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our Ukraine with avtomatchikami had barricaded himself inside in office Ukrtransnafty
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our Ukraine in armored SMG infantry went to injured deal
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This that such?
. And, after same Europe. Understandable



Dmitry" wrote:

our Ukraine with avtomatchikami had barricaded himself inside in office Ukrtransnafty

Our Ukraine in armored SMG infantry went to injured deal

This that such?
. And, after same Europe. Understandable

All, norms, this he in another times peacefully rescued democratic European Ukraine from Russian saboteurs. In the center of Kyiv. :flag:

Igor our Ukraine pro capture Ukrtransnefti and deputee who has ever Leshenco (18 +)



More full version of



Run, Valtsman, Run

In Kiev the strengthened naryadi militias who patrol center cities together with National Guard. Militia (police) machines on every crossroads. Near horribles President are worth buses with parts glasses, stuffed with militseyskim effective in full delivery-. The Verkhovna Rada wasnt cordoned off residents and representatives terbatov Kyiv-1 and Kyiv-2. Periodically trek began dogs, friendly googly eyes on sides. Armoured KamAZy pritulilis near of the Mariinsky palace on. Coup? There is no.

Simply yesterday late on the evening in the capital sovereign, an independent Ukraine arrived governor not less, if not more sovereign Dnipropetrovsk area, patriot and zhidobanderovets Igor our Ukraine. Naturally, his sending of an could not to remain unnoticed. All the more that Benya, as always, gave vividly and words particularly not nobody chose. Igor facing had to personally handle all the, situation, that oligarch characterized in, but pithy: they Oh ate. In night with nineteenth on the twentieth March began long awaited, long predictable war oligarchs in Ukraine. This even not default, and fully-fledged a fox.

Is relevant in remind history conflict, which could destroy the remnants of statehood countries. 2 March 2014 decree Speaker and President Alexander Turchynov Benyu bill appointed an Governor Dnipropetrovsk area. Idea give power in regions oligarchs belongs Yuliya Tymoshenko. Its as times issued from prison, and she was in the time very active. Sergei Taruta received post head of Donetsk regional council, and all the rest oligarchs refused from proposed armchairs. In particular, Vadim Novinsky (Smart-groups ) refused from Crimea. I his understand. Alexander Yaroslavsky tactfully rejected proposal pogubernatorstvovat in independent area. The same made Constantine long saga, which offered Sums'ka area.

That became with Tarutoy, all known: Today he passel of in the Supreme the Rada, where his even for the oligarch not consider. So, the full a nuisance. And here is Benya our Ukraine At Chabysh 2005 rush,. He has just bought Right sector together with Dmitri roshem, with with giblets on holidays. In record-short term zaterroriziroval entire Dnipropetrovsk area, where against him no one even didn dare not speak. On the streets of the home town of Dnipropetrovsk bed very boeviki- pravoseki , preventively beating up all, whom deem cotton. Team bill formed a several punitive battalions, the most famous of them this Donbas Seeds Semenchenko. All provincial structures militia, the prosecutor, the regional governance SBU fully became under bill. Central media slightly whether not) wrote from fame only, describing, what Benya brilliant and patriot. Ah, need to same, announced Prize in ten thousands of dollars for every of slain Russian. Bravo, Benya! Wow you, called Vladimir Putins schizophrenic. Here is same is hot!! The official mouthpiece State Department panic room in Internet space Ukraine, publication Ukrainian truth on all but prevoznosilo merit the oligarch-any, which alone stopped Russian aggression, saved Dnipropetrovsk from occupation and personally finances dobrovolcheskie battalions. Yes still and too much fuel for Ukrainian tanks buys. And in UE on the time Gorokhovetsky observers-rassledovatelyami Mustafa Nye and Sergei Leshenco. But about them slightly later.

