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Womens role

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Odinakovaya activist?Plastinka the same that and have Evicha. To keep precious inhabitants Donbas, we all going to die, because there is no insulin.
This MARCH month. Rally in Donetsk.
Intimidation inhabitants lack of insulin, staunch way to force the crowd to move on its side)
And who this have us such on tribune is worth under kapyushonchikom in dark ochyochkakh?



"Degtyarev (disambiguation) Yuliya Vladimirovna"

Differentdifferent mrazokanalov

Forbidden Donbas. Emotions civilians of Donetsk, after the shelling their cleanup (18 +)
Video 1 - 4 :3 7 - 5 February

Propulsion , Donetsk flushed Mr FC Tekstilshchik 04.02.2015 shelling of MRLS "Hurricane" (/ Partido TV)
Video 2 - 3 :4 8 - 4 February

In the first video inhabitants detest about razbomblennogo homes, around the is to blame "injured motherfucker." The commercial so and is named "Emotions."
On that drew attention: "Inhabitants" prove target orange splinters, shaking their before camera, and Saudis go and look on spectacle.

The commercial 5 February.
The second the commercial 4 February
Houseparent Degtyarev (disambiguation) Yuliya Vladimirovna,.
Oddity in what it appears, butdestabilized against of light.

Get back a little we will brighten

Voice - identical, the difference in echo (????-street). Communicate,, 'notation is speech, lens, coif, increasingly equally.
Clothing, the entire - is the same
Here is such a she Synthet. Yudiya Vladimirovna.



Forbidden Donbas. Emotions civilians of Donetsk, after the shelling their cleanup (18 +)
Video, too, most
Time 1 :0 0
Another Bloc nefrantsuzskoy nationality, strongly - feigns nervousness before address, odyorgivaet matershinnika and requests words. Inhabitants of Donetsk bypass this joined side, go on their Affairs, nor one not dared approach the and dash brutes cell.
It utters speech on Ukrainian language.
This is was the first Double.
A now the second.Ta same speech on Ukrainian language, but at the other backdrop of, in this same cell, but for another Canal. a leading "first anal" points out attention on language,read more.



With this themes Malay Boeings in steppes Ukraine III third party

Very the kind "0810 Yuliya Vladimirovna" resembles on this was trained as an actress fleshmobov.

Tsekhovichka- "flower girl", vykladyvavshaya the Dutch embassy 18 July from behalf of that you Russians flowers and bears of from the same kit, that "raskladyvalis residents only."

Priest flash-moba

pitie blood Russian babies, sedanie brain Zhirinovsky, biscuits "tanks on Moscow" in school Propulsion And Mykolayiv.
Leading the Victoria Onufrieva.

Schools Fair, on which scum on the sly slipped and lifted three papers-price tag, in Russian matrix proshtampovalas thousands of resources and have become megavbrosom "in Ukrainian schools instruct to drink blood"
And Frozen Cocktails Zhirinovsky.

Did feysbuchnoy groups Rodinna splnota , wife defenders of the Motherland Elena Kosenchuk and Victoria Onufrieva -

Victoria Onufrieva, profile in Facebook



Had to in "classmates" go. Angelin fotolyubiva, there its full of the, all stripes, often putting on het makeup, to shag it, and with krashennymi the rigid the same suit and length, that on video.

Dicpetcher of our past :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

With 0 :4 0 interviews.

, Donetsk. Shelling of Bus station "Center", comment the yard master 18 +

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Gastrolersha, the leader from Kursk catastrophe in, Donetsk and affiliated to "MK-Donbassovskoy" our cast.

Irina Tokarev 30 years, Kursk-, Donetsk, Russia

Video -
G Debaltseve municipality after liberation untangle 1 Ocherednye evidence atrocities Apu / Partido TV

10 :4 3 -



Irina Tokarev30 years, Kursk-, Donetsk, Russia
Video - g Debaltseve municipality after liberation untangle 1 Ocherednye evidence atrocities Apu / Partido TV
10 :4 3 -



This becomes very interesting.

