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44 human

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Zapreschennyy to view the image in Russia American the film "No. 44" not will to demonstrate and in Belarus, told journalists CEO of Belarusian UE "Kinovideoprokat" Vasily 3. On his words of, decision to ban the film to demonstrations on screens Minsk adopted Russian the distributor - company "central 3 Partnership", with which the UE "Kinovideoprokat" dishonest treaty.
Meanwhile in environment day 3 declared s "Interfax-the West", that be safe with Ming viewers see the film "No. 44." "Treaty with Russian prokatchikom have us signed, electronic key for implement restricted showing there is. We have no no unrest about breakdown allow movie in Minsk, "said he. Under this 3 noted, that the American cases about "not has large commercial potential and its initially planned show only in several cinemas."
Previously reported, that Russian the distributor movie "No. 44", company "central 3 Partnership", rescinded bid on obtaining of rolling identity documents, accepting on themselves any stemming commercial consequences this decisions.



template: Peer review on the film "No. 44."
Passing through numerous in cloudy water Rome demands, literally engulfing all talk about movie "No. 44" after the abolition of Russian release, appropriately, that actions Ministry of culture trades abroad after viewing is rendered as least logical. With other hand, they also as if underscore the, that all events, cards revealed on the screen, have under a highly hard the stage. Yes, we installed new facades, and from Moscow, as she shown in the picture create Espinoza's, already little that remained, but can be whether forever seal wall from sins past, ignoring their an approaching storm patriotic films? Still more interesting however will question, are prepared whether we recognize, that so was? Because what not't refuse that in movie, so this in sometimes a creepy being realistic underway.

Look Russian the viewer such the film will be very painful for. Even those who not watched what has happened in the USSR own eyes. “No. 44 ” is dire fairy suddenly turns to true. Black machines, a very with with the beloved night, cold corridors, polnyaschiesya the chilling soul howls, ruthless the shootings without court and allegations. “No. 44 ” undocumented about perhaps really the murky point that Russian history, when fear constantly'm hanging in the air bitter dust, and grifeli pencils stachivalis under writing endless names so-called perfidy the homeland. And Espinosa largely as if Inherits style Spielberg’s from “To Schindler's ”, showing as hero Toma Hardy – successful interrogator and hero war – in a heartbeat, it turns out“ Overboard ”, persecuted by an, poritsaemyy falsely, accused.

Hardy embodies an any force. His presence on the screen is felt literally on physical level. His attention to the details of and truly masterly ability to express a hundred various of emotions low--as eyes afflict the. His the scene with Noomi Noomi Rapace and Dzhoellem Kinnamanom literally hold for’s throats. Noomi Rapace already has proven, that she actress of higher caliber, but to see Kinnamana in so strong, budorazhaschey role became present revelation. Here need to tribute to Espinoza, which undoubtedly is the engine of the entire project. There is no, he not've wrung from actors all juices. He their cleverly spaces for thin crocheted, because can be boldly say, that the entire measure composition, even Jason Clarke, betrays game very adopt, emotional and the sated in his stagnation.

Perhaps they play even too well, because only actors, yes the director drag otherwise highly we understand, sozdayut the plot. Scenarist project has taken too the literal, too consistent adaptation books Toma Rob Smith. Somewhere on mid-appears a clear a sense of, that the creators of wanted too much comment on: And homophobia, and Stalinskiy regime, and personal, not until the end of healthy relations chief hero and his wife. In end, exactly the main the plot, faces in search of serial killers children, proved zadvinutym on the second, and the and on the third plan, becoming more an occasion for narrative about time and place actions, than exactly adequate history on backdrop of historical events.

Under this in movie many truly powerful scenes, so initially he engulfs its substantially abusive, skill, confirming stories with, but a long timing of not allows him hold on these thin rails too long. Scenario quickly is beginning to to sag in many moments, turning it in ribs schedule incoherence of. This not there is poorly, after all “No. 44 ” covers very very many, however this not there is interestingly. Exciting a thrill ride for the film language not firm Obama turns call. This rather historic study, which is worth see, but sometimes very want interrupt for a short hiatus,.

To be sure several touristy areas high-quality paintings. Eurystheus more comfortable the operating room work and uneasy music, sometimes pravda delicate you with quiet notes, promotes to maintaining charged atmosphere, and impressive design costumes and scenery adds almost documentation the goals of wasted the. Modicum the available in movie-fighting and depicted already customary wobbly camera, to hide lack of budget, their easily justify of accordions director's decisions. They so or otherwise rather put in action, than is being yanked out from him.

“No. 44 ” have very guaranteeing movie, to thoughtful and suddenly on to more pressing, reminiscent about how, that despite perestroika society in late 20 th century, traits the former Russia can be recognize the and now. Question rather in is, can whether we indeed to accept past, to move in the future, and makes whether us the Department culture trades abroad service, refusing to from restricted showing such films on the eve Day Victory, or contrary seeks to pitch lot more dust in eyes? Even if most't already in “Number 44 ” not has under a hard evidence, truth always lurks where fall, and spite how tormented she can be, not too whether high the price, to its ignore?



the US
44 humandied in a plane crash Boeing 757-222, September 11, 2001 in Shanksville, state Pennsylvania. Passengers have joined in fight with terrorists, plane lost governance and) has vanished.

the US
44 passenger, died in a plane crash Bombardier Dash 8, 12 February 2009 in Buffalo. Television showed conflagration homes, said that this plane.

