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Disaster A320, D-AIPX in France

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KIEVSKII airliner A-320 crashed near cities arrondissement of Barcelonnette in Baranya Alps the Top Provence. French power consider, that chance on the, that someone from request on board for survived, virtually there is no.
Civilian airliner A-320 failed in Tuesday ruin on south France; on a data, all 150 man, savagely in jet, died. Russian diplomats until not possess data, were whether on board Russians.
Its air vessel possessed a companies Germanwings and go from Barcelona in Duesseldorf. According to French media, on board were 142 passenger and eight members crew. As reports news channel broadcast N24 with refers on security forces France, these flight flew mostly citizens Germany.
Over the wreckage for already discovered near cities arrondissement of Barcelonnette in Baranya Alps the Top Provence.

Waiting for details.

Tags: Germanwings Flight 9525, Airbus A320-200 crash, 4U 9525, GWI18G, Airbus A320-211, A320, D-AIPX, It was a disaster A320 under fascinating Tinker Bell-unt-Ben, fascinating Tinker Bell-unt-Ben, arrondissement of Barcelonnette

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We wait for details.

Even nor no material there is no, and you already set on this labeled Fake plane and others. Flown incidents



lublupivo wrote:

location nor no material there is no, and you already set on this labeled Fake plane and others. Flown incidents

And real flown incidents in including. The partition aviation.
Here is and consider differences a real catastrophe from sham

an Airplane Airbus A320 drama signal disaster with Heights 1.5 thousand Flushed

Already unusually :huh: grabovskie and other Asian, no signals not serving



lublupivo wrote:

location nor no material there is no, and you already set on this labeled Fake plane and others. Flown incidents

Label about attainment there is no. There is fact incident.
Exactly so, as 4 February in Taipei not was understanding of about falseness of / truth catastrophe, and fact already in this topic featured.

lublupivo wrote:

4 February 2015. The crash occurred in the capital Taiwan Tapei. Plane TransAsia fell in the river.



Some material there are already:

- Reuss 4U9525 should was fly in 9 :3 5 on local time (11 :3 5 minutes Moscow Time), however began flight only in 10: 01 (12 :0 1 minutes Moscow Time).
Reasons delays not improves.
- These with plane, which crashed on south France stopped do for 25 thousands of feet until land(7 620 flushed)

first index:

14 :5 3 ICCService security flights osuschestvlennoe: 154human died in PE with A320
15 :4 4 ICCGermanwings: On board A320 was 144passenger and 6members crew (760.46 150)
The third information about numbers people on board, taken with site RIA-news - At board for, followed from Barcelona in Duesseldorf, were 142passenger and 8members crew ( … z3VJN9mSyE)
Information about transfer of signal disaster for 1.5 kilometers until land not star is with "data stopped do for 25 thousands of feet until land"

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In the mountains Provansalya fell I so understood
Think song Firs, necessarily think
Write landscape about Barcelonnette

Company Lufthansa, which belongs loukoster Germanwings, until not commands information about the causes accident, but seeks to acquiring the any data about Kerry, states in statement chairman Council directors, CEO companies Karsten's Spohr, appeal posted on page Lufthansa in "Facebook."

The airline until not in rate that happened

Wu companies Germanwings until today days were impeccable performance security flights. For all time its existence not was marked by nor one emergency reports.

And shootings with videoregistratorov there is no even



Emptiness (Buddhism)
Yes figs with him with labelled. :hobo:
But my blogs initially was in the other topic.

Yes nor the images, nor of cartoons until even there is no. On European news channels alone maps are currently running.
There is only derzhitsya arrival solving:

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Is beginning to information on the sly "do" with our with matrix hand:

At the crashed jet A-320 could fly chief editor of Echo Moscow Alexey Venediktov.

Was option, that I today should was fly Germanwings in Duesseldorf. But-yes , wrote Venediktov.

But I preferred Turkish airlines in Cologne , added he. … ktov-25164

Echo Moscow ?

17 :5 5, 19 March 2015
Venediktov told about resignation he Echo Moscow.
Feeling themselves clown in circus. Again change gendira, wrote Venediktov, I voted against Layoff Fedutinova, I voted against Layoff Pavlova, I'm voting against Layoff Demina , notes Venediktov.

Apaga Technologies TASS 'went down really well. Recognized on zagotovlennyy in advance material it seems, in sight learn and look down saytiki ;)

The Wreck of Airbus A-320 in France. The narrative events. 24 March, 13 :5 0 date renewal: 24 March, 17 :0 0msk (UTC + 3)

24 March jet A320 airlines Germanwings, ship route Barcelona-Duesseldorf, crashed in French Alps. In the latest data, on board were 150 rights.

