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Odessa, as and Kharkiv - a key city in development events on Ukraine.
In alone its accurately not leave. On choice admin propose a point to in tube top.
"Antimaydan" in Odessa



. wrote:

Odessa, as and Kharkiv - a key city in development events on Ukraine.
In alone its accurately not leave. On choice admin propose a point to in tube top.
"Antimaydan" in Odessa

C poetical trucker-8 laugh.)



. wrote:

"Antimaydan" in Odessa

Reminds Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program-show. Cast again in Crimea and job as an extra on 50 Br We typed?



Sasha Officer
Here is that happened in Odessa (and the soon will hysterical federastov).
Write from of Odessa:. " In 7-30 on the morning in Apartment r-not, on the street Ilya Arnoldovich Ilf and Petrov toured 2 bus, landed about 70 young people and several women cf. Age. With them has arrived vases-2108. Machine neatly inverted, on cell woman told the text, low-profile approach a poster, wash their hands on cameras (cameras arrived synchronously with of the day)) then machine set on , have plunged and quickly left. Increasingly. People in Saturday even slept, yes and quickly increasingly happened, clustered in militia not was. In this time the cops on divorce as times). Yes and reason call, bluntly say not very a serious) Right sector of Odessa figured out who this organized and requests young people not be fought for money on this hell is that, and parents explain them. If will caught out and already vychesleny, then Right sector reacts tightly and would punish. During the war, these engage as something not tawdry, charitably. Roughly so. "



This the plot why something reminded me episode from old, but instructive festival with an idiosyncratic posylom:
Type, again in doors of Odessa are knocking bastard -
4.35Greek Max -- knock-Greek Max -- knock-Greek Max -- knock. :rofl:

No, ah all, please,"yes ?????". This same already destruction brain and gap the gut. Aktivizdam would still razvalyat in fluff and Remy-its furniture in apartment and shoot on cell this "say the say, arbitrariness,", simultaneously prichitaya "authorities" about nezamedlitelnom prevention such a blasphemies. Season Spring, when need to nail the vegetables on gardens (and very recently, and "nada fedya, nada"), apparently, strongly has supposedly cowed "shkodlivykh guys" neobkhodimostb back world steel rope market. Got routine Train and enough fat on them fruit with cucumbers. Want in sight nakormitsya "alminievymi cucumbers" from DNR (now. Maybe, you only wondered and get it. ha ha ha, that roughly from themselves represent "alminievye cucumbers on burlap field" from songs chief).



Again "an admiral's" theme, albeit for ears podtyanuta:



On 1.31sounds from snimalschika - "Yes, perhaps, there in Ukrainian. Flag was. "And laughable. (Bad from him will patriot) :blush: Illy a setup? X?z? (town).

In Odessa surges 2 car. 22.03.2015- … IqNQAUaP40


"id":"aIqNQAUaP40","uploaded":"2015-03-22T20 :36: 23.000Z","updated":"2015-03-23T10 :31: 19.000Z"

But machine time all-??? first invented ;) and I as always all man :(. On version of, of course, yellow Internet newspapers? (Or press.


At Aleksandr Yakovlevich Tairov were blazing two machines
Late on the evening 23 Marchon the street Topolevoy, that on Aleksandr Yakovlevich Tairov were eager two car. … paign=grup

Why yellow? Because piss namesto brain drain.



With first glance, principles, I have "hand not raised" call otherwise than circus these pushing, praktikovanie in g-rimsk. Struggle, butsaniya-lomanie cans fences under accompaniment "not versatile belly his" sake of such a honorable affairs and obviously udarostoykogo ;) the video cameras; many of which impact something "not drowning in water, but the 1949", with with constant zavidnostyu on many a dubious kind of events. :dontknow:

Odessa. On Fontane occurred mass a?aea with shooting, there is affected



Russian matrix continue to drug poor Chow here is such messages
In Odessa coming will greeted rightist sector 10.04.15

Thought lie, but has found on site FSmessage, ??? yes -

Praviy sector vzme fate have zabezpechenn safety steel Vokzal Odesi ? article the discovery the kind protid rosyskomu oa?i?ecio.
The an hour have is profitable to the zrosla large teraktv ? provokatsy ? side vorozhikh forces. 1930 noticed for neobkhdne aa?aiooaaoe odesitam aaciaeo ? zakhistiti Chelomei a teroristichno zagrozi.
Naia the byts Right Bank the new aoaoou patrulyuvati teritoryu steel Vokzal time, c spvrobtnikami pravookhoronnikh of the local.
Nayvazhlivsha for us on ? o meta Myrna the sky over Odesoyu.
Thank Oe?a!