44's 2 = 88 mandied in a plane crash Boeing 737-505 SU821 (8 + 2 + 1 =), 14 September 2008 in Perm. Squarely on railway colors Transiba, directly from wagons, threw crap all a minor a minor garbage, said that this plane, all deeds before, laws physics no one understands, Where the frig have.. In 5 morning Perm Slept? Not for shit no one not slept, all saw as in plane engulfed rocket released with lukoylovskogo a plant. Lukoye all their plants equips of missiles, this know even children.

44 passengerdied in a plane crash Boeing 737, 17 November 2013 in Kazan. Busarev showed its ticket and the entire Russia believe prejudice something bastard. Nor single evidence plane presented being asked, except festival on RT, frank now this Minister transport, MAC, malakhovskoy upyryatiny, prikruchennykh aviaforumskikh bloggers and other thugs "aviaekspertov." Again in the list dead proved general, and okay, this simply coincidence.



44 humanhave suffered in accident bus in Malaysia. 10.03.2015, “ ” When Tuesday in Malaysia happened major traffic accident with the participation passenger bus, reports AsiaOne. In a result trauma received 44 rights. Incident occurred near industrial zone Bayan-Lepas. Sooner on the morning, about 5.55 on local time team bus he crashed in platform. From strike have him which roof down. In 7.08 all passengers cloned from salon bus. Affected were hospitalized.

44 humanhave suffered in Monday, 29 July 2013 in a result clashes two trains in the west Switzerland, is handing agency The Press with refers on local media. Two trains face in Monday, on the evening in city of Grange-its-Marnans the Swiss of the canton of When roughly in 50 kilometers to southeast west from “Waldhorn ” -estate. According to representative local police Pierre-Olivier Godard (Pierre-mouse Gaudard), information about in possible dead not widely reported.

the US
44 humanhave suffered in the US 17 October 2014 owing to clashes trains. Until 44 man increased the number of affected in a result clashes trains in the US. Data addessed had passed today, informagenstvo RIA “News. ” ? happened in Arkansas, nearby from cities brentwood, when civilian train has reduced the speed and alighted, and obey in him he crashed by a freight train.

44 humanhave suffered during iano?aeia 12 July Union address. Magen David residents’reports, that for yesterday day in a result missile iano?aeia have suffered 44 human, which was forthcoming medical aid. In Jerusalem 74-year-old middle died from a heart attack during missile alarm. With starters operations "Nerushimaya Scala" medical aid was forthcoming 208 to injured.



44 human have suffered in traffic accident in Tomsk district in 2015 from-for bad meteoconditions. On roads Tomsk cleanup in 2015 in traffic accident, occurred either from-for complex meteoconditions, have suffered 44 human, reports press services rayonnoї administration. “At territory service OGIBDD OMVD Russia on Tomsky the district with starters current year happened 73 road traffic transport reports on reason of acting drivers road and supplies conditions. In them have suffered 44 human

44 human have suffered in move was driven kindergarten instructor. Symptoms intestinal infection, hearth which revealed in his preschool # 33 in Tomsk, materializing have 44 man, in including 39 children. About this reported press secretary regional governance Rospotrebnadzor Elena Turutina.
“Of 44 sick were hospitalized 12 people – 11 children and one adult. Currently state of all featured is lauded, as satisfying ”, – leads “Interfax ” words Turutinoy.

44 human have suffered, three died under explosions in the stores. 20 05 2013. According to on 18.00, in a result bombings in stores died 3 human, have suffered 44 human, among which one child, told the in MVD Dagestan,. "Preserved knot" wrote about how, that two explosion occurred today have buildings Federal services judicial FSOJ (FSSP). In MVD Dagestan, calicos "Northern Caucasus knot" also told the, that 12 affected - this collaborators pravokhranitelnykh organs. All to injured it turns out medical aid. "Preserved knot" polices the situation in Dagestan and is leading chronicle unfolding here armed incidents.

Santa Barbara
44 human have suffered in the rough and tumble on youth a cocktail party in Santa Barbara, the US, 7 July 2014. Policemen which has been embraced tear gas, to disperse the the student protest party. Celebration, in which participated more 15 thousands of man, quickly seceded from-under control.

44 human saved from ceasefire two-field firefighters 14 March 2015. For saving lives 44 man two-field firefighters Maxim Pastushenko and Maxim Glazychev represented to medals Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia “Over courage on a fire ”, and chief of guard Sergei Belkin will awarded honorary of Honor.



44 man reached the number of affected from methyl ersatz alcohol in Dauriya (. Reports 17 March 2014. The number of affected from mass methyl Alcohol-Containing Products circulating in village the Red Humongous Southeast the brink reached 44 man, 14 of them died. About this told the in press service head of region with refers on data edge Health.

