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Literature and programs for analysis information

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Strongly recommend to read:

Viktor Sorochenko Encyclopedia methods propaganda(How us process media, policy and advertisements)



With allowing the Elementaland down a citizen:)

Attack on the mind. Cycle articles about encoding process subconscious

Subconscious coding (in dependence from relations his still call Уzombirovaniem Ф,У neyrolingvisticheskim programming Ф, УNeti Pot brain drain Ф and camping on D.) is based on peculiarities perception utterance speech. Certain a combination of zvukobukv (phonemes), various ratio the deaf-a phoned-, shock-resonant (sound) and camping on D. Utterance by themselves bear diverse set emotional Army, which we perceive, not committing itself in this the report, camping on E. unconsciously. by combining scale, Kirchners words, amounting phrase, can be until limit strengthen emotional weapon the or another better targeted, obtain contemporaries used organized, Уpowered up Ф the text, regardless of sense incumbent on subconscious.

Technology subconscious social there is with longstanding since the. Today principles neyrokodirovaniya use obvious when drafting texts for advertising rollers or, for example, electoral agitation. Is obtained, that with the help such texts, bypassing the of our domestic "the censor" (consciousness), us packed in podkorku emotions and information, through which and try to to manage our actions (guide in right for "or neuro-operators" direction).

About how that this such, where and as applies, and about many ways friend read in articles cycle.

Attack on the mind

1. The introduction. That such neyrokodirovanie?
2. УDual in head Ф young andУ easy money Ф from old.
3. niches idols. УRama Ф over Russians meadows
4. nezrimye strokes in history and if recent dryness
5. furnace Уworld fire Ф andУ a plug Ф demographics
6. sacrifice young rams and as protect itself from defender of
7. Attack on the mind ,-Attack body
8. 1938. Diseases and drug in one package. Media-, drug addiction for podsazhivaniya on УCommon Agricultural Russia Ф
9. The Awakening a bestiary with
10. Уsubconscious transgenetika Ф in the name of and on goodУ transgenizatsii Ф agriculture
11. Уa neurolingual rap Ф and fills the global networks
12. Attack on the mind as component an elected show
13. s Уbulls. Ф Or neuro-peephole in masterful puppeteers
14. Parazitirovanie on largely an instinct game. УTransgennye injections Ф subconscious as venue state
15. Neo-cubism in the Police and pans. Уa neurolingual scid Ф modern russkogabout
16. Theatre one actor
17. State struggle for the health the young as water on mill film, in the

Note: Material was Iranian in 2000Тs.



swed.loki wrote:

Since allowing the Elemental and down a citizen

A bit matrichno. Because this was in newspapers, and vnematrichnye affairs in peer-approved publications official media is impossible. But the most smallness of. Some filter all same need to include.



swed.loki wrote:

Since allowing the Elemental

Yes, not question! :) Anaaaa please)

PS put boiling water exile on the subject have themselves in post.

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In cycle "Attack on the mind" A city type used program analysis suggestivnykh features of texts "DiaTone v2.41."
The latter version of this product withdrew in 2004 and is called "Slovodel." This is quite powerful program, third themselves.

The main elements and the functional opportunities programs.
the Partition- shell of permitting the open, create, maintain, print and edit text documents (files type Х .txt), Hua in the system correctly the prescribed Office version of 98 + are buoyed by Х .doc files.
Sound Symbolism text- the main function programs, is designed for identify hidden signs of text.
Sound Symbolism words- more frame a detailed fonosemanticheskiy analysis.
Golden feeding- finds and is committing in the text "golden feeding."
Tsvetozvukovye associations- analyzes unit text, bringing together all him appropriate color of.
Rhythm brain- reflects influence text on various types of storming activity.
Diaskan- scans the text in searching for inadequate (neudovletvoryayuschikh specified set signs of) words.
Generator names- creates words (dialects.) on a particular set signs of.
frequency vocabulary- set of functions for analysis lexicon text: From falling in emperor into a mythic core, stylistic performance (indices Mistrika) and exactly frequency vocabulary text.

For of drafting the to view texts it enjoy many PR agencies, boards, spin and camping on D.
Full labor version of is worth 1,000 killed raccoons and in networks there is no broken options, but there is democracy-version of, permitting the analyze separately taken words.
Download Slovodel (democracy)

Installing programs.
Run the self-extracting archive demoslovodel.exe, follow the instructions programs.
Please!To convenience decompress by default produced in catalogue "C:\ Program Files\ Vedium\ Slovodel", in this same catalogue is installing blown version of programs. If you already set other products Vediuma caveat Be careful what you post. If set other version of programs Diaton or Slovodel, fixation democracy version of can their hurt, beware.
After installations wear an, if not happened automatic create, labels to program, file diaton.exe.
Run program, register, introducing serial Number DEMOA-DEMOB-DEMOC-DEMOD.
Run program. Koristuytes and skills!

be forthcoming with establish in catalogue C:\ Slovodel otherwise can not boot.

–аботать с программой очень просто

ѕример от разработчика программы

Name human Ц the most frequent mantra,. Indeed, name of defines his personТs self, understanding of himself. Moreover, name of human largely defines the, as and how belong surrounding to service provider's this name.
Known also, that modern names not have vividly acesta acorda incredere Guvernului formalisms meaning, and if and have, then for his establishing needs turn to special dictionary made. But in life we rarely appeal to the dictionary attack, us enough only of sounding. And that means, that when we hear any name of, then perceive precisely his phonetic significance. So should turn special attention on analysis behalf of (reverie attended by) facility analysis. So,. The fractal the most preferred them option own behalf of, and by analysing his under aid programs, you can to do some forecasts about his the fighting qualities and domestic sets.
Tick the most acceptable options, and options behalf of with negative fonosemanticheskimi of the hallmarks of try to exclude from advertising messages and situations studying trafficking.
Shall analyze options behalf of Alexander and consider climate phonetic meaning in matter, what option this behalf of is used:

As see, fonosemantika behalf of varies between: Options Sasha and or leadership rather are negative and their ageand only degree of "otritsatelnosti", and option Alexander qualitatively featured from other options. So is worth advise service provider's this behalf of and in mundane life use "the most the heroic" option his behalf of, 's themselves solely on victory. This same a near certainty can be use, nurturing own children or staff, choosing name of for newborn baby and etc.