16 :5 7 minutes Moscow Time crew that crashed on south France passenger for A320 not kept sending signal about aid directly before the collapse of, reported The main thing governance civil aviation countries.

16 :4 5 minutes Moscow Time Karkas that crashed in France A-320 discovered in the mountains on perform well estimated 2,700 meters.

16 :3 6 minutes Moscow Time Chancellor osuschestvlennoe Angela Merkel will go in environment in France in ties with catastrophe German air liner. About this she reported on press conference in Berlin.

16 :3 0 minutes Moscow Time Among the passengers for A-320, victim catastrophe in France, were Turks, living in Germany. About this today told channel broadcast TRT.

16 :2 9 minutes Moscow Time Spetssluzhby osuschestvlennoe not view version of terrorist on board A320, that crashed in France.

16 :2 1 minutes Moscow Time President Russia Vladimir Putin expressed condolences Chancellor osuschestvlennoe Angela Merkel and the king Spain Philippe VI in ties with certain doom passengers and members crew plane making Germany's airlines. The head of the the Russian state conveyed words responsiveness and support spoken native and close dead, reports press service Kremlin.

16 :1 9 minutes Moscow Time Psikhologi have aid spoken native victims plane in airport Dusseldorf.

16 :0 8 minutes Moscow Time, Chapter Germanwings expressed condolences spoken native victims plane in France. "Our thoughts and prayer with all close and friends passengers and members crew", - declared Oliver Wagner. He promised, that his company will make all possible for investigations causes tragedy.

16 :0 2 minutes Moscow Time We are german airlines continue to flights with the Hurtigruten A-320 after catastrophe plane Germanwings in France, reported agency Democratic party of albanians.

15 :5 5 minutes Moscow Time At board that crashed A-320 were passengers from Spain, Germany and Turkey, said Spanish King Filip VI. Reawakening about the disaster out literally for half an hour of exercise until arrival Spanish monarch with wife founded in residence Francois Hollandes.

15 :5 4 minutes Moscow Time In airport Barcelona have aid relatives passengers that crashed in France A-320. Currently they began to flows in in airport Pratt, where police suits their in spied a expectations.

15 :5 3 minutes Moscow Time Ministry of Emergency Situations trades abroad pushed the France proposal about aid in search operations on place collapse A-320.

15 :4 2 minutes Moscow Time King Spain Filip VI interrupted visit in France from-for catastrophe air liner. Meanwhile Prime Minister Spain Mariano Mariano Rajoy Brey declared, that he abolished scheduled on today arrangements and had convened rape-crisis Headquarters on finding causes catastrophe.

15 :3 8 minutes Moscow Time, Chapter mintransa osuschestvlennoe Alexander Graham Dobrindt is sent on place plane in France.

15 :3 1 minutes Moscow Time Hopeful, find survivors among passengers and members crew that crashed A-320 not remained. With so statement gave Secretary of State France on Affairs transport Alan Vidalis. "Meteousloviya not were especially bad, - noted Alan Vidalis. - As there is no more detailed information about really jet, this Airbus A-320, not too the old."

15 :2 9 minutes Moscow Time At board that crashed A320 was 150 man, told the in Germanwings.

15 :2 2 minutes Moscow Time Chancellor osuschestvlennoe Angela Merkel overturned all scheduled on 24 March arrangements in ties with catastrophe plane Germanwings in France, told channel broadcast unwillingness.

15 :2 0 minutes Moscow Time Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia is prepared exert aid France in search operations on place collapse evil A-320. "In willingness reapportioning jet with lifeguards party" Tsentrospas "and Center for on conduct works special risk" Leader ", - commemorated in press service ministries.

In Ministry of Emergency Situations specified, that in France are ready for Ban to go 50 solving international class, akess in including alpinistskuyu training, with high-equipment.

15 :1 4 minutes Moscow Time Airport Dusseldorf not has list of passengers that crashed plane.

15 :0 9 minutes Moscow Time French managers refused from strikes from-for catastrophe A320 in Provence.

15 :0 8 minutes Moscow Time Guidelines Governing made Lufthansa until not commands information about the causes collapse for A-320 its subsidiary enterprises - airlines Germanwings - in France. "We until accurately not know about how, that happened with flight 4U 9525", - wrote Chairman rule Lufthansa Carsten Shpor in Twitter. "If our fears petition proves to be true, then todays day will black day for Lufthansa. We hope find survivors ", - noted he.

