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Wystawienniczym movie "The trauma RT"

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An eyewitness to with video explosion stop
01 :1 9

Documentary film pro work its members in Donetsk. The film "The trauma."
Driver the emergency aid, brigade militias.
03 :0 4



франческа wrote:

the Witness is with video explosion stop
01 :1 9

Documentary film pro pabotu its members in Donetsk. The film "The trauma."
Boditel the emergency aid, brigade militias.
03 :0 4

Brilliantly, Francesca.

And here to us a whole proposal for to come out right then!

gav wrote:

Anton, it is time.

Wait, wait, wait.
I still on stopping their a couple not found.

Times comrade is laundering its creativity directly with street address drafts, then, stalbyt, the entire proposal for there and there is.
Here is this proposal for "MK Donbas" - … show=31434
Here is with this street address: 83004,, Donetsk, str. Batischeva, 2a) (district ““ ”). T.: (062) 387-57-36

And want immediately on entire burqa watch. When they still here will be rewarded with)

designer Valentin!

Where still fotki drafts?

Here on video you more, than imposed on them fot.


A direct from falling on Bus station "Center." Zaboroneniy Donbas



франческа wrote:

Dokumentalnyy the film pro work its members in Donetsk. The film "The trauma."
Trauma Russia Today Documentary English

The film bomb, alone stars is deducted, familiar increasingly faces. Francesca instead asked three hundred journals on couple of weeks forward. 8-)

Episode, when "quick aid" is evacuating children from one seats the shelling in the other.
Children lie to not are at. Is that girl a one mournfully told increasingly that she thinks about these are the jerks, which to spaces toured, forced covering up and under cell pass to machine.

Woman attests to heroism militias that brought it its father,. And to not killed and from sin on-further, not suggests, that themselves same "militias" and undermined the place, on which rolled up, for recent corpses.


Militia-an eyewitness to tells that himself saw as fascists bombed a bus station "Center" in Donetsk.
Driver "the ER" knows far need to go in movie RT "The trauma"

As see on slap, both role plays one and the same the Creature from the, accepted external ethos rights.



And here is and letting editor of there is at least.
From "MK Donbas" … show=31434
Toil in movie "The trauma" in "at Central Medical Sanitary Unit militias DNR" - 0 :1 3

You when work unable, tovaristshtchi journalists? On asking a basic profile of the - there is in mind?
As manages "work everywhere and immediately"?

And as something strange "undefended and without inhabitants Donbas" chislite among different other creatures, after dogs. And still who in it enters? Parent motsk rossiyanskikh dwellers?


“News ” 23 January 2015 all from falling in a trolley bus, Donetsk Bosse 22 01 2015
03 :4 5

And from the same movie "The trauma"
26 :4 3



Бухтияр Ж. wrote:

1425 (11884.46 RBK Money and further) Something just flashed up familiar face.
The still mrazotsekh

Бухтияр Ж. wrote:

A here is the availability of "Oleh Rozumovsky-Mikhail Mikhailovich Roshchin."
Upper part of left ukha characteristically is sticking out.
(Truth, have "Vujan" lot more, got 3 have goblin)


By the way on voice-over. The right fighters in naval ?? conditions brilliant kokardy
Not tseplyayut ,-zelenyya! :flag:
And have these paint erased nah-dream the sniper.

Precisely on this mrazyuka immediately and thought. The Middle circle the writers-globalistov)
Mobilize the entire between Treasury of resource on mass the scene in debilo-films. This something!
Although whom I want to see, there is still no.

Валентин wrote:

Don’t g?t t? d? with it Barnaul! There half of people were from 95 Airmobile brigades and the lieutenant colonel Oleg Kuzminykh, commander battalion Zhytomyr 95 th separate Airmobile brigades scum a particular kind of, who served under his start affirmed.

Шухер wrote:

Far-or not very-legendirovannye collaborators OAOAEa. Simply there is no sense seek coincidentally-their implement a in all sotsproekty (create legend) "family", "zhurnalizdy", "mothers-Pope", "the switch", "militias" and camping on D.
Cursory the search for nothing an active not will give, except as make sure in available counterfeit bank notes. Dig need to deeper-when I got myself a on (not would not be surprised that shortly "until hours's"), Bartnik abroad (supposedly "recreation on Mediterranean Sea") and camping on D. In such a same spirit. And this already footprint-think spies not all are on team. And here smacks of act intelligence services. And in this the forest can be get lost. Forever.

The jig is up
designer Valentin

This muynyu forum not is debating. Want soaring motsk "war" and the actions inorazvedok in the "war" - ??? ?? ? ? a million resources, on, blow there. Here with this to do nothing to acquire.

