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FOX5 - direct live broadcast

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Aired live FOX5 available on address

FOX NEWS- Television Canal with a huge audiences
F - 6-I he or persistent. Alphabet
O - 15-I he or alphabet 1 + 5 =6
X - 24-I he or alphabet 2 + 4 =6
N-E-triple-S north, pidgins, west, and south-north, east, westward, yug- the spread of on all sides of light



In ties with 12th anniversary terrorist attacks 9 / 11, like even times would recall, the brutal deception, which changed geopolitical situation in World.

All leading cameramen, September 11, 2001, waged has direct and for months, in which show not new York, and his an alternative image of the. Every, more than-less adequate man, can on their own spell out any broadcast "9 / 11." Although would compare color present frank heat the sky with the raznotsvernoy muddy ditsiest bitch, that us hovering in that day. I stuck give more full ``debriefing direct and for months FOX5.

Official information:
Liner airlines American for Boeing 767-223ER, in 8 :4 6 on local a captured in I might go, he crashed in northern tower World trade center in New York. All American leading cameramen, began to broadcast in 8 :5 1-8 :5 4, camping on E. Already literally through 5 minutes after first "strike."

Could whether be television known about how, that precisely caused a fire in Severnogy tower? - of course same NO, so as even, battlegroups fighter F-16 appeared in the sky over Washington only through 50 minutes and failed to prevent "attack on the Pentagon."

In real life, all fighters, need only three minutes, that would to garner levels and fly straight from the short base until Washington or New York City, these are especially services ADIZ and opportunities Fighting technology. And television, in real same life, as times contrary, need not little time, that would start direct broadcast.

However September 11, 2001, happened something unbelievable. Fighter participated in) fourteen military exercises, were intertwined false messages and failed to "protect America", and cameramen contrary, all forces proved in the right city of, in the right district, in right time,) on grinding halt after perform well from level land. Little moreover, relatives journalists networks...... wystawienniczym and prodyosery, proved there same, and in the same morning. While nor one simple cardinal not saw no "Boeing" and not said this on cell.

Aired live FOX5 available on address time this rollers I will synchronize with would

Live broadcast FOX5.

21 :2 8 - FOX includes broadcast, on the screen 8 :5 2. T. E. They for 6 minutes typically recognized reach until caregiver seats, unleash hardware, align its and withdraw in Live. But such a not can be in principle. Even if they have office studio, windows goes on this remarkable kind of, then increasingly would still need time, and much more than 6 minutes.

21 :4 4 - here same happened flipping pictures of the. Us show accurately this same picture, but ZOOM reduced by the, now we see panorama Manhattan. Us not have shown moment smooth reducing SLRs, and simply shifted. Means we must think, that immediately two cameras began to broadcast, that already, very interestingly.

The # 1’ s organs is’s organs is the # 2

However experienced casus. Deal in is, that CNN forefront picture # 2 under their logo. Some particularly with gifted minds defenders of official version of, here same say about the certain a mythic "VIDEOOBMENE." In records yes, such can be, but videoobmen in direct live too is suspect. For videoobmena need although would treaty, financial commitments, cable or Sputnik Canal ties. Hardly cameramen this prepared, so as we never nothing such a not saw, except in state importance of, when the reproduced centrally from one source (prime ministerial appeal, start space ship, opening the Olympics, funeral Secretary General, the endgame League top eight slots and camping on D.)

Other cameramen provided this same picture with its logo, not with logo the other cameramen. But most a striking, that they this same picture) colored even one of in the other color.

BBC okrasilo the sky in black-and-brown color, and even they blew it on that "regular intervals shook" this the picture over, giving illusion shootings with helicopters. CNN represented a accurately this same picture, but on the global backdrop of stood correspondent, which hand showed far he crashed plane.

