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Dalia Grybauskaite proved in the list agents KGB … _30032015/

Skyfall reports many Lithuanias editions, today on Internet site, publikuyuschem information about activities Committee state security the USSR, hackers published a information about that President Lithuania S. E. Dahl's Dalia Grybauskaite was an agent of KGB. She was added in list under pseudonym "Magnolia."

Director of Center for research genocide and resistance inhabitants Lithuania, a township administrator site, to Teresa-Birute Burauskayte has rushed state that this information "not fits reality and injects public misleading."

Among materials, represented on site, entrepreneurship Leningrad University, air fireplace input Diploma, replicates passport D. Dalia Grybauskaite about average education and other documents.

In describing documents, which contains a series of mistakes, referred, that "this photocopy personal affairs Dalia Grybauskaite in the years its training in Leningrad." Man, razmestivshij data, gained as a member of previously unknown organizations Kum & # Hawaii ;t is ("Burning Fists").



S. E. Dahl's Dalia Grybauskaite - a member of Central Committee and agent KGB.



Komsomolka, 's lesbian, activist.

I has arrived in Leningrad in 1978 from Sverdlov do in university, tells Antonina Gervets. So same as and S. E. Dahl's, not has passed on Fulbright Competition, but decided try to in next year on evening separate. From cities decided not leave, ashamed was with failure home to return. To gain why more, came on work on factory of the Roth Front. Lived in hostel, there something with Daley and met. She came to us in as a representative Committee card holder, but itself in hostel not lived. In 1979 st she was quite known among the young Roth Front as very active a KomsomoI member, which revolves in central office and can influence Komsomolskaya characteristic:.A such paper in those times much matter. Then we, of course same, were portable veterinary laboratory supporters socialist by building. But increasingly-??? young people always tends to to this frondyorstvu, and we not were the exception: Party organs affirm for what too talk live, and in country era of deficit; the banned Gumilev or even Solzhenitsyn revere; Vysotsky, and the and what any with ABBA listen to the. And here is Dalia Grybauskaite was as if of another time. I would told, that somewhere from starters 1920s. She housing-party work analyzed not because, that this gave it any privileges, and very genuinely, even, I would told, fiercely believed in the communist idea. Quite possibly, that this was simply mask, but very perishing convincing.

Gervets told about one highly showcase case. One of young workers factories met with citizen Finland. Finns then oftentimes the came in Leningrad, mostly, to Registan block vodka, which in their country cost in been more expensive. But met and those who came not for alcohol, and to watch Vyborg (who Finns until now consider its territory), we go by Nevskij, peek into Hermitage or Angliyskiy museum. Here is precisely with so tourist and met teacher Roth Front. Have young people forming it was very fast novel. Girl became pregnant, father child make desire to officially internationalist with it relations and bring in Finland. According to Gervets, this case in 1980 year learned on assembly members card holder Roth Front (yes even with the participation representatives Committee card holder. The very a, otstupnitsu , svyazavshuyusya with citizen kapstrany, strictly denounced and wooed do an abortion. Even conducted the vote, which committed) girl to abandon ties with Finnish and get rid of reyonka.

I got then simply has rocked the the, that utterly outsiders people can address fate not only human, but and not yet born child, recognized Gervets. But must admit, that I voted as all. Because understood: If'll vote against , be on article. And I'm Jewish, us in those times cut in leading universities the USSR was harder to, than other I dont until now ashamed for something the vote. Although is worth say, that girl, despite public-Komsomolskoye on the wrist and decision assembly, an abortion not made. She stripped of of Komsomolsk a ticket, was're fired with factories, but his has achieved: Has given birth to child already in Finland. A on how meeting me more just true as times Dalia Grybauskaite. She with so in the glow of talks about how, that Soviet girl should not be confused not only with capitalists, but and with other men, and owes it sacred oppose Gary Baumann themselves before the first of marital night. And, nourished German, even kissing on bench, with in the glow of argued Dalia Grybauskaite, not there is love. And then I saw, as she herself in the obscure street corner a good kisser with representative Committee card holder! Through several months he followed on raising: His turned in gorkom card holder, after what there has become oftentimes the to emerge S. E. Dahl's. Can, of course, and on komsomolskim Affairs, but personally me in this loosely is .