With the help this software tool can be analyze names, name, headlines and camping on D., to understand, what information want to deposit us in subconscious aside from the main semantic burden words.



The Internet-service, an analogous democracy-version of "Slovodela", built on those same principles ,-designed Aleksander Pavlovich of Russia Zhuravlyovym.

‘оносемантический анализ слов (фамилии, имЄн, названий)

Any word possesses two senses. The first - word as symbol, denotes the purse currency any object or process, the second Ц word as set of utterance, which itself causes have human reaction. So as consciousness adult human is busy under audialnom perceptions of words predominantly the first sense, is the second Ц reaction on word as on set of utterance passes unconsciously and is being experienced man in the form of some leap emotional background. This very the second sense words received name fonosemanticheskogo meaning.

Every breath human speech possesses certain they are an importance. First time these meaning with the help survey big audience became to set American Charles osgood. For Russian language these meaning in its time defined Soviet the cognitive scientist, Dr. of Philological Sciences Zhuravlev A. P. In a result his my doctorate dissertations was established fonosemanticheskoe significance every understanding sound Russian speech. ќн с помощью опроса многотыс€чной аудитории определил качественные характеристики каждого звука русской речи, а именно каким он €вл€етс€ по следующим 25 шкалам: хороший - плохой, красивый - отталкивающий, радостный - печальный, светлый - темный, легкий - т€желый, безопасный - страшный, добрый - злой, простой - сложный, гладкий - шероховатый, округлый - угловатый, большой - маленький, грубый - нежный, мужественный - женственный, сильный - слабый, холодный - гор€чий, величественный - низменный, громкий - тихий, могучий - хилый, веселый - грустный, €ркий - тусклый, подвижный - медлительный, быстрый - медленный, активный - пассивный.

All sounds Russian language on these heartbeat segmentation capabilities estimates. In turn, the qualitative fonosemanticheskie scale as well allow assess influence utterance on mental state of rights. Every word consists of utterance, and naturally, that for estimates impact on human words as set of utterance needs on appropriate calculations determine the general fonosemanticheskoe significance elements of this word utterance on all 25 heartbeat. This perhaps under force only computer, so as manually until the emergence of in our country computers this analysis former hours and only with the emergence of computer technologies fonosemanticheskiy analysis words became borrow of seconds. In basis of computer programs УFonosemanticheskiy analysis words Ф ended principle fonosemanticheskogo analysis with coherent psikholingvisticheskoy interpretation results this analysis.

Jump on page service
Page can block antivirus, this stems with work programs-scripts.
If not distrustful this site, then better not visit!



AnalizPisem.RUЧ allows analyze texts size of from 500 until 5,000 symbols.
Outcome is issued as description of sentiments / fortune rights. This interpretation is suited with perspective estimates everyday ordinary communication ordinary people, but if analyze the text, written on grandstanding, it will be already not mood author, and the into cannon fodder, which the author deliberately wants to infect reader.

ќписание сервиса

Princip analysis enough simple - each he or Russian language possesses a certain frequency often, and every breath human speech possesses certain they are an importance. First time these meaning with the help survey big audience became to set American Charles osgood. For Russian language these meaning in its time defined Soviet the cognitive scientist, Dr. of Philological Sciences Zhuravlev A. P. In a result his my doctorate dissertations was established fonosemanticheskoe significance every understanding sound Russian speech. He with the help survey mnogotysyachnoy audience defined the qualitative characteristics every understanding sound Russian speech, namely somehow he is on the next 25 heartbeat:

A good - bad,
A handsome - push-back,
Joyous - the sad,
Enlightened - dark,
Easy - severe,
Safer - a ghastly,
Dobryi - the angry,
Simple - complex,
Smooth - hairy,
Rounded - angled,
Big - a small,
Crude - gentle,
The courageous - brend is feminine,
A strong - weak,
Cold - hotheaded,
Majestic - abominable,
Resounding - a soft-spoken,
The mighty - muscularly challenged,
Cheerful - sad,
Vivid - it's a pale,
Freakish labyrinths - slow,
Rapid - slow,
Active - passive.

All sounds Russian language on these heartbeat segmentation capabilities estimates. In turn, the qualitative fonosemanticheskie scale as well allow assess influence utterance on emotional state of rights and contrary, determine as mood cheloeka finds expression in those or other sounds - more precisely letters text letters. Each he or Russian language possesses a certain frequency often. Respectively, if people in letter consume certain sounds (hew) more often or ostentatious their average frequency of often, then these sounds possess for this human a certain to Racan's instinctive relevance. In turn, this and characterizes mood rights.

To analysis letters, needs remember, that than in short analiziruemoe letter and less material for analysis - those in a lesser extent grimly accurate results. Desirable, to length letters was not less 1,000 symbols. Also, very important, to you analyze the text or letter contained least special terms. This analysis will crabfishing on dedicated texts, he counts precisely on letters personal character.



There is still and such a progressive Rock (convenient and intuitively simple in circulation). On capacity analysis - not thankful that any argue.

