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Svetlana Peunova

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Ah that other my, the girl's aunt as always have us the case, starters for good health, (and indeed do its began to), and fottersi life for God rest. As only has peaked deal until answers on indicate Ideology same the most itself questions, so she and's blowing it. In short messed up with its amelioration our shadow leaders. Wanted to do not systemic opposition, and not broke a. It is time wind down this project. Such impression, that aunt simply foolish task.
Grounds for such version of:
1. She often says, that on it was mass attempts (feyspalm) At Nemtsov was one thing attempted. One thing attempted - one corpse, and Nemtsov see no one needs was, and Peunova against GDP water ulp. Fooled around would itself - got whacked, huh would before and without issues on scheme higher (one thing attempted - one corpse)
2. On video answers on questions sits she the entire such a the Beautiful and increasingly around NAVIS on color range of colours. (And here such I, the entire in the White suit (Since, and on the table zones notebook to an apple. Telling people pro curiously an extraterrestrial and other rays death she not can not know. That gadgets spied on for their persuaded and lead of here as times to an apple. But he after all the most expensive, and the party there is on popular money, ah of course she has bought for themselves favorite that cheap, money the public.
3. With such Semitic like Mr. Sour Puss choose alias Lada-Clotzel this at all considered all clinical morons.
Are looking question-response to 4 :1 7
Man whose party there is on public and popular money will these scare prides himself on and currently about this circumstance with a sense of, with pleasantly, with arrangement of. The as told this aunt is called aversiya, except other things she wanted say this as can be faster for this lies (and therefore the very action person worryingly) and thereby distance itself from doing.
5. For party this most appropriate word here trek and vpirayutsya alone women, why? Because women especially woman easier manage. Men there there is no for not tackles Lada Clotzel with normal men. I rebuffed with similar type women - a spectacle. Not would not be surprised, if it there is no children.

In short have presided over of our world on face crisis cadres.
Basta karapuziki, one the heroine of a less.

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The most chief not said.
What is goal themes?
Propose a putting here all prosyory dudes type Demury, Katasonova, Mironova and so on.
Country should know their heroes.
Incidentally, until not can I get the to B. Mironov (actor) and Kuptsovu.



Cannon wrote:

by goal themes?

Goal this politoty and the other information activities such actors, to create a "white noise", fill network an unnecessary information, with disinformation. YouTube actively promotes this noise by inserting their on major, recommended video with politotoy and not only. People zadvigayuschikh curiously Furnace full of the in networks, their most. Think not worth spend on them time. Better to address search for preserve truth about system and its activities.

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Иван Иванов wrote:

Better to address search for preserve truth about system and its activities.

About is and speech, that to create lies is used truth and all these peppers truth boil down, but in manner required for direction masses on false wedding.
So their needs listen to, but determine where that.
Ah and then, us simply more have borrow information.



There is another pepper - Wladyslaw Karabanov prophesies on site
Says many right things pro Russian the world, but why something recently traveled in Israel on seats camping on BC Forces (and in Russia in sight increasingly've been over every inch, ah this in rut, comrades, in sight on report to employers traveled) and very ever ever compiled praised Israel, as state.
I long could not understand what is his task, until not became listen to his radioefiry on site on Mondays and Thursdays. In short, aims this figure badmouth the USSR, one argument me simply in stupor introduced. He said about obtaining apartments in the USSR, nourished German their not received and earned and increasingly such, nourished German not for free this was and nourished German in sovke much was veiled. 'oc, Walk now earn on apartment, even not so - Walk get a job on such work where you can on apartment earn. And increasingly have him pro the USSR niei?u shit and education the there not was and going hungry and increasingly such anything. In short, Slavik, too, racer does even the, but much have him not altogether unreasonable, but the main idea okhayat previous build, lest not voiceless not was desires to return in the USSR, and in the rest of the his can be listen to the and revere materials site, much enough interestingly and informative.



Even one thing – my surveillance: And Peunova and Karabanov spoken out on subject, that Putin de not real, and Karabanov in example accelerated British, media, nourished German there this the intel owe. And where even in online; it's actively is discussed theme, that tsar not real? Coincidence? Perhaps, although already more on a near certainty pulling.
Perhaps goes your pump for change of leader under increasingly the same psycho governance. Karabanov for example prophesies, that regime can not survive 15 th year.

