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44 human

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September 11, 2014
44 arrestedhave escaped from mindset of the Kenyan prison

Of mindset of the Kenyan prison bolted 44 arrested on suspicion in involvement in armed clashes in city of Munder, which is not far from border with Somalia. About this reports Daily Nation.
Investigators came interrogate detainees and discovered empty cameras. How arrested people managed escape, guards explain failed to.
According to the results of preliminary investigations, arrested released someone from detained order, because not have been damaged nor windows, nor doors prison.

Rostov area

In Taganroge pincer of bitten nobody 44 human
Press notes growth cases bites ticks. Prostradalo on 15 man more, than for an analogous period past year, heard a in press service administration cities.

Статья и комментарий "Маши"

European notes growth cases bites ticks. Prostradalo on 15 man more, than for an analogous period past year, heard a in press service administration cities.

“Just with the beginning of the year was measures have 105 cases bites ticks. Cause of this, likely, is low pace of protivokleschevoy processing territories: On today’s day she grips 218 Ga, while in the past year over this same period was processed 261 Ga ”, - questioned chief doctor territorial Office governance Rospotrebnadzor in Taganroge Sergei Musienko.

MBU “refurbishment ”, which conducts akaritsidnuyu processing, poyasnilo, that according to unconstitutional purchase, this kind of works should be implemented in spring and autumn period. For avoid spread of ticks in city of part of works, of planned on autumn, will conducted now.

Of low quality processing European recorded in district mariupolskogo cemeteries. More 7.5 Ga processed not territory Beriev Aircraft Company them. Propulsion Comprises and work in this direction continue. On territory ???? clown them. M. Gorky ticks not detected.

Recall, that in Rostov area pincer of bitten nobody almost 1.5 thousands of people. Such number of people turned for help in medical organizations area. Charged the situation persists on of disease Crimean suffering from hemorrhagic fever (KGL). Recorded 11 laboratory and confirmed cases KGL in Zimovnikovsky, Salskiy, Martynovsky, proletarskom, Volgodonskom, Veselovskom areas.

For Help: Pincer of are kind rikketsioznykh, of viral, bacterial diseases rights and animals, such as: KGL, tularemia, disease ko Laima, tick-borne encephalitis, dengue rich and other.

19 05 2015 13 :1 8
I at all think, that need to protivokleschevuyu processing do obligatory!

Obratim attention, that in the most article at all nothing not states pro "44 human." This figure present only in the title.
I.e., media will get attached to this of just embarrassing astonishing on any about



Khabarovsk the brink
14 on May 2015
Have 44 mandiscerned an intestinal infection

In Khabarovsk frontier occurred mass an outbreak of intestinal infection. As is handing "“ Interfax ” ":http: / / /, 44 population of the village mountain turistic, in including 29 children, turned to doctors.
On information Committee civil protection governments region, state of all sick satisfying. Blue print diagnosis: Have 11 man - acute gastroenteritis whatever was etiology, have rest - an urgent an intestinal infection

the Balkans
20 on May 2015
Head drown in here 44 balkantsa

media heard a about situation on the Balkans.
The Balkans animated by strongest for 120 years floods, from-for "big water" in Serbia, and also Bosnia and Herzegovina died on a lesser 44 human, more than 25 thousands of Serbs had to to leave their homes.
About this reports hope is.
"Thousands of settlements are gone under water, homes destroyed from-for landslides. Without clean water now quarter-population Bosnia. In Serbia "much water" take a careful has drawn to largest in country power plants ", - report journalists.

15 March 2015

In Montenegro live 44 human, which more 100 years
15 March members organizations women Budva visited in Bulyaritse Dragitsu Davidovich (maiden surname Midzhur Peak), which pointed out its 100-year-old anniversary. She fierce this incurs date in companies children, nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.
According to census 2011, in country residents 44 human in age more 100 years — 13 men and 31 woman. Population size Montenegro accounts for little more 600 thousands of people.
Social scientists eiinoaoe?o?o trend to an aging population, which characterized for across Europe. Also is expected, that to 2050 population countries will shrink on 10%.

