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Industry of the occult

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Again Katy Perry



Signs "gods"

"Звезды" оккультизма

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Diabetes will





Miley Cyrus



Kylie Jenner


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Travi$ Scott




Taylor Swift. we Bad Blood




the Prize Moose-TV 2015, Anna Lorak

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Many of us heard song groups Queen Bohemian Rhapsody. Many, including me, tried to understand its sense, as with the help imbitsilov from Comedy Club that sold themselves with giblets on holidays for green papers enemies Russia. In his parodiynoy interpretations this a glorious music art, so and with the help, so-called bosses Russian rock, in the form of slackers and beznadeg, representatives class rusofobov, such as Artemiy -Trinity. Which nor about music, nor about soloing no human views not has, and only tries to earn the same American greenery, and that most importantly, not allow until our people, real talented domestic musicians, as in spots the body and radio transmission, so and on the scene our vast the homeland.

And nevertheless, this fallacy of composition quite interesting. And despite its the complexity of the perception, as in musical, so, and not to mention the textual component of, which, on my view is the most important link in understanding of, why with the Freemasons and the illuminati constantly promotes this composition in all iiaeiio?ieuiuo them media on one of leading seats in history music.

Than same so lowlands this the? Group Queen on 1975 year was happily known, but still remained in the shadows world leaders rock. And need to say, that touring... about America, often stood on forced have such neprikhotlivykh teams as Mott the hoople, about which now even and not it will remember bearded Emplosia 're fond of music since the stagnation. When and Greenway May hooked up with hepatitis, during its tournee in New York, interestingly as like would a normal a married the guy, could of sexually hepatitis not stavshego in prison? Stanley Kubrick nampokazal as in his masterpiece - The closed eyes, Masonic last, binding part of of membership this society, incidentally, favorite sister Kate Middleton Madame Campbell has the most of expensive club for such a low-for elites. Although, as argue Taylor and Deacon, which in deep dependence from May's, he received hepatitis after vaccination. Such a Brad can be hear only from mayor, voter, that during the second World War Russians overran in Germany and Ukraine.

And Queen failed to to continue tour on on America in 1974, before Garanca Rhapsody, their switched, even more-minded team from local Kansas, which for entire its zamsheluyu history, has managed slap bang two cripples hits, and were a couple, very dull albums, which for additional paid, local American rock observers, semblance of our to Artemiy Troitsky, have enlisted in, let rock, although nor rock nor Art made there find cannot be, wasn, that pop songs average hands.

So our heroes earned on 200 sterling in week every, before Garanca Rhapsody. As suddenly, thunderbolt, have them is changing the manager, on more of expensive and powerful. Moreover, who put showing up for Elton John in Eltony Jonah's. To the time Elton was on peak of its careers, releasing with their the most cool eposy- claiming a a path, and, not for hitting I just pathetically pianist and so on. Then, where nevozmis, are money on record the most expensive songs in history rock music, for Queen law one of British super studios, and in their disposal the most famous zvukoinzhenery of the time from American by the recording companies Columbia, that in Los Alzhelese.



Musicians groups argue, that the idea songs entirely belongs Freddy, and they only were crowd,’s legal executives. As is claimed, Freddy knew for previously, as will sound each part of this masterpiece.

Most people agree, that Rhapsody this either several scattered, unfinished songs, associated in one thing whole, either saddest history Freddy, after, as he recognized its sexual affiliation, and attitude to such as he with hand of our society

Announcement, that Rhapsody this Brad manners on music we goes immediately,, grew the recognized classic, all, as official critics, so and millions sold copies of this neiaea. Version of about how, that this personal the very the Inquisition Mercury on Court a pious public, too, not enduring the critics. So as in nose there is no, even hint on sexual obertona. And moreover, musicians, even now, when storm physical beatings is raging on planet, and gays all countries not the that not hide their addictions, and contrary this is considered in modern society, those, than before was to commit the courageous feat in the name of their the homeland, favorite girls. But nevertheless, remaining musicians groups refuse to explain sense this songs. Otnekivayas language, that this the about the relationship, which were have Freddy with someone. But they not say with whom.