Among achievements Igor bill mass the burning of opening in House unions 2 on May. This precisely he proposed spikero-president Turchinovu to suppress in the bud revolt in Odessa. And his militants killed and had been burned in demonstrations people. Just only in exchange for control for" region. Governor area became man bill Igor Palitsa. Benya also wanted to put their people in Mykolayiv, Zaporozhye and Kherson areas, however president elected Valtsmana, which, together with group Firtash electoral gave understand by majestic, that more him nothing not shines. This was not announcement war, and just a mere prelude. On (TV channel) Inter , which belongs Levochkinu, was depicts krovi Chameleon , vystavlyayuschiy bill in extremely ac light of. Benya gave team wetting the Olega Lyashko, who was project electoral. Thanks to TV 1 + 1 , achieve by majestic, ratings radicals managed reduce on 5-8 percent.

After May's national presidential and last parliamentary election groups Valtsmana Firtash electoral and bill (m., Korban and March) froze in opposition to. In January 2015 became understandable, that the war is inevitable. Hand have accumulated forces and resources. More accurately, has accumulated Benya, which managed conduct for various party lists and on mazhoritarke order seventy deputies the Verkhovna Rada, and also terms of global their people on like would subordinate, but key positions in Kabmine. Moreover, him managed recruit premier Arseni mayor, which promised as least close its eyes on traditional schemes groups Privat.

15 January the Verkhovna Rada passed law, aimed at conclusion from-under control management bill state shareholder companies Ukrainian. In role major nyusmeykerov, information Sobotovich who the bill, issued already governments cited Mustafa Nye and Sergei Leshenco that sparked deputies on list bloc Peter injured. Ah and, of course same, Oleg Lyashko. Thanks to per common legal illiteracy developers bill lawyers bill managed easily to settle on there is no the entire effect from this law. It turned out, that his cannot be applied to companies Ukrainian. In the answer team bill starters offensive. First, zakoshmarili chief editor UE Allen Pritulu, publication which became information launchpad for houndin 'on empire Beni. Not know, that they have made with Alyona Vinnitskaya will take place, however she sharply has put the main sometime Ukransko truth any uzbechku Sevgil Musaevu-Boletus, and itself then departed in the US. Governance publication she transsexual distantly, good modern technology easily allow this do. Second, had transferred personal one Nayemu, Leshenco and Lyashko. If would they were partiessmart humans, the heeded would to recommendations. Third, militants Beni have become be preparing military coup on anniversary of Maidan. To in one fell swoop solve all problems. All the more that on role military junta there managed Kolomoyskim people dnepropetrovets, Secretary monograph Alexander the blame, the first Vice Speaker Andrei Parubiy, Minister Interior orientation Arsen Avakov (politician) and prime Arseny Special. The threat coup was so high, that many MPs simply left from the country, to ride out turbulent times farthest from epicenter events. Moreover, they removed their families.

However Washington not gave proceed on coup. Not know, what arguments were used to convince Benyu, however he decided reverse tactics. Ok, then I all buy , ostensibly said our Ukraine. And indeed, fourth March on meeting temporary a special Commission QE ,-led reiterated by Beni was, dnepropetrovskiy oligarch announced the early mass reprivatizatsii. His the idea is simple: Need to all steal bad oligarchs (Firtash, electoral, Grigorishina, Novinskogo, Pinchuk) and give good. Cash-patriot by majestic.

Judging by around the, Valtsmana and Firtash scared such setting issue. They for several months together with SBU have waged an intense work to discredit and neutralize militants bill from educated volunteers will give battalions. Them managed to cause a and neutralize battalion airport to , which currently is financed by not Benayes, and Igor Eremeevym mini-oligarch price from western Ukraine. Owner refinery Halychyna and networks leading VOG. In parliament he controls faction liquidated people. Member of this faction recently became commander Aidar River Sergei Melnichuk, which with scandal is gone from radicals Lyashko. Similar work has been conducted against Donbas Seeds Semenchenko and other battalions, which purported to make choice: Either leave the center in Apu, on thin the end of the in Natsgvardiyu, either land, will you for looting and work on FSB.