My 19, 2015

arrested 44 human, involved to any criminal enterprise clan Abarzhil.
Deal 512. So his call in police and Prosecutor, and with today’s days and in court. 44 human were arrested and cured of in world Court Rishon Le-of Zion for extension terms content under detained. According to version of prosecutors, all they “own ” to any criminal enterprise clan Ichaka Abarzhilya. Moreover, police commands evidence involvement 19 fringes from arrested to organizations explosion in Tel Aviv in 2003 st year. In a result explosion died three human, many ranenny, 7 man — hard.

18 July 2014 … 3029285026

44 humandied, 215 injured. Among dead one child, among Wounded - four children.
Right now representative Ukraine serves on meeting UN Security Council and tells, as government his countries grieving together with all world on victims the magnificence “we. ” 44 victims Luhansk, hundreds of victims Donbas for representative Ukraine not there are.



24 April 2015
44 otravivshikhsya

Steel known reasons methyl 44 people in a meeting BUFFET Astana
Department to protect rights consumers Astana completed all laboratory research on fact mass methyl in BUFFET child hospitals # 2, reported press service Committee to protect rights consumers.
“Skyfall outcomes lab research and clinical-epidemiological examination 44 sick is placed in the Marketplace diagnosis“ salmonellez ” (have 37 — laboratory and, 8 — clinical-epidemiologicheski), have three figures — diagnosis “gastroenteritis ”, 2 human with functioning violation of digestion, 1- with alimentarnym stomach virus ”, — states in Summit in Friday.

13 August 2013
Killed 44 Muslim

Armed people killed at least 44 human in mosque in city of Konduga, on northeastern the east Nigeria, where act militants Islamist groups "the gulf Christian Creationists."
As report representatives local authorities, on the mosque attack was introduced still in Sunday on the morning during morning prayer.
According to Nigerian publications Daily Post, still 26 man injured. All they are in hospital in city of were.

the Gulf of Mexico
23 July 2013
44 refugees

Emergency ? in the Gulf: On drilling Quick Hercules Platform,, trafficking in 60 kilometers from American state Luizinana, occurred go unchecked emit natural gas, reports of Soul Eater.
As told the representatives local coast safeguard, with platforms had to urgently evacuate 44 rights. Reasons accident until not known. The damage, which she has dealt the environmental environment, it turns out.



Owing to persistent challenge with September this year oil rains, phenomena destruction and floods in Colombia, died not less 44 man, 23 thousand Families have suffered.

the US
Protests erupted in 170 cities the US, in ferguson arrested 44 human

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44 humanhave become victims of fifth Arab coalition on Yemen

"Of the dignity of, 7 June. In a result an air strike international coalition ,-led Saudi Arabia, died 44 rights. As reports Reuters, have suffered more hundreds of people.. " … cheloveka/



44 humanarrested in Rome on suspicion in links with mafia

In Rome taking place a new corruption scandal. Within investigations arrested 44 human immediately in three largest Italian areas: Sicily, Lazio and Abruzzo. In handcuffs proved five regional advisers.

According to allegations, members powerful syndicate entitled "the Australian mafia" under management Massimo Karminati, known in culpable of circles as "The latter King Rome" or "Pirate" (he has no one eyes), by bribery politicians on different things level received when on construction centers for content refugees, and also were were involved in illegal substandard immigrants.

Under suspicion pravokhranitelnykh organs are still 21 man - in real moment in respect them is fought investigation.



11, 22, 44
22 July, In Krasnoyarsk area frontier on 701 st kilometer federal road M-53 "Baikal" in Kozul'ski district happened traffic accident. Face a truck and team bus. The number of affected increased until 44, 11 man died.
The chronology
The beginning of of chronology events, time: 05 :4 2 minutes Moscow Time



Rescued 44 human24.07.15

At night,, 24 July, in 22.59 in “Support save ” nearby out message about conflagration in one of apartments 9-story residential homes on the street Petrozavodsk Strategic in neighborhood orbit. Immediately on place challenge were directed forces and means Syktyvkar State of the garrison a fire safeguard. Firemen train profits on place challenge already through five minutes. On preceding firefighters units in the entrance homes occurred a strong out but to escape. Chief executive 64B fire was taken decision about evacuation all tenants Owl. People, living higher fifth building, on which occurred conflagration, were saved identify gazodymozaschitnoy services. Just ognebortsami was rescued 44 human, even 98 tenants homes was evacuated, reports press service regional governance, uh, disastrous FEMA.

