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This Igor Strelkov (officer) (a gat that)

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He Russian they stress groups in Ukraine Igor a gat that (PHRASE Shooter, present name of Igor Igor Strelkov (officer)) is not only officer the Chief 15 governance (FCU) IDF Chief the Armed forces trades abroad, but and oversaw the negotiations of the self-manifested Prime Minister Crimea Sergei Aksenov with Russian leadership. This information []confirmed the prominent Russian journalist Oleg Kashin, personally saw a person of Strelkova in the height of the Crimean conflict.

Igor Strelkov (officer) - the shooters

HACKJVC uploaded even kompromatof on Girkina-Strelkova



Igor Strelkov (officer) complains on the, that a grinder increasingly raze not begins.
Masses volunteers there is no nor with eeaaneie nor with Russian hand, war nezanimaetsya raze.
Accurately such same despondency as and have Girkina, am confident, there is and have bill. So the although would money promises to pay, so and the no one pleasantly to garner not can.

Nu that for tough luck such a. All revolution in Russia make Jews






The first mobilization in Gorlovka (Donetsk region) NOT Commission itself.

Videomontyory,, you have done well with an axe.

- There's got to say you truth directly in eyes, pushing their on of paper.






Coming Ervandovich Kurginyan, strongly scolded Girkina.
Very without beauty, words.



He and Marshal, and hero, and writer young




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Chota'm laughing)
Reconstruction with the participation I. Strelkova



And that this I in you such Tuenti Facebook?

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Igor Strelkov (officer) found hanged in Rostov, media:D :D :D

Igor Igor Strelkov (officer) (a gat that) found dead in Russia in city of Rostov in apartment, that was photographing a few days. A consequence tends to favor version of about suicidal thinking.

Igor Igor Strelkov (officer), the renowned under pseudonym Igor a gat that (or Shooter) was found hanged in the center of the Rostova, writes
As reports source of in more Committee Russian Federation on Rostov area, in a residential House on the street 50th anniversary FC Rostselmash Rostov / Donu, was found corpse unknown, authenticated later as Igor Vsevolodovich Igor Strelkov (officer). According to source site won a permanent International Criminal in SK trades abroad on Rostov area, cause of death Igor Girkina has become mechanical asphyxiation.

In monograph promised, that a gat that-Igor Strelkov (officer) not leaves from criminal responsibility

Good so-called "Minister Defense" self-proclaimed "Donetsk popular republics" (DNR) Igor a gat that-Igor Strelkov (officer) not leaves from criminal responsibility. About this on briefing declared Speaker monograph Andrei Lysenko, is handing correspondent PBOC provide-Ukraine. … 2014180900



On-my, this went scenario plum installation "New Russia (region)." Gave artist read the text with leaf, indeed do, with monitor. Reads artist with an absolute indifference, eyes from monitor nor on second not raised, himself nor one overhead line not believes and lisps stronger conventional - this means, stress have him. And even fear of those who this artist, is leading and before montorom pushes.

Important statement Igor Strelkova



Suspended matter any stirring up trouble.
Seek point common ground)
- you me have compared with roshem
- I you not likened the with roshem
- let us will arrange the a meeting with neyromirom
- yes let us seek point common ground
Will have hosted a bit time, Starikov gets out of it in Duma, it will sign an investment contract and is up the creek on famous ears. Calling Maria Tsipko - "different women", and Jew sects leaders - "traditional religion Russia", Nikolai Viktorovich gave signal Mrazotsekhu, that ready to participate in a scene.


14 … 21115.html
In Odessa goes to a terrorist a gat that.

One from former leaders DNR Igor a gat that (Igor Strelkov (officer)) intends to to come in Odessa. About this declared deputy chief staff of ATF in sector Since (Donetsk area) Vitaly Fedichev.

"In Odessa, on our data, rallied to come Igor Strelkov (officer), declared he. This is professional a terrorist, professional leading the the terrorist attacks, which Isaev in its time solve question Slavyansk, Lisichanska, Rubezhnoye, far flowed his people. And just something was two "Urals" people, under which fell sections (SBU and militias, although there was the ratio armed people nesopostavimoe. They quietly could fight back, but not gave. "

"I have question: Direction his in Odessa this hope, that repeated experience with was?" added W. Fedichev.

Deputy said, and later and chief confirmed.

speaker of ATF Andrei Lysenko, confirmed veracity information about how the, that in Odessa intends to Igor "a gat that" Igor Strelkov (officer), is handing livestock "Reporteri."

Choate prepare, times so Odessa wrack want.




I prepare, times so Odessa wrack want.

Javadxan! rosha in Moscow will channel - to swap experience, so say.




Girkina directed in Odessa, deputy commander sector Since

A good commander designer Valentin Fedichev. :D Kale Consultants chief staff of ATF.
Level of military training impressive.
- How same so? Such Fedichev. What for bullshit? - 's so confused he. - Pod two "Urals" girkintsev, became all siloviki several cities and not gave no our. And now this Igor Strelkov (officer) wants to open the second Front I have behind?. O.o. - Over logic things, I you now arrest should with all entertainments microphones and's factory, for something that me on my questions, not you can give of import answer.

T. E. Fedichev makes kind of, that so case on fact, that this is not television spectacle was in April-May with capture the power ministries. Now teenage attend deeply in rear and will kicking Fedicheva in the back, and the not knows that now to do and guy was playing 10 journalists.
Did in spied a not can get unlost nor one, who would have yelled his head off on this idiot language;? Type so: "You what, radish, you actor scared, have which on weapons only direct slots L! FENEWS?"




Igor Strelkov (officer) I have behind.

Dima, ah cannot be same so, comrades literally figure fotu. :glasses:



A total sewage hero.)





Ocherednye revelations and prophecy Girkina

Text or: Him same, too, someone scenarios writes, or himself dodumyvaetsya?


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