Valtsman after, as the war in DNR and of Lugansk People's Republic devolved in stage frozen conflict, decided to, that he has chance end with Kolomoyskim. First, States his supported. Second, need to demonstrate all, who in House is a master, and it is emblematic flogged bill. In a result was dealt double blow. 19 March Speaker Groysman literally held out through Radu a new redaktsiyu of law about public public societies, which allows theoretically shift the management bill from decision. Benya was ready to similar development events, because his lawyers have developed scheme bankruptcy decision with the help judicial procedures. Lawsuit on five billion UAH already asked for the in Gheorghievici rayonnu Court. However he not was ready to force grab brain office the other companies, formally state, but fully supervised Privatom. There is in mind Ukrtransnafta , which presided over man Beni Alexander Lazorko. Our Ukraine honestly overcame company in 2009 on arrangements with then premier Yulia Tymoshenko. And suddenly armed people higher in office Ukrtransnafty , new from cabinet Lazorko and having former esbeushnika Yuri Miroshnika, which now should guide company. Naturally, Benya not tempted and arrived personally handle all the, situation. Need to understand logic action this rights. He indeed believes Ukrtransnaftu its company and ??? actions stuck as hit-and-run. First Ukrainian , then Ukrtransnafta. This same basis fundamentals Beninoy the oil empire, sources of multi-billion-dollar profits. Our Ukraine threw Miroshnika, sent away Minister fuels Demchishina and together journalist Radio Liberty Andrushko. There is no sense refold throughout the video Benya advises Andrushko slowly and language in OK lished. Some why something think, that our Ukraine exploded, you were a dick. Guys, this his the usual style communication. He language; not conditionally, he on it talks.

And now begins most interesting. That will further? Not can predict all diverse set poses amazing, in which Benya starts have Valtsmana and his company, and also entire their information doing servants. Can only say, that this will be Polotsk, breath-taking and painful for. Benya By as businessman in nineties years past century. The meanness, country, cynicism and available text this his basic methods work. Him defied. He his adopted. The first, that he will make, any price deterred control of Ukrnaftoy and Ukrtransnaftoy. Any this means indeed any. If for this need to will publicly sexually abuse an on central Tiananmen Mustafa Nayema and Leshenco, then not will help nor territory sanctity, nor personal zastupnichestvo one jen Psaki. Our Ukraine) the next principle: If someone have him tries to pluck slice of, then need to it is emblematic to punish of a scoundrel, not regardless nor with whatever costs. Deal principle, because, feeling the take, his start to tear. Time retaliatory strike for him not matter. Modicum through two hours, modicum through year, modicum through fifteen years. Many conflicts with Kolomoyskim last decades.

Today Ukrainian policy and journalists actively are discussing one subject: Lay off injured bill with office Dnepropetrovsk governor or not? For Beni this office exactly nothing not means. He believes Dnipropetrovsk their city, and if there attend a new handpicked successor Valtsmana, then have him one fate. Extremely the future. Need to understand, what resources today have Beni. First, the real private army from security structures and educated volunteers will give battalions , fully key wordshere, armed and stretching until 15 100,000 people. Two thousands of, about which he spoke, this is so, advanced the team. Second, Privat-Bank is stranoobrazuyuschim financial institution committed. This the largest the private Bank in Ukraine with tens of million depositors. If our Ukraine wants, then banking system in Ukraine not will. Third, remember retrofit a gasoline crisis 2008? This was Hi Beni bill. Country can to remain without fuels in matter of clock. Fourth, a powerful media-resource. And, finally, fifth money. During crisis situations Benya never scrimp, easily perekupaya lawyers, judges and prosecutors. Think, have Valtsmana there is no chance. Theoretically possible the global. But only in is case, if by majestic would give opportunity take From assets have Grigorishina, Firtash, Novinskogo, in short have all, on whom he will tell. In as a moral compensation. If not, the have injured will have discovered the second Front. And all chances defeat there is have Beni. Even if our Ukraine will be forced leave from the country, this nothing not means.