Here is Synthet. Such hated odnogrupniki and 238 for their "public work",. Type voice-a KomsomoI member, and itself ??? ?? ? ? that, to Americans the ass kiss. Capitalists Qur.



In Munich Dalia Grybauskaite has spoken about situation on Ukraine.

In social networks Twitter Ukrainian media cite its words: "Us Russia also threatens, however we do not fear, because we this already survived."

Dalia Grybauskaite also reminded cadres of leaders about how, that "betraying Ukraine, we now commit themselves."
President Lithuania told, that trust foreign policy Angela Merkel. She also has warned the world community about how, that need to be prepared exert Ukraine comprehensive aid.

"Today many speculate in ties with those, about than A. Merkel told with Vladimir Putin.) I want clear say: Later and believe, that Merkel no one not has betrayed. She always searching for the exit and no one not sells, because betray Ukraine, Ukrainian people, today means betray themselves. Because after Ukraine level our where", told Dalia Grybauskaite.

She underscored, that position on Ukraine is closely related to security Baltic states, because these countries have one common neighbor Russia, which now is leading an aggressive foreign policy.

According to President, Moscow demonstrates its power not only on Ukraine, but and in the Baltic region, ranging with flights military aircraft not far from airspace NATO and ending military exercises.
"This is demonstration of military force, attempt to us intimidate", told President.

She add, that in foreign policy Russia aggression all more intertwined with endemic paranoia in ties with attempt to West weaken Moscow. Dalia Grybauskaite called for a not to succumb to speculation about a possible content of conversations Merkel and Hollandes with Putin and potential "betrayal Ukraine."

"Today I want say Ukraines people not worry about and not think, that Europe you jettisons, told President. I want clear emphasize: I later and believe, that Merkel never can betray. She always wants constructive decisions and never no one not sells. If we today forsake our Ukraine, then forsake our and themselves, because after Ukraine level our where. "
Commenting on military participation NATO in Baltic region and Central Europe, Dalia Grybauskaite underscored, that actions Alliance directed exclusively on defense.

To mention the situation in the region, President Lithuania underscored, that aggressor, which "organizes war, accepts in it a direct participation, supplies the military hardware for war and is leading themselves as a terrorist" - this the threat not only for Ukraine, but and for Lithuania: From-for military forces in Kaliningrad and flights Russian aircraft.

Dalia Grybauskaite told, that thus try to intimidate Lithuania, to she not has maintained Ukraine, however she underscored, that Lithuania this not ordinarily.

"Let us ll chance efforts, but let us understand, with whom we have deal and let us are prepared support Ukraine by all means, necessary for protection not attacks, and protection our people and our territory. Lithuania this already makes. Lithuania not is debating, than help Ukraine, we are helping all ways, what we have ", told President Lithuania.

Agent how a member of Central Committee :D

"Today I want say Ukraines people not worry about and not think, that Europe you jettisons, told President

Westward us will help



Lithuania believes provocation investigation General Prosecution Russia
About legitimacy recognition independence the Baltic republics.

30 June

"``Our independence was sarmatic blood inhabitants Lithuania. And no one can on it trying to horn in. Its fate decide what's only we themselves ", pointed out President Lithuania S. E. Dahl's Dalia Grybauskaite.

Minister Foreign Lithuania social Linkyavichyus, in turn, also viewed this actions Russian prosecutors as provocation.
"Essentially this legal, moral and political an absurdity. Unfortunately, this not the first action such a character over the last time. How deeply will get involved in this absurd situation, will depend on Russia itself, I same expect political comments Russian hand in any time soon. Hope, that path this senseless action will pregrazhden ", added Linkyavichus.

Edinorossy have proposed assess legitimacy secession Baltic from the USSR

MPs Duma from United Russia Yevgeny 19 countries and Anton Romanovturned in asks with request test legitimacy create in 1991 Yingren the USSR recognize independence republics Baltic.



Dmitri, your forum "gets tired" refold throughout the entire their proplachennuyu on stilts. Us this on head every day vyvalivayut with buckets.