Let us try deal, about than same here on fact goes speech. Row for line, note for gained, and you will see, that in this nose there is no nor one excess words, in it all stems bloody threads.

One of the most important moments, about which need to remember throughout songs, that this mini-frail, not simple rock the. And in opera,, as known, different heroes, or groups combined a common idea, have their intonation, their spoken and musical tone and shades. If to think, that the entire fallacy of composition Bohemian Rhapsody diadem from one faces, then this amounts to, that to perceive opera Verdi Hade from starters and until the end of, with all her party songs are performed one man, for example Muslim al-Bahili Magomaevym. Effect perception, the most vistavi and the entire history should be lost. Have Queen not was opportunities hire many performers on every role, and their in the process songs many, so were used exerting votes three members groups, and so same, their same, but separately, to emphasize different characters art.

So, the group, votes a cappella: Is climate change policy the real life? Is climate change policy just fantasy?, voices quite impressive, in them there is rise and sadness, losing. This consciousness chief hero, denoting, the contestant situation in which he proved, either on their will either by deception, either accidentally. In these issues sounds some conflict hero with the new reality in which he proved. And this reality significantly alienated his from reality.

The next the premier the songs already themselves Freddy confirm: - Caught civil a landslide, No escape from reality. - the author realizes, then, that the new reality reckless--another mighty, she changes all, whom and than he was before, and, that most ghastly, ago roads there is no. The author not points and not denoting, that same this for reality.



For musicians, especially those who was winner for large scenes, and in the time, and now was only one the road - become within a jurisdiction which those classified movements, which controlled industry show business from centuries. After all, as we now know, show business, as and Hollywood are only instruments introduction of Satanizm and demoralizatsii society. Given those metamorphosis tends that occurred in the a short period of with team, windfall big money, windfall ties in the most senior layers by the recording industry, moreover Queen wash their hands video clip, that was innovation, and boost by the early such channels, as, MTV. Moreover, clip with this song showed on all top show transmissions Europe,, grew all television networks on the very moment already were podkontrolny Freemasons and their misters, daily. Can be with certainty say, that Freddy was introduced in one of such secret Masonic Haqiqah. But, as we knows Great Satan simply so not makes you rich and famous, for all need to pay, and Great Satan asks the most high price.

Here arises question, who dragged Freddy in sects leaders?

Forth chorus, sistine chapel, as and in really the early nose, consciousness hero continues to, as would posing hand aid: - Open your eyes, Look up to the skies ? ? and see, - if we open the eyes and consider on heaven then we will see the sun, all satanic sect, including of masons Illuminati, ancient Bretheren of the, like Templar, Knights of St. John have sun.



Precisely this solar symbolics we see on all “Polish this world, then, companies. Eye Egyptian God Horusa and there is this the sun.

Forth Hero of explains that he from themselves represents these the premier Freddy sings solo: I 'm just a poor boy, I need not sympathy,
Because I'm easy come, easy go, Little high, little low, Anyway the wind blows doesn't really matter to me, to me.

These strings, Freddy, as would gives understand its ambivalence, in life he one person on scene the other, for public have him one mask, for their personal life another. In principle, with first glance here no surprise. Each of us is leading a double life. On the morning little who of us raised gladly on work, we not want this to do, but do. At work us not like our bosses, colleagues, but we do kind of, on the mask, that all in customs clearance, and continue. Homes with close we so same on the another mask, and so on. In late all, have us it turns out a host baggage masks, and we themselves are starting be confused, where same on fact we real.

But recent statements show, that Freddy lost control of their trumps emotion, Cosmonaut him indefinitely that now will happen, someone the other took the reins over his soul of the body lives.