Zarichne. Penza
44 human have suffered in traffic accident with the beginning of the year in on roads Zarechny, Penza Oblast. In Zarechny, Sverdlovsk Oblast with starters 2014 happened 36 road traffic transport accidents, in which have suffered people. In particular, 11 accidents with the participation pedestrians. Just on roads cities for the current year received trauma 44 human, 1 man died. In ties with this collaborators Vehicular warn participants road movement about the need for abide by caution and rules road movement. “Dear participants road movement, in ties with deteriorating weather conditions in the upcoming weekend, request to drivers: Respect speed regime.

44 human have suffered in a result fire on board TU-154 in Surgut 1.01.2011. Ural regional center Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia agreed new data about affected in a result incident with-plane-TU-154 in Surgut. As reports RIA “News ”, in a result of reverting in jet have suffered 44 human, in including, according to Health, 3 child. In this moment, undergo hospital treatment 39 man, three to injured medical aid forthcoming day clinic. State of twenty eight man doctors evaluate, as average of gravity, state of of four patients — heaviest. Two child hospitalized with poisoning products combustion.

44 human have suffered from accidents. 28 My 2009. In metropolitan area from accidents on production in January-April current year have suffered 44 rights. About this told today on conference “remaining primeval labor - landmark element of social policy in OSCE area ” chief technical supervisor confirmed – labor regional unification unions Grigory Lukashev. Compared with similar period 2008 in metropolitan area region domestic production was growth manufacturing injury, especially with lethal outcome: Died 12 workers (in January-April 2008 7 man). Heavy trauma received 32 human against 36 in January-April 2008.

44 human have suffered during clashes with the police. 10 October 2010. Demonstrators – policemen stones and bottles at with incendiary a mixture of. In a result clashes between erupt, protesters against gay-parade in Belgrade, and police has suffered not less 44 people. Demonstrators also Shirts set fire offices ruling the Democratic Party. According to firefighters and its members, they barely mismanaging with enormous number affected. Gay-parade continued in of it, preservable police. Clashes began, when participants demonstrations have become bombarding policemen stones and bottles at with incendiary a mixture of.



I quote from a news, tags quote not plugging in.
Put Mesh, but then drew attention, that in some cases in district records "44 human" wrong dotted either commas. Difficult now restore as that was, but fact have seen the. For example news on exiled cite one in one VSE media with all mistakes. "On a lesser 44 human" - forgetting word "least." "Suspects Islamists from baziruyuschey in Bangladesh organizations" - the wrong writing words Governors based. And so on and so on.

44 human died during terrorist attacks in India. 26 August 2007. On a lesser 44 human have become victims of two terrorist attacks, previous in the capital South-Indian state Angro Pradesh Hyderabad in Saturday on the evening, is handing the Indian television with refers on local police. The first terrorist attack, in organizations which police suspects Islamists from baziruyuschey in Bangladesh organizations "Harkat-ul Jihad al Islami movement", s Afghanistan about 19 :4 5 local time (18 :2 0 minutes Moscow Time) in park entertainment "Lumbini, the Birthplace of." Later several minutes another a powerful Russia’s explosive device worked in's lively place old cities, where has targeted for annihilation many people, to dine.

44 human injured, 21 died from hands militants, 18 March 2015. Such data led Prime Minister Tunisia Habib Essid. Among Wounded in the terrorist in Tunisia there is and rossiyanka. As became known 19 March, woman on reverie attended by Ivanovich Lukyanov can be woman Krasnodar either different cullure. Now information,. Embassy Russia reported about able bashed in had. “Ivanovich Lukyanov in a result terrorist received wound in hand. She in chamber a common therapy military hospital. Its life nothing not threatens ”, — states in Summit.
Armed terrorists opened fire at received the National Museum Bardot, while, they kept in the mercy 17 people. Later their shooting. Two those were killed on place, still Larissa managed hide.

44 human, in including 15 children have suffered in Synodal selsovete, fire destroyed 24 home ownership.
15.04.2015 People disappeared in just: Fully turned sour, homes, estate, nadvornye build, have many store-agriculture. Was running out on streets literally in than were, some not typically recognized muster even documents. The fire super-eliminated the all on the way. Flurry of wind contributed to his accelerating. On official information on 15 April, in Republic died 23 rights.

44 human was perched in perevernuvshimsya miniclub bus ride from St. Petersburg 7 January 2015, in environment. In a result traffic accident have suffered three, in including, 11-year-old girl. As reports source of, referring on regional Ministry of Emergency Situations, traffic accident happened on tortuous road between city Lakhdenpokhskoye Urban Settlement and a village Miynala. Driver not has coped with governance on complex – path, team bus moved out with roads in it into the ditch and it turned over.