Much detail: … z3UxNap7D7



the Peter injured zustrvsya c straykaryami took Zod solemn events "Borispl"


ca?ac finansuetsya viyna. And the


ia?ou total bewarerocleaner is destined it

Yanukovych stebali "improve the", and this soon will "bewarerocleaner is destined it."
And who against, then moreover:

shvydko pryberut

:canthearyou: :confused:

Have us on venture already in full least prochustvovali "bewarerocleaner is destined it", yes and me soon not great blowjob Cup this would mean. Yes and hoo with him.

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For completeness paintings, here is found -

Nyedemanded reaction on words bill from representatives power-

It's journalism of all the Ukraine negodue, after all poprano and been trampled on most sacred: … 01365.html

"It took polsutok and there is no reaction nor from President, nor from premier, nor from Speaker. I very hope, that will sootvestvuyuschaya reactionand will investigationparliament on this about ", said he.
According to Nayema, if not will given sootvestvuyuschey reaction on actions bill, "you never chase have rights to talk about Revolution whom."

Nardepy Kononenko and Leshenco commented on the nighttime the emergence of bill in Ukrtransnafte -


- Seryozha, tell me, you when here is the commercial seen the, the impression have you what were? :canthearyou:
- Yes, panic, me seems.

:cool: :crazyfun:
And, with it's a deal,, "panic on a ship" with hand Kalamotskava here is these explains:

law "Cyber public societies"; ah and vast: Rada has limited influence bill on Ukrnaftu-!t=5569582

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Jews agreed to

injured announced by majestic reprimand

Valtsman would fuck this shit up on increasingly country
Gut. And anything! - Tej not , and otherwise Benya a hit man taking, him nothing this not worth :huh:
People even times explained, that it a herd and his not ask.

Interestingly, but as reacts State Department the US, for something that glavzhidobandera a swipe on their fence free journalist?

Reaction ambassador the US:

Wu me was opportunity to talk to the with Kolomoyskim today, and he stressed its commitment toterritorial integrity and unity Ukraine , - said Payette (disambiguation).
Everyone we, public people in policy, must behave politely with representatives media , - said Payette (disambiguation).
Under this he called bill large the protector principles freedom words in Ukraine.

American standards, such double



Dmitry" wrote:

Jews agreed to

Empire upsets counterattacking became blow:

Governor Dnipropetrovsk area Igor our Ukraine almost instantaneously reacted on Decree Peter injured about his punishing. About this twenty-first March report Ukrainian media.

As became known, our Ukraine blocked accounts all enterprises businessman injured. He noted, that this simply technical hiccup.

have said: So, the war?



Reaction on "reprimand" :huh:
our Ukraine barricades herself in Ukrnafte

Logon in Central office decision have blocked out on the evening in Sunday avtomatchiki from battalion Dnepr river-1 , declared MP the Supreme are happy Sergei Leshenco. Company controlled by group Privat , associated with Governor Dnipropetrovsk area Igor Kolomoyskim, which critics reproach in prognoses of the own interests in the damage public. In Thursday post chief Ukrtransnafty lost man bill Alexander Lazorko. Oligarch promised do everything possible to not allow transition companies under control those, whom he called Russians commandos. Observers, however, note, that the main line conflict past days is standoff President Ukraine Peter injured and bill.
They not uzbakoyatsa



One of the few politicians in an information field Ukraine, who "Self with leverage" all



Our Ukraine -vs- injured
Someone of them finances the Kremlin 8-)
Benya said, that Russians saboteurs sent before him have seized "Ukrtransnafta", means the Kremlin supports injured. 8-)
Yes, so and there is. Injured - project Putins
Injured appointed bill, as increasingly messed up

To shoot will not will, need to rates to do





"The Comedians" in roles. As in nose have them there: "'s having fun soul and's on a rampage." :)

Debate between bill and Nayema: On you came watch, and you journalist or MP??