On days voted for law against propaganda communists and populist-socialists. Now in Odessa on safeguards - FS, again for old?
As and year ago, [-[, voted against Russian language, people "have flicked", that will face criminal prosecution Russian-speaking, then Crimea, Odessa, for New Russia (region).
And who will tell, that all they this make not together?



Odessa Serzh Sargsyan added times, Odessa Serzh Sargsyan added two. Odessa Serzh Sargsyan added three.

In Odessa on Fontane in the course mass blows with shooting activists "Right Bank sector" and "Defence" battered system.


Tuesday, 24 Mart 2015

In Odessa on Fontane in the course mass blows with shooting activists "Right Bank sector" and "Defence" battered system.

About this writes Odessa publication "Timer."

"On one of these sites, summary information, belonging brother-in-law Mayor of Ilichevska, again tried to start construction residential homes: The assistant has been sealed off fenced and even began to dig get the foundation. Local people turned for help in "self-defense", then as of Sveti Vlas summoned staff intruder firms "Center", - writes "Timer."

In a result skirmishes, fighters "Right Bank sector" and "Defence" won handily, after what demolished fence and battered system.

On materials: "Timer"



Dmitry" wrote:

SBU claims about times 40 saboteurs in Odessa

40 shpiyonov, existing virtually in acctresses news)

Ah recognized superspetssluzhba. Sayta there an agency with how. :D
After 2 on May in Odessa, is surprising those who continues to to believe in matrix "moskalskaya expansion", .fat in their dot-matrix brains not comes simple thought, that prevent all these events-a duty khvalennoy SBU!
Revile anyone anywhere, only not sbushnikov. .fat them is it so difficult understand, that all acting together? The entire this circus (theater) so strongly intuitively is felt! Not understand, as they this not note?

Ah and in the end he! Example-what "specialists" there work. In 2000 th year father with son (Vladimir and Sergei Shushki) found in taraschanskom the forest corpse "journalist Gongadze" (until now accurately is unknown, whose this on fact corpse). To Shushkam for "conversations" toured collaborators SBU.

Skyfall our calculates, this history Volodya mentioned as least 13 times. The most the emotional conversation took place he has with employees SBU. He in good faith repeated all the same, officers politely judicial bureaus, after what asked to tell, as all was on fact. Volodya flustered, and officers - there is no. Times not like it or, say, be honored, went on backyard, will have you you shoot. Imagine scene: On a dirty yard Volodinogo farming are worth two officer retire security Ukraine with pistols in the hands of, zatravlenno ozirayuschiysya Volodya and his sister-in-law Myroslava. Ah that, ask officers, us you kill or all-??? going to tell, as Gongadze was burying?! "Yes I you, reptiles, itself'm going to kill!" - freaked out Myroslava. "Please, try," said the most're a real smart from officers and held out it powered up a pistol. Myroslava shot, but, fortunately, missed my shot. Further - 's mute scene: Volodya and Myroslava are shaking on its , pale officers SBU quickly're getting away on a service outlet at these.
When Volodya Shushko mentioned us about this, from eye his poured out tears. Jewellery on torchavshey from land right-wing drawn, on his words of, would still not was.

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Dmitry" wrote:

SBU claims about times 40saboteurs in Odessa

Oftentimes the something enclosed on eyes this tsifir.
"Ali Sai Baba temple" continues to walk around on Odessa, and "40 barons" with buckets surrendering on the sly in okolotok :crazyfun:. Movies and Germans.

