1080p, but only after, as they shoals from him vystrigut.

We shall store this face
Nobody no aid not exerts, only make kind ofs organs is a Fighter so and not learned far he wounded



And here on-my snow goes - 22.02.15 - starting 17th Sunday in Kharkiv: The details terrorist have Palace sport0.36 - 0.45
On other shot video Snow like there is no. On stilts, Croce hell did they put in "caldron."



30 wrote:

A here on-my snow goes

Video already not is a



apolin wrote:

That has found still video. Until equipment in position. Why the there is no understanding sound.

This advertizing this shtympa with with a tripod.



Dmitry" wrote:

Yes, without doubts.
Operator one and the same this. Little moreover, all zakamernye voices, which accompany his and there and there - identical.

Yes, accurately. I and spoke, that voice sign, but, could not recall where heard previously. Need to cut into with two video and the development voice.



Here is, finally burst out storyboards first video (1384 there). An interval 1 sec. Can be in prosmotrovschike simply cut to disco Meaning a mouse and to see increasingly as in slows.
The reference on page boot: 768mb. or this:



gav wrote:

It being expunged.)

Yes see was, that would delete. Quickly worked, and I a buffoon not downloaded. I repent, I'm sorry.



Cameras have all good, one the quality of video and the quality of pouring - closet.
Everyone relieve, students tsekhovogo technical training colleges, all they know each other, their here very many
They here the rents interim exam, pass practical classes
Everyone they want to reap the laurels Atsika Kochieva, Syomy Pegova and work on L! FENEWS
A Pashtun they will informtekhnologi.



I allow on vodka, provisional content here leaked, managed be remembered verbatim -

One One - Soborna Ukraine! Who keeps managing, guys, who keeps managing first aid exert!! Faster doctors, pharmacies faster, deal two!

Peaceful march of on Corso Plan Zhukov in matter of of seconds has turned into a bloody tragedy. Activists and law enforcement, their way led by pillar bursting of the literally many share in hand. Injured people lay on earth, them tried to exert first aid still before arriving rapid. Journalist Filip Dikan saw all, that was happening, he was literally in 20 metres from epicenter explosion:

Filip Dikan, journalist, an eyewitness to terrorist
That is worth machine, here is store, on meters 20 perhaps, and the face of stood to blowup as times, know here is cotton, we same already casualty to environmental noise granatam, and spot such! It is unclear that this, ah and naturally contaminants people. Easy house and all, strictly speaking

When smoke dissipated, became understandable - aid need a many. Bloody cotton swabs lawenforcement officer in, activists - some did artificial breath directly on earth. Igor Tolmachev proved in really epicenter explosion, died instantaneously. Co Euromaidan, head of the-defense, public activist. Him was just 52. Friends until now in of shock from-for his demise:

Elena, advocacy:
That self-defense Maidan, he handled organization many issues, collecting fees money help us, volunteers ezdyaschim in zone of ATF.

Igor Rozsokha, activist
Mi has been going in the early pillar, must were Ideology guide, Igor volunteered at all something. Igor did entire work, - this Secretary public Defense Kharkova, this man, which was the main on Evromaydane. Igor was a lifeguard, he saved huge number of people - he founder the first rescue however services, when was ghastly earthquake in Leninakan precisely Igor Tolmachev, organized this saved service.

Another Sergio -, the policeman. He lies have truck." In machine, that before stopped collaborators traffic policemen for passage pillar, --something a long pieces. Otherwise affected was would more. This girl - easily ransacked in pace.

Gina, activist right sector:
I - not in the first time. I already man obstrelyannyy. 19 number of in the terrorist have of the Moscow court I was one of the most dire. Now - small -Splinter wound, blowing there is no, first aid had me my Teammates. I teetered face to him. Unlike past times. Panic not was, immediately has diverged on place more secure safe territory.

In hospitals Kharkova ten Wounded. Have all trauma varying degrees extent tyazhesti- one, over 15 years teenager in a coma, even a few received heavy injured in open:

Svetlana Gorbunov-Ruban, Vice mayor Kharkova:
General-purpose bomb injured limbs the top of and at. Tragically, penetrating injured abdominal fat. There is heavy a TBl - young man 15 years, which is in able coma. There is injured soft tissue.

The bomb techs work around the NeiHu - harvest material evidence. Small pieces very many and the prosecutor immediately reports - fact explosion under investigation on article terrorist attack. Bookshelf terrorists reminds crime have Court of the Moscow cleanup in January current year, then inside, too, grown pretty dead in land:

Yuri Danilchenko - prosecutor independent still be theirs.:
In tsellofanovom package was prikopannymi in snow. Nominee in action either on time imposed on them, either with remote governance this establish vzryvotekhnki after research. Where they get amazed by element- TNT.

Alexander The Brewer - beginning of the Governance SBU in independent region
We rassmatrivavshego and even on press conference talked and warned, that precisely these the will frustrating signal for those who wants to inflict harm power and those who bucks this aggression. Those who this organizing, they, they don't give the brink of, go already on human victims. Let us reinforce arrangements for protecting such zakhodiv.

The head of the SBU independent area also told, that on the eve they was detained a terrorist group of the four man, which prepared attempted on despite center, have them was alienated explosives, now their's being questioned. In city of declared - the most high level of terrorist threat. Began counter-terrorism operation.

Especially grassroots this perl -
"Yuri Danilchenko - prosecutor independent region:
In tsellofanovom package was prikopannymi in snow. Nominee in action either on time imposed on them, either with remote governance this establish vzryvotekhnki after research. where they get amazed by element of- TNT. :cool: " :tired: Yes and otsalnye replicas heroes were under become this.



Running on peaceful demonstration, importantly not forget wearing a bulletproof vest.



30 wrote:

Giving tips, provisional content here leaked, managed be remembered verbatim -
Bloody 17th Sunday in Kharkiv

Has found this remote the commercial



30 wrote:

In machine, that before stopped collaborators traffic policemen for passage pillar, --something a long pieces.

With Kharkiv Forum:

In-with: If valnulo front\ from Left from gazelki, how in gender-bodies under it with other handproved man?? :dontknow:
Where tornado?

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. wrote:

Are you getting it distant rocket attack, but not heard this conversation with bald photographer.

Scene instance. On 6 :4 2 very primitive game "by." All hands they wave exclusively for cameras.
The artist very familiar, likely for the same Odessa, yes and maintained artist use look like, likely somewhere starred in episodes with "last Hawryluk's pic on cold."



With upper video. Terakt in Kharkiv. 22 February 201503 :3 8
Little nondescript "fighters invisible Front" in almost twin anoraks.

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This setting apparently performed two objectives:
1. SBU reports, that for a terrorist attack is worth Moscow … 7794_.html
2. Cover deaths two people (or can be this real victims for the first goal) Igor Tolmachev - known Kharkvskiy activist
The lieutenant colonel militias Rybalchenko -


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