Analysis text: Vaal-mini 1.5

ѕрограмма дл€ комплексного анализа emotionaland fonosemanticheskogoimpact on humantextsand individual words.

For estimates impact are used special scale as well.
Specialists in area yazykovedeniya and psychology long noticed, that every word, proposal or even a host the text bear in itself not only purely plan strain, but and psychological. This means, that one thing and the same expression of, that different words, can differently to influence human, in dependence from fonosemanticheskoy painting every separately fact words in it.

Until 90Тs past century many companies world spent huge sums of money for pay work specialists, which engaged in selection blagozvuchnykh names for a new products and brands. But in 1992 group enthusiasts catching me on an off goal create computer program, which avtomatizirovala would the entire this process. Project received name - god ofd arkness. The result more than 15-year activities creative groups project has become program god ofd arkness-mini-( on todayТs day already 8-I version of).

Let us consider area use of this programsaccording to with recommendations official site:
Sostavlenie texts speeches with in advance preset characteristics impact on potential audience.
Active the formation emotional relations to political foreignerwith hand various social groups.
Sostavlenie emotionally tinted advertising articles.
Search the most successful names and trade brands.
Psikho- and hypnotherapy.
The implicit psychological testing and national diagnosis.
The creation lung in usvoenii educational materials.
Scientific research in area category: Psycholinguistics and of related with its amelioration disciplines.
Journalismand other spheres activities, use in as a tool 's Up.
The sociological evidence about and pragmatics research.
Information war.
Content-analysis texts.
Monitoring media.

System also allows:
Assess neosoznavaemoe emotional impact a predictable structures texts and individual words on subconscious rights.
Ship types- wet words with preset fonosemanticheskimi characteristics.
Ask characteristics the desired impact and deliberately edit texts for achievements quoted characteristics.
Correct the text on elected parameters too.
Of a much on various social and professional groups people who can be allocated on by they vocabulary.
Assess sound-color characteristics texts.
Produce factor analysis data with the ensuing visualization results.
Exercise fully-fledged content-analysis text on large number of specifically our of built categories.
Produce emotionally-Speaking analysis texts.

How see, list options use god ofd arkness-mini-very open and can engage a wide circle users.

Consider program in action.

For starters, we can torrent archive with program and establish the the very program on your computer. Are launching .exe file and "decide" with all, that us offer. After standard procedures installation on job table will emerge labeled Vaal-mini - they`ve parcel - a pitcher with as India(a genie, perhaps :-)).

Functions and governance program.

Launching program, you see window, a similar on the standard "WordPad" Windows.

Interface - very woodgrain. His conditional support can be share on 2 parts of: "Button governance" and "menu."


--button "Create", creates a new document.

--button "View", opens already the existing document (only format .txt).

--button "Save", retains the current document.

--button "Print", allows print out the current the text.

--button "Cancel", allows abolish the last action.

--button "cut", purges highlighted part of text in buffer exchange, with the ensuing opportunity insert.

--button "Copy from", copies highlighted part of text in buffer exchange.

--button "Paste", injects the fragment text from buffer exchange.

- field for entry individual words.

--button "Estimation of words", allows produce fonosemanticheskiy analysis one imposed words.

--button "Estimation of text", allows produce fonosemanticheskiy analysis whole text.

- panel choice language for analysis.


- this menu allows create a new document, open the existing, or preserve the current. Also with his help can be produce configuration parameters press and print out document.

- this menu gives opportunity to work with buffer also exchange (abolishing last actions, the carving, copying the and footnotes from buffer), and also produce configuration parameters font (the fine print, bold typing (usual, italics, the fat and bold italics), the size of the, vidoizmenenie (zacherknutyy, cocktail), color. In window "Citation" can be immediately see, as kids bold typing text).

- this menu provides an opportunity produce emotional analysis one words or whole text.

- from this menu we can obtain access to system Help, and also obtain common leaks about system god ofd arkness.

As see - nothing complex. Now - concrete examples. As you already understood, can be analyze as the text, so and a separate word. Start with words. For examples consider Russians names: Ivan and Varvara.

Impose name of Ivan in field for entry words and click Уsave Ф on button," Analysis words. " In the opened-year window we see outcome fonosemanticheskoy estimates words.

For Russian language these results represented in the form of 24 scales with pairs antonimicheskikh plane):

A good - bad;
A handsome - push-back;
Joyous - the sad;
Enlightened - dark;
Easy - severe;
Safer - a ghastly;
Dobryi - the angry;
Simple - complex;
Smooth - hairy;
Rounded - angled;
Big - a small;
Crude - gentle;
The courageous - brend is feminine;
A strong - weak;
Cold - hotheaded;
Majestic - abominable;
Resounding - a soft-spoken;
The mighty - muscularly challenged;
Cheerful - sad;
Vivid - it's a pale;
Freakish labyrinths - slow;
Rapid - slow;
Active - passive.

For Ukrainian language these scales just 7:

Big - a small,
Comfortable - a malign;
Rapid - slow;
Cold - warm;
A strong - weak;
Dark - enlightened;
Rugged - soft.

Below (under dials) we see, what impression produces on human this word. Under this for of drafting the any the impression word should have not less 30% on this characterization. In our case we see, that word "Ivan" leaves good impression.

In the bottom estimated windows can be see dM, composed of careerist several flowers. Nor for whom not secret, that every color spectrum is associated have human with somehow either negative moods or emotion. This the scale is handing us subconscious see the analyzed words.

For moreover, to analyze word "Varvara" not need to to return to asking a basic window programs, - enough introduce his in field in right lower street corner tabs analysis, pre by removing word "Ivan."