Until 44 man increased the number of victims plane in Petrozavodsk. Inhabitants Petersburg and Lenoblast in plane crash in Karelia not have suffered. 21 June 2011
Among dead seven children. Ship from Moscow jet TU-134 airlines "RusEyr" crashed in night on Tuesday under you access on landing nearby from airport interpretation.. From 52 request on board passengers and members crew 44 human, including seven children, died, is handing RIA "News."
Again plane fell on a path, fell with ? perhaps. Perhaps on clean chance plane not especially pointer reverberates. On sign word "Airport", to nobody ever doubted where and where. President Russia Dmitri Medvedev assigned Ministry of transport of russia to consider opportunity full withdrawal of the Hurtigruten TU-134 from exploitation on regular flights with 2012.
List dead’s victors on rare modest
Vladimir Russian Vladimir Pettay — football referee;
Jacob Vetterud — 'm a rescue swimmer from Sweden;
Sergei Borisovich Ryzhov — director of-master Designer OKB “Gidropress ”;
Gennady Thedorovitch Banyuk — deputy director, chief Designer OKB “Gidropress ”;
Nikolai Borisovich Trunov — chief Designer and chief of secession Isievi Makine has been and teplomekhanicheskogo equipment OKB “Gidropress ”, Dr. technical Sciences;
Andrei Petrovic Trofimov — chief technologist Opytnoe konstruktorskoe behalf of Afrikantova;
Valery Philipovich Lyalin — chief of governance “Atomenergomasha ”;
Dmitri Vladimirovich, a farmer — the head of the major lesopromyshlennoy companies CJSC “JSC All ”;
Igor Petrovic Sayenko — director of Moscow representation groups companies “Varna City center expert examination ”;
Andrei) Mr. Borounov — arbitration the managing, representative NP sostavlenie balansa predpriyatiya orphans.Members “Delo ” on Central region.



44 human died in a result floods and landslides. 2 March 2011. Emergency the situation declared in Bolivia. From-for rains, which is. Lewt already few weeks, equally huge territory, in including populated clauses. In the list dead 44 rights. A significant weather advisory has become cause of the vanishing landslides, with mud spa the flow of struck with hills at night. People barely typically recognized to leave their homes. From zone disaster their beach is with the help helicopters. On aid rescue teams power have called military. In the latest data, more 400 civilian building virtually deleted with faces land. Serious damage dealt infrastructure. Destroyed the main highways and bridges.

44 human has suffered in a result a major hit-and-run in Brazil 1.06.2008. About this told the local media with refers on most pressing, services. ? happened in the suburb Rio de Janeiro. Face two passenger bus. On a data, one of machines has been on stopping, when obey in it crashed into the back of another, dvigavshayasya in the same direction. Likely, driver of a moving bus got distracted from roads, and not managed on time slow, is handing RIA News.

44 human died in Tibet in bus ride, falling in gap. Incident occurred roughly in 16.25 on local time (Dec. 25 minutes Moscow Time) 9 August 2014, in the busiest Nyemo County district Lhasa the Tibetan autonomous cleanup PRC. Reportedly, that team bus with teeming, to Kenton never made it. on Chinese national highways 318, faced with the s.U.V. and the pick-up truck, after what fell in gap with 10-metre Heights.

44 passenger and 3 driver was perched in bus ride rd song with Heights 11.08.2013. On unexplained until reasons, the passenger doubting person wanted to force driver stop team bus. Team bus companies Eurolines, in parlor scene which were 44 passenger and three driver,..... from French Marseille in Spanish city Murcia. The accident occurred about 10 on local time (03.30 minutes Moscow Time) team bus moved out with road and fell with Heights several meters. Two human —, citizen Spain and, supposedly, citizen France — died on place accident, still roughly 30 injured, two of them are in critical condition. Three citizens Russia were hospitalized.

44 child was killed on Ukraine in 2014. 19.12.2014. Responding on question about using landmines, Kristen Elsbi reported, that, ranging with July, in areas, controlled government, were discovered and removed 16 thousands of various ammunition. That concerns number of victims among children, then representative UNICEF told, that, according to kind accounts, in Ukraine in 2014 were killed, at least, 44 child. Meanwhile Representative Enforcement on humanitarian activities UN Jens Laerke, responding on questions journalists, said, that humanitarian access in some areas on the east Ukraine limited and, mostly, this stems with continued brought by the and high degree of dangers in these areas.



44 human died and still 166 have suffered in a result explosion turboprovoda in Kenyan port city of deliveries of, the Chinese province Shandong province. PE happened still 22 November 2013 about 10 :3 0 on local time. Explosion breathed during repairs pipeline largest in country petrochemical companies Sinopec. About most publicized became known in night on 22 November. Currently conflagration, following bursting of the, extinguished sometime after 8.00. Place PE fenced in zaslonami, to not allow embody oil in Sea, reports ITAR-TASS.