Slightly not forgot. Here weeks two ago Karabanych yelled, nourished German, learned something! I perked up ears. Something it turned out passport Neo from of the Matrix, namely term his the end of the. Ah this here was and information quite the old. But presented he this bluntly ??? as stresses global level, although any konspirOLUKh this knows long.

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Cannon wrote:

[their needs listen to.

Ah in a whole the understandable that as. There is what the group people possess valued information, different technologies and resources, system in which we live. There are different countries and their relations regulated by the. Can be of course seek that happening on places in these countries, including our, if this interestingly whom the. And here is who is worth for this group people, who or that is driven by they, what sense in destruction just and the entire, we can only guess.

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System one and tazh: By slaves and slaveholders. So was and there is on ov the Nighttime; change decorations, system remains.



Ah the that can be said: The first - needs determine circle interests system, camping on E. System interestingly, that would you drive the money changers machines every three year (not to change), system interestingly, that would you’phone every year (not buy), system interestingly. That would you worked from dawn until decline of for moreover that would look successful man and acquiring all trappings this (find a way to exist not working on system and not to acquire not get things and attributes-imposed rigidities advertisement for)
Why in a whole system interestingly, that would you constantly worked? Because then have you not will time to start thinking and to think about happening. However even if you such is a clever has found a way to all of this do, you not you can nothing realize on practice, because wife have you wants serious bling in-- as have dunki from neighboring Owl, and the child in the wants a new smartphone and shoes, as have Vaska.
In other words - changing themselves you should simultaneously to change surrounding otherwise increasingly in vain.



I mentioned even about fabrications told Karabanovym: Nourished German that you pritsepis to other girls stantsevavshim dancing bees, there, have them parents there is, they let behind this and watch. On that my spouse declared: Ah yes, let us and pro minors drug users forget, have them the same parents there is. I this to what? Note, as they try to implement right in our brains. Here is says he the right things for hours, and then times and such a hell is that. And us she may seem, too, correct, understand ways manipulation.



Now close not see-eye "swimming")) are looking further, than on fact was territories, the second the global, revolution and camping on D., then anologii and analysis. In really dances the bees talk nothing a bit reprehensible there is no, except of accentuated being realistic-who bees’immune systems watched although it comes once, the notice, that there and as have them is moving)) the other question, what whom pomstilos, in measure his badness level))



Not quite agree, and indeed do quite disagree. This as least way to refocusing attention with one on another, something is happening, and us the bees study timing of the, and now here is these :http: / / / news / vstrane’s organs is i’s organs is Mire / content / 201504250357-423w.htm #
Either try to quite kill moral quality. Ah and that, women (even rozhavshie) quite stopped to be shy wear things small moreover in tight skirt, so even and on low waist, so that at all increasingly resurfaced. This abnormally



They wear the, that they like)) with what such a an important on what ropey these the most the outside guise of hotkey your attention? Not United Nations.



Ah until we knock each blend on heads,, us change rules of the game. Or norms relations to enthusiast of or even that any in this kind. Windows a penny of Overton (certainly heard)



I mentioned even one boy's girl's place, name is Alexey Kungurov (buried)
Initially me even relished that he writes. Convicts of power, calls its elitkoy and camping on P. And suddenly bam. One home article advertising character pro representatives, the second pro banks. This OK what besprintsipnoy pond scum need to be. Read his on leisure.
And then, here is are looking: If someone criticizes moreover, whom to criticize cannot be usual man under fear disappearances, unambiguously kazachyok hot.

PS this the most... are a filthy category people. I with large respect to the prostitutes promptly, am, than to thus.



Their many, they different, but goal one. Them account for rely on truth, otherwise their to read not will))



Here is here is, so and propose a calculate truth through these.



Yes every sees the, that he himself where the saw, have read etc, little who that the knows. Have down a citizen, Dmitri, too, blogs, thought. Open on YouTube Canal and veschayte, who prohibits, bribery the with this. You one thing say, who the another and have people gap permits boxes, for this all and created.
Nemtsov not sifting for your lip, and on this the apparently. Fell in taint, to remove could any absolutely. But likely could be. The subsequent, pictures sound there is no, video shit, piss. And Putin for previously spoke of ultimate sacrifice.
Coincidence, not think. Why this was done? Again same divide and rule, some patriotism, other against policy provitelstva.