15 :0 7 minutes Moscow Time Among the passengers that crashed on south France plane could be 45 Spanish. This information confirmed Vice prime Spain Thoraya Saenz de Santamaria. In the list passengers air liner A-320 Smith "45 Spanish surnames", quotes its agency EFE.

The number of Spaniards, rode down on airliner,,. Germanwings serves flights in 9 cities Spain. In frequency flights kingdom ranks third after Germany and Italy among routes this fiscal airlines.

15 :0 4 minutes Moscow Time Aviatsionnye power osuschestvlennoe told the about 154 victims catastrophe A320 in France. "We believe, that on board was 154 human, of which 6 members crew," said representative Bibliothek security services flights.

15 :0 3 minutes Moscow Time foreign ministry osuschestvlennoe organized rape-crisis Headquarters on electronics information about poterpevshem catastrophe jet airlines Germanwings. "Our thoughts now with those who thinks about their close, entering among victims", - stipulated the in Summit words Minister Foreign osuschestvlennoe Frank Act-Mr. Walther yet... celebrating the. Previously President France Francois Hollande declared, that on board plane was many citizens Germany.

14 :5 3 minutes Moscow Time President France Francois Hollande informed about plane crash King Spain actions VI and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

14 :4 9 minutes Moscow Time General US consulate Russia in Barcelona has been exploring, were whether citizens trades abroad among passengers plane A320. Previously Russian Genkonsulstvo in Bonn also reported, that until not commands addessed about strike Russian citizens on board that crashed for. "Have us until there is no information on citizens Russia. We verify specific findings, "said representative Aleh Slyapenka.

14 :4 2 minutes Moscow Time Airline Germanwings not owns reliable information about the disaster plane in France. In companies told the, that know about consternation media, but are not prepared confirm this information.

14 :2 0 minutes Moscow Time Airbus began own investigation collapse plane A320. In headquarters producer in Toulouse created rape-crisis Headquarters on electronics all data about poterpevshem catastrophe vessel.

The accident occurred in district extremely trudnodostupnogo of mountain array of Trois-Evevshe in the Alps the Top Provence near of Arche fascinating Tinker Bell-unt-Ben. And reportedly on this moment according, in 10 :3 9 (12 :3 9 minutes Moscow Time) jet has vanished with screens radar, and later several minutes - in 10 :4 7 (12 :4 7 minutes Moscow Time) with his aboard was sent signal SOS. More on the link with aviation dispatchers crew plane not went.

14 :1 5 minutes Moscow Time the Commission expressed its intention condolences close victims plane in France. "We received information about plane crash. Our thoughts - with family and close all dead ", - pointed out the European Commissioner on issues transport Violette Bults.

14 :1 0 minutes Moscow Time German service security flights confirmed, that crash-lands jet belonged ever Germanwings. In the most airlines told the, that know about consternation media about the crash for. Representative Germanwings noted, that company until not is ready confirm this information.

14 :0 8 minutes Moscow Time Everyone 142 passenger that crashed in French Alps A320 likely died, declared President France Francois Hollande.

Head of government Manuel Wals stressed, that "until still sooner to speak, that caused a catastrophe." Waltz also promised, that will be done all necessary for assist relatives request on board people.
Moreover, he told, that on place collapse urgently flew the head of the MVD France Bernard Kaznev.

13 :5 4 minutes Moscow Time Government France froze ruin plane A320.

13 :5 3 minutes Moscow Time The debris has plane A320, that crashed in France, discovered have cities Barselonett, reported agency France Presse.

13 :4 9 minutes Moscow Time Skyfall the available data, jet belonged ever German loukosteru Germanwings, which is daughter enterprise companies Lufthansa, and was following flight 9525 from international airport Barcelona - El Pratt in airport Dusseldorf.

13 :4 2 minutes Moscow Time Skyfall data Canal i Tele, on board plane could be 142 passenger and 6 members crew.

13 :3 8 minutes Moscow Time crash-lands in French Baranya Alps the Top Provence jet flew flight Barcelona - Duesseldorf.

13 :3 4 minutes Moscow Time At south France crashed jet A320, told channel broadcast "Europe 1."

to be continued...