44 human have suffered and 15 killed in a result another terrorist in Baghdad. Baghdad, 11 October 2014. In Baghdad continue to thus combining classical and jazz the bombings. In a result another terrorist, at least, 15 man died, 44 injured, is handing RIA News. Explosion occurred on northwest Iraqi the capital. A terrorist-a suicide bomber undermined bomb car in the midst of lively the streets in Shiite district Ash-Shualya.

the US
44 human hospitalized. 5.4.2014. In city of Isla-Vista during conducting annual street party “Deltopiya ” 5 April is underway a feud thing with the police, in a result about 100 people arrested, 44 hospitalized.
During party obscure have in policeman severe backpack, full of bottles at with alcohol, writes ITAR-TASS. To the rescue employee police quickly jumped colleagues, is underway a feud thing. Crowd needed tossing handfuls stones and firecrackers so in representatives pravokhranitelnykh organs, have been damaged machines aides sheriff. In a result authorities had to use tear gas and government employment machines with a soap foam for crackdown crowds. According to office sheriff district, to Towards 6 April situation managed fully settle.

10.08.2011. Tick-borne encephalitis. About him all know, but, nevertheless, people fall sick. In this year on a hospital bed with so diagnosis it turned out 44 rights. This those people, which, by lifting the with themselves Mite, not introduced cells communicate with one another against was encephalitis. Precisely immunoprofilaktika remains the most viable measure, warning dangerous disease. In this season from 526 archaeologically ticks 59 copies. (11.2%) had the virus was encephalitis.

98th in 18 hours 11 December 2013, to doctors brigades immediate medical aid turned 44 human, affected in a result raid events in the center of the the capital. As told the UNIAN in press service Kievan urban state administration with refers on Department health, 20 people were hospitalized (11 policemen and 9 demonstrators). In a whole in urban hospitals, which IMF Department, now are 53 rights. On topic: Meeting the: Forceful crackdown Maidan not will


Барак Хусейн Обама - 44-й президент США

29 июля 2001 года иудеи отмечали день поста и скорби 9 Ава. К этой исторической дате была приурочена "церемония символической закладки краеугольного камня в основание Третьего Иерусалимского Храма представителями иудейской религиозной группы "Ревнители Храмовой горы".
Ровно через 44 дня после символической закладки храма, т.е. 11 сентября 2001 года, были разрушены башни-близнецы Всемирного Торгового Центра в Нью-Йорке.
Но это был не первый теракт с этой ставшей зловещей цифрой - 44. Первый удар был нанесен по России.
В 1999г. 9-ава пришлось на 22 июля
22 июля + 44 дня взрыв дома в Буйнаксе 4 сентября
пост 15-Ава пришелся на 27 июля.
Ровно через 44 дня - 8 сентября около полуночи был произведен теракт (взорван жилой 9-этажный дом) в Москве на ул.Гурьянова, в результате которого погибло более ста человек.
12 августа 2000 года АПЛ "Курск" - затонул в шаббат через 2 дня после 9-ого Ава в тот год 10 августа. 
"10 августа 2000 года, согласно плану учений, атомный крейсер "Курск" вышел на учебную задачу недалеко от Кольского залива. Необходимо было произвести пуск крылатой ракеты и учебную торпедную стрельбу по отряду боевых кораблей. Через два дня, 12 августа, когда подводная лодка находилась на полигоне боевой подготовки в Баренцевом море, она не вышла на связь в установленное время (в 17.30 часов по московскому времени). О крушении "Курска" военному руководству стало известно вечером в субботу 12 августа, когда в 23.00 командир подлодки повторно не вышел на связь. В 23 часа 30 минут подводная лодка "Курск" в соответствии с требованиями нормативных документов была объявлена "аварийной". Две американские подлодки и норвежский институт сейсмических исследований зарегистрировали два мощных подводных взрыва в Баренцевом море в районе действий российской АПЛ. "

В 2005г. праздник 15-Ава пришелся на 20 августа.
Ровно за 44 дня до него - 7 июля в лондонской подземке были проведены крупнейшие теракты за всю историю Великобритании, когда прогремело 4 взрыва.
В 2006г. праздник 15-Ава пришелся на 9 августа.
Ровно за 44 дня до него - 26 июня 20 тысяч иудеев провели массовую молитву у Западной стены Храмовой горы и в тот же день был похищен израильский солдат Гилад Шалит. После этого похищения Израиль начал войну против Ливана.
Через 44 дня после 26 июня - 9 августа в Лондоне был предотвращен теракт, по заявлению СМИ, равный 11 сентября 2001г. В Лондоне были арестованы террористы, готовившие взрывы десятка авиалайнеров.
22.07.2011 Взрыв в Норвегии! Взрыв прогремел рядом со зданием правительства в столице Норвегии. Reuters сообщает, что ЧП произошло в 15.30 по местному времени (17.30 мск). В 17-этажном здании офиса премьер-министра Йенса Столтенберга в центре Осло выбиты стекла. По данным агентства, пострадали также несколько министерств, стоящих рядом, в том числе министерство нефтяной промышленности. В этом здании был пожар. Над городом поднимается столб дыма
Формула Взрыва: Шавуот (8-9 июня) + 44
Несколько позже произошло вооруженное нападение на лагерь для детей и молодежи на острове Утейя (Норвегия) 22.07.2011. Сообщается, что на территорию зоны отдыха проник человек в полице йской форме и открыл хаотичный огонь.

