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Great Slavyanskaya Wall

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swed.loki wrote:

Sterlitamak a, the found in 1990 year.

Initially was such crater: … j-180.html

Then dug up, when sought the main body.



Dmitry" wrote:

let a.

If-it comes knew, then announced his. Somewhere not far from optovye. We few weeks in 11 were on out there, a Lakes (North America). This very long was. Very was interestingly in guglmeps find, but avail – already not remember no names seats from there. At all in different places Belarus lakes “forms very frequent phenomenon. I such many saw. But the was interestingly those, that was within being on which, as remember, need to was long climb. And itself Lake not large, all signs of the crater of the.

Dmitry" wrote:

There, dismal they not leave, because the speed extinguished, emerging layers air in including.

Argue not d (after all we, as-would, increasingly question put), but like the most prominent tornado this the Gulf of Mexico, as is considered.

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Burtang, the Netherlands
In high resolving Here
Web Site

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Palmanova Fortress— city-fortress in Italy
45 ° 54 26 North, 13 ° 18 40 East
To what these flags?



горожанин wrote:

:: Message from: Oktava::

And misrepresentation how many was? And them why this was need, if their goal the original — eliminate it society? And when these it poyavilisi in what numbers? Or you can cook concocted a "new man" and let presumed to drink? Gorozhaninu, as and official history, many questions lodge an can be, but being kicked around why something uchOnykh.

Sorry, statotchetnosti not presented.

And in the same time number of of asterisks in Siberia, the Russian arsenic, steppes known:

горожанин wrote:

Those asterisks on all continents, except Australia - … &l=map
(But their many more, than on a map).

Each "sprocket system" is accompanied by kurganami, "he", the burial grounds and camping on P. With monuments,
Mounds in Siberia, the Russian arsenic, steppes not thousands of, and tens of thousands of.

Ah, yes god with it, statistics, goal something what are buildings precisely such forms?



Семьянин wrote:

to what these flags?

What brought back: By, ’ s organs is.’s organs is, "I want establish the link with you"



Dmitry" wrote:

55 ° 1 '22.99 "Since 71 ° 36' 54.56" In - Mykolaiv fortress (Omsk motorway area)
Near tornado, perfectly provided with round Lake, dozen from 1020 meters

And even there is such same, only without water — 56 ° 27 'next 22.3 release "N 53 ° 55' 29.3" E
Zvezdokrepost, perhaps, was imprisoned in Sarapule, on Coat of Arms of accurately there is:
And ritual killings were in those neighborhood — Multanskoe sacrifice.



On map, that gave A city type, shown 2 ukrep. Lines from 30 fringes: "New Zakamskaya" and part of "Tobolo-Ishimskoy."

frontier ukreplyonnye lines, system Defense public borders. Frontier ukreplyonnye lines enforced even in ancient Egypt (Peluziyskaya the wall on Suez isthmus),

Frontier ukreplyonnye lines in Russia in 18 — 19 centuries
Of ancient Rome (see Shafts Roman), of ancient China (the Great Chinese the wall) and others. In medium-size century in Europe (8 — 9 centuries) was created the first frontier ukreplyonnye lines on northern and eastern borders Frankish state, which began from the coast Northern sea, commanded to verkhovyam Danube and forth to Mediterranean the sea; consisted of individual fortifications on important ways of either, congressional oversight towers, with which been inherited signals about looming, the enemy. With 10 digits Began to build fortress. In 17 digits France and others. West European state have shifted to liberation of the system cover borders, developed A. Devilem and S. Sebastien Le Prestre de Vauban (see Fortress).