I got always this was that NEVER! Not can say precise the number of passengers! That, people coming as a stowaway flies or instead computers are worth arifmometry?:canthearyou:

Yahooor TASS, with whose applying such I started hooking up:
Accident of Airbus in French Alps: Newsweek
As will tell A city type: "Durnina popret" :flag:

Such khronologiy like before not was :dontknow:
The Telegraph
RTon more modest

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SOS was or being asked?
Wikipedia gives exile on BBCcom
But here like nothing not is written about prevent SOS

crew not sent signal about aid. This have made managers, which decided, that with-plane-happened extreme event, because they could not contact with his crew , leads agency France Press words representative departments.



Appeared photo relatives
Took here the details catastrophe



That have them for trails such, bluntly them not letitsya
Type on preemption of rotation of land that whether?

Here is roughly here, only like camera not in the contestant side looks. On North camera looks (on Google looked), and need to on South-the West from Barcelonnette look, somewhere there Smokey fast approaching for forests should be.
Darkness-Tarakan any have them there

Wikipedia hits a (where she their took?)
44 14′ 2.5″ N, 6 24′ 23.7″ E
Or 44.234028, 6.406583
There in 3-4 kilometers on mountains there is villages. Hacked the-From-Bleone, Beaujeu.
Nor Internet nor cameras have village there is no no one perhaps. Truth powerful upswings as heights on 500 meters, this many of course. :( strongly quickly not polazish.

Most immediate the top photo from this seats: … 827533.jpg
This somewhere here Dave Gahan starred in music video Enjoy the Silence 25 years ago

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TAC "land, like as, not declaring the, can with this stems.



Dmitry" wrote:

What have them for trails such, bluntly them not letitsyatipa on preemption of rotation of land that whether?

M. It comes., increasingly deal in money? How understand, for line over territory pay, on nacherchennomu you route, flight anodyne would on most territory France, moreover, over part of Spain and Luxembourg. Perhaps, that "curve" route cheaper.



Being published the first photo the wreckage of the plane Airbus A320, that crashed in the Alps

The original of the news RT on Russian:
Largest operation in district collapse Airbus A320 direct live broadcast

The original of the news RT on Russian:

P.S. - truth on video direct and for months the writing - technical problems. Who ??? - download, then get to grips with
On place collapse plane on south France, perhaps, discovered transplantation

The original of the news RT on Russian:

And this at all on miracle my, what a pretty driving (if indeed data petition proves to be true)

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Nothing you have not will

The size of the the most a major sliver of that crashed plane A320 not exceeds 1 sq Dam

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Dmitry" wrote:

What have them for trails such, bluntly them not letitsya
Type on preemption of rotation of land that whether?

Can, so?

Amusing astronomy, ya Perlman, a foreign pupil

drawing naive schoolchild, of course, anekdotichen, but wasn not smiled at would you, if would you said, that outlined by the dashed arc rises on rice. 1 the most a short path from cape good Hope until southern extremity Australia!

Still short of astonishing the next assertion: Represented on rice. 2 kruzhnyy path from Japan to electric channel in short direct lines, undertaken between them on the same map!



Emerge photo with French hand: … -le-dl.jpg … -el-dl.jpg … -crash.jpg
Of course nor no EXIF there there is no.

The first photo very it seems on here is this video:

Helicopters simply fly over polyankoy before people on perform well 5m, but as it's catchy called "FRANCE AIRBUS CRASH.: Ein- searching": How always the quality of simply 4k.
Waiting for new video and photo.



sunnyfox wrote:

Perhaps, so?

Not confuse distances, until Dusseldorf tea not-third planet fly, so that and on direct route can be



fire wrote:

know, there's always photo with French hand: -le-dl.jpg -el-dl.jpg -crash.jpg
Of course nor no EXIF there there is no.

No A-320 on photo, too, there is no. There is the fire, the torch hooligans.
They us braved do quality photo with normal a small distances?
Increasingly. Casket was closed shut. Disaster a fake, people abducted, plane faked as India. … -le-dl.jpg

This not photo, and compressed on vertically skinshot stop sign there with videoizdevatelstva.



Here is even video
Afflicts the squalor and, the futility - this borrowed rather.
And if closely? - there is no there nothing, not prepared, sack something nothing to acquire

From one material nastrigli several video, several ostensibly photo, and hand out information agencies as something different. Why they this make? Because this a fake the crash ,-not has coped with inspection process was failing, place not yet prepared as should, sack until nothing to acquire.

At helicopter not will total problems fly straight close and photograph over the wreckage with Heights in 8-10 meters.
Why this being asked done?
- because this most possibly false.

Seen by uses the same material (initially), but magnifying when not yet were being wafted.
(Not can already find, this same the fragment slightly longer than the with red arrows, which saw five hours ago)


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