23 :0 4 - a direct the inclusion of with streets Manhattan. How many same enter through need was develop, that would so lie to? TV American proposal to allow, fewer just 8 minutes, that would:
1) understand that happened
2) to accept decision about urgently the check-out in Manhattan
3) to come and find appropriate place for report
4) align equipment, align satellite the link
5) to capture passers-by, take have them interview, cannot material in studio

Fox shows on the screen simultaneously two direct and for months. Leftist the: Kind of chelovek North towers, however this already quite the other kind of. This means, that already the third camera FOX works on Live. Knots the: Newsweek with streets Manhattan. This already which held its fourth camera included in Newsweek, not simply camera, and Garmin with opportunity cede signal through cargo screening station. And all of this for 8 minutes? This contradicts technical opportunities and laws of elementary logic.

23 :3 8 - FOX permits simply lunatic looking magic show flub. A direct the inclusion of with streets Manhattan deaf, screen was set up becomes black; leftist part of on a screen works, on it is ablaze North to worsen. Together with "the disappearance of signal", on right screen emerges signature hindrance hindrance (type signature). But, it's idiotic is that this hindrance even climbs on left part of on a screen, that impossible in reality. This moment proves, that the were formed maybe falsifikatorami on mouse. Aired live was not the real you, and entirely sfalsifitsirovannoy.



23 :4 7 - FOX changes picture. We again see a burning North tower, but German already the other.
What magic show flub admitted on this time? Fox long overdue on couple of seconds and not immediately injects the logo his New York having secession WNYW FOX - NY1 started - Good Day. This means, that no videoobmena not was, increasingly was happening in one studio, a fake company manufactures tractors one brigade of falsifiers of, and logos put a they simply not print enough of them motherfuckers, so worked incorrect approach. Note, that picture on angle of these pictures different from pictures of the # 2. Color the sky is changing, and obey foil matter image of the Staten-Island.
Note, that has changed color the sky, the availability of rear background. On leftist the picture disappeared the dark stretch of "technical floors" the World Trade Center.

25 :5 0 - yeah audio: In spots FOX go any, utterly the left people, which lzhesvidetelstvuyut about jet. Commentators FOX even until these "witnesses", unambiguously declared, that this "terrorist attack with use of stolen Plane." Where they learned? And homilies call on FOX and prove in direct live. You will allow this do, bluntly here and now?

25 :5 0 - in live on simply looking at perjury, and professional actress, she clearly overacts. On the screen written, that this Rosa’Rivera. Wasn not surprising, that this Rosa proved in the morning in THE LATEST MOVIES DAILY, seen plane and precisely it proved phone FOX5?

26 :0 4 - in live FOX emerges yet another an exclusive the. On this time courageous telebrigada proved in helicopter. But wasn this foxovtsy? Accurately this same picture, now shows channel broadcast ABC. Interestingly, as same so is obtained, the one, and color the sky so; the one, and the logo so. Miracles yes and only.

29 :3 7 - in live FOX emerges a new the. `Porazitelno extensive network New York expansion telebrigad have this cameramen. The logo on the screen points precisely on FOX. But somewhere I this already saw. `Sort of as have CBS, but with other axis the sky and slightly-slightly in other dimensions

31 :1 4 - of Shame (film) a new the. She virtually is similar with ostensibly amateur submitted explicit video "9-11 WTC Attacks Original Sound" which there is on videos, right?. But that characteristically for all "even when the 9 / 11" - an amateur advertizing exceeds "vocational" the quality of. `How same so? Or you say that have FOX footage accidentally razmagnitilas?

34 :0 0 - "mainly pleyn" already he crashed in South tower, in this moment FOX5 showed North tower and moment "they've missed us." On the screen emerges the, which already was previously, this (helicopter circling) version of ABC. But its give under logo FOX NY, ranks at give logo helicopters HIGH 5. And again casus with color shades of, color towers different from the, that shown on 26 :0 4. In this moment in sight, that galvanized metal leave an onlay, bursting of the threw up resurfaced, means at all not plane became cause of this holes.