The creation fortifications on the borders Russian state began in 9 digits With the construction, fortified points and shaft mainly on river has attracted visitors over. In the process strengthening of the Moscow great principality in 14 digits Was created means border line on grrr. Khopyor River, Voronezh and Don. In 16 — 17 centuries On southern, southeastern and eastern borders Russian state are built zasechnye traits. On least enlargement borders Russia in 18 digits On the basis of experience zasechnykh traits arises system’s frontier ukreplyonnye lines, XVIII from fortresses and, fortified cities, between whom created field strengthen usually in the form of of earthy shaft sometimes with wooden walls at the top and ditch. Before with moat the numbers are clock the and created with only does against cavalry. Through every 200 — 600 flushed currencies had shelves in the form of redoubts, that allowed a punitive the approach to gear is prodolnym ruzheynym fire. Isn't anyone guarding frontier ukreplyonnye lines teams of linear troops and Cossacks but in in towers or earthmoving strengthenings for shaft. The numbers are signal rigs, on which were kegs with fuel tanks, podzhigavshiesya under looming, the adversary.

In 1706 — 08 was created frontier ukreplyonnye lines on western border on line Pskov — Smolensk — Bryansk, in 1718 — 23 — Volsk line in interfluve Don and Volga. In 1724 Peter I introduced fortification defense system borders (mainly on inquiry, but fully to abandon frontier ukreplyonnye lines Russia could not in view big protyazhyonnosti borders on mainstream And W. In gas - 1731 — 35 against Crimean Tatars was built Ukrainian line, which has lost significance after build later Dniprovska lines. In 1735 Senatskaya fortress Kizlyar Urban Okrug was been paved the beginning of the creation of the Caucasus lines, which later was maintained until the mouth of the Kuban. During the Caucasus war 1817 — 64 she was evolved beyond that until the Songri F.C. and on the Caucasus created a series of new lines [Лезгинская, Лабинская, Черноморская (береговая)]. After connecting Crimea (1783) and the Caucasus (1864) to Russia southern lines have lost its significance. For entrench zavolzhskikh territories in gas - 1731 — 36 was built a new, Zakamskaya line in 35 — 85 kilometers ahead old zasechnoy traits, partly that this with it. In 1736 was launched construction Orenburg lines, which later I was sharing my on several competitors (sites): Nizhneuralskuyu, Samara, Sakmarskuyu, Krasnogorskuyu, Orskuyu, Kizilskuyu. Then were built Ural and Uyskaya lines. Even in 1716 began construction Siberian lines (I was sharing my on Tobolo-Ishimskuyu, Irtyshskuyu and Kolyvano-Kuznetskuyu), which in the early 19 digits Consisted of 124 fortresses and fortifications. She gradually'd been moving up on mainstream And in mid-19 digits Reached on W. Unoccupied lands Loyal (now Alma-Ata) and on Z. The mouth of Syr. After connecting Central Asia (1868) all these frontier ukreplyonnye lines were abolished. In Eastern Siberia until the end of 19 digits Existed Nerchinskaya and Selenginskaya lines, the members from Cossack posts to safeguard from smugglers and Hun-hutze and search for escaped to the convicts. By the end of 19 digits In Russia everywhere foothold fortress system cover borders, which (as and in other states) lasted until 1 th World War 1914 — 18, and then was misplaced system, fortified neighborhoods (in the USSR) or lines (France).

Rescues the.: Laskovekiy F. F., Materials for history many art in Russia, h. 1 — 3, SPB, 1858 — 65; Freeman L. L., The story fortress in Russia, h. 1, SPB, 1895; Shperk W. F., The story fortifications, M., 1957.

горожанин wrote:

Many have become "centers / oplotami / bastions civilization", Saint Petersburg, Russia (, for example.

Or Manhattan



fire wrote:

:: Message from: Family reasons::

To what these flags?

What brought back: By,’s organs is.’s organs is, "I want establish the link with you"

yes, yes - mail have them there



Семьянин wrote:

to what these flags?

Palmanova Fortress is located in province Udine, with such here is flag
Text or: And near there is province Gorizia (Provincia di Gorizia), she has flag different from flag Ukraine can only color models RGB (on paper presented# 0042FF / # FFE700 instead # 0066CC / FFCC00 poor-version of).

