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Комсомольская правда и Боинг
Всё больше фактов за Су-25. Мудак Варсегов из "КП"


Nikolai Varsegov humpin '"corpse"



Varsegov and land called Misthaven. Valenok KaPets.
For untrained eye this blot may seem of, but expert here clearly will determine blood

Expert here clearly will determine blood. Still photo with seats killings.
Photo: Reuters

We asked known forensic ? medical expert Eduard Tumanova answer the most disturbing all questions.
Were PRO ON our project killing trace blood with?
Fogs: Undoubtedly, were. Smudged a puddle blood well visible on one of photographs, which stationed in Web.

From leftist its feet women-expert (right) “on 4 hours ” natek blood. Shadow from its feet partly overshadowing the natek. From the shadows his differentiate more high intensity of color of, and form of. To untrained eye this blot may seem of, but expert here clearly will determine blood.
(Gif from two pictures)

To untrained eye this blot may seem of, but expert here clearly will determine blood.
More just the couch analysts are preoccupying two photosof slain: Here is he lies on right side in of advisers, and here is on belt naked in the same position. At the second photo are visible bullet holes.

And after all forget the for this is even money pay. :confused: :confused:
Amy: Hi Varsegovu from the couch analitekoff :flag:

Correct that the term "ah here is, another an armchair expert Big genius", is favorite argument gandonotrollebotov, for example with in computer. These term they as-would elevate themselves over hesitant., blaming his in absence of entities and neznaniyakh intensity balance white.



Komzomolskaya krivda. Dumb and even dumber.

you only splash screen upon booting listen. Trailer same time "Speak idiots"
Our spetskory Alexander Kots and Dmitri Steshin driven in either, Donetsk
Komsomolskiy Hard're superstars

Wait laughing, not yet increasingly.
Our spetskory Alexander Kots and Dmitri Steshin lead broadcasts with Maidan.

In Libya being asked nor one correspondent, but our guys, for the same salary, will hold its where do you want.
(Especially well, when you on dacha shashliks on you fry it up, and instead you in vertualove works bot) … livii.html

Alexander Kots. With such surname on Arab countries only and touring.:D :D

And Syria in the makeweight
Photoartists KAPE have shown unbelievable prowess. "The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Yo440"

Pay-PE, full PE
"CP" delivered Girkinu a star disease since the slavyansko-torskikh durilok.



горожанин wrote:

Tsekhovichok Varsegov is hot

Miracle not would begin on a square hopper have Luhansk Regional State Administration, the heroic Reporter CP and durneta continued opupeyu-investigation -

This the sixth part of. Five previous and this the sixth have led to conclusion, that boying made bombs on board.
Disassemble this on stilts, given, that forum. Teen times has proven and showed, that all 10 percent "boinga" razvezeny on earth, this not respect nor themselves, nor forums. And here is visual evidence cost anything like that much, to ensure on them admire.

The first illustration - from two photo.

To visually increase Square frakhmenta, Humbugs not cast his on backdrop of post and any other facility, where visible his the real the magnitude of, and triggered possible the, took in frame socks shoes its and triggered near shoes child.

Long bother over these, tovaristchi? The other times was outstanding Bed was with dolls. Put the most property Barbie, what will find, form of have them have all absolutely similar.

And to recast "frakhment" in "the original of the", had to beyond the limits reduce pixels, and picture do with the container boxes. Differently recast impossible.
The other times recreation the switch.

Real location "frakhmenta" on original version.


The next illustration proves thesis about explosion.

Because most holes done outside, again had to to fudge - piskseli turn. Any a normal snapshot this will show.

Continuation of dishonest actions.
Authorship - "his social media to."

Mountain dishonest actions.

Here most interesting.
Again consider exemplified fota tsekhovichka Zhorika. The original of the

They pulling "frakhmentami" - "valuable these forensics", as their, change their physically, encourage under their "investigations."

For Varsegovym this been not in the first time


Think here is this mrazotnoe creativity - they realistically did compositions


Here is this


A huge number of materials with "collapse 17.07.2014", removed until that date, and also Luhans'ka Regional State Administration, Slavyansk and Bylbasovku. And also earlier installation mraziyschikov - Serovo, Saint Petersburg, Smolensk. Think, that facts enough for withdrawal of:

226th-photographers-videooperatory, okazyvayuschiesya in the first minutes on lzhekrusheniyakh, lzheboyakh and lzheteraktakh (and in fact until official dates these events) - this and there is butafory scum.