On video vbrosovogo Canal "Gumanitarnaya aid Donbassu - Gumbat New Russia (region)"

08.04.15 Gumanitarnaya aid pupils Yasinovataya
3 :3 4 -

With the entire evidently dipektora igpaet actress Anna Popova (, Glushko) Konstantinovka (disambiguation), Ukraine -

She same igpala bezhenku from Debaltseve municipality in movie Hot point of ATF! Ghastly video real war! News Ukraine. Today 09.02.2015 g - 5 :0 3

On site Yasinovataya indeed zaznacheno dipektor sinovatskoy for AS schools I-III Steps # 1
Tuboleva Elena Nikolaevna -

In the publication from 04.02.2015 site "Humanities battalion New Russia (region)" Sunday brunch Yasinovataya Gumanitarnaya aid schoolboys
And on video another vbrosovogo Canal "New Russia (region)" from 29.01.2015 Yasinovataya bore a minomyotnomu rocket fire into saboteurs
Said, that school destroyed and not works.
Says about this again presented dipektorom Elena Tubolevoy actress Popova on 2 :0 1 -

In social media have Elena last private Tubolevoy, 45 years, from Yasinovataya, there is at least only profile in "Odnoklassnikakh"

Photos there is no. Action, except one and, no. In sight, that profile vbrosovyy. All actions - added in friends two favorite, other friends there is no. Both - not gimpy kid the mare's tail 45-year therapist from exercised town. Both busy missing - camping on E. Have access to base data about missing.

Have one of steam, Ruslana and Viktor Okorovykh from Avdiivka, there is closed group Tubolevy. Without photographs. Runs Sergei Tubolev from Moscow, contain in Gorgippia. Reference about Elena Nikolaevne Tubolevoy they have no.

If traces a real Elena last private Tubolevoy not there will, i.e. all founding to say, that she dead, and mrazoartistka with mrazokanalami direct and direct way cover murderers.



where there is secondary I-III Steps school N1 Propulsion Yasinovataya Donetsk area- there is a bit photographs +
There is other teachers this schools.
Jumped out on fotostrane, but this perhaps full buried or making related. Elena Tuboleva 35 years, Yasinovataya

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Flint wrote:

where there is secondary I-III Steps school N1 Propulsion Yasinovataya Donetsk area - there is a bit photographs +
There is other teachers this schools.

Here … 3997_m.jpg she in the center.

I here is its, too, 'm, and something take doubts: Have "novorosov" not Tuboleva. Grimery very high class did, but proportion have faces other.

Flint wrote:

She jumped out on fotostrane, but this perhaps full buried or making related. Elena Tuboleva 35 years, Yasinovataya

Have Tubolevoy-director 26 years pedagogic stazhu.



3 :3 2 and 2 :2 1 -
03.02.2015 Terrors war Uglegorsk, Enakievo, Yenakievo (DNR)

2 :3 5 -
06.04.15 UAZ Hunter in gift militants Rota (ties. Battlegroups exercises

Yevhen, staffer humanitarian battalion Federal State of Novorussiya, has arrived 3 February in Enakievo, Yenakievo, to tell fairy tale pro Iegless woman. She same, through 2 month, intraoral would from private faces from S. Petersburg. Now she, too, Yevhen, but already staffer pyatnadtsat Fund Catherine Gubarevoy.

On both video she tries to look utterly on ways. Coif different, a mimic faces not coincides, mood different, clothing different, mission different. On one video she tells pechalki and recording data children actors, at the other video intraoral military 4 by 4 technique, that generally something militants and so quietly can overcome the voiceless anywhere squarely on place.

On this video collaborators who give electrical wheelchair stroller) Olga?



Gayka poldyuymovaya 22 January 2015 28 February 2015

Savchenkoobraznaya poldyuymovaya. For month bloody with commander gun until commander division guns.
One enjoys for socks, cigarettes, thermal underwear in both cases. Why thermal underwear went one and those same?
Such a society an "Russian world" on parade love in Tel Aviv, and she here escape the of Donetsk're getting high, a bitch.



Canal tsekhovika GrahamWPhillips

Life in Luhansk Today - 'We We wait for New Russia (region)'
Tanya made them pushes super-intelligent thought to this Englishman: "We skloubeni when guided New Russia (region), this most importantly, we for us for you and over Donbas"
Usual the storeowner Canal, was would a bunch of pussies putting separately such 20-second the commercial, but in is something and deal, that mikroskopichnost and, it's idiotic, are not whatever something constraints for tsekhovikov. Think although would 10-second moves Chinesesave actors Taiwanese ATR-72, increasingly within single stamp.

spurn and Lena - The victims Ukrainian the shelling
Is she the injured Anatkhasha tells the mill history, as usually flew backs rump and are trapped in gentle tissue. As and any simple Anatkhasha, she felt about peaceful terms of Parashenko and about how "who shoots." Uprights rump upright positions Ukrainian khvardii, it understandable as and the rest of the experts.

s organs is 24 February Lukhansk - 3 February, Donetsk

Have Donetsk on familiar an onlay, which pindosy on Kheluin use.
Voices identical, as and increasingly else, especially eyes and smile. Without Grima not go off.