In Odessa pravoseki-Neo-Nazis ganged seized and deter more 40 man

author's only spetskora agencies Ivan Morgunova.
Under an attempt conduct share district Odesskaya Municipality against raising tariffs and policy Ukrainian power, militants from Right Bank sector (organization,, the banned in trades abroad REM. Red Soft, representatives local so-called -defense and Euromaidan was detained more 40 man, which Neo-Nazis had transferred subservient again junta pravookhranitelyam.
Svezennym in against Russian Odessa banderovtsam not appreciate, that local people decided show its position, openly vyskazavshis against the ruling on Ukraine regime.
Date the publication: 16 April 2008. 2015, 15 :0 4

By 35 prisoners Odessa detention centre, arrested people on charges of political crimes, last week added even about 40people.
About this timer became known from own sources. On their information, newcomers stationed separately from rest prisoners under heavy guards. Sources of add that in any time soon the number of contained under detained on charges, associated with political activities, can increase.

Zachistka (disambiguation) of Odessa: Lost consciousness after interrogation

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Raze not decent about it, - I feel warm and were popping out again maydanit?

mon Odessa: Supporters "Russian world" conducted rally
Odessa. Kulikovo field. 17 on May 2015. Militia not lampooned opening.

0.01(little man in glasses initially video reminds like would "mariupolskogo of a rebel's cause" :question:; ah and 2010th "old bitty-aktivizdka" on scans on references the bottom) -
Odessa. Kulikovo field. 17 on May 2015. Maydanovtsy staged a provocation



Ar like as 24 on May 2015. Are maydantsy their standard chastooshka: "Nezabudemneprostim. Smertvorogam. "But among them I observed uncle guy very like on" dobivalschika scored from windows burning DP separatists 2 on May Goncharevskogo ":

In Odessa has passed rally on Tartars they field-

Supervises entire this tsirkovschinu. Did raze impossible his intimidate the? With, apparently, if this he. Or he - this is an important and nepodsudnyy "fruit" in these filthy and false rumours "Quotes" maydantsev.

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and have us in Odessa today vehicle dented tramvaychik # 21
Rassosalos increasingly very suggested a.
No one from SMG infantry and crew vehicle not suffered.

And, cheers, passengers tram, too,

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AVB wrote:

and have us in Odessa today vehicle dented tramvaychik # 21
Rassosalos increasingly very suggested a.

But as power explain the emergence of vehicle on the streets, await attacks from Transnistria?



Dmitry" wrote:

A as power explain?

Think power nothing to explain and not will.
2 vehicle and a truck left minutes through 10-Ventotene.

Ah and about Transnistria, then increasingly can be, increasingly can happen.

Have us same here the Saab.



In Ukrainian. "Izbushniki" was Speeler with idle and khokhmyaschimsya "zhurnaglisto-svyaschenniko-for DNRguy" (seemed would under first retrospect this simply unbelievable volte face mixture of-heresy, which should not was like would through accommodation in one man; something on type "bulldog with a rhinoceros" :)).
Dmitri Piven (in Ukrainian. "Piven" - Rus. "Cock" (not was lucky :D :D)) journalist and a leading fuel dispensers "Glace", (yes and still here is so finding for in Ukrainian. Izbushnikov captured China "maskalskogoPatriarchate"), prefers entertainment with were prostitutes, taking Communion DNR-cake and estesno then hanged its when guests soba on ears.

Ah spharischen, made there to speak themselves all see and appreciate in video (itself very hilarious the situation Lies with an autobiographical confession or examination-questions from sbushnikov to side "a sanctimonious-zadnrovtsev" ,-eating cake; for both sides are crazy):

clerics are celebrating with cake tomorrow "DNR" and prostitutes. Odessa 27.05.2015



clerics are celebrating with cake tomorrow "DNR"

Collaborators Odessa SBU must be represented to public rewards
.. After all not every day gets the nip insult flag DNR
Precedent there is, need now court decision, to his consolidate.
In Criminal code should be strictly is regulated by use cakes.


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