35 :0 0 - in live have FOX constantly are doled out policemen sirens, as if they lead Newsweek with the streets. Perhaps someone will tell, that their heard through station the link. But this an absurdity. Who, although would superficially, sign with record music and, the should understand, that sounds must be utterly in other. Phone apparatuses yen) breath in very narrow range frequencies, utterly not such a as in live FOX. All callers are in spots, are as would in the boardrooms and are watching for what is going on in window, but we’illusion, that they are worth squarely on the ground and lead from there their historical super broadcasts. And such a picture "there is in all direct own broadcasts." Have all broadcasting companies, when a huge number of relatives and known, which selflessly've reached in slots, and all as one, saw both plane,. Phenomenally.

37 :5 0 - FOX includes its studio and here, about miracle, in right-wing parts of on a screen entirely new "(helicopter circling)" the. How many same organizes brigades works have FOX in New York? Why precisely this burqa not included in Newsweek, and synced up the its with inclusion studio? We see as helicopter serves somersault, his chassis swims on the screen from Left on the right, however image of the skyscrapers remains immobilized. Means whether this, that video camera was flying separately from helicopters?

38 :1 4 - TheFlyDS v2.0 is declining and we see, that advertizing produced with Western direction. Now, we it legitimate see in the background Queens or the Bronx, however there nothing there is no, only white, however, the shroud. 2003 simple, this not new York, and his ugly's surrealistic 3D-model.

38 :2 1 - FOX shows repley moment strike of Flight 1 175. I'm fixin say, what for the thirteenth time film crew brigade FOX, made these historical cadres. Cadres on so much historical and on so much unique, that their postesnyalis include in official be utterly 175 th Airlines Flight.

No Boeing in the terrorist attacks September 11,, not Congresses had, and respectively and "Arab footprints" no not was. Direct live broadcast FOX, CNN, CBS, BBC, ABC, NBC and other, were fully falsified.


This article wrote I'm thai boy Napa. All without exceptions, I authorize use its as anywhere and where anywhere, without any restrictions and references to me. All stop sign cadres with and for months FOX5 made I personally. All judgments come from belong me, and I you I assure, they stronger any bleyanya logistics with ten senior constructs of which wants in the US on permanent residency, because as are based above all on quite impregnable of elementary logic.

If you want to talk to the about this or about any of hundred those "September 11,", then welcome to my forum Site only that began along the, until even not thought over his the outside guise of and technical functionality, so requires posilnaya aid.. Idea approved Dmitri Khalezovym, personal and the most close friend Viktor of Boot..

With respect your.



FOX5 время на видео 4:46
     11 сентября, прямая трансляция FOX5. Всё нормально вроде, стаду говорят, что горит Пентагон а показывают, что горит хрен знает что.
     Внимательный зритель, при нескольких просмотрах поймёт, что нет там никакого Пентагона. Это монтаж, дурилка для лохов.
     На 4:46 в кадре появляется полицейский автомобиль, который несётся куда-то (!) задним ходом. Идиоты, решили приколоться или в натуре идиоты.
     Косяк мгновенно исправили, закрыв артефакт надписью Breaking News Pentagon



. … mp;index=4
Direct live broadcast FOX, time 1 :1 5
Cleavage pictures of the.. A surreal NEW YORK



This was real new York, and now Nyuyork in execution FOX5:



FOX5 9/11 10 :1 5 10 :2 5
1 :0 0 - … 41A730C973

Washington Monument, is in 2-'s kilometers from Pentagon. Dozen operators, with equipment for direct and for months, preferred accommodate roughly on such a distance, to audience as not from steepness in eyes the absence of plane. And here is this sage outdid all. Little moreover, that him lacked mind sited closer to that flaming the object, so he even and proved krivorukim.
And even the, that he not was able find the Pentagon, showing this Masonic stick.

Received would he Prize for such a bush-league hit, if would this terrorist attack was present? Think his would launched with scale, as only would he said a word about remunerating labor. But in is, then and deal, that this moonlighting thing, so was conceived initially.
His colleagues in New York, too, so got botched "tilting" the Empire State Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Building? There is no. These "by" charging in studio pulsating, there same nakladyvalas "a wispy cloud" uncertain color range of.

Nor one utility never are to come, at in head photographed monument, tilting photo camera on 7 degrees:


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