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WNBC 9/11 9 :0 0 - 9 :1 0
MSNBC f September 11

The synchronization video in two windows browser:
WNBC time 0 :0 0
MTV time 8 :1 4

Have MTV in 9 :4 2 deaf the logo WNBC, and in 9 :4 6 voice accompaniment becomes difficulties. With this moment logos on the screen different, and the and breath - identical.

Live broadcast WNBC until 9 :0 2 here: here in sight, that have WNBC and have MTV was different and the and breath.

Crimes in the consists in is, that broadcast both broadcasting companies, synced up the on the image and sound just over 47 seconds until "clashes."

10 :3 3 - blow risovannogo plane



New York City time 9 :0 0
Have WNBC and MTV different the and different voice accompaniment.

New York City time 9 :0 1
Telekompaniyam WNBC and MTV synchronize picture, under this the logo one gives / to closes the logo the other gives / to
Voice accompaniment two even when the remains different.

New York City time 9 :0 2
For 51 seconds until "clashes", MTV eliminates the authentication the logo WNBC
For 47 seconds until "clashes" commentator MTV shuts up, and breath now is taken with WNBC

New York City time 9 :0 3
Clash risovannogo plane is happening under identical the picture and sound have WNBC and MTV

Have MTV in right atop street corner written, that this WNBC, and have the most WNBC written that this 4 + 's a seashell + Olympiad.



Belsoyuzdruk NBC lived their lives. Voice accompaniment different from WNBC and MTV, but on moment clashes them shifted picture on another on 8 seconds, for 4 of seconds until "clashes".

Through 4 of seconds after clashes picture shifted back on Shopper4
However name vetrolyota Chopper4 remained only have WNBC :D


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » "Direct and for months" » MTV and WNBC