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Interestingly, and that on astonishing 43 there is. T. K. Today watched Canal Fighter and Russian boxer advocating Mexico, defended title champion in average weight, seems, released on defended in sombreros with figure 43. As told commentator, that in Mexico had stolen 43 student and like voted mafia for what not said. And all who made there wear figure 43, type "I-Charly." Looked and like forgot. Through hour, I could even watch again what the fighter beats, only 43 already on running shoes.
The next step, we sneak for month 911!



The number of victims bombings on a in China increased until 44 man

The original of the news RT on Russian:



44 humanhave become victims of double terroristin Nigeria




#p36788,Vint wrote:

Number of victims bombings on a in China increased until 44 man

First it had increased to 17 man, but this was wrong, now until 44, this rate … 7_chelovek

Number of victims explosion in China increased until 17 man

Growth can scarcely continues after such figures




With starters 2015 on territory Crimea drowned because 44 human

Sumskaya area
For summer in Sumy and area head drown in here 44 human

Kharkіvska area
With starters painted bathing season in Kharkiv and area on water died 44 human

, 2000 the brink
With starters painted bathing season in stavropolskikh reservoirs drowned because 44 human … 87165.html

Rostov area
With the beginning of the year in Rostov area drowned because 44 human … che-609766

of Vladivostok
Meeting in Vladivostok in district 44 th quays drowned seaman

With starters official discoveries painted bathing season, i.e. with starters June, in the capital drowned because 44 human … 7-water-0/

N.Novgorod area
With the beginning of the year on reservoirs Nizhny Novgorod area died 44 human

Omsk motorway area
Adjusted for today’s tragedies in Omsk Oblast with starters season drowned because already 44 rights.

Tyumen area
This figure several less, than in Environmental period past year,
Then water claimed life 44 people.

kvebekskaya area
In a whole, 44 man drowned because in this year in Quebec, that less than in average over the past five years. Security on water in Quebec and on national level significantly has improved over the past 20 years. … le4414496/

North Carolina … rips-beach
44 man drowned because in district Outer Banks over the last six years. This includes in themselves 11 of those who drowned dead in Nags Head and five in Avon.

Texas the brink
At least, 11 children died in Tarrantskom, Dallasskom and Parkerskom areas summer this year, in accordance with report by another Texas Department protective services. At least, 44 child drowned because in Capetown, not believing drowned your baby in Monday,. … /30449301/

All, according to Igamberdieva, with the beginning of the year from embody water in upper respiratory path (under, bathing in reservoirs, hit in campuses, choking on in bathtubs and camping on D.) died 504 human, in including 44 teenage Thai.

blue the Gulf
44 human itemized to be lost without to wage and we fear that they sank

44 human survived having reached swim, after as ferry it turned over. 200 people died. … 1407136451

According to, collected by the from policemen reports, ranging with 14 July, at least 44 man drowned because across country, while three human remain to be lost without to wage. … sCatID=341




bothRangers, Army / overland troops / the US that produced exercises in American state of Florida, have suffered from strike electric storm. About this reported in Thursday the American Belsoyuzdruk Xi-392-392.

Military personnel were hospitalized. As marks, in the time, when occurred incident, their teach as times the, as correctly behave during thunderstorms and avoid strike electric storm.

In exercises, expectancy which must was draft 10 days, ???? participation 44 the ranger. Those of them, who not suffered, continue to coaching received.

Here is they like these figures

( CNN)When lightning struck 44Army Rangers this week in Florida, leaving 11in the hospital, jaws must have dropped. What are the odds of that?
Originally 17were hospitalized, and late Wednesday, 11of them -- nine students and two instructors -- were still in the hospital.