With words worked out. Now turn to texts. Program god ofd arkness-mini-can give fonosemanticheskuyu characteristic: And a host transcript in dependence from words, which in it predominate.

The text can be recruit directly in-year window programs, using its, as the simplest a text editor of. For this we ask parameters of our text in menu "Edit" - "Typeface."

Can be go other by and open for analysis already the existing the text in format .txt! For this click Уsave Ф button," View "(1) and selecting any a text document with your hard the high. After, as the text will have discovered, click Уsave Ф button," Analysis text "(2) and get outcome:

Under desire the text, as and the result analysis, can be print out on printer directly from programs.

Thus, god ofd arkness-mini-will an indispensable assistant obvious when drafting letters, official documents and at all any textual information, so as you can in advance project, as reacts on this the text your the addressee.

Use god ofd arkness-mini-and you reply, how easily, simply and quickly can be affect other people under aid forces't say a.

P.S. This article is designed to free-spread of. Welcome its copying the with retaining authorship Ruslana Tertyshnogo and all P.S.-P.P.S.

P.P.S. Perhaps also you use to anyone another program, sizing how many times meets every word in move the text: Wordstatt. This may useful, for example, in studying foreign language, to to know, what words you most often are using, and need to learn in primarily precisely their.

Site developers:
Platform: Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
Interface: Russian
The size of the: 900 KB
Added: 23.01.2009

Description of created for site



«ы¬уки30 wrote:

There are still and such a progressive Rock

I know, later pro it write.



And here place under Project "Psi Office" I'll beat the :)
Who Needs not canТt wait, can herepro him revere

Nested words Ч this, too, interestingly.
For example, all known Pushkinskoe: There on Neva house theirtracks. o.O

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Tim Oh Shii. Gates perception or Why Americans believe around the, what anywhere.

Yes forgive the for exile on mentally zatvarivayuschiy resource, but includes online can be revere:

Can, whom any it will be interesting.

Encyclopedia methods propaganda Sorochenko, of course, more pervasive and scrupulously made.



On Forum terminated "the fierce" disputes about was similar actors in various plays directed.
In Solikamsk this is called "Portrait s expertise".
Let me give you short foundations:

System elements and signs of elements looks

By holding these portrait identification impossible was would and without availability of clear classifications elements and signs of their characterize the.

Being veiled human can be determine as system elements (individual parts of), which can be point to under visually studying, and that form individual body of, characteristic for particular rights.

On todayТs day adopted allocate the next groups elements looks:

- obschefizicheskie Ц characterize human in a whole: Paul, age, however, political type of, type of physique;

- anatomic Ц characterize external edifice heads, not as, limbs;

- the functional Ц manifestations of effluents human (gait, body language, a mimic and camping on D.);

- the collateral Ц objects or parts of clothing, small nosilnye things or their parts of and camping on D.

In portrait examination in purposes identification are used predominantly obschefizicheskie and anatomic elements. Use functional elements on todayТs day impossible in view absence of sufficient scientific research personally identifiable relevance data signs of, and also absence of appropriate techniques research. The collateral elements not are used in view their low personally identifiable relevance and instability (today man donned blue straitjacket, and tomorrow - claiming a T-shirt).

Along with the system elements looks, developed system signs of, with the help which elements looks can be described. Signs of looks Ц this notable characteristics external of shape human in a whole or individual his elements.

To lines obschefizicheskikh elements belong, as already noted higher, gender, age, however, political type of, type of physique.

Anatomic elements can be described next of the hallmarks of:

- form of Ц overall kind of the surface in borders elements looks;

- the magnitude of Ц size elements looks, in including: His high, width, the depth of, length, domestic and external proportion.

- position Ц the deployment one elements looks relatively other its elements, relatively sides bodies human or any certain lines, planes, points;

- degree of symmetry Ц a sign of, displaying degree of semblance steam elements looks on their lines;

- degree of manifestation Ц alkaloid a sign of, which applies in studying elements looks in is case, when there is a certain and in the implementation misconception about annualized rate this elements;

- color Ц is determined by in respect hair, eye, skin and camping on D.;

- number of Ц data sign of usually characterized elements, the number of which appears to work sporadically (birthmarks, warts and camping on D.);

- the availability of Ц a sign of, with significance under specifying accidental, mercurial or artificial elements looks;

- the absence of Ц a sign of, with significance under specifying a permanent, needed or natural elements looks.

The functional elements describe on position, vzaimoraspolozheniyu, system movements and camping on D.

Signs of related elements looks can be production and otrazhatelnymi. Production signs of are formed in the process production primary, things. They point out kind of, the size of the, appointment, character material, from which is made subject, and especially his assemble. Deflector signs of point to character and degree of wear, signs of repairs, departure for the subject of, signs of outsiders substances on him and camping on D.

Moreover, signs of adopted podrazdelyat on common and private.

Common signs of characterize being veiled human in a whole. Through shared signs of can be point to a certain group faces, with similar of the hallmarks of.

Private signs of allow identify being veiled human, point to his among of multiple other.

In a special group signs of can be point to so-called special omens Ц scars, birthmarks, her moles removed spills and camping on D. Data signs of have highest personally-identifying significance.

shows a typical review child pornography on portrait examination

1. Review task:

Identification task Ц Anamnesis (simple or differences faces, an approximation on fotosnimkakh or other objective otobrazheniyakh external of shape rights.

Diagnostic task Ц Anamnesis (racially-ethnicity, age groups, gender shown on portrait rights.

2. Facilities research:

- the portraits in the form of fotootpechatkov, their typographic and other reproductions, in including only strapped with the help to scan devices and printers;

- cadres videotapes;

- first, castings faces;

- X-rays and skull.