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г. Брест, Беларусь - Раньше на месте крепости находился сам город (Бéрасьце), примерно 200 лет назад его спалили и на его месте построили Брестскую крепость, а новый город можно было строить на 2 версты восточнее. Как видно на фото, крепость изначально имела круглую форму и полностью контролировала место впадения р. Мухавец в р. Западный Буг.



Всемирная иллюстрация 1876, Т.15, № 1(365)-26(390) (1 янв. - 19 июня) с.48

PS:в томе отсутствует 14 страниц: 41(46)-44(49), 55(59), 56(60), 81(82)-84(85), 253(249), 254(250), 433(426), 434(427)  :dontknow:

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Offtop. Great criteria the wall

Millions of dollars used up on safety, which can be snack wire cutters. ????????????????????????? :D
Across length of his to rest with charwood, to not fell :D
Why, for what, on victory,? It is unclear.

With the hand Wall's spying some vatnik with a camera.

Sooner or later, this increasingly will blow them up any a bully on bulldozer.



This for, to ensure not bolted with GETTO.



Dmitry" wrote:

with the hand Wall's spying some vatnik with a camera.

And why he yatsenyukovu ass absolves, that there such a strategic?
Of course, money on this muscularly challenged picket fence spent so much, that this ass almost golden has become. And rivers as,, too, peregorazhivayut?

And about ditch with water, water flow out not will there, where the surface land slanting them?

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Dmitry" wrote:

Kharkіvska the wall
49 ° 9 '49.01 "Since 36 ° 53' 24.49" In - Petrovsky fortress

On this map raremaps, its already Dmitri in the other topic accelerated, unfortunately not becomes pleasantly do screenshot.
All these asterisks there is



Dmitry" wrote:

Millions dollars used up

All as usually people cutting timber in: '(, type, but the border on castle. Nopasaran! A in deeds, Perhaps, roughly here is so story is -



Subject about US Pentagon here same.
the Pentagon. Pentagon fortress



the Great North the war in feudalism

the Star fortress(Excerpts of tweets grumblerr)

At reversed it quite accurately broadcast panorama of battlefield under Narva (1700). On forefront Swedish troops, fall - himself Karl led by cavalry. Forth - a fortified Russian camp, for him - osazhdyonye Narva and Ivan-city. On Russians troops is faring snow, and from-for clouds looks out the sun, maintaining Swedes and city.
Over clouds the writing: Under either explicitly auspices of a deity (quote from "of the Aeneid" Virgil),
The bottom under clean off with a shotgun - arresting camps MOSKOVITЯN PRI Narva 20 NOVEMBER 1,700 G.

At cheyin side this medals work JSC - equestrian Karl XII with peaceful in drawn on the field battlefield. Under hoof horse succumbing to Moskovit, near with him Quiver with arrows. In the background - Narva and Ivan-city.
Around the circle: PREODOLYoNNYM outdid likely.
In was primarily: 20 NOVEMBER 1,700 G.

For comparisons fortress "Hard"

In late year is happening event, udostoennoe the first Russian medals North war - on arresting Noteborg (1702), renamed in Shlisselburg Fortress.
On reversed it picture the shelling and stormed fortress. The writing justify Russians rights on this city:
ShLYuSENBURKh. Was Wu the enemies 90 YEARS. Filed 1702 October 21 ARRIVAL.

Its all known several types of this medals, in including and with Latin mottos like. But for the groundwork filed increasingly the same Figure. On this on forefront reveals Neptune with a trident and the key, confident "Key-capital."
The writing on circle: Noteburg, JOlNS Shlisselburg Fortress
Under clean off with a shotgun: Otvoyovan After 90 YEARS enemy PRAVLENIЯ. 1702.

At cheyin side scheme siege fortress, on forefront warrior with his spear through and the key. Latin the writing holds:
So lag Grand. Ovidius.. Quote from Ovid, on that refers motto: "So trails atreus Agamemnon in in honor great."
In this the writing, on fashionable tradition included khronogramma: Marked with capital Latin letters encrypted year events: MDCCIII - 1703. Khronogrammy will meet on feudalism and in further.
Under clean off with a shotgun: Nyenskans filed And ruined 14 stay STAROGO of style.
Here two mistakes. First, Nyenkans translated with Swedish as Nevsky fortress, and not as on medals - New fortress (Castrum novum). And second, the right date ceding the fortress - 1 on May on a new or 12 on May on old style.

