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Nemtsov killed. Talk.

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instruments will move all, that not affirms facts, Flud and camping on D. From themes Nemtsov killed

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Dmitry" wrote:

My stomach where have him such a large,, too, it is unclear

Explosive Decompress.



Dmitry" wrote:

arrived on shootings, that in this the bizarre. On what minute its shed until they are taken?

Here is now not can say. During direct prime-in night killings on this video was engage girl near people in the form of. Godliness in dark clothes be one extra hood on head from rain. Need Hi, now increasingly look. I yesterday sought in torn regime - can missed - not was time 1.5 hours inspect increasingly.



So same think, that body have thrown out with back of a garbage truck or snegoochistitelya. Female companion perhaps and not was, but knows same need. Gave money, big deal the, modicum that nabazarit. Murder of benefits all.
Injured. Bridge between Ukraine and Russia destroyed. This as like, truce is cancelled? Keep going let further self-destructs.



Putin about sacral ultimate sacrifice. 2012

The presidential election 2012. Putin "They're looking for what any sakralnuyu sacrifice from number of conspicuous people. Themselves get hacked up, sorry, and then will power to blame. There such people, on increasingly able, I without taking any the exaggerations say "
(There are in view fears, that if get hacked up any candidate in presidents, then by law elections will lifted)
. T.’s Putin recognizes, that some who has powers atop power that can to commit crimes not fearing punishment from power.



Okay. Even one thing prophecy



.fat on Hadar. Hint?% -)



Dmitry" wrote:

okay. Even one thing prophecy


All nude. Ugh, well well, let us groom and buying gold)



gav wrote:

"Acquaintances increasingly faces.
This mrazyuchenok frolicked in Odessa 2 on May. Many video removed them.
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Interestingly! As he proved in trades abroad, if on him there is a B.O.L.O. out? It seems another spectacle on type ", without a hostage" Savchenko.



Искатель wrote:

Interesting! As he proved in trades abroad, if on him there is a B.O.L.O. out? It seems another spectacle on type ", without a hostage" savchenko -- 28.

Unlike Savchenko. He "if and him nothing / nothing in trades abroad not threatens to.



Darkeffect777 wrote:

location one prostrelennyy flag.

Flag the same, nesun the other.



Version of Anton Blagina "So far, that Boris Nemtsov was assassinated" the passenger "talking machines."

Версия о snegouborschike. Musorouborschike

So, in 23 :3 0 minutes Moscow Time camera captures two silhouette-reaching near people, one person in dark of advisers, the other in light. In of advisers of dark color of — Boris Nemtsov, in light of advisers — his ?????- Anna Natalia Duritskaya. In parallel with them on highways with a small speed, in several times size the speed pedestrians, is moving musorouborochnaya machine.

In 23 :31: 13 minutes Moscow Time musorouborochnaya machine it turns out in immediate neighborhood from couples — Nemtsov-Duritsaya. Because street video camera record understanding sound not did, we not can to hear sounds shots, but we ponimam, that they were made precisely in this moment — when musorouborochnaya machine poravnyalas with known opposition leader.

Later second-mucus (in 23 :31: 17 minutes Moscow Time) from-for machines, with hand Scenic doors cabin musorouborschika runs out man, which not can be nor whom different, except as a hit man, forward to leave place killings. He retards on a highway legkovuyu vehicles, in which, likely, was his an accomplice, drive in it and proceeds.

In 23 :31: 37 musorouborochnaya machine does freeze roughly in 10 metres from seats killings Boris Nemtsov.

Forth begins surprising.

?????- Boris Nemtsov — Anna Natalia Duritskaya of course same seen and murderer, and himself process killings Nemtsov.

It could not this not to see, because except visual pictures of the was even and breath pistoletnykh shots, which even have pistol with a silenced pistol increasingly would still vivid ?????? with close distances.