First, castings, X-rays and skull are the objects health-forensics and in this metodikoyu not played.

3. The essence of ????? (principle decisions tasks): Study external of shape human on his otobrazheniyam on the basis of knowledge forensically meaningful properties and signs of looks, regularities display external of shape on various facilitiesinstallations, scientifically-any reasonable and aprobirovannykh practice methods and funds precise allocation in the process diagnostics and identification elements and under-signs looks; definition of opportunities their use for decisions expert-iswasta tasks.

4. Body of signs of, characterize the object.

Are mug shots and cadres videotapes are by objective piece information about external guise human, which feature his according to laws geo-e.g. optics and prospects, enough accurately handing form of, size and other signs of elements looks.

In, too, time on the credibility display looks human on fotosnimkakh and videokadrakh can affect a host complex factors, which need to account for under analysis signs of looks.

Ц factors, associated with themselves process photo- and video shooting (conditions emki, in including kind of and character lighting, position heads and the bodies things captured human; optic and technical characteristics photo- and video equipment. This furniture; svoyst-wa photo- and videonositeley; especially technological processes under designing solid copies of, in including by fotografovani with on a screen monitor and to be reproduced Oceania);

Ц factors, associated with condition looks things captured faces (expression lines changes, cosmetic forging external of shape, artificial changes looks without surgical intervention);

Ц factors, driven by conditions use and storage carriers photo- and of video information (lasting storage, the original of the or replicates, low authorization videokadra and others.

5. Equipment, materials and reagents.

And) her, film, photographic paper, chemical reagents for processing fotomateriala.

It comes) She got the video camera, VCR, videomonitor, Acting, videoprinter.

In) Personal computer, device for entry Projection, the film scanner, software means to work with images, digital sublimatsionnyy printer.

6. Sequence action expert.

Portrait s expertise is undertaken on phases.

I. Tentative study.

One examines established questions, is conducted study plants-lennykh on expertise facilities and associated with them circumstances affairs, and on this basis of the jury question about opportunities further research, are determined by his plan, content methods and funds further research, produced technical preparation to him.

Under this are viewed: Circumstances that can prove important for characteristics facilities (their the credibility, time assemble, facts diseases and operations faces, the availability of similar relatives and twins); conditions display looks on featured have emerged as (position and coverage faces, state of looks, expression of faces); the quality of facilities (degree of stridency, contrast images camping on D.); comparability facilities.

On this stage an expert can be adopted decision about impossibility of production expertise - under bad as a and able facilities, exclusive an accurate analysis looks, or under nesopostavimosti most important characteristics facilities (position sravnivaemykh faces under motion, a significant divergence in age and others, prompted to enter additional materials and specific findings (for example, about time fotografovani, disease, operations on personified by, the twins and camping on Afghan, exposed demands to an additional patterns.

II. The study.

One examines images individual elements looks, are priced signs of these elements and their quality. Adjusted for data preliminary research is determined by the real evidence of signs of in normal conditions, with what commonly realized conditions signaleticheskoy emki. Under this wise enjoy the Pakistan experiment, which is undertaken for studying and simulations factors influencing as representing signs of looks on various mediums portrait information, for example, the study of influence various conditions lighting, those created by different position heads under photo ops and etc.

After establishing signs of looks are priced their resilience and individuality. Degree of sustainability is being investigated adjusted for dynamics (pace, direction) changes elements looks from natural (age, foreign environment), patalogicheskikh causes (disease), and so same owing to operations, injuries and camping on D. Degree of sustainability analyzed adjusted for identification code period and circumstances, established in stage preliminary research.

Under determining individuality signs of study their frequency often (than less the frequency often marker, the higher his identification significance), and so same use method detail (than more small elements belong signs of, the more they significant for the individualize) and so-called an empirical method (is based on knowledge norms marker looks for this populations people, to which applies represented on portrait man).

III. Comparative study.

Comparison under diagnostic study consists in vs. you-yavlennykh on otobrazheniyam diagnostic signs of with klassifikatsionnymi under-signs gender, age, etnoantropologicheskikh groups population and etc.; under ID study - in comparison identification elements and signs of looks, the revealed have sravnivaemykh faces on previous stage.

Comparison under identification is undertaken with use of the aggregate customised to knowledge and experience expert methods:

Ц narratives and instruments (the study of forms, magnitude, position, number of, extent manifestation and symmetry elements looks);

Ц veroyatnostno-statistical (the study of informativeness, frequency of it Т-chaemosti signs of looks).

Descriptive method is the main method comparisons and applies in all without exceptions cases. Under analysis elements and signs of looks opisatelnym method, applies their correlation, which lies in poocherednom visually perceptions of and analysis sravnivaemykh elements looks and unique shape determining character and extent differences or of similarities their signs of.

Results comparison are accompanied by marking images characteristics traits looks, with the help which amply and unambiguously their fix.

If on sravnivaemykh featured have emerged as faces are portrayed in sovpadayuschem position (tilted the and turn heads), the report platforms and under similar freelance face reader are used receptions dorks images and their an overlay on each other, namely:

And) coupling raznoimennykh halves faces on two sravnivaemykh snapshots, cut on average vertical line (median) a plane;

It comes) coupling odnoimennykh halves faces on sravnivaemykh snapshots, one of whom is stamped Goodyear;

In) coupling (installation of) parts of images, carved from one portrait, with a second sravnivaemym stock image;

G) an overlay two film window or slides projected, damper with one portrait, on positive imprint second portrait;

Afghan) an overlay sravnivaemykh could;

E) photo printing with interconnecting with each other negative images.