To you I have only one question.
This the only reason, on which you not zwabial with Forum together with all smіttyam, which you here subject beat (those more, that "designer Valentin" previous purposeful an age on creativity "MK Donbas" deserved knockout already repeatedly).

Ah and in a badge of gratitude for Japanese the surrender such Frizier mrazo-plan - get back a little.

Свернутый текст

(incidentally, who stock moderators, pounosite in what-thread subject for, deprive me of it Remy-, which couple just got hustled, and the I if'll-I'll take, then diagonal position all vykoshu, entire subject concocting an elaborate lifelong lie :mad:)

Simple question: As you from people have made creatures?
I this indeed not expected, to in mrazo-circus joined the entire proposal for, all completely.
That such a have made with humans.
Ideas? There is no such ideas, sake of which man becomes creature.
Bought? Frightened? Yes ah see. Individual individuals can be buy, individual intimidate, but raze not all.

Here is'm on you in old sessions: still people. Pole drinking, yes. With to train station every the second. But this OK proposal for. They all and everywhere such. In one Donetsk not one dozen revisions. And'm on creativity - copyright have become all.

Свернутый текст

Why something tens of revisions not make what makes "MK Donbas." And why something "rusvyosny" with "antifashizdami" incisions in San Francisco, not in Donetsk. That you such a have made with specifically these - mostly - people?

Either, I believe, nothing to acquire you to do in Forum.

Will continue creative display.

MK Donbas. Mrazo-the film "The trauma"

"Is she the injured shelling Tanja."
Anna Kurtsanovskaya 33 year,, Donetsk, Ukraine.

Here is what your friends not should've stayed in Israel. With his something thinly-sensitive mentality and overeating, - yes in such a incited travellers!

Alexey Gushanskiy 39 years, Eilat served, Israel -

In life grade to, think. And until tvarnoy metamorphosis tends, and after.

Violette very 26 years, the Red Liman, Ukraine -

Natalia Pavlishina (Zastavskaya), Donetsk, Ukraine -

And made so demureness're smiling, Ruslan? Colleagues ??? ?? ? ? even 4000m2 as well as ukhikhikalis.

Ruslan Andrei Khodykin 40 years,, Donetsk, Ukraine -

Unambitious role, but deal not in character role, and in involvement.
They all still believers. With "vareniki" congratulate friends-friends and camping on D.
And wasn belief not teaches: Cannot be lie to, this sin!
And here is took and they have lied to with their entire faith - around the world. As so?

Galina Kostyuchenko 59 years,, Donetsk, Ukraine -

Vityushka in soldiers, Agravaine in childhood not done playing with it.
The old same you clot - and there OK.
Viktor Sidorov 54 year, Khartsyzk, Ukraine -

Representative extensive artistichesogo family Mikhedko starred in "Trauma Unit" - ???? as on its workplace in scenes with klounami- "workers opolchenskoy Medical Commanding." - 13 :2 6

Angela Novikov (MIKhEDKO) 37 years, Konstantinovka (disambiguation), Ukraine -

Here is made you with wife homes on-after execution not fare, interpreter-straykbolist goddamn oinker?
With old this is under the dark of night on abandoned homes sharoopitsya - this steep? Ugh on you.

Dmitri Teslenok 34 year, Konstantinovka (disambiguation), Ukraine -



In / President MK in Donbas "there is LLC" Printing house "New the world" (fundamentals. In 1992), regularly vozmuschayuschaya public)) Printing house in 2011 has purchased the have Yanukovych copyrights and vested rights on all books, written and nenapisannye, reparation fee in the sum 2 million dollars. Year later paid extra still 2 million



Ruslan Andrei Khodykin, 40 years Ukraine,, Donetsk.
Has appeared in movie "The trauma"
Role doctor on 6 :1 6
Nor with whatever hospitals not stems
His each. Look like on aide
Sergei Ageev,40 years, Torez, Ukraine
9 :1 2 -



Galina Kostyuchenko59 years,, Donetsk, Ukraine
6 :4 0 -
Role in movie - teacher reception, okay



Dmitri Teslenok34 year, Konstantinovka (disambiguation), Ukraine
9 :1 6
9 :3 3



Valery from 40 th apartment on 9 st floor
He first plays role ”, which around empty pipe punched roof down, technical floor and ceiling. Experts said that this "SMERCH."
Already in next episode, this same Valery plays role-led women, which played "wife easily injured husband."

On 12 :5 3 - woman in the upper of advisers played small insect which was followed, which shell-splinter into hands. She type only that came. Doctor said that she in a fugue able. Woman told, that its husband not strongly life has, simply scratches and bruised, and it inherited on most don't want. In so a difficult minute husband with it why something there is no.