Need to say, that Freddy was dispatched their parents from Zanzibar, where he was born, in private school India. Freddy was very vulnerable and sensitive child, him was it is difficult adapt to society homes, on saying that would survive one in other country. Moreover he was from family Zoroastrian, physically and psychologically weak. So, he immediately came under attack with hand environment. But this was mildly irritating, the real the trouble came from those from whom he its less just expected. His same one of teachers, zatem violence lasted but already in group form, about this written in one of his biographies "LIVING ON THE EDGE: The Freddie Mercury STORY." After such psychological and physical injuries, not surprising, that have Freddy has come state of split his personality on components, these condition and used with the Freemasons, when he fell to them in sects leaders. His conducted through program Monarch, for converting people in psychologically of dependent slaves, through a permanent physical and psychological humiliation, vytravlivanie God from each little cells your souls and the bodies. Evidence this we we imagine on.



May with pendants. Pyramid, symbol of Freemasonry.

Forth the main hero is leading us path his path, explaining through that him had to pass, that would earn place among of Satanists

Mama, just killed a man,
Put a gun against his head,
Pulled my trigger, now he's dead. Naturally, hero no one, except themselves, present themselves, not killed. Moreover, which liked life, believed in God, and, wanted to give people the beauty and love through its art. With this need was end. Great Satan not undergoes a love and light. And most importantly, a Satan will use enlightened talent Freddy in their dark purposes, that would deceive people.

Mama, life had just begun,
But now I '’ gone and badly. said interiors all away. - of these lines for in sight, that hero realizes, that he pays the most major price for label Satanic abundance, that he lost most bright spot, that he had, and that ago roads already there is no.



Mama, ooh,
Didn't mean to make you cry,
If I'm not back again this time tomorrow,
Carry on, off on as if nothing really 8 chairs. - Freddy apologizes, for its deed, in his voice sounds tragedy, mourning, for what he not became those, whom could would be. Hero fully Takes entire blame on themselves, and calls for, those who his likes from last life continue to without him, as if nothing not happened.

Too late, my time has come,
Sent shivers down my spine,
Body's aching all the time.
Goodbye, everybody, I've got to go,
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth. - with Freddy tells us, that him yet to to go through, something very ghastly, very important, transformed to the, agony rebirth, washing brain drain, perhaps he already was part of this secret programs becoming a Masonic enslaved. In one of clips Queen this process in detail depicts, Calling all girls, can be of course say, that nourished German, clip there is clip ,-ailing fantasy its creators, but in clips Queen too many regularities, and all they are linked with masons illuminati, and program Monarch, for converting people in physically and psychologically of dependent sex slaves. Previously such video were very carefully neated and inserted in network broadcast times, on subject estimates reaction people. Usually had to not the most strong hits. But the most strong and popular singers are. Affiliation Queen to Freemasons can be traced with second album of, where on its cover Freddy right hand expressly gives typical Masonic a badge of Master (Mr.) Mason, and leftist shows who and there is his Mr., whose enslaved he is. About this on. The most the satanic album Queen - Miracle, not listen to his under any circumstances, this album Iranian themselves by a Satan, there full of the hidden messaging in bypassing your consciousness, comes straight in subconscious, changing his, izvraschaya reality, be enjoyed anytime and anywhere your subconscious destructive force of Satanizm.

All video Queen are filled with devilish-Masonic symbolics, the most bright It '’ s a hard life, Ray - dio Ga-Ga, Miracle, here even putting an untrained the viewer will become understandable about than goes speech, but most interesting this the, that by a Satan in these clips serves a wallflower and Greenway May. As it turned out precisely he and is the main Satanist groups.

Mama, ooh (anyway the wind blows),
I don't wanna die,
I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all. Freddy clearly gives understand, that he not wants to die, and will make all that would to remain in survivors, but prospect be part of devilish feng shui so scares hero, that he share with us cliche, - sometimes he spare efforts, that at all was born on light. And this find themselves his recent words before sudilischem, or initiation, or indoktrinatsiey in pop Satan's program Monarch, and turn his in Masonic slave, puppet to, weapons.