Dmitry" wrote:

to shoot will not will, need to rates to do

Already are shooting.

In particular, 22 March on or transit stations under Volnovakha military personnel Apu stopped three ? with illicit few commodities. On for backup to drivers vehicle on kamuflirovannoy machine profits fighters battalion Dnepr river-1 , upon appeals Dnipropetrovsk area Igor by majestic. To or transit stations also arrived prosecutor and staffer SBU.

Between who gathered began naval skirmish broke out, in a result which one of natsgvardeytsev he shot up captain retire security Ukraine Viktor Manzika. Lawman died on road in hospital. In a result were detained 11 man, which have withdrawn nine playing, gun, six grenade launchers and that, write Ukrainian media.



President Ukraine Peter injured assigned pravookhranitelyam disarm all faces, constituents in building decision , told on briefing the head of the retire security Ukraine designer Valentin Nalivaychenko

"We affirm illegal activities groups faces, in including with weapons, that WTA and MVD, and journalists, we affirm, that activities so-called structures" young, "which named, in including" Croc "- this those enterprises, which created in Dnepropetrovsk. We affirm, that no legitimate reason for activities this structures in Ukraine there is no, "said he on briefing in Monday, in Kyiv.

"And in any time soon - there is already clear instructions and President, and, I so understand, master prosecutor will control, to, first, every man, who was involved to welcomes in" Ukrnafte ", should be it is disarmed, if and were resolution - they should be abolished", - stressed the head of the SBU.

Interfax. YuA



Lozhkiny and Ploshkiny, and Kolomyskogo resign

injured appointed. O. Head of area Valentin Reznitsenko, which literally a month ago received post governor another region Zaporozhye area. Appointment then passed with formulation man, which not let President and not let Zaporozhye. Reznitsenko is considered protege of oligarch Boris Lozhkina, incumbent head of administration injured. In its time Reznitsenko chaired Ukranskiy media-holding , when the belonged ever Lozhkinu.

the Clash, unfolding crisis between Kolomoyskim and injured, becomes harsher and harsher, obviously, that now they will not so much to negotiate, how many go until the end of , - declared newspaper jewels political scientist, director of Center for ukrainistiki and belorusistiki MSU Bogdan Bezpalko.

Belorusistik and ukainisistik Bezpalko



At night, injured sackedbill with office chairman Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration

Otstavkabill with office governor: The first comments … ntarii.htm

Anatoly Hrytsenko, leader Civil positions, former Minister Defense
President now received chanceof different point on super task - conduct deoligarkhizatsiyu state. Not simply bill put on place, to settle with him political and business scores. Implement a genuine systemic deoligarkhizatsiyu! Which would not ended on Kolomoyskom, Akhmetove or Firtashe
All oligarchs put in framework transparent competitive entrepreneurship. Without any monopolizma. Without exclusive access to budget. Without vulnerable under the oligarch-favorite conditions and schemes privatization. With Arbeitslosengeld II for stolen, winning electoral majorities on an and implicit from taxation. With cut, politically-media tails. Without personal government, Action and a process server "rooftops."
This need to do in the interest Ukraine, because the current oligarkhat deprivescountry future, Europeanand at all any. To this process not ended trivial redistribution of assets and interventions, to president deeds before,deoligarkhizatsiyu President should start with injured. Own example, on the principle of: Do, as I! Then president believed. Only then.

Slava!, thank!, thank! :question:




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gav wrote:

Operative concocted a.

Have you not shows
oligarch. The film-investigation Arcadia Mamontov help

Such a large the film and nor one words: Jew, Jewish Congress, rabbis, the Jewish community, Menorah, lasting gratitude rabbis Ben, synagogues, and anything.)



gav wrote:

Operative concocted a.

All goes on plan. Material was ready in advance. Someone clearly was aware of is, that will happen and waited proceed.


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