Of course, she also seen, that murderer not emerged from-under land from blue (camera not WTA other people in the very moment on the street nearby). Therefore, killer could jump out only with passenger seats from cabin musorouborschika. In one second he mark the clip patrons in side Sputnik’s Anna Duritskoy and hit his four with in vitally important organs. Forth camera video surveillance WTA, as murderer ran out, from-for musorouborschika on highways, to slow vehicles, sat in it and immediately same left place killings.


So, machine-musorouborschik Working in ten metres from the hapless seats. Killer, leaving there alive after executing Boris Nemcova quickly left place killings. On increasingly Footbal have him took three-four of seconds, that says about his high professionalism.

That makes Anna Natalia Duritskaya, ?????- Boris Nemtsov?

She not sobbing over his lover,’on earth. Not tries to lead his in sense of or explore his wounds. Anna Natalia Duritskaya without delay why something is coming to vehicle-musorouborschiku, (here, attention!) driver which even not seceded from cabin! Bioinformational abilities, why he not released? If you simply accidentally rode past and squarely on your the eyes of shooting a bout portant human, and you saw, that murderer fled, then you simply owes was withdraw, to try to exert aid (suddenly Nemtsov was only wounded, not assassinated, is true? This same napryod cannot be know.

So, driver musorouborschika alighted, but not became exits from cabin. Bioinformational abilities, why then kvalYofYokovanim?

Quite possibly, that in the cockpit musorouborschika was another the passenger. To which and has drawn for conversation Anna Natalia Duritskaya. According to videotapes she’for musorouborschikom almost 5 minutes minutes.

That she there did?

Reported receiving instructions, as it behave further, and that to speak the investigators, which will to investigate this committed in immediate neighborhood from Kremlin a daring series of murder of?

Curiously the, that, if Anna Natalia Duritskaya seen, as killer jumps up to from cabin musorouborschika and shoots down Boris Nemtsov, then on sound logic, if she not is concerned in this crime, it must was would to run away occupies from Nirvana machines, in which arrived murderer. However, she comes against sound logic and after killings, crisis engulfed it on the eyes of, is sent to this machine, and there she it is unclear than Hypnotizes in for several minutes.

And forth is happening and at all unbelievable!

In 23 :3 6 minutes Moscow Time Anna Duritsaya departing from musorouborschika, and machine-Car Models — Yahoo why something proceeds! This at all oio not conceivabili! One of key witnesses leaves place crimes!

Still one version of: Assassinated the other, gearbox position (Nemtsov, which hired on this role long. Musorouborschik, too, plays not last fiddle in orchestra.

Убит двойник Немцова

4 was doppelganger Nemtsov - prejudice have made slightly more semi-year-ago our plastic operation "to gain Nemtsov" and took on work (like for 7 units the euro monthly) ostensibly for cover of clandestine komandirovki from Russia "father Russian democracy" - his unofficial flights on two-three days in the EU or the US - and doppelganger feysom in this time sells in those or other not very crowded places, covering the absence of Nemtsov in trades abroad. ???? assassinated doppelganger was for 10-15 minutes until of the staging on the bridge. Corpse was in machine on place a passenger.

When machine has become on strictly a certain place (“After closing cell 24-video surveillance), Nemtsov with girlfriend marshal not far from cabin and fun chatted, and a potential" murderer "quickly dragged her up corpse puts ostensibly as drunken, and competition was his near machines. On place corpse his puts sat himself Nemtsov, - this corpse, sat on his place, there are forgiven sinners there with his ladyfriend and then, he drove away).

So no one on the bridge and not reacted ostensibly on what happened there murder of - people thought, that the captain drunken and silently passed. А Немцова прикрывала как сама его пассия (которая через пару-тройку месяцев уедет за границу и выйдет замуж за бизнесмена из какой нибудь страны Океании, живущем в своем новом ранчо и имеющего туристическую гостиницу, пару ресторанчиков на берегу экзотического островного пляжа, обеспеченную старость и молодую жену-красавицу) , так и пару агентов АНБ, отвлекавших своим поведением и репликами-обращениями тех 1-2 прохожих какие в этот момент шли недалеко от машины и могли обратить внимание на выгрузку "пьяного другана водителя" чтобы отрезвел на свежем воздухе и не заблевал салон.