Transformed to the. Presented in the form of the opera. Satanic demons are beginning their spitefuI derision...: I see a little silhouetto of a man, - I see silhouette ROMAN, - for them Freddy already not man, and shadow human, silhouette, indeed do the, that from him remained, after washing brain drain. He worked. His more there is no, the Freddy, who was the document lives assassinated.

Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?
Thunderbolt and lightning,
Very, very frightening me.
(Galileo) Galileo.
(Galileo) Galileo,
Galileo Figaro

Forth with even more izdevatelskimi intonation chorus Masonic demons but the old hero: Scaramouche, Scaramouche, and ah pay do a little dance us Fandango
Most of us are familiar with creative writer Rfaelo Sabatini and his the Scaramouche, the hero which cowardly a small little man, which instead struggle for their dignity, preferred become skomorokhom and buffoon. Masonic demons require Freddy - under name clown Skaramusha dancing the fandango. Then, also continues, chorus demons but the old Freddy, that he are scared by thunderstorms and the lightning. As known in Masonic a Satan presented in the form of electric storm. The same Zeus gromoverzhets, another voploschene Satan and his throne in the Berlin museum.

Forth mild ” promised: Galilei, Figaro, Magnifico, -Galiley was accursed Catholic Church and sentenced to roll back in hell, as would giving understand, inevitable fate hero. Figaro and Magnifico introduced to mark the commitment Freddy to opera, and the, that on him will now be outsourced mission works listens, as in opera, about Figaro, when him need was fulfill an impossible. Demons not before consent hero, approvingly sing Magnifico, deal done, he our with giblets on holidays.

I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me.
He '’ s just a poor boy from a poor family-Hero of requests will have mercy on over him,

SPARE him his life from climate change policy Monstrosity (band). -There's enters chorus angels, which requests a Satan preserve hero life, or saved his life from devilish plans.

Easy come, easy go, will you let me go?
Bismillah! No, we will not let you go. (Let him go!)
Bismillah! We will not let you go. (Let him go!)
Bismillah! We will not let you go. (Let me go!)
Will not let you go. (Let me go!)
Never, never let you go
Never let me go, oh.
Not, not, not, not, not, not, not. -- Next, are asked free Freddy, and demons say that they his not would unleash.

Oh, mama mia, mama mia (Mama mia, let me go.)
Beelzebub (manga) has a devil rising stock market aside for me, for me, for me. - Freddy, understands, that he in big trouble, on at stake his soul, he requests saints forces help him, but chorus demons an fact, that Belzebub, Beelzebub, one of seven demons hell Management has reserved place for Freddy in turned, ago roads there is no.

So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?
So you think you can love me and leave me to die Flucht? -- Freddy after washing brain drain, his reincarnation of the ended, he altered man, he worked, his consciousness changed through regulation, his soul have sold emigrants cook, he exiled to a life in an infinite slavery Freemasons, and here is he, the entire force his of divine voices sings, and, it seems, this the most the main the premier which he us gives, giving understand, that he already quite the other people.



In the first overhead line he challenges the people, - So, you think, that you can was al me stones, and spit me in face? - indeed do he renounces people

In the second overhead line he challenges the God, and respectively renounces him, so as moreover requires a Satan, - So, you thinking, that can me love, and throw on worry to?

All, further roads there is no, the court completed, Freddy has passed all stage hell, he been disowned from God.

Oh, baby, can't do this to me, baby,
Just gotta get out, just gotta get right outta here.

(Oh, yeah, oh yeah)
In past of hero is experiencing state of emotional collapse, depletion

Nothing really matters,
Anyone can see,
Nothing really matters,
Nothing really matters to me.

Anyway the wind blows.