Omeriga. Ru)

reportedly, that 31cadet in Thursday, 13August, returned to take, but for them continue to to wage intensified medical surveillance.

Rangers represent military teams, which quickly 25 January 1959 Fidel Castro activities in mountain, desert and marshy communities, where often spend special target operations. Injured people students received blow electric storm on 7 thdays 10-dnevnogo appreciation training.



Today 14 :5 7
On board that crashed passenger plane ATR airlines Trigana similarly Service were 44 adults passenger, five children and five members crew. Likely, all they died.
Recall, the link with most was lost in district province Papua through 33 minutes after his takeoff. Jet committed flight between cities Hollandia, Papua, Indonesia and Oksibil and, on unknown until reasons, he crashed in mountain.



44 humandied from biosafety

statistics, methyl
10 March 2016
For January this year in Bashkortostan recorded 313 cases pressing biosafety of them 44 – with unit that outcome. As reports European RB, among those who had died – 40,9% get ptomaine poisoning from the murder carbon, Alcohol-Containing Products few commodities – 25,0%, medicinal drugs – 4.5%, in other substances – 29.5%.
From biosafety Alcohol-Containing Products few commodities died 11 people. The lethal outcomes registered in Sterlitamak – 1, Ufa – 5, in Aurgazinskiy, Buzdyaksky, Iglinskii, Khaibullin and Ianaul'ski areas on one man.
“Pokazatel biosafety medicinal drugs averaged 1.6 on 100 thousands of population. Under this in 35 cases from 67 medicinal means, drugs and biological substances were upotrebleny with goal suicide. In January 2016 recorded 6 cases biosafety had established substances in cities Meleuz became – 3 human, project – 1, Sterlitamak – 1, and one person – with unit that outcome in Ufa ”, – told the in office.

Was evacuated 44 human

Of smog-iiiaiyoaaeee in Sevastopol was evacuated 44 human
06 February 2016,
Last at night, 5 February, on a fire in Sevastopol was evacuated 44 human, in including six children.
On information governance Ministry of Emergency Situations on Misto Sevastopol 'Municipality, have burned basement residential iiiaiyoaaeee on Corso Victory.
"Porch residential homes was strongly is toxic. Ognebortsami was recruited link gazodymozaschitnoy services, which started to evacuation tenants and tusheniyu of reverting. Rescuers cabinet members – Secretary all apartment, have inhabitants and rescue their on fresh air. For order to secure people from methyl products combustion, under evacuation enforced means individual protection organs breathing. Just were evacuated 44 human, in including six children ", – heard a in press service departments.
After as government employment fully fire put out zagorevshiesya in the basement mattresses,, ports, blankets and that household garbage, all 2010 – Affordability continues have been able to return in their apartment.



Injured 44 passenger

11 February 2016
In Egypt train he crashed in is fence, injured 44 passenger
No one not died, but several tens of man proved in hospital.
In Egypt tens of people injured in a result accident with by train not far from Cairo. Today sooner on the morning train he crashed in is fence and gone with derails, is handing Internet publication Gordon with refers on local media.

Reportedly, that in a result clashes with concrete block front part of one of wagons climbed on several meters in air.
On place reports profits doctors. Minister health Egypt’s Jamal al-Dzhokhari told, that in a result accident no one not died. On his data, injured 44 human, their delivered in hospital.

Publication notes, that Egyptians already long complain, that government not can provide observance basic guarantees security on automobile and's iron roads countries. For recent years happened several large accidents. Already in this year in a result mass traffic accident on speed a highway at least 21 man died, 16 were injured.



44 человека попали в реанимацию из-за гриппа

За прошедшие сутки, 26 января, в столице зарегистрировано 7 559 больных гриппом и ОРВИ
Следить за темой Добавить в блокнотПоделиться:Поделиться в Facebook Поделиться в Вконтакте Поделиться в Twitter Поделиться в Одноклассниках Поделиться в Google+
В Киеве 44 человека попали в реанимацию из-за гриппа
За прошедшие сутки, 26 января, в столице зарегистрировано 7 559 больных гриппом и ОРВИ. Об этом информируют в Департаменте здравоохранения КГГА.