Почему к датам праздников берется поправка 44 дня? Это священное число, означающее их мошиаха (кстати, обратите внимание на постоянно мелькающее это число в голливудских фильмах, начиная с середины 80-х годов). У них, как и у славян цифры в то же самое время обозначают собой буквы. 44=DM — Давид Мошиах , который, как большинство из них уверены уже родился и готов взойти на трон для царствования над всем миром.
«Не пролив кровь (DM=44), не получишь искупления».44 - это гематрия слова ДАМ - кровь на иврите.
44 - В гематрии Кроули: 44.  DM, кровь. Здесь 4x11= искажение сотворенного мира.

 "Также 44 - это полный "расход" свечей на Хануку. Намёк на то, что "протестантские свечи" летят, словно копьё Гунгнир, на встречу судьбе - Суду Бога (XX)."
добавленно solitaire17 с сылкой на   desert_shield Прометей 

Да и чуть не забыл) — Барак Обама черный 44 -й президент США!



At site airlines "Tatarstan" can be watch blue print list registered on flight. On official information, on board were 44 passenger. As told Lifenews the official representative SK trades abroad Vladimir Markin, among dead two children in age until 12 years.



It was a disaster Yak-42 under of the City of Yaroslavl
44 manreached the number of deaths in a plane crash Yak-42. Attempts doctors save President the Yaroslavl "this" Alexander Galimova, survivor's in catastrophe plane Yak-42 in Yaroslavl - proved light: On the morning in Monday, torchbearer died in the Moscow NDІ behalf of Vishnevky.

Skabeeva intraoral from of the City of Yaroslavl mrazyuchka in play-by-play from Volgograd not told nor one words truth.



United Airlines Flight 629
44 dead. 1 November 1955. Flight 629 new York - Seattle with three dozapravkami.
Douglas DC-6 N37559, a personal plane "Mainliner Denver." Blown with dynamite. John Graham established inside in suitcase his mother, to in thereafter obtain insurance. FBI Philharmonic's involvement Graham's to another similar episode of with ?? insurance and bursting of the restaurant. Accused was recognized convicted in the murder of his mother, after several short delay, was executed in jail state Colorado in gas cell 11 January 1957



Reuss 17 17 for
44 passengerfrom Malaysia died in a plane crash Boeing worth roughly $under Donetsk - Scotland setting flight from Amsterdam in Kuala Lumpur, one that occurred a 17 July 2014 on the east Donetsk area Ukraine in district sela only not far from cities Torez, have border with Luhansk area, in district armed standoff on the east Ukraine.
On board was perched 283 a passenger and 15 members crew, all they died.



traffic accident in Iran: 10.09.2013. Face two bus,
44 the humanturned sour, buried. In Tuesday, 10 September, happened massive hit-and-run, victims of which have become 44 the human. Still 43 human injured. About this with refers on the Iranian informagentstvo Irna reports ITAR- TASS. The accident struck on highways Tehran – Qom, when face and became infected with two passenger bus. This highway often becomes place traffic accident from-for violations high-speed regime. Previously "Glavred" reported, that in May 2013 th on the southwest of the Iran’s in province city of happened an eerie traffic accident --clash bus with with the truck led to demise not less 17 people.



Understand, that the Wikipedia not can be established source of. But all same here is interesting quote made there, where mentioned 44.

Number of of an animalЧисло_зверя

Professor the Moscow Theological Academy A. I. Osypov believes, that origins notions number of 666 has the next nature of: in year to the Tsar Solomon crossed 666 talents (Jewish talent weighed 44,8 kg) gold(2Par. 9 :1 3, 3Tsar. 10 :1 4), i.e. roughly 30 tons gold. So as despite today’s of wider Christianity the first Christian texts and appropriate mostly Jews and in Jewish environment, then this inoskazanie was perceived they literally, as anonymity on power, wealth, glory and other the mundane things. Thus, according to A. I. Osipova, “the figure is, essentially, to evangelical symbol of mamony — realm the profane of plenty, glory, power ”, as a consequence“ this absolute materialism and will become s beaches were among name “the Antichrist as greatest his an ideologue. ”



Dmitry" wrote:

Reuss 17 17 for
44 passenger from Malaysia died in a plane crash Boeing worth roughly $under Donetsk - Scotland setting flight from Amsterdam in Kuala Lumpur, one that occurred a 17 July 2014 on the east Donetsk area Ukraine in district sela only not far from cities Torez, have border with Luhansk area, in district armed standoff on the east Ukraine.
On board was perched 283 passenger and 15 members crew, all they died.

Here perhaps pile in view

EIB WILL CONSIDER THE, 2 November. / Corr. TASS Yevgeny Soloviev /. Power Malaysia confirmed, that personality all 44 subjectscountries, request board that crashed on Ukraine Boeing, set.