Life in Donetsk (# 11) - Kyiv Woman Gives interview Graham Phillips in December 2014
, Donetsk: Qur neighborhoods under fire She same 3 on May 2015. (With 3 :5 4)

Fried- December


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Queen in red hat.
Zaboroneniy Donbas. Battlegroups weekdays of the village Shirokino
Zenoviy Shirokino: I same a terrorist, are you! Far I leave hence?

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Deputatul este parliamentFederal State of Novorussiya Alla Muravkova. Is participating in bringing up on boulevard Shevchenko in Donetsk 27.08.2014, plays role an orderly's.

, Donetsk. Shelling of central streets. Boulevard Shevchenko. 27.08.2014

The fallout conquest of the boulevard Shevchenko in Donetsk 27.08.14 There are those killed

In this same day gives interview together with other the deputy of the parliament Federal State of Novorussiya Vitaly Zolotnyukom. They in all video trek you are a couple.

DNR. , Donetsk. Interview about military was not Lidievki. 27.08.2014

P. S. About deputies Novorosii. Dug up here is such site. Deputatii Federal State of Novorussiya in faces
Think, will be helpful.


At East Ukraine there are two misunderstandings, regarded themselves as popular republics: DNR and of Lugansk People's Republic. They have parliaments, governments and even its grains army. With army and ministers as thread then see, and here is about deputies parliaments arise problems. Deal in is that in nature not there is (not existed) list of these deputies, not to mentionand protocols transcripts supreme councils. Moreover, if find any video with transcripts parliaments of Lugansk People's Republic, DNR or Federal State of Novorussiya, you will see that names or although would A.K.A.S deputies no one not announce, yes and they themselves not very willingly is rendered public and journalists.

Perhaps the problem was in is, that deputies these no one not nobody chose. They themselves themselves appointed on any office (take advice with Moscow, of course). Periodically MPs fled work the in government, then in army (to fight against "ukrov"), from-for what in young republics there is harming personnel parade after the other; when themselves vlastvuyuschie not can recall what have them this week office and area responsibility. Spharischen formalities for suckers.

So lasted enough long, until to them not arrived Oleg Tsarev with his "New Russia (region)." Is logical but determined, that the entire chaos around and cloudy dudes with automatic weapons, not quite it seems on state, that place great emphasis on recognition in world, Oleg began to build overall for all parliament and new gosudarstvo- New Russia (region).

In parliament DNR will 100 deputies, in parliament of Lugansk People's Republic 50, on 30 they delegiruyut in parliament Federal State of Novorussiya union two ??? republics, declared in interview "a businessman" Chairman parliament Federal State of Novorussiya Oleg Tsarev.

Precisely thanks to aktivosti Tsaryova on youtube, we have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with more - less full the names deputies Federal State of Novorussiya. For this him thank you (and for rest of you-- risk burning him in hell).





2 :1 8 -
Anna year, local Zenoviy, as and other actress such a plan, intraoral Hi "beloved and dear" injured

1 :1 5 -
Read Tolstoy Natalia Vyacheslavovna Leeuwen. The separation, she same presented schools Natalia Skribchenko, knows that such "apolitical the collective" and privetov not intraoral.

Role differ, played to get emotional and calm. Particularly interestingly, that they strive to criminalize actors not only in different emotional state of, but and in different conditions reflex understanding sound (street - ????). Zagrimirovano well, but increasingly same oblong the tip of the nose them not Commission itself, similarity obviously.



Wives Of militants DNR flee the developing In this video actress plays bezhenku from developing.
Ukraine: An appalling life on lines ceasefire - BBC English Here she - woman, which contrary has remained to live in battered village.



Wives Of militants DNR flee the developing One of refugees.
Life in, Donetsk (# 30) "the After Trolleybus Board thought-- He's not-- Graham Phillips Takes interview have witnesses after" the shelling "trolley car right 17 in Donetsk. With 7 :4 2
Those same rings in tinnitus. Wearing the other.
Am asking given one moment: Graham Phillips absolves below chin, and in video with refugees operator absolves standing still sitting at the table. So there is distortions.


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