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Appointment a new head of Odesskaya Regional State Administration (if he there something decides) - Saakashvili / human injured /, instead Igor weapon called a morning star / human bill /, perhaps wrinkle. Struggle continues.





February 2015.
Articles have walked in durnete with so bones of - our Ukraine is building subway in Moscow

Despite on numerous slogans about "importozameschenii", Ukrainian oligarchs perfectly feel in the construction industry Moscow, especially - on construction metro, equipment and materials for whom purchased on enterprises Dnipropetrovsk area. In these edges oligarch Igor our Ukraine I've tidied to batty virtually the entire regional industrial potential. Interestingly, who nobody chose Like contractors?

According to both cases separatism , all work nearby from (PSDS district Peredelkino Ukraine, near near the former villages Rasskazovka is leading Ukrainian firm IBT. Commissioned Moscow authorities in this district builds a new the station metro.

it still remains the main supplier tyubingovykh rings for metro.
As told winter chief specialist Dneprotyazhmasha Igor Vasilev, now venture works on full capacity.

More - kompromat1or maxpark



-Prevratili interrogation t farce (duo them. Chekhov)



#p45667,Dmitry" wrote:

-Prevratili interrogation t farce (duo them. Chekhov)

About, may block his already) and laughs, in Pink and as; not the that here:

Korban became poorly in a courtroom



We talked about Ukraine, about its (Tymoshenko REM. exceptional beauty. Ru ) ambitions) I could not support its, because she, pleads for mercy.
. , noted our Ukraine


our Ukraine threatened Saakashvili: 'm going to break face and d to beat, as dog

Something increasingly reads a and reads a guglinovosti go

How told in interview Politico himself our Ukraine, in 2011 he together with former President Georgia traveling together on yacht. "He there was together with minister economy with large tits - his mistress", - says businessman. Our Ukraine also told, that sponsored campaign Saakashvili in Georgia.



This the commercial here there are already, but - charmer this guy, unambiguously.)


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » Ukraine » Kolomoysha