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“No. 44 ”

production company now “central 3 Partnership ” lifted with allow .MOBI the film“ No. 44 ”, in which gopnikov about investigation series of assassinations in the USSR in 50’s
Frame from movie “No. 44 ”
About how, that “Central Partnership ” recalled the film from allow for day before premieres, PBOC provide told source of, a close to leadership companies. This information confirmed press service Ministry of culture. In Summit on site ministries explains, that “on the results of press viewing in Culture derived questions, concerning content movie, in primarily distortions historical facts and eclectic traktovok events until, during and after Great Patriotic war, and also images and characters Soviet citizens the historical era. ”

Means in movie have gone too much with symbols of and signs, means a good the film, if with allow wash their hands. 8-)

88 man
88, precisely this figure have come up with for official version of, within sham plane Boeing 737-505, 14 September 2008 in Perm. Number Airlines Flight SU821 (as states 8 + 2 + 1 would still eleven).
In Internet with counterfeit akkuantov social networks and in naiaeao news yellow second varieties, of course appeared several recorded, – in virtual "hundreds of", that ostensibly precisely these guys not slept in 5 morning, peering in End-Permian the sky and about miracle - saw as rocket is pushing Boeing’s. According to herd, lukoylovskiy an oil refining plant, which resides closer to airport, than airport to Perm, ostensibly is equipped with systems ADIZ.
And that us have provided even in as a evidence: Fake negotiations, sostryapannye through year, ramblings from MAC, several video and photo, on which in sight, that a minor garbage gents were laying out directly from OK / Afghan car and made on place.

88 a to
Have suffered in clashes in Madrid 22 March reports El Mundo. 23.03.2015

How reports publication, the most large clashes occurred on Tiananmen Columbus and Tiananmen Sibeles in the center of the cities, far came participants so-called “March dignity ” (Marcha quo la Dignidad). According to Agence France-Presse, unrest began after, as several young people smashed windows bank. Demonstrators have become fling in police stones, firecrackers so and other objects, and policemen in the answer which has been embraced tear gas. Agency Reuters also reports, that policemen blasted away in demonstrators fired rubber bullets.

88 billionaires
Number of dollar billionaires in Russia has declined on 33%, until 88 people. 2.03.2015

America publication Investigation released traditional, 29 th second (2 + 9), rating billionaires world. In this year in list enters 88 Russian businessmen. This on 33% less, than year ago. First place in national parts of downgrade policies--and Vladimir Potanin with-income in $515.4 billion The second place with-income in $14,6 billion rubles policies--and Mikhail Friedman. Alisher Usmanov, who until this chaired national rating, became the third. His state of Forbes estimated in $14,4 billion

88 killed yesterday
Losses Apu yesterday amounted 88 man ego i and as one. 28.01.2015

Just for clock in a result counter-common losses power structures Ukraine amounted 88 man ego i and as one, reports INFORMBUREAU army Federal State of Novorussiya. Ukrainian subdivisions in technology lost 6 tanks, 2 the BMP, 5 economy cars and 12 artillery tubes and mortar battle,. Village militias taken aback adolescent warehouse with ammunition. Go-fighting have Debaltseve municipality, Vasilevki, Marinka, Ukraine, Lozovoy, Avdiivka and in district Red Cross FC Partizan-MTZ Minsk. Environment on lines common ground units DNR and of Lugansk People's Republic with troops junta remains hard. In for days opposing sides were fought active fighting on Donetsk and Debaltsevskom directions.

88 arrested
88 man arrested in Saudi Arabia on suspicion in suspects. 2.09.2014

In Saudi Arabia on suspicion in involvement to prepare the terrorist attacks under arrest about 90 man, is handing RIA News. MVD kingdom outspoken 88 man on suspicion in suspects. As marks, surveillance for terrorist suspects has been conducted for several months, and arrests produced "before prohibitions designed." According to intelligence, the attacks’s move was prepared as in Saudi Arabia, so and abroad. Other details operations power not told the.

88 affected
88 man have suffered under the decaying in “, massive ” in London. 20.12.2013

In theater Apollo during vistavi "Zagadochnoe the nighttime murder of dogs" began creak balcony, and then he collapsed. Incident occurred yesterday in 23 :1 5 (on minutes Moscow Time). All happened so rapidly, that viewers nothing not typically recognized understand. On to the artist`s eyewitnesses during musical one of actors, jeopardized on scene, suddenly shouted in hall: “See! ”, showing to the top. And here same on heads people's blowing it stucco work and the pieces ceiling. Many of viewers proved under 2 stories of rubble, but, fortunately, services save have reacted quickly and all managed save.

88 of those who drowned dead
Floods in India slaughtered 88 people. 28.09.2014

Navodneniya and landslides on India’s northeast, caused by prolivnymi saturated, slaughtered already 88 a to; torrential rains fail stop, in states Assam and Meghalaya already almost week. Previously reported about 72 victims (7 + 2 =).
Previously in September victims of floods that has befallen other areas northern India and Pakistan’s, have become more 440 man (44). According to authorities, in Pakistan died 241 man, in India not less 200. From neighborhoods disaster were evacuated above 60 thousand People.