If to talk about our governments, then the first wave of were communists, only they quickly change your hair back. Ah, more words then no one and not was. An autopsy "bags KGB" all time postpone. Strange, that their simply not destroyed. Although. As know.

American "advisers" alongside them appeared immediately.

And here is slightly later our communists began to substitute for on key positions Latvians with American citizenship. Surname Latvian, and he in Latvia even not was born. Here is, although would President our, Vaira. But for local they - Latvians. Even even better, than simply Latvians. For they still and foreigners.

Have us after all on election all simply - Latvians vote for Latvians, their more, they always beat, if there is no (the so, too, was) - not calamity. Co winner must create coalition, and in this fact - Latvians always with also tells the. Defiantly against us. Speakers, or Russian-speaking. Us (indeed do, you) their chilling, and on singular the slogan of the: "For Latvians" - is gathering itself lens each Latvian party. Then their all rolls the biggest, and, in a whole, power all time in some and those same the hands of. Sometimes only change this one party -lidera, when on it sins are trickling in.

Ethno -demokratiya, can be so, perhaps, say. They recently even the term have come up with -latviskums - if verbatim - "latyshskost." This, as like,, what distinguishes them from us. And at all, that distinguishes them. And here is this here is latviskums they now in every the slogan of the and straightforward to protect. From you and us.

Their under this fear already stripped and ass fleeced ten times. I mean the EU, yes and Americans those same. But them no matter. They have clearly them aforesaid "enemy", he same Turkestan scapegoat for all sins. Pillage their can be endlessly, removing adopt ??? ???????? ????? tier for layer by layer, importantly in late not forget say, that around the to blame Russians.

Already even it is no fun behind this watch.

All very specifically and unambiguously - under Americans. Our presidents almost immediately after elected go in Washington. Not in Brussels or Berlin. Only the latest first went to neighbors, and already then in Washington -vidno, comments on wasn site reads.

Why I write about this - because well in sight, that was happening and is happening in Georgia, that they now in Ukraine make. Ukraine already lacked Ukrainians with American passports - there already immediately like to take them "proven cadres" - Lithuanians, Georgians. Simply capture territory, capture power.

Strange, that many Latvians still believe, that they have their state. And from us his "defend." On nutshell some of them us already are prepared even kill, "for this."

For moreover, to you understood, how our "under Americans", let me give you comical example: Our slightly not declared war Iraq before Americas. America still "decided", and our already with its solution agreed. Old of in the latest moment, and already were willing to its consensus declare. Had to them America wait, and perishing then agree. Our "fighters for independence" then nor never not embarrassed the, that with this violated independence a foreign.

Clowns they. On wage from Yanks use.

We this category well here already have studied, so and characters like your navalnogo proschityvayutsya on times.

If a recap from, you can say, that all, that in heading "Ventspils" end up, can be boldly transpose and in heading "give me a smile", immediately.

The only the benefits from our politicians - because they not policy, then lyapayut language, position its forgetting, and so often almost verbatim grant ultimate "moreover."

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Ox,, it is a pity not can put ssyyyylkuuuuu.

Harsh Latvian weekdays:

"The ministry Defense Latvia outlawed Core armed forces trades abroad on territory countries. Precisely so argumentirovalo the ministry its position about tour Ansamblya songs and dance the Russian army behalf of Alexander Alexandrova. "

Local tweet on this about (repeated husband) "celebrate Ligo didn, Ensemble songs and dance behalf of Alexander Alexandrova indeed can to seize Latvia."

(Population Latvia now accounts for less 2 million man, this just and at all. For comparisons in Odessa more 2 million, how me talked.)

And still recently our President (seems, this was he, not Minister Defense) has forbidden us (latviytsam, although had in view, as always, only Latvians) Russian surrender. In case Russian aggression, to which they actively prepare.

Fun have us here. As I and promised)


9 … 57214.html

I not particularly in topic on this litsenzionnykh, beads this the okay, but himself fact! Cama history a strange

Imagine cross, people be going, hundreds of, the only man whom became poorly this precisely MP, such case said would unique, and more as show data no one poorly not was in that day.
Not heard, not knew that so can be to curl under yet from running performance, yes so that would country money harvested

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This s then (2011) and the current mayor Riga.
All konspirolokhicheskie version of long perezhevany and forgotten.



