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Baltimore. Charleston. Fergusson.

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Dmitry" wrote:

Baltimore - city near Baltic sea. :D

Here is uploaded one yuzer (our fellow-izoblichitel? Postanovochnsti the Baltimore conflict) from standards, their example = have seen the camping on BC "Crisis Actor" (actors-instsenirovschikov).

BUSTED! Crisis Actor Caught Staging "Victim" Scenes at Freddy Gray Protests In Baltimore

Is true he has - directly in point. Huh :cool: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun:

2.12- Gedarakhier!



Here is even the good titties from Baltimora: … 60/?type=1
Brian Woodyard, guards angular Music on McKean Avenue in West Baltimore, or.



Note, we substantially a little more tolerant, the soul what, not you the Russian the road, seven bumps on a liar a mile away. And Yanks use so and until heart attack easily bring. Turn light, gas, water, ambush panic. Incidentally someone heard to in Russian world were larceny stores, trade centers mass. Here I not quite understand, that better, some pristine reaction their people on events, or our passivity and calm, and also our cellars with reserves, that of course well.



lublupivo wrote:

Brian Woodyard, guards angular Music on McKean Avenue in West Baltimore, or.

Movie and prevents celebrities so and. From all joints - In-ridden unrest Baltimore, or emerged its Michael Jacksonand lipsync the rest of the underdressed payatsam, about whom speech goes below
And here is ishcho, to "FreddyDzheysonu" greasing up and such nebezvesnyy blockbuster (foreign viewers scored cleared up and noticed - in the center of the attention on 5,53they`ve "super-team soon" in shirt with emblem "Superman" with Acuna Boys zadornykh blacks, and compulsory for such cases reporter for in glasses):

5,000 Troops Dispatched to Baltimore (Superman arrrives as well)

Superman at Baltimore Riots - all by design= 2.12


Dont intends to whether run for post US President, as not so long the article on, full-On vader with his group support in Ukraine? Schyutka, knchn :crazyfun: :crazy:

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Superman at Baltimore Riots - all by design

0 :4 6 - There Esquire Drink Database government employment hoses knife unfortunately. Direct Newsweek CNN, not more than theater misconception

1 :0 5 - unfortunately in direct live. Firmly in direct live, clock show 6 :5 0 and before and after.

1 :2 1 - exactly himself a protest a high-voltage monkey process. Bleeping FAQs I read states in direct live)

Crusade't sp no turmoil in Baltimore, or, the entire spectacle did he fake. Actors managed a bit butter nigger here the crowd, the overwhelming number of which not keeps managing nor write not to read.


6 … n-the-air/
Miguel Marques CNN constantly servicing similar shit

And even, Miguel Marquez on CNN replies for promotion terrorists Tsarnaev.
Here is his Newsweek about stationing redeployment Jahar of from hospitals in prison … z-reports/
And not only on CNN, and even and on ABC News

This Norway, and on googling the and Mexico, and Bahrain, and the US, and what only there is no.

this servicing all mrazopostanovki, on which has time


Was beaten hooligans.
Ah yes, Jews often trumps in Arab countries :D

Miguel Marques to join CNN in as a correspondent in Los Angeles, announced today Terence Fisher Burke, Vice President broadcast outlets on CNN / the US

Marques is returning in CNN from ABC News, where he served in as a correspondent with on May 2005 During the his tenure in ABC News, he nurturing complex quests on international news, in including massacre in camp Norway, violent anti-government protests in Bahrain, war in Iraq in the height of the conflict.

Until his work in ABC News, Marques was correspondent CNN in Los Angeles with 2003 to 2005 year Earlier he worked for CNN Headline News in Atlanta.

"Miguel extremely seasoned, one tenacious and careful Reporter. His households coverage on territory, covering Arab Spring is testament to alone, that, "said Burke." Us very was lucky, still times, to he be part of our team. "

Marques first time has joined CNN in April 2003 from FOX partner KSAZ in Phoenix, state Arizona., Where is he was reporter. Before this position, Marques was with NBC flagship of the station WNBC in New York, new York, where he was Reporter coverage events around cities, in including criminal affairs. Marques also worked with CBS News in New York, where he was national bureau assistant CBS Evening News, 48 hours and 60 minutes.

Above, than engage career in the agency, Marques served in as a legislative assistant former Congressman Bill became, DN.M., where he was responsible for foreign affairs, telecommunications and trading issues. In this position, Marques went to in Pyongyang, North Korea, ukomplektovanie delegation congressmen, that negotiations about release two American pilotshelicopters shot down north from demilitarized zone. Before the onset of the work with Richardson, Marques was with Research services Congress in Washington, DC, where he was research contractor Foreign Affairs and national command a division Defense.

States on Forum CNNfan.
There is and such :D



Charleston Shooting Hoax Crisis Actors "We Feel Nothing But Love" Exposed (Redsilverj)



In role charlstounskogo arrow has appeared teenage



baltimore crisis actors

Unrest in Baltimore, or. Nigger here the crowd the shit representatives pulsating.
Operators, well, the reporters are, of course same all on place and not fear be excluded push.
Policemen, of course already here, already know where need to stand up and what the crowd where do not monetize.

On this photos visible fotoshopnyy smoke:

, Baltimore "battlegroups peasant women" of course same breastfeeding will suffer their gravest setback for another private property directly before photographers.

Yes, Negroid want pass precisely there, where police embraced wall, type in Baltimore, or more seeking plunder nothing to acquire. Pass need it is here, where right out next with photo cameras.


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