88 dead
On initial aluminum data, under attack on Ingushetia died 88 people. 28.06.2004

88 man, on the latest initial aluminum data, died in a result attacks militants on Ingushetia in night on 22 June. As is handing "Echo Moscow", about this heartfelt told the in government republics. Previously with refers on official data authorities Ingushetia reported about 98 dead. In government explained, that figure changed in a result verification the lists. In some of them were reverie attended by alone and those same people.

88 otravivshikhsya
In of Ulyanovsk area 88 man get ptomaine poisoning from the water water. 22.11.3013

the MINEX, 22 hail marys — RIA News. The number of otravivshisya children and adults in Inzensky district of Ulyanovsk area grew until 88, reportedly on site regional Glauce has, uh, disastrous FEMA.
"98th in 07.00 minutes Moscow Time 22 November 2013, just over medical help turned 88 man (eight adults, 80 children) of them 18 falls outpatient treatment (children), 70 man undergo hospital treatment", — states in Summit.

88 faux beau prisoners
In Moldova 88 man are serving lifetime timeline

contained in "Combating Trafficking institutions Republic Moldova 88 prisoners never emerge on freedom — they sentenced to life imprisonment. Chief of press services Department of "Combating Trafficking institutions (Donetsk State Technical University) Anna ion Druta pointed out, that very young Agreement — 21 year, and the oldest – slightly more 60 fringes.

88 victims terrorist
The number of victims terrorist in Pakistan increased until 88 people. 2.01.2010

In Pakistan a terrorist on bomb-machine T-boned fence the ground, where in the very moment under large numbers viewers EU volleyball match. Explosion was such forces, that broken proved neighboring homes. Under 2 stories of rubble even can remain people. In police confident, that behind this a terrorist attack are worth supporters movement the Taliban.

88 refugees
In school # 27 experienced conflagration: Evacuated 88 people. 28.12.2014

In Sunday, 28 December, in 12 :4 3 from the janitor schools # 27 cities Chancellery out announcement itself about act of a fire alarm. On place reports immediately had gone two calculation specialized banks-rescue parts of, subdivisions PCh-1 and PCh-3. On moment their arrival from buildings already were evacuated 88 man, in including 80 children and 8 manFHU personnel.

88 dead in fire
In the current year in fire died 88 people. 10.11.2014

Over the current year in Smolensk area occurred 1,048 fires, of them on territory cities us – 142. Such data Investigation released governance supervisory activities chief governance, uh, disastrous FEMA Russia on Smolensk area.
On statistics the most the number of these arsons is happening in housing Smolyan. For an analogous period past year on history of Smolensk Oblast occurred 1039 fires, of which on Oblast center draka – 197 fires. For 10 months current year in fire died 88 people.

88 victims Hurricane
The number of victims Hurricane "Sandy" in the US grew until 88 people. 2.1.2012

Hurricane "Sandy" in the US killing life 88 man, told the in Thursday representatives governments the United States. Just in a result strike population died 157 people, including 67 on Caribbean islands and two — in Canada. In the US on this moment more just victims Hurricane account for on state new York — 37 people. Without electricity still remain 4.9 million inhabitants countries, in including 500 thousands of — in New York.

88 missing passengers
In the Philippines continue to the search 88 passengers The tragedy. 6.09.2009

After collapse passenger tragedy of "Superferri-9" on south Philippines without to wage to be lost are considered 88 people. About this reported the Philippine service coast safeguard.
According to representative services, to truly point saved 879 man from number of passengers and members team tragedy of, sunken today on the morning roughly in 100 kilometers from southern port city Zamboanga bombings. Rescuers also have learned from water bodies five dead. The search rest people continue, is handing ITAR-TASS.

Continue to further, think there is no sense, basic chip I think all understood. Of references not give otherwise for some users page zaglyuchit from large numbers of of references. Exile can be find on their own on every news, googling the first sink news.
In fix sense? Of course all of this lies and setting scum, media - cover and in any way for their in the same time. There where have place be real victims, their the number of simply into which the main redaktarami SMDI. Where for example can be known the number of victims floods in India, if there physically no one could to climb things on dirt and considered yes whom, yes provided, that registering the and to allow for there are simply in stone century? But in most cases we have deal with performances mrazyukov. Say disaster in Perm, she simply fictionalized, and people family even on departing.



On north Pakistan’s hit a powerful Hurricane, died 44 the human (video) … eka-video/



Vanuatu a
14 March 2015
44 humanhave become victims of the devastating cyclone in Vanuatu a

Razrushitelnyy remain “vaccinated ” struck in Saturday on Pacific island-state Vanuatu a, victims of population have become 44 human, reports TASS.
Remain has passed not far from capital Vanuatu a Port Vila, where contain more 45 thousands of people. In a result what destroyed buildings, roads and bridges. Large part of Region produces as.

27 April 2015
44 humandied under the storm, you know in Pakistan

In Pakistan from-for storm and supplemented rains died not less 44 man, and even more 200 injured, reports newspaper has.
Torrential rains and a strong wind crashed onto province contacts-West Frontier Province, Pakistan 26 April. More just from population suffered center region city Peshawar, in which until now there is no electricity. Majority affected proved women and children