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WNYW - the NY subsidiary FOX5, which in turn is sister FOX.
All three cameramen waged their "unique direct and for months."
In this topic let us to compare WNYW and FOX5, not while broadcast FOX



WNYW 9/11 8 :4 8 - 8 :5 7
FOX5 9/11 8 :5 2 - 9 :0 1

Stop sign frame 1
Stop sign frame 2
Stop sign frame 3

In two the Internet there is moments, when is faring voting voice accompaniment under different things videoryade, and measured aeaai?ya under different things raven armored. They increasingly been a mix-up.

4 :1 0
Fits 9 :2 4 under this and breath and video coincide fully

:D The sight have WNYW and have FOX5 - letter, but differs my most painted + color-inverted less-more on width.
WNYW beginning broadcast as would type with their leading and its unique picture, but then, under unique the picture, fully have left voice accompaniment from FOX5.

Playlist WNYW … 9BAED237CA
Playlist FOX5 … 41A730C973



High-profile on the door frame WNYW

WNYW 9/11 9 :0 7 - 9 :1 8
FOX5 9/11 9 :0 2 - 9 :1 2

In spots FOX5, already through minute after "strike second plane" (second large factor), ringing Dick Oliver (Dick Oliver), the very, which was photographing in focus explosion the Boston marathon. Goes in spots in 9 :0 3 on New York intellectual, that fits 1 :5 4 on video:
Dick Oliver, indicates, that saw airplanes and pushes speech for animal side stocks Islamic terrorists. Through several minutes after as he contacted with studio (himself not in rate what precisely) occurred casus:

Now exactly about place WNYW.We're watching it:
Time - 1 :2 1 WNYW
Time - 6 :3 5 FOX
Their shopping on sound: TV loudly utters "Tyuu Plains", under this video have channels different, and voice accompaniment identical.
Channel broadcast WNYW shows on his screen as much as two of strangers logo FOX5. This itself already a joint, because Belsoyuzdruk not can field immediately two logo. But most interesting, that in this same time, itself Belsoyuzdruk FOX5 had on the screen the logo its cameramen, of a very different forms and sizes + utterly different picture.:D

Tsentrtsekh have distributed pictures of the different telekompaniyam, but to double-check on synching not one bothered, because span work simply a giant, and personnel lacks. These numerous shoals have written the key secrets installation. Increasingly in sight, this was no not direct live broadcast, and record computer Forensics-fotoshopnoy work.

Of course, telezritel not drew attention on these asymmetries, have him't sp and technical opportunities their re-check. But now something, now, did cannot be open immediately two windows browser and watch two video with synchronization? Can be and very even simply, however people otupeli and increasingly would still will not be able understand, that saw and that this means. Most importantly, that people not can do the right conclusions, i.e., on the basis of 9 / 11, to see all subsequent installation Mrazotsekha.


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » "Direct and for months" » WNYW and FOX5