’ Tsar Peter in this time bases in otvoyovannom a mouth of Neva city behalf of his marked patron. On this event not can not arise a new medals.
Vossedayuschie on sprays Mercury with Wand of Hermes and Minerva with model Kronshlota hold medallion to that Peter I in an armor, robes and Lavrovom wreath with the banner King PYoTR the SON our available.
Under cloud as it spread line small houses, first years cities and plan fortress with the banner S. Petersburg.
Around the circle legend with khronogrammoy: Bases THESE strong STENY.
In was primarily: Harbour And beautiful drift shipyard Peterburg Federal City, Russia



Since offensive summer begin fighting on land. The first goal Russian army becomes category: Tartu, siege which under the leadership Peter extends until by storm and’s surrender Swedish of the garrison after, as Russian managed to seize one of ravelinov and break from guns urban gates.

On backdrop of plan siege fortress, relying on the shield, is worth Peter I in image of the ancient warrior ,-making crown have kolenopreklonennoy goddess cities. On after the writing: Have SOKRUShYoNNYKh enemy at the Gate.
Around the circle the writing with khronogrammoy, Icon from themselves saying from "'' Metamorphoses' '": Accepts raining INSlDE STEN. Ovidius..
In was primarily: Category: Tartu're in AML patronage 14 systems which STAROGO of style.

Formula "Prinyat under patronage" chosen, because on felt Treaty with August city should was after the war become Polish.

After category: Tartu upon us turn Narva. Arresting its was highly significant and symbolic fact for Peter, so as partly redeemed his for Debacle four years ago. So on assault on Narva, which to the same proved the most official.The and ozhestochyonnym among fight for entire war, was one of signature chekankoy several medals.

while crossing Reverse: Plan siege Narva from "Marsovoy books."
Around the circle quote from "of the Aeneid" with khronogrammoy: With soul force COCKS nisprovergaet. Elysium by Virgil

. Akontey, blow dropped,
As if ballistics guy the shell or rapid zipper in the sky,
Occupies pretty long flight, huh far, and rest life his wind.

In was primarily: Narva ZAKhVAChENA 9 the Hellenic STAROGO-style

Russian army, obtaining fill, cleared from Swedes Curonia and took fortress Mitau (Jelgava) and Bausk. On arresting Mitau (Jelgava), siege from an evil which presided over himself Peter, otchekanena medal.

Reverse: On backdrop of plan siege fortress feel allegory Mitau (Jelgava) in gradskoy the crown of the; leftist hand relies on he shield Sweden with three crowns, from right-wing marks sword.
The writing on circle with khronogrammoy (quote from "of the Aeneid"): Seeks battle In combat. Elysium by Virgil

The Last medal on conclusion Altranshtadskogo world portrays they were repeating bucolic bliss.
Aversion that: Panorama of prosperous cities Leipzig. On forefront his inhabitants peacefully pursue their affairs.
The writing: In cities And palaces have become firmly established WORLD And wellbeing

Peter same until on May month doctor a new fortress and port in Taganroge. Have faced had he stayed highly internall? built limits, he orders an about a brand with your personal medal in honor special merit chief construction nearby Simonta.
Reverse: Plan fortress and Milford history.
The writing: For The Delo Milford KAPITANU Matthew SIMONTOVU.1709.

At backdrop of plan Poltava battles Hercules shift to the in the lion he with dueling, uvitoy with laurels, disavows Swedish trophies.
The writing ranks at with khronogrammoy: Poltava slavna miraculously defeat
In was primarily: After out of the, AS ALL the Swedish cohorts extinguished wherever it is detected 27 of 1915 STAROGO of style.

Text on backdrop of panoramas battles and fortress Poltava: Limit destruction. Borisfen. 1709


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