The is important Freemasons those, that she shows, that the devil stronger God, he won, God gave Freddy talent, but the devil used this talent in their purposes. All subsequent albums and songs Queen, promote delete user's account in masses. Personally I not am confident, that musicians groups Queen wrote this song, rather they were chosen for role performers,, grew Freddy was unique vocalist, able incarnate this idea. Current frenzied promotion this songs in every corner consciousness and subconscious people the reaffirming.

The that Queen were Masonic group further the New World Procedure now don't count on it who will challenge, enough recall their hits One Vision, Seven seas of Rhye.

Moreover, as us this showed Stanley Kubrick, Masonic obryadovost of weakening with orgy sequences, with small children an integral part of the these a low-. That is why

Us try to rolled out, that Freddy was a libertine, but all his partners as women so and men, say the opposite, he was province's monogamous. Moreover, then recognition, in which for day before his death he ostensibly recognized around the world in is, that has been infected with AIDS, he could not nor write, nor to dictate, nor approve,, grew was not in able, this was done with easy hands this is Bryan May's and producer depth. Freddy never was DRAMA. Despite the, that his had raped educators in school, even after such shocks, he found in itself forces continue to normal relations with Mary Austin. And if would except Brian May not introduced his to Freemasons, and program Monarch terminally not undermined his psyche, namely activated ’, rastroenie personality, Afghanistan’s particular brand those its parts of, which were previously deeply repressed.
Freddy would never have became DRAMA. In his link, he wrote, that Mary must was become his wife, if would not. He not quite finished writing that, but confessed that she was his the only love, so he it bequeathed to all its state of.



Who same was those man, which broken Freddy his life? Them was and Greenway May. Who was Mason and Satanist, May was jealous of Freddy, terrible, and tried to his destroy, he led his in Masonic Family provides, but not on rights equal, but on rights his slave. This phenomenon quite psychoanalysts in Masonic, in death Kurt Kobeyna guilty his wife, which forged a suicide note to, and drummer Grel, both these individual, for this murder of, received from of masons fatty careers in verifiable Freemasons show business. Michael Jackson was come in sacrifice Freemasons their brothers, searching Khyustom, Jimi Hendrix, Jenis Joplin, Aimee Uaynkhauz, list Endless. Such victims programs Monarch now virtually not deceased descend with screens, recall extreme psikhologicheskie powerful upswings as Britney Spears. Next Katie Perry, Beyonsi, family this Kardashian, the Shia La Boeuf, Miley Cyrus, British, Anna Nicole Smith list is infinite, all them be fate Freddy.

Program Monarch was created for what would take the contestant part of our spirituality, which helps us in the latest moment turn to God, to accept his your safe little aid. To have us this opportunities not was. That would we morph right in obedient slaves, quietly otrekayas from God, and accepting Satan in their souls and hearts. Human psyche ideal, by metodichnykh psychological and physical mutilation., raschlenyaetsya on many pieces, every of which captured to his Mr. Victims usually are used in military purposes, in showbiz, sex hobbyists. The beginnings of programs Monarch stood odioznyy Doctor Mengele, which just coolly got old in southern the Americas, and nor what fighters Mossad his enjoy any their steep going out not long confronted.

Sacramento this photo and Greenway May with clasp its Masonic lodges Grand Order of the Water Rats, on first album groups Freddy wrote song Grand King Rat-Great King Rat, in which these herald its fate, listen this song, in this compositions he clearly points to May's, as on his demon

Freddy, with words their close, acknowledged having, that not knows, as he received the virus AIDS, after all he not was razvratnym. In the last time, in Internet began to appear messages, in which is claimed, that he was deliberately has been infected with, sustainable grew, Freddy was prinecen in sacrifice, if so, the not it is difficult dogatatbsya whom.



Increasingly raze not can find far I here on Forum shoved this the film, ah yes okay, hold even times.




On topic kvinov-
Gave would simply exile to itself in an online journal.

Or so need to?


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