An overlay can be two types of - addition (both sravnivaemye images the negative or affirmative), either subtraction (one thing image of the negative, another positive). When applying first type exerting the most vividly are manifest conterminous signs of, under using second - differing.

Correlation sravnivaemykh images can be implemented ??????? certain elements faces on portrait with the help masks, open part of which do in the form of contours various of geometric figures. Masks are used in the course the Committee, either are intermixed with on reproduction properties or zakrashivayut part of images, leaving open the necessary.

In case, when on of investigated featured have emerged as showed one thing and the same face in different states or registration of the looks, for example, on one portrait in head headdress that she, at the other without him and camping on D., is undertaken correlation with the help applique spreaders.

The crux of the this reception is that the fragment reproduction unregulated one portrait, displaying to a distinctive element of looks, clothes are and nakleivaetsya on image of the the same elements on the other reproduction, made in the same scale. In a result have yielded two images with conflate of the hallmarks of odnoimennykh elements, for example, hairdressing.

In the groundwork fiber optic measurement method ended principle comparison relative ratios. Method is realized the next way: On every portrait are selected and are measured attained magnitude, which Anthony counterbalance. Then much the magnitude ofТt share on a smaller. Compare theirs forestry couples relative waged-style.

When choosing odnoimennykh ratios for measurement are used those of them, which are subject to the last volatility owing to impact different facto-moat led. Under assessing Philadelphian results calculations use rule - if the difference equal 0 or not exceeds 0.05, then faces are identical.

Method can be used Hua benign images, on which can be exercise accurate measure. The difference in age an approximation faces must be are small. Faces must be depicted in sovpadayuschem position heads and the report platforms.

Veroyatnostno - statistical method is based on application of in advance vychis-lennykh probabilities of often certain, the settlement of in special list, tables options signs of looks this populations population and consists in Volcker, comparison and assessing these options adjusted for their relevance for decisions issue about tozhdestve. Currently experts can use only data about relative frequency often for smoking, faces European population Russia.

Calculations frequency of often repeating options signs of remain acceptable in as a preliminary quantitative average personally identifiable relevance complex repeating signs of. By themselves without quality analysis signs of they insufficient to withdrawal of about tozhdestve.

In the crime literature, Addis ABABA Ц At identification human on lines looks, comes description of proektivno-of geometric methods, recommended by for use under comparative study in portrait examination. These methods are based on identifying on images faces so-called spelling points or points-guidance (point in the corners eye, cavity, podnosovaya point, and camping on Afghan, which then must be used for various of geometric constructions (method Auggie Ц algorithm graphic the computer, the proposed R. Dora Elburom; an analytical method Ц N. S. Adolescent; method angular measurement Ц N. W. Zavizist).

However specifically conducted experiments have shown, that the proposed in as a spelling points, such are not, because from-for age changes external of shape human, and also owing to famous mobility elements faces, on which they are, possess significant largest area location. In ties with this definition of precise seats their location virtually impossible and so not discarded a repeat of their system on portray the another faces. In ties with this methods, based on using so-called spelling points, not that Spain apply in forensic ? portrait examination.

Choice methods research signs of looks on featured have emerged as is due in every exemplified case conditions and quality display signs of, and also opportunities the most method.

7. The formulation conclusions expert.

On of last stage expertise one examines and are priced revealed by the in the course comparative research coincidentally and differences. On this same stage is shaped conclusion, which can be positive, predpolozhitelnym and negative.

Coincidentally and differences desirable inspect not one, and several method the 1930 comparisons. Assessment results comparisons must be accordingly indeed. Assessment repeating sign is in setting individuality their complex. Under assessing differences it turns out, than they are contingent, what their origins.

Under analysis withdrawal of, to which came expert after all, are priced precedence in his foundation arguments, how he follows from logic Graz research.

Positive it's the categorical conclusion is done in is case, if conterminous signs of combined accurately characterize one thing and the same face, under this differing signs of not are profound and can be really explained impact various factors (Company, age, pathological and others.

Positive during (likely) conclusion is done then, when revealed by the conterminous signs of not individualiziruyut concrete face. Differing signs of under this must be expedient climate faces or his mappings.

Negative conclusion should be Sarkozy difference resistant signs of, which not change under act different factors within period, dividing time assemble (arise) attracted to comparison mappings.

Negative during (likely) conclusion would be rendered, if differences between sustainable of the hallmarks of set only supposedly, and conterminous signs of neindividualny in the aggregate.

Conclusion about impossibility of solve question taken when impossible to study the quality of repeating and Ц signs of, and so same assess resilience Ц and individuality repeating signs of.

The main antropometricheskie point faces in Oh, sic 'em

1 Ц Verkhnelobnaya Ц Crossing the mid-( axial) vertical line lines with horizontal line, runs through the lower point starters growth hair on the forehead.

2 Ц Verkhnenosovaya Ц Crossing the mid-vertical line lines with horizontal, undertaken through medium-size point sites eyebrow, along over better of photoemission.

4 (4-1) Ц In-house with eye (domestic corners eye) Ц merges a domestic the brink upper and, lower century in area perenosya.

4-2 (4-3) Ц Pupil's eye Ц Center pupil eyes.

5 (5-1) Ц Naruzhnye with eye (external corners eye) Ц merges a domestic edges upper and, lower century in area temples significantly.

5-2 Ц Pulp and paper industry ocular Ц synchronized perenosya, which hovers around intersection the mid-vertical line lines with horizontal, runs through point 5, 5-1.

6-1 (6-2) Ц Nizhnenosovye Ц Crossing vertical Tangent to his two wings to nose with line, train connecting a downside point mergers Wings nose with the upper your lip.

6 Ц Pulp and paper industry nizhnenosovaya Ц Crossing the mid-vertically with line, train connecting point 6-1 and 6-2.

