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Crimea Russian? There is no already Ukrainian, Masha airport to

'm confused Masha. In district 8 :0 0-9 :0 0.
She not had believed that Russia raid on Georgia in 2008, but after as Russia raid on Ukraine, she believe.
In 2008 Masha repostila in FaceBook Prophet Saakashvili, and now explains, that was under impact propaganda. Ah of course, in is that on Georgia flew of "Grady" this not guilt Club for Micha's.
Masha axiom, fact that Crimea Russian, and now argues that he Ukrainian.

Here is what zhidomilashka) importantly smile and you forgive the.
Smiles many, so on "Kirovlesu" commanded only as knows.

Кстати о символах и знаках

airport to. Appointment in Odessa
Brother-2. Antiukrainskiy the film





They in Odessa, apparently, decided entire riff-raff muster. And this Masha recognized passionate from pride, what it now attention has been devoted. It would pantry escape somewhere on factory. Have learned its from any the closet. Circus. Apparently, is supposed to, that Russian the young, mindful, that've done its dad, must look on all of this and drug poor Chow matrix hatred.

"Want look and to hate" (C) Generation P



Putin in 22m year leaves. In Odessa, if will base NATO - a nuclear explosion.:



#p39296,Wxd wrote:

farewell to the Odessa

This Humor, what even Odessa



those Unknown attacked journalists in Odessa.

The Occurrence occurred near drafts “of the Seventh Canal ” on Staroportofrankovskoy the street.
From Bahamian weapons were injured three journalists: Correspondent and two operators. One of staff media still and thrashed, said in Summit Continuous Improvement Process station's. Affected was going. Have one the doctors have diagnosed fractures the walls the maxillary sinuses, have second — fractures nose and, proactively, a concussion brain, have journalist — bullet injured heads and backs.

Shelling of journalists in Odessa (Video) well attacks on staff station's in Odessa

Mrazokanal is beautiful is called)
2 minutes ago • 146 682 viewing

Not would shabby.There so, but not “of the Seventh Canal ”, and all central channels all countries



Saakashvili called staff SBU 169
World News

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D





Sukoshvili leaves impression mentally logogram. Nutogo, but, nevertheless, honest dude's.
Perhaps, in politics this the only option honesty.



Речь губернатора Михаила Саакашвили перед отставкой

кого-то Мразью назвал, возможно господина президента



#p83856,Dmitry" wrote:

кого-то Мразью назвал, возможно господина президента

Думаю, что Мишико мразями многих назвал в этом выступлении, но не в том значении, в котором на этом форуме интерпретируется. Вывалил все что знает по русски, без нецензурщины. Видимо реально припекло ему. Разрешение получил. Запасаемся попкорном.


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » Ukraine » Odessa