"Количество госпитализированных за сутки 26 января 2016 года в стационар Киева несколько увеличилась - на лечение поступило 111 больных ОРВИ (64 детей и 47 взрослых), 37 больных гриппом (2 детей и 35 взрослых)", - говорится в сообщении.

44 человека арестовано за скачивание пиратских торрентов

28 февраля 2016
В результате рейдов полиция задержала 44 человека по подозрению в скачивании пиратских файлов. Рейды инициировали крупные ассоциации, которые представляют интересы владельцев авторского контента.

Как стало известно, полицейские Японии объехали около 93 мест в 29 префектурах страны с 16 по 18 февраля. Задержанные за скачивание програм, музыкальных композиций, видео и аниме, включая 55-летнего офисного работника, будут оштрафованы на сумму приблизительно от 2 до 90 тысяч долларов. Более того, задержанным грозит тюремное заключение сроком до 10 лет.



44 sick

24 February
The number of sick swine flu in Voronezh area with starters epidemiological season accounting for 443 human, of which 44 have an illness on last week, reports in Monday, governance Rospotrebnadzor region.

Voronezhskaya area it turned out one of the most troubled lands regions Russia on of disease had influenza and ARVI, in including swine flu. In January number of cases flu A (H1N1) 09 accounting for 192 human, for period with 1 on 15 February — 207 cases


"Swine" flu hit in Karelia already 44 human

15 February
In comparison with previous week of marks lowering number of sick had influenza and ARVI among just population on 13.4%, reports Karelian governance Rospotrebnadzor.
For-gone week recorded 10930 cases disease ARVI and influenza. Figure of disease averaged 172,8 on 10 thousands of population. Level of of disease ARVI and had influenza among aggregate population higher epidemicheskogo threshold on compounds – by 79.8% expense of all age groups.

For-gone week we checked 35 sick ARVI, in 17 cases allocated virus flu A (H1N1), in camping on CHAMPION Three children in age 0-2 year, three children – 3-6 years, 1 schoolchild, 10 adults, not vaccinated against flu 15 people.

Thus, “swine ” flu high point have 44 man.

98th in 12 February in ties with heightened morbidity ARVI among children were routinely halted classes in 130 mortar in 44 schools, in 28 groups in 21 Doe.

Let's note, that 8 February became known, that in Pudozhsky district Karelia 47-year-old man died from "swine" flu.



the US
From-for debunk storm died 44 human

26 January 2016

In the US is growing the number of deaths from-for dacha debunk storm in eastern and central states. In the latest data victims of population itemized already 44 human, is handing Associated Press.

Mostly people Palestinians in a result drops, traffic accident, biosafety carbon monoxide gas, heart attacks, during cleaning Snow.

Overall damage from storm can draft reached record amount in $3 billion Here mostly includes losses from closing stores, companies, offices.

44 humanfound guilty unrest

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 19 February / Xinhua / -- A two human were recognized court convicted in involvement in unrest in district Vantszyao / Mongkok / ATS Hong Kong,.

On real moment police rounded up in a common complexity 69 suspects and set participation 44 of them in unrest, still one of suspects was recognized convicted on article illegal assembly.

Two were today before the court man -- 22-year-old student local Institute and 29-year-old janitor.

On the border rounded up 44 human, suspects in links with Stock

Turkish military took under the custody of in the frontier with Syria province "Kee-lis" 23 human, suspects in links with terrorist group “Islamic State ” (activities this organizations prohibited on territory Russia and in a series of other countries). About this with refers on information The Daily Star reports “Interfax. ” In turn the Lebanese publication refers on statement Turkish armed forces.
Marks, that detention were produced on the eve, when sponsor, newcomers are from Syria, tried to penetrate in district Elbeyli. The Daily Star writes, that aside from adults suspects detained 21 teenager.
In the past year Western countries – allies Turkey on NATO repeatedly called for Ankara by strengthen guard borders with Syria. Subsequently after series of the terrorist attacks, in which Turkey accused “Islamic State ”, Ankara all-??? passed measures to strengthen security on Turkish-Syrian border.

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