Partner tsekhovichka Varsegova Viktor Council of.


горожанин wrote:

To what fewer group Varsegova telling explosion from within

Indeed, for what, if the entire agitprop matrix sides washes brains "sbivshimi Boeing’s bummed", "dryers" and "MiGs", on thin ” the end of the "sbrosami the wreckage of the of the gone in March we over donetchinoy." Himself same Varsegov in previous five parts of opupei, too, quietly "was knocking Boeing’s", as and all other colleagues on make them beguiling.
And suddenly - on you! "Intelligence agencies laid the explosion devices"!

With no overserved?

Idiots discovered, that all small holes from armored and striking a elements in "frakhmente the cockpit we" have made from within

:crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun:

And then still nadraili - renewed small holes, to glittered and talk backed

:crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun:

The editorial CP and "the Fund Kobzar (book)." You pay ostolopam fee for this work? In vain. For such work need to may recover, and not to pay :D :D :D … 375424938/



Spetskory "CP" Alexander Kots and Dmitri Steshin on territories Donbasa discovered "strange" bomb



Dmitry" wrote:

0 :5 1 - bearded a man with its type Fed (disambiguation) it turns out in right time in the right place.
And wasn not miracle, that such a same growth a man with such same beard and with so same, it turns out in is place, far simple a mortal better at all not .again.?

горожанин wrote:

Nu betcha one troupe something.
And Wernick, and Abrek, and this corr from CP.
Correspondent “CP ” about-value air strike on Lugansku: On my the eyes of lost their lives peaceful people

Dmitry" wrote:

Nikolai somewhere for 150 meters until future hoppers, has he spoken somewhere so eight minutes.
. A Viennese wood is so apparently driving


Closer to by the evening I behaved as times there, where through matter of minutes will die people – to Luhansk administration. Here have entry in administration always crowded.
Literally meters for 150 until future hoppers me stopped Vyacheslav, with which we yesterday help. “How affairs? ”, then yes-. We my testimony and minutes so 8. And these minutes, in than I am confident, saved me life. Only I went further, as I have over head Kolkevich strike aircraft, firing heat waves missiles. Further breathed a resounding explosion, triggering harsh pain in ear pretty persuasive. Forth black clubs dust have entry in administration. Somewhere in this dust chitters child and are women.
I embarked, head in fog. Dust settles, saw the first affair closures, downed trees have the Trevi before administration. Iicaa I directly have this here is the Trevi in such same day time photographed children. On chessboard of pre administration bodies several killed young women, still one, pardon, a torn, but is alive. To it be going military and hurling obscenities at me for a camera in my, shaky the hands of. Near still two killed civilian men. Military, that on the street, all are intact. And in really building administration povybity glass, within someone groans.

He could perish, but not died, and even times not died in only under smoothbore, whom the Nazis machine-an important slice of fuselage. What heavy fate.: '(Not easier than than have Pegova, Akkermansa, and so same colleagues on CP Kotsa and Steshina.



Alexander Kots and Dmitri Steshin, experiencing all the rigors of the and deprivation.
War there is, fuel-wood there is, oven there is, large there is no, batty warmly in the Police wind.

In another military komandirovk traveled A. Kots and D. Steshin
In another fotoshopnuyu travellers.
Listen to the excerpts on radio, image of the you can introduce the imagination.

we're back with "war". Thank God living.
The best military journalists Russia, Prize, gold, Medalki
And again in "battle." Fantasies fotomastera "CP" in truth t have infinite.



. And have I gone bald I prematurely. :rolleyes:
Ah rascals, Oh were the wreckers! :D
I so understand, here Anton Araslanov and Alexander Yakovlev-photographers?
or leadership, serve on Antoshku in suuud!:rofl:

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Вооруженные люди без опознавательных знаков блокировали бригаду береговой охраны в Крыму
Комсомольская Правда

2:32 - при блокаде украинской воинской части, Дмитрий Стешин (КП) руководит российской армией, кому в какую сторону бежать, кому как позировать. Прекрасно знает что никто стрелять не будет и никто прикладом черепушку не проломит. В свою очередь украинские офицеры даже и не помышляют как-то обороняться, общаются с какими-то салагами без опознавательных знаков.



#p90508,Dmitry" wrote:

Дмитрий Стешин (КП) руководит российской армией




Комментарии этих двух клоунов - просто огонь … .number=35


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