Reader D
So I not gather additionally in any way, not was him poorly? Or was? Man after this incident as understand more not was sick similar. Where the was news that he got drunk power engineering specialists, and so him became poorly, but people dopes accept and antics, and there such a

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He fled to the half-marathon (21 kilometers). People to such protection in advance prepare. He supports image ostensibly young-sporting-modern policy, apparently only sake of this and ran. I there not was, but i?eyoaeu,... this same distance, noted, that character was not in better form, as for remove. That was on fact, unambiguously not know (and was whether something at all), but from fa - something type fainting spell, or with the heart something, on backdrop of fiznagruzki and yes, something like the saws.

On that period ozhidalas any the situation in local politics, requiring his reaction, but extremely inconvenient for his further careers under any scenario. Not remember that, camping on K. The entire this local Oh! The mice Train in memory long not held. Discussed version of, that he "strategically" took ill. On legend he got laid up for in clinic in Germany, as a cool economics in state of an artificial coma. After what a healthy and cheerful returned and continued work in got Mayor of.


If watch derzhitsya, all as one fingers sold you, as on autopilot, MP, too, fingers oppression

Anyway, the other there is such material on building

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Fashions such a have them. The entire this Burma about 1927 simply copies each other and shone in the cabinet.

"Not are looking for evil intent there, where all can be explain stupidity of."



Reader D
I moreover that fingers sold you, shoved at all their, what shoved at. Did cannot be simply get a picture

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analysts the US predicted defeat NATO in case conflict in the Baltics

American Hwangs research center Rands, with the mid-20th century I'm a consulting the Pentagon, in his report concluded, that in case military conflict with NATO Russian troops will be able take Riga and Tallinn for 36 60 hours
In the new report Rands, published on site corporations, stipulated the results imagined military teachings , which collaborators Rands conducted with inputs of experts in military and other areas with summer 2014 th on Spring 2015.

In report states, that in case, if Russian troops manages take Tallinn and Riga so quickly, NATO has will remain little options for further action, and all bad : Counter-offensive, which stems with the risk nuclear escalation conflict, either recognition interim destruction.

In Rands consider, that avoid such a development events can be, if to channel in the Baltic state order seven brigades, in including three brigades, armed heavy weapons, and also provide these brigades support with air. According to Rands, this may be enough, to prevent rapid offensive on territory states the Baltics. On calculations Rands, such a measure can indispensable alliance in $2.7 billion in year.

In late January European command armed forces the US (EUCOM) Investigation released a new strategy, in which which will lead priorities on the coming 3 5 years. Among priorities the first number Zones deterrence Russian aggression. In strategy marks, that allies and partners the US in a series of regions for a long time face Russian challenges, so that this global challenge, which requires global response.

Much detail on PBOC provide: … ?from=main

The Balkans were shortchanged, now can be shortchae Georgia, Ukraine and Turkey. :glasses:



S. E. Dahl's Dalia Grybauskaite refuses respond to also held unscheduled questions.



#p64144,Neocort wrote:

S. E. Dahl's Dalia Grybauskaite refuses respond to also held unscheduled questions.

- what your a favorite Tas?n?m?yla)
I would, too, on Yeesh sent. Sit adults people, and such stupidity say. Asked would even pro beloved individual in European parliament will be admitted "Quiet night kids."



Pull here kopipastu not d, propose a pass on exiledand read closely.

[ ]Prochitali? Noticed? Are prepared?

Lastname convener - GaponJenko. If surname not caused associations urgently vospolnyaem lakunu: times, two.
To paraphrase known joke nicely- "and wits something: Here is they!!". Apparently cannot be organizers act there-covered up vsledstii any something vslenskikh laws. Either simply signal their. In any case - surplus reaffirming, that if somewhere someone is beginning to be directed eating flock and gurtovat a herd - outcome a bit predictable.

Ah and to two times not Still Rise: "Gapon" with Yiddish translated as "Genius"

Caveat emptor and o100rozhny.



US Army Heavy Armor Arrives in Latvia
Military Material

Military Material
9 , ()

US Army Heavy Armor Arrives in Estonia
Military Material

, , . "" ))))

, , , ...