On 18 :5 1 - this same woman, as hostess, injects Valera in house and reports "today already a little more festive." T. E. She only that came with Commissioner can hands, but already faced visitors and tells them about able health their close relatives.

Kinobrigada WTA all these dramatic moments. :D

Valerina close, worried about pleats, which lay in in another the chamber. Gut, this is so nice and so on of idiot, can you.
How many same umishcha something need, to devise such cute dialogue? :confused:



19 :4 1-19 :4 5
And for good reason she in theatrical not came, withdrew would a compelling Eurystheus actress



Olga Sergienko (Popova) 41 year, thanks, Ukraine



woman Jewish Tanya
Family of history.
21 :0 0 - more comfortable the operating room group airshed on "the emergency" in nightlife, Donetsk. Toured, grandmother, wound in the groin, nothing not drug it, obstructed by the, passed half an hour of exercise, we'll load, 're taking. 're taking, decline, petting on cheek.
22 :3 5 - are smuggled by Tanya in "shock." Here I and constructive attention, what created debilnyy audiofon. For-the-scenes guy is faring the remaining, if not to pay attention, then seems as in the usual movies, and if listen even times, then understandable, that are espoused by seasoned idiots.
23 :1 5 - Tanya dispatched on the operating the table, doors have closed. Nothing to acquire to do outsiders in s operating, in s operating sterility, increasingly very strictly. But what there. Operation let us sack on cell.
23 :3 0 - monitor should be directed accurately in eyes eye surgeon, but moviemakers and this know not know, he have them not there shows. I was on operations, know that this such.
23 :3 5 - surgeon tells any stories, and begin operating who will) it is unclear. A beam hole obey, the beam output hole front. We will brighten tatyanino wound:
There is no here no holes. Iodine simply long 6 courses tier for layer by layer and blot became black. 8-)
Surgeon works by filling stories, that "on snapshots pathologies there is no, bones are intact." o.O . Surgeon not specifies, in what office and when typically recognized do take pictures.
23 :5 5 - heart rate monitor on the put on not on the should sit. Me had placed on some from medium-size, and hand tied the, to not unseated the. And they this know not know.

24 :1 5 - miracles mounting. Nurse already neck to Tanne on envisaging. The first male not on the third day? There is no, not heard. Increasingly should be quickly and immediately, seams skhvatyvatsya not necessarily.
Tanja in that not was, ah this okay,, but when it managed night’s sleep after narcosis and operations?
She already in good the atomic spirit and she speaks all with care, with whom already met. Operator not has time cell rotate, trying to not miss an important tannin narrative,. The kind tells chotko without share of embarrassment. Women not shy of cameras, not throw out thugs with kinoapparatami,. Nor in bare the form of, not during Genital gabfests, increasingly nor on fix. Ah yes, increasingly so and should be in life :D

Last edited by горожанин (Apr 21 2015 06:39:11)



Dmitry" wrote:

Valery from 40 th apartment on 9 st floor
He first plays role ”, which around empty pipe punched roof down, technical floor and ceiling. Experts said that this "SMERCH."
Already in next episode, this same Valery plays role-led women, which played "wife easily injured husband."

Easy wearing - just something two birthmarks - and Valery turns into Ruslana.
Have which again apartment were bombed.
Indeed do, Ruslan in Valera, because Ruslana cast before.
The documentary project NewsFront: “Donbas. On lines ceasefire. ” The film 6 th: “New Russia (region). A new 2015.. ” 18 + Ruslan with 25 :4 5 -



Pro skirt asks daughter Valera)) Sai Baba temple Tanja, for which go on 21 th minute, on 11-oops minute video already lies on a gurney in s operating-in sight, when Oxies, them, dead sack bringing. Perhaps, under mounting mixed up the ranking events.



4 :0 1 - - have us in Uglegorsk, Sakhalin Oblast corpses adamlarsa no one not ran out of. -Sobaki women were meat. - Nobody on our televisions this not show, only me show.
14 :2 9 - - medicate Ukrainian good inside, already zamuchilis their treat



Dmitry" wrote:

4 :0 1 - - have us in Uglegorsk, Sakhalin Oblast corpses adamlarsa no one not ran out of. -Sobaki women were meat. - Nobody on our televisions this not show, only me show.
14 :2 9 - - medicate Ukrainian good inside, already zamuchilis their treat

Irina Negodaeva (Kozyukova) 34 year,, Donetsk, Ukraine

Profession "family doctor." Place labor activities identifies a Center primary health care aid # 9 Propulsion Of Donetsk
And TsGKB # 6 (in people "shlakovaya"), incidentally speaking in village Bosse, on str. Clinical, 11. About 2 kilometers on enough malolyudnoy road, enough conveniently for delivery "props" in "caught under mortar shelling of a trolley bus # 17."


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