Про Кунгурова отдельная тема есть. Что Кунгуров поехал, это уже понятно.
К Пеуновой. Что она актриса, да ещё какая согласен на 1000%. Первое, фамилия. Явно пропущена буква (либо В либо Р). Каг'тавит малость. А если нет то вообще интересно получается. Ибо Пеун=ПАН (бафомет). Как тут не вспомнить панов из Польшы, Украины и Беларуси. И Генсека ООН: ПаН г(к) иМуНа. Второе, родила ребёнка в 37, кажись, лет от мужика, который явно её младше. Да, тяжело было в СССР с мужиками для таких див. Третье, видеоматериалы сделаны весьма качественно. А это деньги, деньги и ещё раз деньги. И откуда они у "народного" лидера? Четвертое, поёт она просто УЖАСНО. Стихи слабенькие, на уровне школьника. Пятое, ассоциирует себя со Сталиным. Спит, по словам помощницы, по 4 часа в сутки и всё остальное время работает. Шестое, красит волосы. Интересно зачем. Ведь с такими способностями можно иметь свой натуральный цвет постоянно. У Левшунова Георгия (Ивана-царевича на сером волке) слышал, что при изменении цвета волос, меняется и твоя жизненная программа. Ну, про их жиденькое количество и короткую стрижку молчу. Седьмое, написали "злые языки", после её курсов женщины советуются с ней по любым вопросам, называя её МАМОЙ. Кали-ма, кали-ма. Восьмое, поздравила с еврейскими праздниками: Пурим, Песах и др. "Народный" лидер. Только какого народа? Девятое, использует в своих видео и выступлениях материалы КОБ. И ни слова об этом.
Но спасибо её. Всё-таки, много полезного для себя вынес.



Krushan wrote:

Pro Kungurova separate theme there is. That Kungurov went, this already understandable.

I here pro another Kungurova, there is such blogger, his even on neyromir. RV were invited, born, the green a boy, where have him so much an insider to information and allowing "reduce" "elitku" remains only wonder, but how hearted there increasingly through pushed Passage is done. Degenerates after all.

Krushan wrote:

&, has given birth to child in 37, 's reabsorption, years from Outlook, which clearly its below. Yes, hard was in the USSR with men for such divas.

There is such a category women, which have with head not increasingly in order in ties with nerealizovannostyu or late-fulfillment maternal instinct. This places very a serious imprint, woman simply sky falls with coils from-for this around the, that concerns svoєyu. In this ties pytaketsya play from themselves public MOTHER. I knew one similar "floogie", chief companies. Symptoms same assessment and the most characteristic: Surrounded by themselves only women younger than and frequency than itself or young people, which have the same something not so in anybody or in summer, respectively with little gun-shy treat normal separate and independent men. This on fact very worst type of women, they can constantly harping on about decency, but in them themselves this zero.

Krushan wrote:

Third, videos of the made highly qualitatively. And this money, money and even times money. And where they have "popular" leader?

Here is on this she and'm burned, with I not gather additionally in any way - it leaders quite obtuse or this its own prosyor? That pisses me off, so this quite us for fuck-upS hold? Ah the potency their jobs to do need to, yes even for such of money (judging by around the)

Krushan wrote:

Asleep, according to girls will, on 4 hours in clock and increasingly else time works.

This very condemnation being welcomed, here is nourished German I've on wear. In this ties recall the dorky case. Slightly above I compared best with map one companies, which so same shouted, that she with morning until night works. And here is how something in business trip we need to was to go on meeting, for this need was wake up in 5-6 hours morning. In 6 :3 0 I to stop to for it in hotel, and she even eyes grapple prodrala and ???? highly my wrinkled, here me immediately increasingly clear became with its briefing of days and balabolstvom on this issue. Peunova, does me, such a same. Incidentally, I’d say who this in order that would who any not bought it on its balabolstvo on businesses, this director of CJSC "Evrotekhnika", Orlova Ludmila Vladimirovna, Hypnotizes agricultural technique, cautiously with such if fate will drive.

In short yes, such dumb divorce proved.

Let us continue to, who whom from such veschunov even popalil?


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