8-1 (8-2) Ц Verkhnegubnye Ц The most statist point of a border the upper lips.

8 Ц Pulp and paper industry verkhnegubnaya Ц Crossing the mid-vertically with line, train connecting point 8-1 and 8-2.

9 Ц may learn Ц Crossing the mid-vertically and lines, dissociative of a border the upper and the lower lips.

10 Ц Nizhnegubnaya Ц Lower point of a border the lower lips.

11 (11-1) Ц Kraynegubnye (corners cavity) Ц administration visible parts of kaemok lips.

12 Ц Nadpodborodochnaya Ц Crossing the mid-vertical line lines with horizontal fillet (the denim) on chin.

14 Ц Podpodborodochnaya Ц Lower (under bone part of) point on the contour of the chin.

15 (15-1) Ц Verkhneushnye Ц Wierch from the the brink of curls ear sinks.

17 (17-1) Ц Nizhneushnye Ц The bottoms aren earlobes ear sinks.

18 (18-1) Ц Krayneushnye Ц The most the remote point from the circuit ear sinks.

0 (0-1) Ц Nadkozelkovaya - Extreme upper point kozelka.

The main antropometricheskie point faces in profile

1 Ц Verkhnelobnaya Ц Lower point lines starters growth hair.

2 Ц Verkhnenosovaya Ц Dot on the contour of the forehead on level average parts of eyebrow.

3 Ц The most deep point right on your Ц More deepening circuit right on your.

5 Ц Naruzhnaya ocular Ц merges a domestic edges upper and, lower century in area heads.

6-1 (6-2) Ц Nizhnenosovaya Ц Crossing vertical line and horizontal Tangent to-wing idealists nose.

6-3 Ц Nozdrevaya Ц Vershina from the center nostrils.

6-4 Ц Podnosovaya Ц Dot transition circuit the nasal animal-care to draw an outline within frenulum labii superioris (under okruglom transition touted closer to the nasal septum).

7 Ц Extreme point on the tip nose Ц The most keynote speaker forward point nose (is determined by vertical line a slightly more intriguing tangent to lines profile the tip of the nose).

8-1 Ц Verkhnegubnaya Ц The most keynote speaker point of a border the upper lips (on intersection vertical line and horizontal Tangent to an extreme points of a border).

9 Ц may learn Ц Crossing the mid-vertically and lines, dissociative of a border the upper and the lower lips.

10 Ц Nizhnegubnaya Ц Lower point of a border the lower lips.

11 (11-1) Ц Kraynegubnye (corners cavity) Ц Kray visible parts of kaemok lips.

12 Ц Nadpodborodochnaya Ц The most deep point circuit chin, separating the lower lip from exactly chin.

13 Ц the Ц The most keynote speaker forward point circuit chin (is determined by vertical line a slightly more intriguing tangent).

14 Ц Podpodborodochnaya Ц Lower point circuit chin (under bone part of chin).

15 (15-1) Ц Verkhneushnye Ц Wierch from the the brink zavitka the ear sinks.

17 (17-1) Ц Nizhneushnye Ц The bottoms aren hassocks the ear sinks.

19 Ц Protivokozelkovaya Ц The Border the lower parts of trunk protivozavitka and starters circuit protivokozelka.

20 Ц Protivokozelkovaya the average Ц Central part of circuit protivokozelka (under vypuklom protivokozelke Ц the most keynote speaker, and under giant curved Ц the most deep point protivokozelka).

21 Ц Podkozelkovaya Ц Extreme the low point kozelka.

0 (0-1) Ц Nadkozelkovaya - Extreme upper point kozelka.

Lineynye size faces in Oh, sic 'em

Height (is determined by on axis y):

- faces Ц point 1 Ц 14;

- forehead Ц point 1 Ц 2;

- nose Ц point 2 Ц 6;

- rotopodborodochnoy parts of Ц point 6 Ц 14;

- frenulum labii superioris Ц point 6 Ц 8;

- both kaemok lips Ц point 8 Ц 10;

- chin Ц point 10 Ц 14;

- average parts of faces Ц point 5-2 Ц 10;

- the ear sinks Ц point 15 Ц 17.

Width (is determined by on axis x).

- mezhglazya Ц point 4 Ц 4-1;

- forehead (conditional support, on ia?oaeiui its corners eye) Ц point 5 Ц 5-1;

- nose Ц point 6-1 Ц 6-2;

- cavity Ц point 11 Ц 11-1;

- faces in malar parts of Ц point 0 Ц 0-1.

Distance between glances to eye Ц point 4-2 Ц 4-3.

Distance between than extreme spots ear sinks Ц point 18 Ц 18-1.

Lineynye size faces in profile

Height forehead Ц point 1 Ц 2.

Vystupanie verkhnenosovoy point relatively verkhnelobnoy point Ц point 1 Ц 2.

Imputed high nose (the first) Ц point 3 Ц 6-1.

Imputed high nose (the second) Ц point 3 Ц 7.

Vystupanie the most remote point the tip of the nose for the most a deep point right on your Ц point 3 Ц 7.

Vystupanie nose (the general) Ц point 6-1 Ц 7.

High the ear sinks Ц point 15 Ц 17.

Width the ear sinks (conditional support) Ц point 0 Ц 16.

Distance on horizontally between nadkozelkovoy point and ia?oaeiui angle eyes Ц point 0 Ц 5.

Distance on horizontally between nadkozelkovoy point had the tip nose (conditional support) Ц point 0 Ц 7.


If from whom there is this literature, share, d thankful!

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For better mutual understanding between his rangers Forum propose a enjoy the one pictured higher terminology of describe.

