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Tony Arrigo Mexican crest lark

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WNBC 9/11 8 :5 0 - 9 :0 0

looking at perjury "direct prime-" Tony Arrigo
Here is here say, that his carried out teenage Gary Welz



WNBC 9/11 8 :5 0 - 9 :0 0
"Direct live broadcast" WNBC. Passed just 4 minutes after as in WTC something bumknulo. And that is happening further: Some Mexican worked, janitor 3 th an, ringing on WorldNBC and on broken English says, that he only that witnessed historic events. Ringing in the network, which for two minutes managed unleash for direct and for months several video cameras with transmitters were also removed Projection.

Imagine situation, Ravshan and Moe ignore work and rings on "First Canal", to testify about a fire. :D

- and we have knows on phone, which says, that saw as plane he crashed in the building global trade. His name is Tony Arrigo. Tony, could not would you tell us.?
- Yes I can to tell, that happened.
Forth Tony, in teatralno-emotional manner, tells as he the Field garbage, heard the roar of the engines and saw big plane. About the holy maiden Maria mother Jesus of our Christ, thank you all and God in including, that there someone died, and I not died.

4 :1 2 - Tony ends the its Evgeny Stytchkin certification messy tsokaniem. Ah that here even do you say. :D :D


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » Crisis Actors » Tony Arrigo Mexican crest lark