Операция была подготовлена заранее - еще пол-года-год назад - когда был найден двойник, а практически начала реализовываться - сразу же после ненавязчивого заявления десять дней назад самого Немцова (чего до этого никогда раньше не было) что его готовится убить кремль (чуть ли не по прямому приказу ВВП)- поэтому и "убили" именно за сутки до уже анонсированного марша, именно рядом с кремлём и именно супер профессионально (без каких-либо реальных свидетелей стрельбы - гильзы от ПМ - просто разбросали, создав видимость что работали непрофессионалы да еще и с такого оружия) - для создания колоссального протестного повода дестабилизации обстановки в столице и в самой стране.
Model that eloquently its role - all the more that there nothing complex not was - strictly sporadic - one of agents NSA licked almost take a careful in Efimovich Nemtsov, made kind of that shoots from layout child pistol, scattered thimbles, helped quickly unload "a dry drunk" from machines and - escaped under bridge (for potential cover with its companions in case if something shed not so). So and reaction all actors - from driver talking machines, until the most model and krutivshikhsya there under the guise of passers-by agents NSA was such "slow-" on challenge police and recourse to prokhodivshim past not polite and proezzhavshim machines - specifically provided opportunity increasingly do neatly, not leaving no visible traces of the staging and quietly leave with seats crimes.



Лада wrote:

A one version of: Assassinated the other, gearbox position (Nemtsov, which hired on this role long. Musorouborschik, too, plays not last fiddle in orchestra.

And who source of this version of?



Here is even an innovative solution, flag in the form of view. Hmm.

Свернутый текст
Again a monument

New flags

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robertrath wrote:

In other words these two (three) in rate vistavi and were devoted in their roles?

Forum up on the, Sobchak of course in role, long already. For example she the first has found Busareva Gibkikhand reported The world about offense. So we learned, that-Boeing’s ostensibly existed.



Darkeffect777 wrote:

That even an innovative solution, flag in the form of view. Hmm.

In 1669 year under the Czar Alexei Mikhailovich on water was, agreed the first Russian military ship – “Oriol ”, on which was raised to fostering blue-and-white-Red flag, where the Blue swathe of were conducted in the form of view.



Лада wrote:

Version Anton Blagina "So far, that Boris Nemtsov was assassinated" the passenger "talking machines."

Blagin and the passenger garbage collector, likely geniuses. Murderer increasingly is true rasschial, have studied far directed 50 cameras and through what an interval police and protection Kremlin in plain clothes, who patrol bridge. Perhaps with calculator calculations, and plan escape drawn on toilet paper.

Blagin, summarizes policy version of, which him've typed in pritvorivshiesya patriots media, such Sherlokov Kholmsov - every the second. Pro Boeing’s, too, full of the versions of, well amply, many times met one and the same disc, someone somewhere something have read and paranoiac version of for their, not understanding, that his on this version of lifted willfully. Yes and I himself many times've been busted on the same your cast, man as would receives what something sense of own enjoyment, when him ostensibly gets the disclose crime, but not sees, that on disclosure, him timing of the) a fake TVC.



And this actress already searching for a new sugar daddy)
Somewhere I on cubicles heard that have them relations few years. Not long were grieving)
lncrease this

A strange page. Created today as impact something, but his-in friends large.

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Pushkov. In his program "Postscript", in Saturday on the evening, said (have read the text), that "for several hours until killings Boris Nemtsov Ugandans in live one of Moscow radio stations, and was OK, paddles and shutliv."

If was shutliv - means transmission of watched-listened to, why then instead "echo moscow" in Saturday on the evening have written the "one of radio stations"? :sceptic:

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Girl miracle survived, could bullet obtain, shock. Nooooo girl is hot and stebetsya.
To what such vbrosy? They hero model which not vmirayut, persistent fiscal fighter with the regime, supermena or proceedings clown-impotent?

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Yes here, apparently, importantly draw attention to "hero" from all possible sides, draw lot more people emotionally :suspicious: Most same not will to see this dissonance - will be to see any one side, that timing of the.


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