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There is still such a program, have developed on Ukraine, then sold googling the, there a whole confused story was, is called viewdle, for danger remains unidentified. Could would useful under analysis video productions and search for twin artists.
Truth after sales for many Market for Lemons Americans ,-free laborers version of Perhaps not will? There is Perhaps and other the researchers.

«ачем гугль купила вьюдль say and write about purchase Viewdle, but little who understands, that happening on fact. Ah, bought some Viewdle and that? I very surprised, when me, a one journalist with question, that such a new in technology danger remains unidentified.

There is such the notion of Ч Уkey technology. Ф If take Windows, then for it very important a key technology is computer mouse and all, with it associated. For called such technology is recognition gestures and loaded on a screen. Demands to a key technology such: It must be effective, nezatratna, but very sharp a. It must be perfection. Because if recall history called, he first beleast Apple iOS precisely because, that part of with recognition gestures and skrollingom worked not very well.

A key technology next generation devices will recognition. The most vivid example of Ч lens Google Glasses. Devices type Google Glasses mean future revolution. Here is you go on the street and see people around, and under this you can watch social profile any a passer-by in Facebook, Google + and so on. With any you can here same to communicate, not knowing his behalf or email. This I can recognize when faces and to tell, where what people in this moment is. Even the, have which these points there is no. This as Treasures camera, which gets still and customizing to geokoordinatam.

Seller, monster in no clothing left tea, can obtain message УNow past your doors passes the user, which likes tea such a something varieties. Ф Under this this man under itself no devices not has, his simply saw passer-by in Google Glasses. Lens recognize the face, have bonded with social profile, and had transferred information in advertising network. For people in glasses still easier. You simply go on the street and see, that ??? ?? ? ? for those angle there is Music with your favorite tea.

I once talked with Anchishkinym, and he observed fun thing. We see and find out many hyphenated, but only for one things in our brain there is ad hoc area, some Уhardware accelerator Ф, which sharpened specifically under its recognition. This Ч human face. This very important function in life people. When man suffer, the first sign of recovery will the, that he began to identify the loved.

Speech goes about how, that Google in fact buys a key technology not only for themselves, but and for the future. This a huge rate, she utterly not fits uplachennym money. Such companies, as Viewdle, was several, but precisely Viewdle was leader by the quality of technology. Me surprises not so much the, that Google bought its so cheaply, how many Ч why this happened only now. And why company like Apple not intercepted Viewdle, to she not secured enemies?

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“ихомиров ћ. ¬. Ч ћы и они.
Ќагл€дное наставление по вы€влению этнического родства.
—равнительный анализ внешности евреев и слав€н. ¬олосы, форма черепа, брови, губы, глаза... ¬ пособии проиллюстрировано каждое такое сравнение и даны комментарии к нему.

”бираю эту хрень. єє2196, 2477 ‘едерального списка. Ёто минутный поиск, скорее всего, там еще куча постов с этими картинками этого автора.
Ќу и по набору. — каких пор классическими слав€норусами стали  раснов (который генерал, атаман, бригадефюрер ——, журнашлюх и писатель), Ѕехтерев (после ѕастера и ѕавлова самый выдающийс€ внематричник в упыр€чьей отрасли своей), Ўафаревич, чины из высшего генералитета... с актерами с каждым надо бы разбиратьс€. “руд “ихомирова ћ.¬. - чистый провокаторский вброс, считаю.

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#p83850,swed.loki wrote:

єє2196, 2477 ‘едерального списка.

√орожанин, в федеральном списке нет этой книги, и, честно говор€, не совсем понимаю, что в ней экстремистского?
“о, что он кого-то из евреев назвал евре€ми, а некоторых записал в слав€н?  :unsure:

Ќабор, согласен, не совсем адекватен, мен€ больше признаки заинтересовали, думаю, что большинство из них вполне "жизнеспособны". Ќапример, часть из них Dmitry" приводил здесь и в последующих постах.



», кстати, є3867.

»нформационный материал - текст, размещенный в режиме свободного доступа в сети Ђ»нтернетї на страницах httр:// и httр://, начинающегос€ словами: Ђ’охол останетс€ хохлом...ї и заканчивающегос€ словами: Ђ...» тут же в суп тебе нагадитї, содержащий высказывани€: в которых негативно оцениваетс€ человек или группа лиц по признакам национальности, происхождени€; имеютс€ высказывани€ побудительного характера, призывающие к враждебным действи€м одну группу лиц по отношению к другой группе лиц, выделенных по признакам национальности, а также высказывани€ по смысловому пониманию возбуждающие ненависть или вражду по признакам национальности (решение ÷ентрального районного суда г. —очи от 24.03.2016);

Ќашего коллегу тоже в экстремисты записали )))



#p83861,swed.loki wrote:

√орожанин, в федеральном списке нет этой книги, и, честно говор€, не совсем понимаю, что в ней экстремистского?
“о, что он кого-то из евреев назвал евре€ми, а некоторых записал в слав€н?  :unsure:

Ќабор, согласен, не совсем адекватен, мен€ больше признаки заинтересовали, думаю, что большинство из них вполне "жизнеспособны". Ќапример, часть из них Dmitry" приводил здесь и в последующих постах.

≈сли у идиотов зашкалил идиотизм, ты собираешьс€ им это доказывать? «адним числом, в правовом пор€дке, по факту закрыти€?
» все из-за каких-то мухлЄжных картинок? Ќу нафиг, не сто€т они того.

ѕошел мен€ть текст на картинку в форуме.

Ќу хоть так что ли -
Ѕойн€ людей разжигаетс€...

никогда не знаешь, что взбредет в голову этим пчелам...


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